Since 1997, FADO Performance Art Centre has been a key partner to Toronto's own 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art. FADO has supported the festival since it's very start, through curation and co-prensentations. Each festival edition, FADO brings in several artists from international destinations to complement overall festival programming. 7a*11d and FADO share the mutual goal to offer both artists and audiences alike the experience of global performance art in a festival atmosphere.

In the 2008 7a*11d festival catalogue, former FADO Director and Founder Paul Couillard's essay sums up the festival's history this way:

"After 11 years of operation, 7a*11d has become English Canada's oldest ongoing performance art festival, recognized as a key North American anchor for an international network of performance art festivals and initiatives spread throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. True to the principles that have historically separated live art from its institutionalized counterparts - privileging meeting, presence, and action over commodity and economy - 7a*11d continues to operate on a project basis as an unincorporated collective. Like those earlier blips on the radar screen, 7a*11d continues to defy the smart money by championing a unique, artist-driven, artist-defined organizational model. Where other festivals have since developed across Canada as incorporated entities or as annual events programmed by existing artist-run centres, the 7a*11d collective has found long-term stability and sustainability as an organic, rhizomatic structure that dissolves and reforms with each new project. 7a*11d plays an essential role in defining and asserting the ongoing presence of performance art in Toronto: supporting local artists, co-producing events with various local and regional organizations, and bringing in artists from arounc the world in a context of an international conversation about performance art."

The current (2014) festival collective is: founder Shannon Cochrane, founder Paul Couillard, founder Johanna Householder, Tanya Mars, Adam Herst, Annie Onyi Cheung, Francisco-Fernando Granandos and Bojana Videkanic.


[ 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art (1997 - 2014) ]

+ Wind Doesn't Blow Branches by Mimi Nakajima
+ Happy Japan! by Shin-Ichi Arai
+ Dr. V Does the Classics by Will Kwan
+ Christian Messier
+ Angelika Fojtuch
+ Every Rose Has a Thorn by BBB Johannes Deimling
+ Wind from Sky and Best Place to Sleep by Sakiko Yamaoka
+ Small Acts of Great Significance by Teresa Dillon
+ Even out the pressure by Agnes Nedregard
+ Pneumatic Vision: Cut by Helge Meyer
+ Ranchero by Jamie McMurry
+ Denis Romanovski (Belarus/Sweden)
+ Magnús Logi Kristinsson (Iceland/Finland)
+ Francesca Fini (Italy)
+ Roberto de la Torre (Mexico)