Anthea Fitz-James

© Anthea Fitz-James, Unraveling the Daughter’s Disease: Secrets, Knitting and the Body, 2014. Photo Henry Chan.


Anthea Fitz-James is one-part academic, one-part journalist, and one-part theatre maker. She holds a masters degree in Theatre Studies from York University (Toronto), a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of King’s College (Halifax), and a Bachelor of Honours English from McGill University (Montréal). Her work and interests usually have something to do with craft, feminism, and explicit body art. She is interested in how textiles and nudity perform on stage. Her performance work explores alternative feminisms, embodiment, and the place where theory and practice meet. Recent performances including Needle Piece (an endurance piece in which she explored the gendered divide between tailors and seamstresses) and NAKED LADIES (a lecture meets dance-of-the-seven-veils) combined personal narrative, history, and performance theory to question why women get naked on stage.







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Artist Orange

Just as a performance artist uses their body as their medium, this is a fragrance composed entirely of the orange tree: fruit, leaves, bark, roots, and flowers. Artist Orange performs itself.

Top Notes

neroli, blood orange

Middle Notes

fresh orange juice, petit grain

Base Notes

orange twig, orange seed