Golden Book 6: Performance Club; The Syllabus

The sixth in the Golden Book series and essential reading for Performance Clubs #4, #5 and #6.

Golden Book 5: From Specular to Speculative; Intimate Encounters @ Uterine Concert Hall

The fifth in the Golden Book series features Dayna McLeod’s performance, Intimate Karaoke Live at Uterine Concert Hall and features an essay written by Alanna Thain.

Golden Book 4: x for staying here with us now

Golden Book 4 by Sherri Hay features text and interviews about their 2018 performance, x for staying here with us now.

9Questions, an artist project by Gustaf Broms

For Broms, these nine are the essential questions. The responses collected are as diverse and wide-ranging as the artists and their own approaches, from the practical, to the abstract to the simply far-flung, in addition to some reassuring and surprising overlapping ideas and connections.

Golden Book 3: Pulse

Your Morse Code guidebook to accompany MC Coble’s 10-day protest performance, PULSE.

Golden Book 2: Duorama

Second in the Golden Book series is special edition four-part book by Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson, documenting their collaborative performance series, Duorama.

Golden Book 1: Dangling That Rope

Essay by Andrew James Paterson about Film: Rope, a performance by Francesco Gagliardi presented at Images Festival 2013.

From Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars

Anthology of Tanya Mars’ body of work, published in 2009, featuring essays, photos, and DVD with video documentation.

La Dragu: The Living Art of Margaret Dragu 

Published in 2002, this monograph includes articles by Glenn Alteen, Paul Couillard, Andy Fabo, Debbie
O’Rourke and Sarah Sheard; chronology by Brice Canyon; PLUS story & collages by Margaret Dragu.

Books Red

Books about artists (and sometimes by artists) allow artists' work to be accessed by more people in more places. Artist books have the uncanny ability to both expand and convolute artists’ practices. Unabashedly enjoying the pun, Books Red is a fragrance composed entirely of materials derived from sources that are red, at one moment in their lifespan. The fragrance is formulated to be impossibly ever-lasting, forever extending in all directions.

Top Notes

rose hip, tomato

Middle Notes

red tobacco, moroccan rose, geranium

Base Notes

poppy, cade, redwood forest