Shavonne Tovah Somvong

Shavonne Tovah Somvong, is one half of the bingecore//no wave band Aunty Panty. Birthed from the cottage cheese thighs of Edith Massey and left on a witch's doorstep, AP was conceived in the dreadful prairie winter of 2009, on the premise of realizing their little girl dreams - playing in a riot grrrl band. Shavonne’s innovative approach to music is apparent in her simple musicianship but atypical and experimental live performances. Through her ‘music’ Shavonne molds her intense obsession for feelings into personal narratives that explore (FAT) love, femme visibility, anxiety, sexuality, gender, feminism, relationships, and survival. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Shavonne now loves, fights, and cries with other outsiders in Montreal.
List of Works