Alain-Martin Richard: Performances, Manoeuvres and Other Hypotheses for Disappearing

Alain-Martin Richard:
Performances, manœuvres et autres hypothèses de disparition
Performances, Manoeuvres and other Hypotheses for Disappearing

Edited by Paul Couillard and Alexandra Liva
Published by FADO Performance Inc., Sagamie édition d’art, Les Causes perdues

ISBN 978-0-9730883-3-5 (FADO)
ISBN 978-2-923612-38-6 (SAGAMIE)

414 pp, with index
Including DVD documentation of The Route To Rose (2006)

Dive into the unique creative journey of artist Alain-Martin Richard with the launch of an impressive new bilingual monograph. In this book, authors Paul Couillard, Doyon/Demers, Hélène La Roche, Paul Ouellet, Nicolas Reeves, Clive Robertson, Guy Sioui Durand and Marianne Trudel join Alain-Martin Richard to provide a comprehensive picture of Richard’s career and practice, from his theatrical experiments of the 1970s to his global “manoeuvres” in the 2000s.

Alain-Martin Richard lives and works in Québec. As an artist, he has presented manoeuvre and performance works in North America, Europe and Asia. He also works as a curator, critic and essayist, publishing articles in numerous journals on theatre, performance, installation and manoeuvre. He was a member of the former collectives Inter/Le Lieu and The Nomads, and remains active with Les Causes perdues in© and Folie/Culture. His works often deploy multiple planes of reality as in l’Atopie textuelle (2000) and The Route to Rosa (2006), the project presented by FADO in 2006 that initiated the publication of this monography.







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