Golden Book 1: Film; Rope

First up in the Golden Book series features Francesco Gagliardi’s performance¬†Film: Rope,¬†presented during Images Festival 2013, with an essay written¬†by Andrew J. Paterson.¬†Film: Rope¬†explores the relationship between cinematic space and the space of live performance, and our ways of interpreting and recollecting the experience of movement within the film frame.

In Dangling that Rope, Andrew James Paterson writes, ‚ÄúIn Film: Rope, Gagliardi has accentuated the simultaneous clash and fusion of different disciplines by using as source material a film that has been controversial at a number of different levels: Alfred Hitchcock‚Äôs Rope (1948). Rope is something of an anomaly within the Hitchcock canon, as it is directed to appear as if consisting almost entirely of one continuous shot. In this respect it breaks the modernist dictum that film should not appear simply to be recorded theatre. The film eschews montage altogether.‚ÄĚ

Golden Book 1: Film; Rope (2013)
Author: Andrew James Paterson
Editor: Chris Gehman
Design: Lisa Kiss
Publisher: FADO Performance Art Centre
Series: Golden Books, 1st
16 pages; 4.24 x 6 inches ; Print Book, English







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