Eyeblink: Fires with Myung-Sun Kim & Julieta Maria

Performance by Myung-Sun Kim
Screening of the work of Julieta Maria

Co-presented by FADO Performance Art Centre, Gardiner Museum and Pleasure Dome

In support of the Gardiner Museum’s exhibition Yoko Ono: The Riverbed, Eyeblink is a three-part monthly screening and performance series that draws inspiration from Ono’s filmmaking from the 1960s and 1970s. In Yoko Ono’s early Fluxus films, Eyeblink and One (Match), the artist watches in steady, fixed-frame contemplation the simplest of gestures, managing to distill cinema to its essentials in a shot-countershot duet of light and vision. This edition of the monthly series, Eyeblink: Fires, is presented by FADO Performance Art Centre, the Gardiner Museum and Pleasure Dome. The presenting artists, Myung-Sun Kim (performance) and Julieta Maria (video) present works that will explore the intertwined lineages of trauma and survival.

Myung-Sun Kim will present a new performance work. Kim’s work explores ideas around foodways, undocumented history, war, fiction, memory, trauma, resilience, and community care. She is interested in the sharing of lived experiences and methodologies that may evoke a collective sense of empathy and a deeper understanding and care for the differences that exist within our complex intercultural communities in ways that provides sustenance.

Julieta Maria’s elegant, performance-for-camera shorts concentrates lifetimes of study and digestion into exquisite frames. The artist uses the material of her body to reflect on the violence of her native Colombia, or the exile of her Palestinian father. Pleasure Dome curates a mini-retrospective featuring a program of seven shorts, as well as two smashed reconstruction loops installed in the Gardiner’s lobby.

© Myung-Sun Kim, EYEBLINK: Fires (performance), 2018. Photo Yuula Benivolski.

Performance Yellow

This fragrance opens us to the question, has the show started? It's winter, the theatre is colder than the street and the room is filled with people and all their winter smells: wet faux leather, down, too much shampoo, and beer breath. The atmosphere is a trickster. Am I late, am I early?

Top Notes

yellow mandarin, mimosa

Middle Notes

honey, chamomile, salt

Base Notes

narcissus, guaiac wood, piss, beer