May 8 & 10, 2020

May 8 | 7pm to 9pm
519 Community Centre
519 Church Street, Toronto

May 10 | 2pm to 4pm
The Commons @ 401 Richmond
401 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Facilitated by Karen Finley

Artists Anonymous meetings are open meetings for artists who feel that their lives have been affected by art making, the art world, and the troubles of maintaining a creative life and career. The meetings offer the group a space to consider and reflect on challenges that we encounter as artists.

Reimagining the form of a 12-step program, meetings begin with a brief topic or prompt, or a creative exercise for consideration. Artists will be able to share, address the prompt, offer gratitude, or vocalize an issue that they are going through. Other exercises will be explored during these sessions. Artists Anonymous gatherings are attended by a diverse group of non-artists, new artists, questioning artists and seasoned artists.

The first step is admitting we are powerless over art.

The Toronto iterations of Artists Anonymous are co-hosted by Karen Finley and Elizabeth Koke, two members of the Artists Anonymous fellowship, the growing collective of artists who facilitate Artists Anonymous meetings around New York City and beyond.



Friday, May 8 | 7pm – 9pm
The 519 Community Centre, 519 Church Street
Limited seating | Free | Accessible space 

Sunday, May 10 | 2pm – 4pm
The Commons @ 401 Richmond, 401 Richmond Street West
Limited seating | Free | Accessible space

For more information, please email: info@performanceart.ca



Artists Anonymous 13 Steps

1.  We are powerless over Art

2.  The power of Art is greater than ourselves

3.  Turn our will and our lives over to the care of Art

4.  Admit we are Artists

5.  We are addicted to Art

6.  Ready to make more Art

7.  Get out of the way we are making Art

8.  Whatever it takes make the Art

9.  Art is all around us. We make Art available to others

10. Continue to make Art despite the consequences

11. Give of ourselves with our Art to others whether they like it or not

12. Hope to provide a spiritual awakening with Art and maybe some cash

13. Life is more important than Art but life is meaningless without Art



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