Emma-Kate Guimond

Emma-Kate Guimond was born in Edmonton and is currently based in Montréal. She works in drawing, video, performance and text. Her work negotiates the real with spectacle while exploring psychosomatics, feminine narrative and body politics. In 2011 she completed her BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University. She has exhibited performances at multiple Montréal galleries and venues including Articule, RATS 9 and the Red Bird. For the last year she has been working on the multi-media performance series i feel sick. Most recently she performed installment 7 in Toronto outside the AGO as part of NXNE Art and installment 8 in Edmonton as part of the Visualeyez festival. She also works in collaboration with WIVES, an all woman performance-based collective, creating video and experimental theater works using overhead projection. Their work Sea Foam Blue 2 was recently shown at Festival Phenomena in Montréal.


Feel everything: What arises is illness and love.

I repeat obsessively: text, gesture, movement, video, photo, drawing, letter writing and audio recording. I seek to create situations in which an embodied narrative may be experienced rather then told. I use fantasy, memory and nostalgia as psychosomatic triggers and formulate task-based actions involving objects and substances that are visceral and dense. I think about pushing arcs and following thresholds.

The narratives are circular because the problem of being is perpetual. Failure, as we call it, is when there is no conclusion or resolve. In failure and in my performances there is no heroic story, no climax. I perform all of the information at once. It spreads out horizontally. It goes all over the place in imperfect and fluid forms.

I cannot tell you one thing at a time. The mourning and the nausea so central to my expressive motivations come from the pull of so many simultaneous pathways… perpetually saying “goodbye” to that which could have been, and that which I wanted to be. I am so sad that it’s funny: simultaneous lament and rejoice.

My political animus is to validate every part of our being, as contradictory, messy or disgusting as it may be, and to take back the emotional, physical and spiritual body from commodification, mechanization and logic. To bear complexity is to love everything and to do so demands honesty to the point of transparency.


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