Andrés Galeano

© Andrés Galeano, iPerformance, 2013. Photo Henry Chan.

b. 1980, Spain / Germany

Andrés Galeano holds a Philosophy degree at the University of Barcelona, a Photography diploma at the FFS Stuttgart, and a Free Art degree at the KHB Berlin. He works with drawing, photography, video, installation and performance and has realized exhibitions all over Europe and Canada. He is the curating of the performance art programme Extension Series at Grimmuseum (Berlin), ¡POESÍACCIÓN! at Instituto Cervantes (Spain) and is the co-organizer of the Month of Performance Art Berlin.

Performances by Andrés Galeano & Ieke Trinks

FADO Performance Art Centre presents new solo performance works from Andrés Galeano (Spain) and Ieke Trinks (Netherlands):

iPerformance by Andrés Galeano
Sing, Sync, Sink by Ieke Trinks

The performance work of Andrés Galeano and Ieke Trinks share a similar methodology, and sometimes, a desired goal. Developed in situ, Galeano and Trinks create performances which combine everyday and found materials with instruction (scores), observation and live action, resulting in combinations and configurations that are both deeply philosophical and highly absurd.

While in Toronto, in addition to the solo performances listed above, the artists will also be presenting a collaborative performance in the context of the 34th Rhubarb Festival. FADO is pleased to be collaborating with The Rhubarb Festival for the third year in a row with this presentation.

Step by Step by Andrés Galeano and Ieke Trinks

Want to know how to do, well… just about anything? Ask google. In Step by Step, Andrés Galeano and Ieke Trinks spontaneously create a performance score in front of a live audience using seemingly random pieces of instructional information researched on the internet. Using the cut and paste function of their computers, instruction texts and how-to explanations are sorted and compiled into a dance choreography created for, and then performed by two non-dancers. The result is an unsettling and funny live performance that oscillates between conceptual demonstration and structured chaos.

February 27–March 3, 2015 @ 8:00pm (5 performances!)
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street, Toronto

© Andrés Galeano, Ieke Trinks, Step by Step, Rhubarb Festival, 2013. Photo Henry Chan.

Workshop: Interaction with Objects with Andrés Galeano

Performance Art is often defined as a non-objectual art practice that celebrates proudly its ephemeral character by creating situations that are experienced live. Despite this almost every performance art work can be characterized by the interaction of the artist’s body with objects in concrete time and space. This performance art workshop aims to focus on the different uses, potential interactions and properties regarding this very important performance element: the object. 

Some objects seem to gaze back at us and attract our attention and curiosity. The workshop will explore these “special” objects and our relation to them through the concepts of aura, fetish, relic, symbol, poetic, memories, body, narration, fiction, transformation, function, meaning, (im)materiality, (in)visibility, presence/absence etc. in order to create a performance based on a composition of actions involving objects. 

The workshop will provide each participant with cross-disciplinary artistic instruments (such as text, speech, sound, video, photography, painting, sculpture, installation) and with historical and contemporary examples of different strategies for dealing with objects (including Dadaism, Happenings, Fluxus, Body Art, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Arte Povera, Visual Poetry, Concrete Music) in order to obtain the necessary theoretical and practical background for developing their own performances. 

Every participant is asked to bring three personal objects to work with during the workshop. These objects will be the starting point for the various tasks and discussions in the workshop. The objects could be personally very resonant, reminding of a specific time or place, or they can be mundane objects that are encountered on a daily basis. In either case they will be treated as propositions for potential actions and conceptual exploration. 

Day 1: Introduction of the participants and of the workshop topics through the presentation of the personal objects. Physical exercises to warm up the body and get confidence in the group and in the space. Exploration of the body as an object: Exercises to be present and neutral. 

Day 2: Some group tasks and improvisations interacting with objects: exploring the meaning, function, use and properties of specific objects. Research around the immateriality and invisibility of objects and our personal memories and stories related to them. Some historical and contemporary examples of art works that approach objects from an interesting point of view. Screening of videos and photos to illustrate each position and open discussion.

Day 3: Some individual tasks and improvisations based on interacting with objects. Preparation of a proposal for an own performance based on the three personal objects. Individual discussion of the proposal with the facilitator and group. 

Day 4: After a period of individual preparation. Workshop culminate in an informal public presentation of the performances. 

The workshop is open to students and professional artists who have a background in contemporary art practice. Although this is a performance art workshop, applicants are welcome from any artistic background, as long as they have a desire to engage with a performative process and tasks. The workshop may be of particular relevance to visual artists or text and sound based artists who have an interest in more conceptual based processes. 

Performance Art Workshop: Interaction with Objects
Workshop: February 20–23, 2013
Performances: February 23, 2019 @ 3:00pm

This workshop is presented in association with The 34th Rhubarb Festival and coincides with the presentation of Step by Step, a performance by Andrés Galeano and Ieke Trinks, taking place at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre from February 23–March 3, 2013.

Interaction with Objects, 2013. Photo Shannon Cochrane.