IBIZA: a reading for "The Flicker" by Ian White

Thursday / Apr 9 / 09
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Theatre Centre
1087 Queen Street West

Presented by the Images Festival, co-presented by FADO.

A real life true story and the image-less hallucinogens of Tony Conrad's 1966 film 'The Flicker' are presented simultaneously, like parallel lines in a face-off. IBIZA is a question about the real: an assertion of difference or a kind of hopelessness with nonetheless some good energy, a response to a specific place and a specific time, a personal history and imaginary space. Not Ibiza, but the room we're in. ~ Ian White

The evening also includes a screening of Chelsea Girls by Anthea Thauberger.

Commissioned by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Thauberger’s takes the 1966 Andy Warhol film of the same name as a point of departure to collaboratively produce a portrait of a Victoria housing complex and the socio-political issues with the residents who live there. Living on site for two months in order to work collaboratively with the inhabitants, the audio and visual recordings that Thauberger produced are presented side by side in the same dual-projection format as Warhol’s film, suggesting the plural experiences of parallel lives.


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