lo bil

My work is performative research. I look for what I am doing by doing it. I find images and connections through physical improvisations and material interactions. I collaborate with audiences to come to a more comprehensive awareness. I am ready to subvert my plan to follow discoveries made in the presence of an audience. I make mistakes. I question embodiment, pleasure, memory, agency, labour and the impacts of a social location on identity. My experiments with excessive paper in The Clearing for 7a*11d correlate these pools of interest and allow for the unimaginable to emerge in the juxtapositions of felt content.

lo was seen most recently in a programme at Month of Performance Art-Berlin 2015, 7a*11d 2014, and 25 Hours for 25 Years of DCAC in 2014. lo bil has been working performatively with her personal archive as material since 2007 including creating performance installations on Toronto Island Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts and at the Across Oceans Residency at Brock University. In 2009, she created Memory Machine, an interactive installation for 600 students at OCADU. In 2007, she won public funding to tour A Professional Occupation, occupying public spaces and creating performances through interactions with passers-by. lo has studied performance methods for 15 years with teachers from around the world. lo currently programmes/curates a monthly performance art and interdisciplinary series called PROCESS.


List of Works