Not Waterproof by Julie Andrée T.

Monday / Apr 27 / 09
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Theatre Centre
1087 Queen Street West
Julie Andree T

Conceived and performed by Julie Andrée T.

Lighting Design by Jean Jauvin.

Sound Design by Laurent Maslé.

When performance-installation encounters theatre in Julie Andrée T's work, the blend is unsettling and fascinating. Julie's iconoclastic work is a hybrid of these two approaches in which dialogue, a series of actions and live images are gradually distilled into poetry. Disconcerting, moving and unclassifiable, the piece deploy an astounding transformation of the body by means of a metamorphosis of the stage landscape.

In Not Waterproof, Julie Andrée T. plays with the codes of representation and refuses all semblance of character. She exchanges the dramatic text for writing based on action. Subjected to a series of ordeals, pulverized and dirtied, her body becomes a dreamscape. In exposing her vulnerability, she quietly conveys the impermanent and ephemeral nature of our lives. Like an effervescent fraternal twin.

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