Francesco Gagliardi

Image © Francesco Gagliardi, Some Reconstructions, 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, 2014. Photo Henry Chan.

Italy / Canada

Francesco Gagliardi is a performance artist, writer, and occasional filmmaker based in Toronto. His performance work has been presented internationally in venues including Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY), The Ontological-Hysteric Theater and The Stone (NYC), The Wulf and Pieter (Los Angeles), Esorabako (Tokyo), Fondazione Mudima (Milano), FADO Performance Art Centre, Harbourfront Centre, and 7a*11d (Toronto). His film work screened in venues including TIFF Wavelengths, the Torino Film Festival, Images Festival, and it was the subject of a retrospective at Pleasure Dome (Toronto) in October 2017. He teaches in the Department of Philosophy and at the Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies, University of Toronto. 

Francesco Gagliardi Interview with Mike Hoolboom

The Golden Book

The Golden Book series is an irregular limited edition book/lette series containing a single text, photo essay, interview, or abstract didactic about a forthcoming performance project. Each Golden Book is designed by Lisa Kiss Design.

Editions in the series include:

Golden Book 1 (2013)
Film: Rope
 by Francesco Gagliardi
Dangling That Rope, essay by Andrew James Paterson

Golden Book 2 (2014)
Duorama 1–4
Photo essay on the works of Duorama performance series by Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson

Golden Book 3 (2016)
PULSE by Mary Coble
Workbook and key for Coble’s 2016 MONOMYTHS performance of the same name

Golden Book 4 (2018)
x for staying here with us now by Sheri Hay
An interview between FADO and the performing object in the work of Sheri Hay

Golden Book 5 (2018)
Intimate Karaoke, Live at Uterine Concert Hall
by Dayna McLeod
From Specular to Speculative: Intimate Encounters @ Uterine Concert Hall, essay by Alanna Thain

Golden Book 6 (2019)
Performance Club: The Syllabus
The Syllabus contains everything you need for your Performance Club 4–6 experience (including that pesky homework).

Series Purple

An ode to FADO's history, Series Purple is composed of a collection of purple fragrance materials dating back to the Roman Empire. Dense, intense, and meandering, this fragrance tells us non-linear stories.

Top Notes

huckleberry, violet

Middle Notes

cassis, lilac, heliotrope

Base Notes

orris root, purple sage, labdanum