Weather to Store by Kristina Guison

May to October 2018
(various dates)

Act 2: May 14 - 23
Bachir/Yerex Presentation Space
401 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Act 1: May 24
70 Geary Avenue, Toronto

Act 3: October 2018
Location TBA
Kristina Guison


FADO Performance Art Centre and SAVAC co-present

Weather to Store by Kristina Guison



Act 2: May 14–23, 2018 (see below for times)

Act 1: May 24, 6pm–8pm




Act 2: Bachir/Yerex Presentation Space, 401 Richmond St. West, suite 440

Act 1: 70 Geary Avenue (outdoors)

Act 3: TBA



Precarity renders the acquisition, care and disposal of an object into an emotionally loaded, calculative problem. The lifecycle of an object depends on its size, utility, affective potential and value. Where do you store grandma’s fine china in a tiny rented apartment? How long do you hold on to the unique piece of metal that you dumpstered for an art project ten years ago? Does your sculpture have more value sitting on a plinth in gallery, or on a shelf in storage?

Weather to Store is a durational performance in three acts, purposely presented in no particular order. In each act a collection of objects is arranged and manipulated in a different way, and in three distinct spaces: a gallery, the outdoors and a self-storage container. The sequence of time, the utility of the objects and the designated spaces that these objects and actions occupy are displaced and dis-jointed, mediating on and revealing how context influences their shifting and impermanent value. 



ACT 2: Storage

In the second act of Weather to Store, a gallery space is reframed as a typical storage locker. The artist and her exhibition take up residence in the gallery and perform ‘storing’ in situ. The artist stacks, re-orders and rearranges the art objects in the gallery-turned-storage over the course of the residency. The various configurations reveal the process through which objects are ascribed value in storage. Audience is invited to come and go during gallery hours. 


Venue: Bachir/Yerex Presentation Space, 401 Richmond St. W., suite 440

Date: May 14–19 & 22–23

Time: 12pm–5pm

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ACT 1: Gallery

Weather to Store continues outside. The artist converts a patch of space outdoors into a gallery and mounts an exhibition, delineated by tape lines drawn on the ground.The dimension of the designated space corresponds to a typical medium sized self-storage space. The exhibition is comprised of unfinished, raw materials presented and sold as art objects along with functional objects hindered from exercising their potential utility.


Venue: 70 Geary Lane

Date: May 24, 2018

Time: 6pm–8pm (OPENING)

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ACT 3: Outside

Weather to Store ends in a self-storage facility. The artist moves her objects for the last time into a storage locker. Opting out of preservationist logics of climate-controlled storage spaces, the artist performs the laborious process of weathering them artificially as an additive and depreciating performative gesture.


Venue: Planet Storage (presented in partnership with Art Spin)

Date: October, 2018 





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