SPANE (Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment)

August 28, 2011

Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island
443 Lakeshore Avenue, Toronto

Performances @ 4pm

Screening @ 7:30pm
Johannes Zits


FADO Performance Art Centre presents:

SPANE (Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment

Curated by Johannes Zits

From an overwhelming response to our request for works of performance for the camera, curator Johannes Zits has pulled together a program of 15 intriguing, provocative video works. As the title suggests, the works feature live-art or performance art where the performer(s) is engaged in or working with an uncultivated, rustic, rural or undomesticated surrounding. SPANE is presented to coincide with the final day of an Intensive Performance Art Workshop conducted at Gibraltar Point by senior Québec artist Sylvie Tourangeau. Before the screening, we invite you to join us at Gibraltar Point to watch performances created by Tourangeau’s workshop participants.


Ho Tam, Pocahontas, 4:20 mins, 1999
Aimee Dawn Robinson and Renée Lear, Untitled, 3 mins, 2011

Geoffrey Pugen, Zenith, 6:31 mins, 2007

Michelle Browne, Pregnant with Infinite possibility, 4 mins, 2010

Rachel Echenberg, Blanket (TIDES), 6:25 mins, 2004

Mollie McKinley, Existential Marina, 5 mins, 2011

Anthony Privitera, It's about the night, 6 mins, 2011

Linda Duvall, The Tubleweed Series, 2 mins, 2011

Lezli Rubin-Kunda, Marking Stones, 7:20 mins, 2008

Matthew Lovett, Team Sports at The Nihilists, Sugarloaf Mountain, 14 mins, 2011

Istvan Kantor, King of Disaster, 7:47 mins, 2011

Mark Prier, Survival Walk, 5 mins, 2008

Rachelle Beaudoin, Forcing it/Feeling Guilty, 5 mins, 2008

Anya Liftig, Pond/EAT, 6:14 mins

Leah Decter, Imprint, 6:49 mins, 2008


The running time of the program is approximately 2 hours.



 is a not-for-profit organization that makes space for creativity and transforms communities. Artscape Gibraltar Point is located on Lakeshore Avenue, a 20 minute walk east from either Hanlan’s Point or the Centre Island ferry docks. Thanks to Artscape Gibraltar Point Manager Lisa Cristinzo.



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