Performance Club: Death, Sex, & Macrame (and other works) by David Bateman

Death, Sex, & Macrame
Workshop: September 14
2pm to 5pm

Art Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, subtitle; Does This Giacometti Make Me Look Fat?
Performance: September 19
Doors: 7:30pm
Performance: 8:00pm

The Commons @ 401
401 Richmond Street West, 4th floor

David Bateman

Save your Thursdays in September for the ultimate trio of Queer Performance Clubs performed by Moe Angelos (September 5), Hope Thompson (September 12) and David Bateman (September 14 and 19).




Workshop: September 14, 2pm–5om / All welcome!

Death, Sex, & Macrame


Performance: September 19, 8:00pm (doors at 7:30pm)

Art Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, subtitle; Does This Giacometti Make Me Look Fat?




David Bateman's Performance Club consists of a series of open workshops (a bit of creative writing alongside some macrame curtain weaving) which precedes the presentation of a recent performance, Art Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, subtitle; Does This Giacometti Make Me Look Fat?


The workshop (September 14, from 2pm to 5pm) will consider Bateman's past performance work, and ways in which he has re-considered various narratives/performance texts around sex and gender over the past thirty years. Current and past work to be looked at will include the following works: Death, Sex, & Macrame (2019, work in progress), I Wanted To Be A Bisexual But My Father Wouldn't Let Me (1992), and Art Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, subtitle; Does This Giacometti Make Me Look Fat? (2016).


This performance club will include a brief look at the iconic romance novel Love Story (1970), with an emphasis on the famous phrase from the book, "Love means never having to say you're sorry," and its indirect connection to the General Idea sculpture and series of AIDS images inspired by Robert Indiana's LOVE sculptures.





As a proposition for a performance or the framework for an actual book club, Performance Club redefines the historical and contemporary performance art canon, one book club, and one book / article / essay / anthology at a time. Invited artists perform the role of book club facilitators, leading the audience through a performance of a reading, a reading performance, a performance about a book, or a bookish performance. This series is on-going. Sometimes we pick the book and invite an artist; sometimes we invite an artist and they pick a book. Just like a real book club, we ask the audience to read the suggested material before coming to the performance. But don't worry, just like a real book club, no one ever does. 


Performance Club: 2017–2019


Performance Club 1

Queer/Play edited by Moynan King

Performed by Moe Angelos

December 14–15, 2017


Performance Club 2

Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann

Performed by Keith Cole

January 20–February 20, 2018


Performance Club 3

9Questions, an artist project by Gustaf Broms (2018)

(The time we made our own book.)


Performance Club 4

Book Club: snowflakes in the echo chamber

Performed by Moe Angelos

September 5, 2019


Performance Club 5

The Talking Grave

Performed by Hope Thompson

September 12, 2019


Performance Club 6

Deat, Sex, & Macrame (and other works)

Performed by David Bateman

September 19, 2019



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