NADI x FADO: Double Shift/Shift

Daily activations:
April 7 - 25, 2020

Mercer Union
1286 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Accumulative performance actions in the context of the exhibition, Native Art Department International: Bureau of Aesthetics


NADI x FADO: Double Shift/Shift

Double Shift/Shift is a collaborative project taking place at Mercer Union between Native Art Department International and FADO Performance Art Centre. 

Double Shift/Shift invites participants to contribute to Native Art Department International's exhibition Bureau of Aesthetics through sustained and collective care for the artwork Double Shift (2018). Composed of two painted hoodies sewn together, Double Shift is both a material object in an exhibition and a tangible reminder of its past activations. 

During the exhibition, regular activations of Double Shift will occur where invited participants will engage in brief acts of care: touching, unfurling, trying on, refolding, displaying the garment. As a performance project in the context of a gallery exhibition, Double Shift/Shift elaborates the essential character of the original artwork through an expansive mode of collaboration and recursion from: artist to object; object to exhibition; gallery to participant; performance to object; and back again. 

This program is an accompaniment to the exhibition Native Art Department International: Bureau of Aesthetics at Mercer Union, 14 March to 30 May, 2020. For a full list of performance details, please visit www.mercerunion.org


Native Art Department International is a collaborative long-term project created and administered by Maria Hupfield and Jason Lujan. It focuses on communications platforms and art-world systems of support while at the same time functioning as emancipation from essentialism and identity-based artwork. It seeks multiple strategies of infiltration by comprising a diverse range such as curated exhibitions, video screenings, panel talks, collective art making and documenting, and an online presence, however all activities contain an undercurrent of positive progress through cooperation and non-competition.

Mercer Union is a non-profit, artist-centred space in Toronto that was founded by twelve artists in 1979. The organization has a unique track record of presenting innovative exhibitions and programs with Canadian and international artists in formative and established stages of their careers. Mercer Union is dedicated to supporting the production of new and experimental work, assisting artists in realizing pivotal projects. Mercer Union has the will and flexibility to take on ambitious projects and fosters an intimate and supportive space for artists to develop and take risks with their work.



Native Art Department International, Double Shift, 2018. Painted canvas, 114 x 50 inches. Installation View: KADIST, San Francisco. Photo by Jeff Warrin. 

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