Workshop with Liina Kuittinen

September 21, 2019TMAC, 36 Lisgar Street, Toronto11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Blowing because mouth knows how to blow and makes a sound for ears to hear
WORKSHOP with Liina Kuittinen

This workshop is, in itself, an experiment in process sharing, modest but direct. During the 2-hours of the workshop, Liina will expose the process of creation behind her most recent performance work, referencing her work presented in Toronto (see below) as the starting point for a series of practical experiments that Liina and the workshop participants will elaborate on together.

“I consider my artistic practice as minor scale resistance to the dominance of language. For example, it is difficult to say anything new about blowing, without blowing; whereas every blow is different from the previous. My performance practice evolves from the physicality of being and action. The body and its habits are my main material.”

DETAILS of the workshop:
This workshop is offered free of charge.
The space that the workshop is offered in accessible.
The maximum number of participants is 15.
The workshop will be offered in English.
You will be asked to participate in various exercises which may involve movement and voice.

It is not necessary to have previous experience in performance-making to take part; however it is highly recommended that participants attend Liina’s performance in the International Visiting Artists series event (on September 20) as a precursor to the workshop.

© Liina Kuittinen, Organ of Repetition. Photo Antti Ahonen.



One Number Four by Liina Kuittinen





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