Denis Romanovski

Born in Minsk, Belarus Denis Romanovski lives and works in Sweden. He received university degrees in in Physics, Art History and Free Arts. He is an artist and curator, working in different media, however his focus is on performance art and digital art. For 10 years he was the co-curator of the Navinki Performance Festival in Minsk. He work has been presented in international art festivals and exhibitions since 2000. His work in performances and his art projects are grouped around various topics of interest including phantoms,  phantom expressions, randomness, confusion and others.





Education (by graduation year)


2006 MA, Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH) Stockholm, Prof. Peter Hagdahl

2001  Belarus State Academy of Fine Arts, history and theory of arts, Minsk

1992  Belarus State University, physics department, Minsk


Selected projects, exhibitions, festivals and performances:


2009 10th OPEN ART International Performance Festival, Beijing

2009 Performance week in Lviv, Ukraine

2009 Live Action Goteborg, performance festival, Sweden

2009 KaraTribune installation at “Get Set” group exhibition, Virserum konsthal, Sweden

2009 performance at Uppsala konstmuseum, Sweden

2008 performance “No Fish here”, Cardiff, UK.

2005-07 “Kara(oke)Tribune” at Currency 2005 in NYC; Navinki2005 in Minsk; Meja gallery in Stockholm; at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm

2007  HARTA PERFORMING MONZA festival, Monza, Italy

2006  Dimencia festival, CAC, Vilnius

2006  PAC 15 - international performance art conference, HoChiMin city, Vietnam

2003-06  KKH spring exhibitions, Stockholm

2005  Currency 2005 performance festival, NYC

2004  FIX04 international performance festival in Belfast

2004  RIAP2004 international performance festival in Quebec, Canada

2004  Vasaloppet Breath Report, Salen-Mora-Stockholm, K1 Kulturhusset.

2003 Asiatopia, the 5th international performance festival in Bangkok and Cangmai

2003 The Sonic Pong, at SOC gallery, and at KKH in Stockholm

2001-04 InterakcjeInternational Performance Festival , Piotrkow Trybunalski,Poland

2002 “Flying carpet” on-line performance for Flying Carpet International, Paris

2001 Amorph!01 performance festival in Helsinki, Finland

2001 performance, “Belaru-tion ” exhibition in Vlissengen, the Netherlands.

2001 “The Trial ” for the Art of Organizing, Stockholm

2000 “Fort Cztuki ” performance festival,Krakow,Poland

2000 “The Minsk Spring ” and “MM action ” joined festivals (Minsk, Belarus)

2000-09 performances, Navinki performance festival, Minsk, Belarus

1999 “12”,installation at “chron-a-topos ” exhibition, Palace of Arts (Belarus,Minsk)

1999 “Minsk a town With the Face”, photos, installation//Minsk planetariu,Minsk


Organized and collaborations

2009 Illusion, Falsification and Reality, MejanLabs - Belarus State Academy of Arts,                         Stockholm-Minsk

2008 Navinki-Weld performance meetings in Minsk and in Stockholm.

2008 Spring Games, Weld-Vasaparken, Stockholm.

2005 RAM7, Re-approaching New Media: Models of Collaboration in Minsk

2005 the Phantom Expression, international group exhibition at GFZK, Leipzig

2004 United Net-Works on The Road + Art and Science, EHU, Minsk, Belarus

2002 rainee-curator at Manifesta4 biennial in Frankfurt ( Mine)

2001 "Belaru-tion ” exhibition in Vlissengen, the Netherlands.

2001 Media-Terminal at “Tranzit_01.by” festival in Minsk..

2001 “The Wake in Minsk” with Dror Feiler (Sweden) and DJ symphony (Belarus)

2001 NAMM (Net Art Meetings in Minsk) international workshop-seminar in Minsk

1999-08 co-curator of annual international performance festival Navinki in Minsk



List of Works