Artist Talk

A Conversation with Bruce Barber

Saturday / May 3 / 08
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

VMAC Gallery
401 Richmond Street West, 4th floor
Bruce Barber

Join us for an afternoon with Bruce Barber in conversation with academic, writer, curator and artist Clive Robertson on the occasion of the launch of his latest books Performance, [Performance] and Performers (2 volume set, edited by Marc James Leger, YYZBooks).

Bruce Barber is the quintessential dissident theorist/artist. Navigating the history of contemporary performance and performative conceptual art with ease, he maintains the position of the artist, the maker. His unique approach is dense and rewarding, a virtual intervention into the standard social performance narratives. Barber's subtle iconoclasm -- aimed at the generalizations (we) critics have promulgated-- expands the context in which performance is considered and creates in the process a new kind of criticism that tackles the contradictions embedded in postmodernism and political art activism. Barber zeroes in on the function of the work, monitoring a kind of chain reaction as it acts on culture, rather than as an enactment in culture. These two volumes contain the most intelligent treatment of performance phenomena to date.

~Lucy R. Lippard, author of Get the Message? A Decade of Art for Social Change


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