Golden Book 6: Performance Club; The Syllabus

The sixth in the Golden Book series and essential reading for the performances presented in FADO’s Performance Club series, Performance Club: The Syllabus contains everything you need for your Performance Club 4‚Äď6 experience (including that pesky homework).

Designed by Lisa Kiss Design
72 pages


1. This is a Queer Series
Introduction by Moynan King

2. Queer/Play
By Moe Angelos

3. Three O’Clock
By Cornell Woolrich

4. I Wanted To Be Bisexual But My Father Wouldn’t Let Me
By David Bateman

Golden Book 6: Performance Club 4-6; The Syllabus (2019)
Authors: Intro by Moynan King; texts by Moe Angelos, Cornell Woolrich, David Bateman
Design: Lisa Kiss
Publisher: FADO Performance Art Centre
Series: Golden Books, 6th
72 pages; 8.5 x 11 inches ; Print Book, English

9Questions, an artist project by Gustaf Broms

In 2014, Swedish performance and visual artist Gustaf Broms composed a list of nine questions that he started to circulate to fellow performance artists‚ÄĒmany he had a personal connection with and many more he had never even met. The questions covered a range of paired concepts‚ÄĒthe bricks and mortar of performance practice (material/object, audience/receiver, sound/silence, time/rhythm, space/emptiness)‚ÄĒand grounded by questions about personal experience, lineage and language.

The impulse to gather this collection arose from a conversation Broms had had with another artist; but what makes this volume first and foremost an artist’s project is that the questions are asked from the specific perspective of Broms’ deep personal understanding that, as a practice, performance resides at the permeable borders between the conscious and subconscious, and the meeting of the concrete world of form and the spiritual realm. For Broms, these are the essential questions. The responses collected are as diverse and wide-ranging as the artists and their own approaches, from the practical, to the abstract to the simply far-flung, in addition to some reassuring and surprising overlapping ideas and connections.

The roster of participants in 9Questions is an impressive array of international performance artists whose work covers a range of performance and performative multi-disciplinary approaches.

Adina Bar-On
Alastair MacLennan
Andrea Saemann
Antoni Karwowski
Artur Tajber
Barbara T. Smith
Bartolomé Ferrando
Boris Nieslony
Brian Connolly
Dorothea Rust
Elvira Santamaria-Torres
Esther Ferrer
Fausto Grossi
Guadalupe Neves
Guillermo G√≥mez-Pe√Īa
Gustaf Broms
He Yunchang
hermann nitsch
Irma Optimist
Jamie McMurry
Jill Orr
Johanna Householder
John Duncan
Kurt Johannessen
Leif Elggren
Linda Mary Montano
Macarena Perich Rosas
Margaret Dragu
Mariel Carranza
Marilyn Arsem
Martha Wilson
Monika G√ľnther & Ruedi Schill
Myriam Laplante
Nigel Rolfe
Nobuo Kubota
Paul Couillard
Pekka Kainulainen
Rocio Boliver
Roi Vaara
Ron Athey
Serge Olivier Fokoua
Shannon Cochrane
Tanya Mars
Tehching Hsieh
Tomas Ruller
Valentin Torrens
Zbigniew Warpechowski
Zhu Ming

9Questions, an artist project by Gustaf Broms

Published by FADO Performance Art Centre and Centre for Orgchaosmik Studies
Edited by Gustaf Broms and Shannon Cochrane
Translations by Paula Alvarado, Robert Rowley, Nicolas Scrutton, Tomasz Szrama, Jie Wang
Design: Lisa Kiss Design, Toronto

978-0-9730883-4-2 (FADO Performance Art Centre, Canada)
978-91-639-8460-0 (Centre for Orgchaosmik Studies, Sweden)

This publication project is partially supported by Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden (Sweden).

Golden Book 5: Intimate Karaoke, Live at Uterine Concert Hall

Golden Book 5 has a blood red cover in honour of Dayna‚Äôs performance. Dayna McLeod’s Intimate Karaoke, Live at Uterine Concert Hall¬†transforms the site of the theatre into a social space where an awkward karaoke party minus the amplified music shares the intimacy of the artist‚Äôs body as it is offered up as the venue where dialogue around the cultural and political expectations of bodies marked female and a critique of medical surveillance, reproductive rights and the aging Queer female body collide.

Essay entitled, From Specular to Speculative: Intimate Encounters @ Uterine Concert Hall by Alanna Thain contained within. Alanna is the Director, Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies; Director, Moving Image Research Laboratory; and Associate Professor, Department of English at McGill University.

Golden Book 5: Intimate Karaoke, Live at Uterine Concert Hall (2018) Dayna Mcleod
Author: Essay by Alanna Thain
Design: Lisa Kiss
Publisher: FADO Performance Art Centre
Series: Golden Books, 5th
16 pages; 1 photo (colour); 4.24 x 6 inches ; Print Book, English

Golden Book 4: x for staying here with us now

On the occasion of this new work by Sherri Hay, x for staying here with us now (2018), FADO is pleased to publish the fourth in The Golden Book series, containing an interview about the process of creating this performance, conducted by FADO and the performer in x for staying here with us now.

Golden Book 4: x for staying here with us now (2018)
Author: Text by Sherri Hay; interview by FADO
Design: Lisa Kiss
Publisher: FADO Performance Art Centre
Series: Golden Books, 4th
10 pages; 1 photo (colour); 4.24 x 6 inches ; Print Book, English

MONOMYTHS Perpetual Calendar

On the Cover: MC Coble, PULSE, Ontario Place Cinesphere, 2016. Photo Henry Chan.

MONOMYTHS invited a diverse collection of artists, scholars and activists to revise Joseph Campbell’s conception of the hero’s journey through performance art, lectures, workshops and other offerings. The MONOMYTHS perception of the universal journey dispels the notion of the lone patriarchal figure on a conquest to vanquish his demons‚Äďboth inner and outer‚Äďin consideration of community, collectivity and collaboration. This perpetual calendar, beautifully designed by Lisa Kiss Design, documents the year-long MONOMYTHS journey.

Playing on the cyclical nature of the universal story, and the interconnectedness of the MONOMYTHS performance series, this 14-month perpetual calendar contains a main image and a detail from each project in the series taken by FADO photographer Henry Chan; as well as biographical information about each artist and a short description of each work.

Photography: Henry Chan and Connie Tsang
Design: Lisa Kiss
Publisher: FADO Performance Art Centre
17 pages; 12 x 14 inches ; Print Book, English

Golden Book 3: Pulse

Golden Book 3: Pulse accompanies MC Coble’s 2016 performance, in which the artist climbs the iconic Cinesphere at Ontario Place each day in order to repurpose it as a beacon of protest. A series of Morse Code messages are transmitted from the structure to receivers on the ground positioned throughout Ontario Place island who then relay the message on using their own light source. The transmitted messages are composed of statements and chants used in recent and current protests and fights for civil rights which will be selected from the artist‚Äôs archive as well as in collaboration with local community. This collaborative gesture of solidarity merges activist and nautical language to amplify a collective call for action.

Golden Book 3: Pulse (2016)
Author: MC Coble
Design: Lisa Kiss
Publisher: FADO Performance Art Centre
Series: Golden Books, 3rd
48 pages; 5 x 2 inches ; Print Book, English

Golden Book 2: Duorama

Second in the Golden Book series: Duorama, by Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson. This special edition Golden Book comes in four parts.

Partners in life and art, Paul and Ed have worked together on the performance art series Duorama since 2000. Playful, beguiling and often minimalist, these pieces explore notions of relationship, and draw on collaborative and competitive tensions that underlie all partnerships. Responding to site and examining cultural attitudes toward male intimacy are key elements of Duorama. Recurring themes revolve around shifting interpretations of what is political and what is personal. Many of the works can be read in terms of the current social and political climate surrounding gay culture, offering askance references to issues such as gay marriage, HIV-status, and portrayals of gay culture. To date, 113 Duorama performances have been presented at galleries, festivals and various events in Canada, France, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the USA, Singapore, Ireland and the UK.

Golden Book 2: Duorama (2014)
Editors: Paul Couillard, Ed Johnson
Design: Lisa Kiss
Publisher: FADO Performance Art Centre
Series: Golden Books, 2nd
4 booklets; 86 pages text + photo (b/w); 4.24 x 6 inches ; Print Book, English

Golden Book 1: Film; Rope

First up in the Golden Book series features Francesco Gagliardi’s performance¬†Film: Rope,¬†presented during Images Festival 2013, with an essay written¬†by Andrew J. Paterson.¬†Film: Rope¬†explores the relationship between cinematic space and the space of live performance, and our ways of interpreting and recollecting the experience of movement within the film frame.

In Dangling that Rope, Andrew James Paterson writes, ‚ÄúIn Film: Rope, Gagliardi has accentuated the simultaneous clash and fusion of different disciplines by using as source material a film that has been controversial at a number of different levels: Alfred Hitchcock‚Äôs Rope (1948). Rope is something of an anomaly within the Hitchcock canon, as it is directed to appear as if consisting almost entirely of one continuous shot. In this respect it breaks the modernist dictum that film should not appear simply to be recorded theatre. The film eschews montage altogether.‚ÄĚ

Golden Book 1: Film; Rope (2013)
Author: Andrew James Paterson
Editor: Chris Gehman
Design: Lisa Kiss
Publisher: FADO Performance Art Centre
Series: Golden Books, 1st
16 pages; 4.24 x 6 inches ; Print Book, English

From Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars

From Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars
Edited by Paul Couillard

Design by Sameer Farooq/New Ink
2009, 286 pp. (32-pp. colour section) with index
Includes DVD documentation of Mars’ performance Tyranny of Bliss

With articles by: Paul Couillard, Tagny Duff, Jennifer Fisher, Randy Gledhill, Nelson Henricks, Will Kwan, Paul Ledoux, Joanna Nash, Jennifer Oille, John Oughton and Pam Patterson, Andrew James Paterson, Kim Sawchuk, Dot Tuer

Tanya Mars has been a key figure in Canadian art since she burst on the scene in 1974 with her first groundbreaking exhibition, Codpieces Phallic Paraphernalia. Provocative and political, Mars has relentlessly shown us that the way to the jugular is through the funny bone, creating a series of compelling “three-dimensional pictures” that have made her one of Canada’s most acclaimed and important performance artists. This anthology offers a comprehensive look at her career, including a DVD with photo and video documentation of many of her major works.

“An innovative leader in the performance art scene here and internationally, Tanya Mars makes art that is courageous, humourous, operatic and original. Ironic to Iconic gives the reader a cogent and too little-known background to Mars’ career and her role in the development of performance art in Canada.”
~Jessica Bradley, curator and director of Jessica Bradley Art + Projects

Alain-Martin Richard: Performances, Manoeuvres and Other Hypotheses for Disappearing

Alain-Martin Richard:
Performances, manŇďuvres et autres hypoth√®ses de disparition
Performances, Manoeuvres and other Hypotheses for Disappearing

Edited by Paul Couillard and Alexandra Liva
Published by FADO Performance Inc., Sagamie √©dition d’art, Les Causes perdues

ISBN 978-0-9730883-3-5 (FADO)
ISBN 978-2-923612-38-6 (SAGAMIE)

414 pp, with index
Including DVD documentation of The Route To Rose (2006)

Dive into the unique creative journey of artist Alain-Martin Richard with the launch of an impressive new bilingual monograph. In this book, authors Paul Couillard, Doyon/Demers, H√©l√®ne La Roche, Paul Ouellet, Nicolas Reeves, Clive Robertson, Guy Sioui Durand and Marianne Trudel join Alain-Martin Richard to provide a comprehensive picture of Richard’s career and practice, from his theatrical experiments of the 1970s to his global “manoeuvres” in the 2000s.

Alain-Martin Richard lives and works in Qu√©bec. As an artist, he has presented manoeuvre and performance works in North America, Europe and Asia. He also works as a curator, critic and essayist, publishing articles in numerous journals on theatre, performance, installation and manoeuvre. He was a member of the former collectives Inter/Le Lieu and The Nomads, and remains active with Les Causes perdues in¬© and Folie/Culture. His works often deploy multiple planes of reality as in l’Atopie textuelle (2000) and The Route to Rosa (2006), the project presented by FADO in 2006 that initiated the publication of this monography.

Vigilantes: The Dream of Reason

Vigilantes: The Dream of Reason
Edited by Tania Bruguera
Design by Bill Pusztai
2004, 36 pp. (including 6 pp of b/w images)

Introductory text and performance descriptions by Tania Bruguera; plus essays by Tagny Duff and Erin Manning.

From the Time Zones Residency, curated by Tagny Duff

Vigilantes: The Dream of Reason is a small book reminiscent of a group of plane tickets in a travel folder that documents a series of liminal performances dealing with the relationship between ethics and desire. Produced in conjunction with the TIME ZONE residency curated by Tagny Duff, with internationally acclaimed Cuban artists Glenda León and Tania Bruguera.

During the residency, Bruguera will commute weekly between Chicago and Canada (first to Montreal and then to Toronto), using these trips as an opportunity to perform for the unsuspecting audience of her fellow travelers.

Bruguera describes Vigilantes ‚Äďthe dream of reason creates monsters‚Äď as “‚Ķa series of performances dealing with the relationship between ethics and desire; with the tension that can be found in a state of emotional vigilia, which is the state between being awake and asleep. Each piece will have several layers of appreciation, either from the position of the audience or of their level of boldness. These will be pieces that talk about the false strength and the hidden fragility.”

La Dragu: The Living Art of Margaret Dragu 

La Dragu: The Living Art of Margaret Dragu (2002)
Edited by Paul Couillard

Book Design: Randy Gledhill
96 pp. text, 16 pp. photos and DVD insert, 5.5 x 8 inches
ISBN: 0-9730883-0-3

DVD includes the videos Cleaning and Loving It © 2000 and More Cleaning and Loving (It) © 2001, directed by Margaret Dragu and Paul Couillard.

Articles by Glenn Alteen, Paul Couillard, Andy Fabo, Debbie O’Rourke, Sarah Sheard; chronology by Brice Canyon and story and collages by Margaret Dragu.

Margaret Dragu is a 2012 recipient of a Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts. Margaret Dragu is a warm-hearted, fearless and indomitable spirit who has left her mark across disciplines and across the country. Dragu’s astonishing output of work spans back to 1969 and includes forays into theatre, film, video, writing, choreography and above all, performance art. She is perhaps best known for her work in the 1980s, including her long-running X’s and O’s series, which began with a solstice mega-spectacle in Hamilton in 1983 (X’s and O’s on the Longest Day of the Year) and continues with her recent, Improvisation for X’s and O’s. Her 1988 film project I VANT TO BE ALONE reads as a who’s who of the Toronto art scene of the 1980s, while her smaller, more intimate 1990s work has been produced and seen mainly on the west coast.

Books Red

Books about artists (and sometimes by artists) allow artists' work to be accessed by more people in more places. Artist books have the uncanny ability to both expand and convolute artists’ practices. Unabashedly enjoying the pun, Books Red is a fragrance composed entirely of materials derived from sources that are red, at one moment in their lifespan. The fragrance is formulated to be impossibly ever-lasting, forever extending in all directions.

Top Notes

rose hip, tomato

Middle Notes

red tobacco, moroccan rose, geranium

Base Notes

poppy, cade, redwood forest