On Escapist Action: Performance in Recession

Essay by Laura Paolini about the 2009 series, Escapist Action: Performance in Recession.

“Globally, from bombings to political scandals and massive natural disasters, to the weakening dollar, crash of the housing market and global recession, the last ten years have been the bleakest in history (according to some).”

Eyewitness Account: TallBlondLadies

Account by Stephanie Sirant, of the 2009 durational performance, Potential Fertility Rite.

Established in 2003, TallBlondLadies is a collaborative performance project between Anna Berndtson (Sweden) and Irina Runge (Germany).

Sandra Johnston’s Ephemeral Monuments
Ritual Communication and Body Doubles: Attending (to) the Work of Monika Günther and Ruedi Schill 

Essay by Paul Couillard about the collaborative duo.

“Monika and Ruedi seem less concerned with delivering specific messages than with providing each other and their audiences with an intensely present companionship while undertaking a series of slow, quiet gestures. What is evident in their work is an attention to communication as a form of ritual.”

From Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars

Anthology of Tanya Mars’ body of work, published in 2009, featuring essays, photos, and DVD with video documentation.

“Ironic to Iconic gives the reader a cogent and too little-known background to Mars’ career and her role in the development of performance art in Canada.”

Writing Blue

Writing Blue is the smell of interpretation. Composed of materials that many "know", blueberry candy offers a flicker of nostalgia. Grounded in blue cypress like a hunch that comes from speculation, it is the lavender that offers overwhelming explanations.

Top Notes

blueberry candy

Middle Notes

lavender, mens shaving cream

Base Notes

hyacinth, blue cypress