The Golden Book

The Golden Book series is an irregular limited edition book/lette series containing a single text, photo essay, interview, or abstract didactic about a forthcoming performance project. Each Golden Book is designed by Lisa Kiss Design.

Editions in the series include:

Golden Book 1 (2013)
Film: Rope
 by Francesco Gagliardi
Dangling That Rope, essay by Andrew James Paterson

Golden Book 2 (2014)
Duorama 1–4
Photo essay on the works of Duorama performance series by Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson

Golden Book 3 (2016)
PULSE by Mary Coble
Workbook and key for Coble’s 2016 MONOMYTHS performance of the same name

Golden Book 4 (2018)
x for staying here with us now by Sheri Hay
An interview between FADO and the performing object in the work of Sheri Hay

Golden Book 5 (2018)
Intimate Karaoke, Live at Uterine Concert Hall
by Dayna McLeod
From Specular to Speculative: Intimate Encounters @ Uterine Concert Hall, essay by Alanna Thain

Golden Book 6 (2019)
Performance Club: The Syllabus
The Syllabus contains everything you need for your Performance Club 4–6 experience (including that pesky homework).

Series Purple

An ode to FADO's history, Series Purple is composed of a collection of purple fragrance materials dating back to the Roman Empire. Dense, intense, and meandering, this fragrance tells us non-linear stories.

Top Notes

huckleberry, violet

Middle Notes

cassis, lilac, heliotrope

Base Notes

orris root, purple sage, labdanum