Semitic Score and Live Photo by 2Fik

Sunday / Feb 20 / 11
5:00 pm

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
12 Alexander Street
Oreet Ashery

Co-presented with FADO Performance Art Centre

Two incredible performances by Montreal's 2Fik
Performed by 2Fik and Oreet Ashery
Written by Oreet Ashery (Semitic Score)

Semitic Score is a multidisciplinary performance that takes its roots from the notion that both Muslims and Jews come from the same Semitic DNA. Created in collaboration with British art star Oreet Ashery (www.oreetashery.net) and accompanied by avant-garde musician Debashis Sinha (www.debsinha.com).

Next, in Live Photo, 2Fik, working as both photographer and subject, single-handedly recreates de La Tour's famous painting Cheat with the Aces of Clubs in front of an audience. Through a dazzling display of technology and performance, 2Fik transforms himself into the multiple characters that make up this Baroque masterpiece and digitally produces a replica of the painting. Pure irreverent and subversive pleasure!
Painting credit: Cheat with the Ace of Clubs by La Tour


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