Open Airway curated by Elle McLaughlin
October 26, 2005Spin Gallery 1100 Queen Street West, Toronto7:00 pm

Open Airway, FADO’s latest Emerging Artists series eventĀ is an investigation of rhythmic and organized patterns that ensure the successful function of systems.

Egalitarian by Louise Liliefeldt
October 5, 2005331 Bartlett Avenue, Toronto11:30 pm

InĀ Egalitarian, influences of pop culture and personal memories intersect as Liliefeldt creates the first in a series of “portraits shaped by ritualistic actions.”

Fashion Plate by Cindy Baker
July 22ā€“August 4, 2005The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen Street West, Toronto

A performance in which the artist asks the audience to think about a large woman’s body in relation to their own body and in relation to fashion or society’s rules or standards about bodies.

The Sun is Crooked in the Sky; My Father is Thrown Over my Shoulders by Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa
June 29, 2005Implant, 58 Wade Avenue, Toronto7:00 pm

This continuous 100-hour performance is a visceral, searching visual and action-based exploration of the artist’s personal history.

Feats, Might curated by Alissa Firth-Eagland
March 23, 2005The Great Hall, 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto8:30 pm

For Feats, Might, curator Alissa Firth-Eagland asked artists known primarily for their video works to “unplug” their performative ideas, stepping out from behind the camera and onto the live stage.

March 14, 2005Gallery 1313, 1313 Queen Street West, Toronto8:00 pm

Visiting Polish artist Artur Tajber performs Toronto Tableable, a new work in his ongoing WALK’MAN series. “From 1995 I have worked on a subject matter for which I coined the phrase WALKā€™MAN, a street action.”

Performance Yellow

This fragrance opens us to the question, has the show started? It's winter, the theatre is colder than the street and the room is filled with people and all their winter smells: wet faux leather, down, too much shampoo, and beer breath. The atmosphere is a trickster. Am I late, am I early?

Top Notes

yellow mandarin, mimosa

Middle Notes

honey, chamomile, salt

Base Notes

narcissus, guaiac wood, piss, beer