Shannon Harris


Shannon Harris has been playing his music for the masses in North America traveling to urban areas like Detroit, Atlanta, New Jersey, Toronto and several cities nationwide. Releasing Soul and Jazz on the 1998 Winter Music Conference CD, Shannon is steadily producing material fusing multiple genres and cultural instrumentation. Shannon also plays afrikan percussion behind poets and vocalist at Afrika West located in Chicago. He also frequents the legendary “Bongo Beach” drummer circle on 63rd and Hayes in Chicago. He has hosted his own radio show for 4 years (WIUS 88.3 FM) and has been featured in Thousand Words Magazine, the Western Courier, Chicago Tribune Metromix and Insite Magazine. You can find his in-famed mix compilations, MZIMU, Jazzical Moods, Soul and Jazz and others, posted on several websites from North America to Japan.

Shannon founded Urbanicity in 1999 to introduce to the world his multi-diverse talents through the arts, along with others, focusing on newly cultivated ancestral motivated ideas. The word Urbanicity is defined as, “a derived variable that categorizes a respondent as urban or rural.” The group consist of a kollektive of poets, musicians, graphic artist, writers, singers, producers, discjockey’s, remixers and culture preservationist who reside in large urban areas. He has released his first E.P. on the label in June 2001, Desperado/El Montuno and Black Asiatic Women. The two pieces represent an intellectual musical symphonic orchestration of stories in which Shannon wrote prior to their creation.







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Artist Orange

Just as a performance artist uses their body as their medium, this is a fragrance composed entirely of the orange tree: fruit, leaves, bark, roots, and flowers. Artist Orange performs itself.

Top Notes

neroli, blood orange

Middle Notes

fresh orange juice, petit grain

Base Notes

orange twig, orange seed