Bricks & Glitter

FADO Performance Art Centre was pleased to help support Bricks & Glitter for their online and in-person (socially distanced) 2020 festival.

Bricks & Glitter is a community arts festival celebrating Two-Spirt, trans and queer talent, ingenuity, caring, anger and abundance. We are a trouble of queers who believe in creativity, collectivity and practicing the future in the now. We are intersectional be default and critical by necessity. Our 2020 festival centres Black, Indigenous and racialized artists coming together to imagine a world worth living in—for all of us. 

Ms. Nookie Galore, Franny Galore, Mikiki, leZlie lee kam, Tamai Kobayashi, Rhona Spencer, Buster Cherry, David Bateman, Jord Camp, DJ Xeynamay, DJ Mirass, DJ MXMSXY, DJ Pothound, Ivory, TravoyInTheFlesh, Mango Lassi, Drag King Sebastian, Pastel Supernova, Cat Zaddy, Midnight Wolverine, Billie the Kid, Namitha Rathinappillai, Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures Collective, Mina Minou, Tygr Willy, Ola Minoul, Daddy Gambino, Kareena Pussy Couture, Sage Lovell, Thurga Kanagasekarampillai AND MANY MORE!

Bricks & Glitter 2020 was funded by the Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, FADO Performance Art Centre and Groundswell Community Justice Trust Fund.

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