Warren Arcand


Image credit: Warren Arcand. Melting Point: An Amusement. 2006. Photo by Miklos Legrady.

Warren Arcand lives and works in Vancouver, where his artistic output includes performance art, film and video, theatre and text based work. He is currently teaching performance art at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

His past performance pieces include “Six Gun Sufi” (cowboy ballads and sexdeath mysticism); “Surgery” (hermaphrodism as a metaphor for Abo identity); “Flamingo Killer” (a ‘based-on-a-true-story’ performance featuring a suburban kid and his grisly abreaction to behaviour modifying drugs); and most recently “Superchannel” (audience members received wireless headsets giving them access to 7 channels of selectable audio where they could mix their own ‘soundtrack’ for Warren’s simple performance task of ‘making eye contact’).

Arcand used to be the Artistic Director of the Centre for Indigenous Theatre, and also ran a video post production company, where he worked on or was associated with dozens of projects, from loops for installations to feature length documentaries.

This past year has been busy for Warren. In addition to creating and developing performance pieces and installation projects, he’s been working in broadcast television. He is currently developing a new play in association with Margo Kane’s company Full Circle called the Rez Show.


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