FADO is now pleased to make available our performance archive of video and photo documentation, spanning 30 years of programming! Containing nearly 100 videos and thousands of photos, new works are being added every week, so be sure to return for updates.

Photos and videos do not appear in search bar results, so to view our documentation galleries, please follow the research guides below.

Method 1: Search Bar

  • Enter the title of performance, engagement, or name of the artist into the search bar.
  • From the results list, select the web page of a specific Performance (highlighted in yellow) or Engagement (highlighted in pink).
  • From selected page, scroll to bottom. Where available, a “Documentation” sub section will appear (below the event description).
  • Click on the featured image/title to enter the Documentation Gallery.
  • A yellow window viewer will appear. Navigate with arrows at right and left of viewer.
  • If video is available, it will appear on the last slide. To start the video, hit the trianglular Play button at centre of image.

Method 2: Chronological

  • Performance, Engagements, and Writing sections are grouped by year.
  • To search chronologically, select a year from the vertical menu bar on the left of these pages to view all programming from that year. (example: “93” = 1993)

Method 3: Choose Your Own Adventure

  • Navigate the main menu items, like our Artists list!
  • Follow a thread through a specific artist: you may find live performances or engagements, essays or interviews, publications, and unique documentation galleries!
  • Lastly: Try out the Time Machine, where time stops! Here you will find a specially curated selection of highlights and deep cuts from the site on a rotating basis, so check for updates with each visit. To view the Time Machine, simply head back to home page, then click on the vertical grey bar at right of the main menu, and see what comes up!
Search Grey

Composed entirely of chemicals used to enhance, brighten, lift, and fix, this transparent fragrance turns up the volume on anything and everything it touches. Search Grey smells like you, and you, and you, multiplied infinitely.

Top Notes

your hand

Middle Notes

your hair

Base Notes

your arm pit