November 2022



Friends, sometimes there isn’t much to report in the E-BULLETIN and this November is one of those times.

But, we want to remind you that if you have an event, call for submissions, workshop, publication, or festival that you want us to tell the performance art community about, please email us at info@performanceart.ca and let us know. We are interested in performance art news/events from around the world (and here at home too). Please email text only (no pdfs, just text in a regular ol’ email) and no images and we will do our best to include it. You can also invite us on Facebook, or tag us in something on Instagram but no guarantee we see it. Email is best. (ALSO: Please don’t hate us if we can’t include your post. Sometimes not everything we get is news about performance art, that’s all.)

See you next month.

x, fado


E-Bulletin Green

This scent is an homage to the future; for things to come. Cut grass, string bean, coriander, and ivy diffuse a smell of ever-green, or the eternal return, however you decide.

Top Notes

cut grass, lovage, coriander

Middle Notes

string bean, fennel

Base Notes

ivy leaves, moss