Intensive Performance Art Workshop with Sylvie Tourangeau (August 23-27)

Tuesday / Aug 23 / 11
9:00 am

Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island
443 Lakeshore Avenue, Toronto


DATES: August 23 - 27, 2011 (5 days)
PLACE: Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island 443 Lakeshore Avenue, Toronto
COST: $400 ($80 per day x 5 days)

This collective, experimentation workshop is being offered to artists who are interested performance as a means of expression.

Through a gradual yet intensive learning process, this workshop will introduce participants to what is involved in the creation of a live action piece. Participants will work on presence, precision of intention and direct channeling practices, eventually working with more personalized, unpredictable and precise performative actions and structures. 

The workshop will focus on various exercises such as centering, observation, energy storing and intensity channeling, mock performances, individual activities and short solo and group presentations.  The intention of this workshop is enable the participants to develop a distinctive practice by thus learn to:
-Understand some basic principles of performance
-Manifest an authentic presence
-Communicate in accordance with performance art practice<
-Personalize their approach by combining movements, words, images, objects, words, sound research etc.

This workshop aims to inspire the artistic process of each participant, regardless of their discipline and their artistic creation interests.

Thanks to a progressive learning process, hands-on exercises, presentations with instructions, dynamic feedback, constructive commentaries, individual coaching before the group, and analysis of basic principles, the participants will discover how to be conscious of the present moment, and experience various states of mind in the context of structuring performative actions.

A highly regarded pioneer of performance art in Quebec, Sylvie Tourangeau has developed an active pedagogical approach intricately linked with her artistic research by giving form to notions such as dynamic motivation-connection-amplitude-action, inter-action, underlying self-coherence, etc.

The distinctiveness of Sylvie Tourangeau’s teaching comes from over twenty-five years experience as an instructor of intensive performance art workshops during which she acquired a specialized expertise in the performative mode. This performer-teacher pays particular attention to each participant’s singularity and thus concentrates on the development of a distinct artistic work process.

“Let your own performative attitude go into action before establishing a relationship with the performer who you are.”

Sylvie Tourangeau, who has been active in performance art since 1978, is interested in the unfolding of performative consciousness through minimal actions, which amplify the quality of presence, underpin intensity and personify the connection with the viewer. Performance, relational art, occasional ritual and workshop teaching are practices she has carried out for nearly 30 years. She has collaborated in the creation of artist books and written over thirty articles.

As there are no bedrooms available at Gibraltar Point for this time period and the facilities at the residency will be restricted to those staying on the Island, participants should bring own food to the Island each day.

Using a bicycle to get on and of the Island is also highly recommended.

To secure your spot, a $50 deposit is required before August 1, 2011.
For more information, contact Sylvie Tourangeau: perfostourangeau@gmail.com

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