Stacey Ho

Misinformed Informants: GROOP MEDITEHSHUNS

A series of three exercises based around involuntary movement. By observing each other’s breathing, blinking, and heartbeats, performers become aware of their (co-)existence. These observations are translated into gesture and sound.

bodies > entropy
Two performers, a generation or two apart, listen to each other’s pulses. By using their voices to sound out each other’s heartbeats, the performers present the human voice and cardiovascular system as it changes over time.

Nikolai’s slap piece
Two people stare at each other, hitting a cymbal whenever the other person blinked. Nik said it was funnier to have performers slap each other in face, and I thought he’s probably right.

breathing circle
A small group of people gather and watch each other breathe. The modulations of inhales/exhales combine to create asymmetrical or synchronous patterns of notes and harmonies. Breathing is a funny movement because it can be consciously controlled, or not.


Stacey Ho dabbles in art-making, art-curating, art-writing, and art-participating, focusing on sound, photography, performance, and printed matter. The research and documentation of written and oral narratives is an integral part of her work. Holding a BFA from NSCAD University, she has recently performed in events through Montreal’s Nuit Blanche and the FADO Performance Art Centre, as well as exhibited with the eyelevel gallery and the MacLaren Art Centre.




Artist Orange

Just as a performance artist uses their body as their medium, this is a fragrance composed entirely of the orange tree: fruit, leaves, bark, roots, and flowers. Artist Orange performs itself.

Top Notes

neroli, blood orange

Middle Notes

fresh orange juice, petit grain

Base Notes

orange twig, orange seed