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FADO Scents

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27 February 24

Real to Reel
March 14, 20247:00 pm to 9:00 pm

As an immaterial practice, performance art’s relationship to archive has always been a fraught one. Using their own documentation from the FADO archive, these five artists activate and challenge the linear narrative of the archive by creating new video works inspired by (or even using) their own documentation material.

Videos by Gustaf Broms (Sweden), Heather Rule (Canada), Margaret Dragu (Canada), MC Coble (USA/Sweden), Simla Civelek (Canada).

The Ephemeral Library Society
2024: January 10, 17, 24, 31 & February 7, 145:00 pm to 7:00 pm

WEDNESDAYS in Jan/Feb 2024

Join FADO and head librarian Claudia Edwards for The Ephemeral Library Society and performance-art themed group activities and solo study time in a community setting. All are welcome—from the newly performance-curious to the mid-life know-it-alls to and the elder-devotees.

Expect fresh hot popcorn!

FADO Scents
2022 – on-going

The FADO website is guided by colour and scent. Think of it as a digital scratch n’ sniff. Bespoke fragrances, created by the minds (and noses) at I Know You Know, formulated from our navigation menu help you to follow your nose from performance to artist to series and more. Smell here.

Series Purple

An ode to FADO's history, Series Purple is composed of a collection of purple fragrance materials dating back to the Roman Empire. Dense, intense, and meandering, this fragrance tells us non-linear stories.

Top Notes

huckleberry, violet

Middle Notes

cassis, lilac, heliotrope

Base Notes

orris root, purple sage, labdanum