As an immaterial practice, performance art’s relationship to archive has always been a fraught one. Using their own/other documentation from the FADO archive, these five artists activate and challenge the linear narrative of the archive by creating new video works inspired by (or even using) their own documentation material.

Videos by Gustaf Broms (Sweden), Heather Rule (Canada), Margaret Dragu (Canada), MC Coble (USA/Sweden), Simla Civelek (Canada).

FADO Scents
2022 – on-goingYour mind, nose & mailbox.

The FADO website is guided by colour and scent. Think of it as a digital scratch n’ sniff. Bespoke fragrances, created by the minds (and noses) at I Know You Know, formulated from our navigation menu help you to follow your nose from performance to artist to series and more. Smell here.

Performance Resolution(s)
2021 – 2022

Performance Resolution(s) invited artists to propose performance-based research projects that engaged with the theme of ‘resolution.’ Our inspirations for Performance Resolution(s) are the hope for a better 2021 for all, and a profound performance exercise designed by Marilyn Arsem that we think about from time to time.

Performance Home
2020 – 2021

FADO’s at-home residency series, launched in response to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Performance Club
2017 – 2019

As a proposition for a performance or the framework for an actual book club, FADO’s Performance Club series redefines the historical and contemporary performance art canon, one book club, and one book, article, essay, anthology at a time.

Performance Academy

A platform in which artists constitute their own school of learning— performing pedagogy—for an audience in the form of peer-to-peer academia, where self-organizing and personal experience as knowledge is valued over institutionalized frameworks.

2016 – 2017

The MONOMYTHS perception of the universal journey dispels the notion of the lone patriarchal figure on a conquest to vanquish his demons–both inner and outer–in consideration of community, collectivity, and collaboration.

2005 – 2007

The concept of identity has been at the forefront of art discourse since the 1980s. Performance artists have been particularly concerned with how our various identities are constructed, how they mark us and how they influence self-understanding.

Emerging Artists
2003 – 2014

Initiated in 2003 by Tanya Mars, FADO’s Emerging Artists Series was created to provide an on-going professional venue for emerging artists from Toronto and beyond to develop and present a performance piece, working within a curatorial framework set out by an emerging curator.

Canadian Performance Art Legends
2000, 2004, 2006

A celebration of Canada’s senior performance artists through the commissioning of a major new work, followed by a publication. Three icons so far: Margaret Dragu, Tanya Mars, Alain-Martin Richard.

Public Spaces / Private Places
2000 – 2003

The series explored the elements that turn neutral ‘space’ into meaningful ‘place’ through performances that examined the degrees of intimacy, connection and interaction that mark the dividing line between public and private.


TIME TIME TIME is a series of 12 works by different artists, presented in Toronto over the course of a year with each work lasting a minimum of 12 continuous hours.

Five Holes
1995 – 2006

Five Holes provides artists and audiences with an opportunity to test their senses as they are now, informed by both history and imagination.

Series Purple

An ode to FADO's history, Series Purple is composed of a collection of purple fragrance materials dating back to the Roman Empire. Dense, intense, and meandering, this fragrance tells us non-linear stories.

Top Notes

huckleberry, violet

Middle Notes

cassis, lilac, heliotrope

Base Notes

orris root, purple sage, labdanum