FADO E-LIST (March 2010)

FADO E-bulletin for March 11, 2010


1. EVENT: Tanya Mars – Six Images in Search of an Artist: Remix

Dates: March 18-19, 2010; Source: Theatre Centre

2. EVENT: A Performance by Nenad Bogdanovic 

Date: March 12, 2010; Source: Nenad Bogdanovic

3. EVENT: FEM_10  International Performance Festival of Women

Dates: March 4-8, 2010; Source: e-artnow.org

4. EVENT: Performance Stammtisch

Date: March 13, 2010: Source: Dominik Walther

5. JOB POSTING:  Mountain Standard Time Performative Festival, Festival Director

Deadline date: March 15, 2010; Source: MST Festival

6. EVENT: National Review of Live Art

Dates: March 17-21, 2010: Source: New Moves

7. WORKSHOP: Performing Intimacy with Jess Dobkin

Dates: March 22-26, 2010; Source: Studio 303

8. EVENT: Culture Congress (Toronto)

Dates: March 24-28, 2010; Source: Harbourfront Centre

9. EXHIBITION: Media(ted) Performance

Dates: March 8-20, 2010; Source: Pam Patterson

10. RESIDENCIES: ComPeung  (Thailand)

Deadline date: March 30, 2010; Source: ComPeung

11. EVENT: New Dance Alliance presents Performance Mix 2010

Dates: April 13-18, 2010; Source: Mix

12. CALL FOR PAPERS: Performance Research ON TRAUMA
Deadline dates: see below; Source: Performance Research

13. WORKSHOPS: Film and Video Installation Design (April 18)
Registration continues; Source: LIFT

14. CALL FOR SUBMISSION:  Anymous Performance 2010 (Czech Republic)

Deadline date: April 30, 2010; Source: Anymous

15. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Within This Body
Deadline date: May 15, 2010; Source: Mariam Magsi

16. WORKSHOP: IPAH e.V 5th International Gathering of Young Performance Artists

Dates: July 18-25, 2010; Source: IPAH Summercamp

17. WORKSHOP: Performance Art Studies: Extension (Berlin)

Dates: July 2-11, 2010; Source: BBB Joannes Deimling

18. WORKSHOP: Performance Art Studies: Territories (Killeshandra, Ireland)

Dates: May 7-16, 2010; Source: BBB Joannes Deimling

19. BOOK: Guerilla Guide to Performance Art (downloadable book)

Dates: unspecified; Source: PERFORMANCELOGÍA

20. BOOK: Clemente Padin NEW BOOK RELEASE

Date: unspecified; Source: Franklin Furnace Goings On


Deadline date (to sign up): July 31, 2010; Source: Rita Kamacho





1. EVENT: Tanya Mars – Six Images in Search of an Artist: Remix

Dates: March 18-19, 2010; Source: Theatre Centre




Experience Tanya Mars’ latest performance installation, her first since winning the 2008 Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts, for just $5.


Tanya Mars - Six Images in Search of an Artist: Remix


Presented by The Theatre Centre

In partnership with Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage


Mars’ new work explores and exploits the senses, as influenced by the images in the French medieval tapestry Tenture de la Dame à la Licorne:  taste, touch, sight, hearing, smell and “à mon seul désir” as the sixth sense. 


During the 14-hour performance installation a series of beautiful, allegorical tableaux will grapple with some weighty, perhaps unanswerable, philosophical questions about the nature of truth and reality. Is what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste real? Or is what we think is real/true an illusion? How does intuition affect our perceptions of truth and reality? Can ‘the heart’ triumph?


Thursday 18 – Friday 19 March from 3 - 10pm

(patrons can drop in and out at any point throughout the performance) 

Venue: The Theatre Centre, 1087 Queen Street West


Ticket Offer: 2 tickets for just $10. 

To Book: call The Theatre Centre box office 416 538 0988 and quote ‘Fado offer’




2. EVENT: A Performance by Nenad Bogdanovic 

Date: March 12, 2010; Source: Nenad Bogdanovic


A Performance by Nenad Bogdanovic and video-lecture Serbian Performance

Selection Ten by Nenad Bogdanovic

March 12, 2010 at 6pm
Presented by Warsztaty Kultury / Workshops of Culture
ul. Popieluszki 5
20–052 Lublin, Poland 


About project: Performance “Process” illustrate the nature of the human experience. Suggested material from nature and Nenad’s images of himself from different periods of his life now presented a clear, simple yet powerful message, one that when united tells us of the process of life. It mirrors the process of nature, consisting of maturing and change, nurtured by the steady rhythm of the breath and perpetual drip, that ran it’s course.

In Bogdanovic lecture will be presented his video work entitled ''Serbian Performance - Selection Ten'' which will present a selection of current art scene in Serbia.
In his work Bogdanovic says the following: “Contemporary art scene in Serbia can be divided in several groups. These are: a group of artists that were pioneers of performance in Serbia and abroad, a group of artists that followed their goal and affirmed visual performance leaving the trail on contemporary art scene of Serbia and Mid-Europe, and a group of younger artists that shape projects of high quality on the legacy of earlier generations and tighten the position of performance art in Serbia.”
About artist: Nenad Bogdanovic was born in 1955 in Odzaci, Serbia. Freelance visual and performance artist, publisher and curator. Member of art societies of Vojvodina (SULUV) and Serbia (ULUS). From 1984 to 1988 founded and published international art magazines "Total" and "Second Manifesto". Curator of various international art projects and exhibitions (since 1980). Founder and director of Multimedial Art Studio and MAS Gallery in Odzaci. Organiser and curator of International Multimedial Art Festival - IMAF (since 1998, dedicated to performance art: www.imaf.org.rs)

Realizes his art performances and art actions on many international festivals worldwide (France: 1994, Italy: 1995, 2003 & 2004, Slovakia: 1996, Germany: 1996, Japan: 1997 & 2008, Romania: 1998, Poland: 1999 & 2007, Hungary: 2001, Belarus: 2001, United Kingdom: 2004, Northern Ireland: 2004, Switzerland: 2004, USA: 2005, Canada: 2006 & 2008, Turkey: 2007, Israel: 2007). Since 1993 begins working on art project Man Gallery. Realized art tours with Man Gallery project in France 1994, Italy 1995, Germany 1996, Japan 1997 and Switzerland 2004. 2003, realized two art performances on 50th International Biennial of Venice, Italy (International Art Project: Brain Academy Apartment).



3. EVENT: FEM_10 : International Performance Festival of Women

Dates: March 4-8, 2010; Source: e-artnow.org




The cultural affiliation Gresol organizes for the seventh year in a row the International performance art/live art festival showcasing the work of women, the only festival in Spain since it assembles performers of the whole world. One year more, the festival will take place in the Cultural Centre Mercè de Girona under the title FEM_10 from March 4 until March 8. In parallel with the actions, an International Seminar will be celebrated on performance with the participation of recognized teachers and critiques of art that will take place in Facultat de Lletres of the UdG.


For the first time, the festival will take the live art to the street, with the intention of bringing this art not known to the whole world over, with performances of the artists taking part in the Rambla of Girona. As every year, there appears a day of workshops directed by the artists for students of centers of artistic education and young artists and a free workshop for all the public ones. During the festival, also it will be possible to see a sample of projections and photography transferred by other festivals of live art with which FEM collaborates.


From the reflections and the debate to the past edition on the art of action, there has been created ELAC (Europaean Live Art Center), a center of archive and investigation of the performance with head office in Girona, the first one of these characteristics in Spain. The whole visual and written material that is gathered from the FEM will be a part of this archive. The target is to gather information about the live art and to document her for the investigation and the teaching.


In this edition, FEM_10 has the target to produce a homage to the women artists who have centred his life on the creativity and, at the same time, to give space to young artists representatives of the new generations of the art of action. For this motive, this edition of the festival will devote itself to a generation of artists who have been fundamental for the development of the live art on a global scale. The festival will investigate the idea of the transmission of the knowledge between generations.


For this motive, recognized artists have been invited and with a big trajectory in the world of the art as Esther Ferrer (Donosti, 1937), Despina Olbrich-Marianou (Greece, 1945), Concha Jerez (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1941), Myriam Bat-Yosef (Germany, 1931) and Eugenie Kuffler (Baltimore/EE.UU., 1949). Bat-Yosef and Kuffler repeat expressly for the FEM a performance that they realized together in the year 1982. Also, it will be the first performance of Bat-Yosef in 20 years.


Opposite to the experience, at the FEM_10 also new artists will be present but with a big projection, as Alba Blanco (Vigo, 1981), Christine Haase (Berlin, 1981), Holly Slingsby (Oxford, 1983) and Pa'Ma Torrents (Lleida, 1984).



March 4: Performance by Concha Jerez (in Facultat de Lletres of University of Girona) 

March 4: Conference with Tracey Warr (in Facultat de Lletres of University of Girona) 

March 5: Conference of Alice Laagay and Blanca de la Torre (in University of Girona) 

March 6: Performances Esther Ferrer, Concha Jerez, Despina Olbrich, Myriam Bat-Yosef






4. EVENT: Performance Stammtisch

Date: March 13, 2010: Source: Dominik Walther


Dear friends, collegues and performance afficionados,

here is an update on the general performance art craze that seems to be sweeping the city of Berlin. We want to point out to you four exciting events that will take place here within the next few days. And express our amazement at this tidal wave of fresh curators, artists and venues in town. Their common Iberian lineage is probably a coincidence, or is it?

First of all your Stammtisch hosts are pleased to invite you to the second edition of the non-Stammtisch "Burmester und Feigl zeigen Performancekunst" at Roter Salon at Volksbühne at Rosa Luxemburg Platz, 10178 Berlin, next Saturday, March 13 at 21.00 h. This time they explore the value of art as a tool for research and prognosis. Guest artists are Gwendoline Robin (BE) and Otmar Wagner (A). Free admission for Performer Stammtisch members!

On the same day TAMTAMTAM 8 Performance event, organized by PLAYBerlin is taking place at Uferhallen. See the grat programm at http://playberlin.com/

Already tomorrow, Thursday, March 11, at 19.30 h, Grimmuseum, Fichtestraße 2, 10967 Berlin, Andres Galeano show the second edition of his Extension Series, featuring Stammtisch member BBB Johannes Deimling and Antoni Karwowski (PL). Traces remain on display until Sunday, and they also have a lecture by Christopher Hewitt on Saturday, March 13.

And it continues next week with Marcio Carvaljhos "Plot In Situ" festival at ACUD theatre, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin, with four days of Live Art, including performances by Stammtichers Dovrat Ana Meron (Performance Heart) on Thursday, March 18, Hilla Steinert (Der Traum ist der Flug) on Friday, March 19, and Jörn J. Burmester (Performance art is live, theatre is death) on Sunday, March 21. Later on that final Sunday night of the festival there will be a panel discussion on performance with Florian Feigl, Felix Goldmann, Irene Pascual and Maren Strack.

And more is coming up within the next few weeks. Stand by for more news or find it always on www.performerstammtisch.de




5. JOB POSTING:  Mountain Standard Time Performative Festival, Festival Director

Deadline date: March 15, 2010; Source: MST Festival


For full posting:





6. EVENT: National Review of Live Art

Dates: March 17-21, 2010: Source: New Moves


The National Review of Live Art

Wednesday 17 to Sunday 21 March 2010


The NRLA reaches a very special landmark in its history when it celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in March 2010. This special edition will be a programme of work by artists who have been a part of that wonderful thirty-year history. Full details of the programme will be published on this website late autumn and tickets will be on sale by 1st December. Due to the high demand for tickets we strongly recommend that you book in advance of the event, especially when traveling from outside of Glasgow and if you are coming from out of town then do book your hotel early, we are happy to help you with our favourable festival rates.


Join our mailing list and be the first to receive the programme pdf and booking details.

NRLA Honorary Associates: Robert Ayers, Neil Bartlett, Mary Brennan, Forced Entertainment, Paul Hough, Lois Keidan, Richard Layzell, Alastair MacLennan, Michael Mayhew, Stephen Partridge, Geraldine Pilgrim, Anne Seagrave, Ian Smith.


Event List 2010:





7. WORKSHOP: Performing Intimacy with Jess Dobkin

Dates: March 22-26, 2010; Source: Studio 303


PERFORMING INTIMACY with Jess Dobkin (Toronto)

Dates: March 22-26 mars, 10am to 1pm

Site: Studio 303

Cost: 75$ (Emploi-Québec)


Studio 303, danse et arts indisciplinés

372 Ste-Catherine Ouest

Montréal Qc H3B 1A2

Tél. 514.393.3771


Twitter: http://twitter.com/Studio303

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=9038792463&ref=ts




8. EVENT: Culture Congress (Toronto)

Dates: March 24-28, 2010; Source: Harbourfront Centre


Artists exchanging ideas, skills and information.


In conjunction with Free Fall '10, Toronto's Harbourfront Centre and The Theatre Centre host this year's Culture Congress, an event bringing together practitioners from local, national and international arts communities for an exchange of practical skills, information sharing and ideas.


In 2010, The Culture Congress will explore how we come together as artist to artist, artist to presenter and artist to audience while examining the topics of mentorship, the Canadian presenting ecology and the building of community. The event takes place over four days through a series of talks, roundtable discussions and social gatherings taking place in venues across the city.


In addition to a select few national curators, we are also hosting a selection of presenters from a specific country to build an invested relationship with the programmers and curators from that particular area. As an extension of our Irish focus in this year's World Stage season, we are inviting Ireland-based presenters with great perspectives on trends developing in their local artistic communities and the world over. This initiative will help cultivate lasting relationships between Irish presenters, Canadian presenters and Canadian artists, while allowing local and national participants to learn more about the concerns, climate and interests that drive performance creators and presenters in Ireland.


A special initiative involving country-wide participation, we will begin an investigation into the Canadian presenting ecology – examining how this could/should change to respond to the development of contemporary performance and interdisciplinary practice, among others. Participants are invited to contribute to an online mapping project that will begin this dialogue.


For information and congress schedule:





9. EXHIBITION: Media(ted) Performance

Dates: March 8-20, 2010; Source: Pam Patterson


The Centre for Women’s Studies in Education presents: Media(ted) Performance
Featuring the work of Kathleen Boetto Curated by Jamie Ryckman


and WIAprojects (at CWSE) presents:
The Trans-Cultural: Women in Performance, a small exhibition of photographs and
documents representing international work by women artists and activists who use performance in their practice. Faciltiated by Pam Patterson & Leena Raudvee

Both Exhibits run March 8—20, 2010
In celebration of International Women’s Week
Located on second floor of OISE, outside the CWSE, 252 Bloor W

Opening Event March 8, 5:30—7:30pm
Performance Homage to Margaret 6pm
by ARTIFACTS: Pam Patterson and Leena Raudvee




10. RESIDENCIES: ComPeung  (Thailand)

Deadline date: March 30, 2010; Source: ComPeung


Due to generous private donation we are now in the fortunate position to provide 2 one month ComPeung AiR artists grants for 2010. The 2 residencies are scheduled for October 2010.


Each of the 2 grants cover:

-Air ticket to/from artist’s home country

-Transportation to/from Chiang Mai International Airport

-Small artist fee


-3 home-cook meals per day


Interested artists are encouraged to apply online by providing:

-Application Form

-Preliminary proposal of her/his art work or project

-Curriculum Vitae (2 pages A4)

-10 - 20 images, sound, video/animation files and/or Power Point file edited up to 20 min max


Disciplines & Media (open list): Visual Arts, Architecture, Performing Arts, Literature, Music


Grant application deadline: March 30, 2010




Tel: +66 (0) 87 694 8483 


PO Box 27 Doi Saket Post Office, 

Chiang Mai, Thailand 50220




11. EVENT: New Dance Alliance presents Performance Mix 2010

Dates: April 13-18, 2010; Source: Mix


Dance / Music / Video / Interdisciplinary Performance


New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Salt Lake City (US)

Montreal / Vancouver (Canada)

Valencia (Spain) and Marseilles (France)


Tuesday April 13-Sunday April 18, 2010

Joyce Soho

155 Mercer Street (Between Houston and Prince)

New York City



General $15

DancePass $12

Seniors and Students $10

Festival Pass $30

DJ Party $75


Tickets Available for Joyce SoHo 




New Dance Alliance announces the 24th annual Performance Mix Festival presenting over thirty dance, music, video, and interdisciplinary artists from New York City, across the United States and Canada, Spain and France. Highlights of the festival include New York City’s cabaret sensation Yozmit and celebrated choreographer Alexandra Beller. Featured artists include critically acclaimed international artists La Zampa from France and TAIAT Dansa from Spain, Vancouver’s rising star dubD, and the always surprising exchanges with Studio 303 in Montreal and the Community Education Center in Philadelphia.


"The 24th installment of the Performance Mix Festival offers multiple ways to approach

 performance – as maker or viewer, connoisseur or novice – from an ever expanding global community."  Karen Bernard, Director


The Performance Mix Festival continues to be a vital forum for presenting new work to audiences interested in the creative process and helps provide services for advancing artists’ careers through touring opportunities, free rehearsal space, and creative and career development residencies.



Performance Mix is thrilled to feature two free events including the Breakfast Mix at Dixon Place on Wednesday, April 14 from 10:30am-1pm. There will be a screening of la chamber blanche by Ginette Laurin, Artistic Diector of O Vertigo, followed by a discussion with Laurin moderated by Deirdre Towers, Artistic Director of Dance Films Association. Additionally, Dana Salisbury’s Unseen Dance for a blindfolded audience to be presented at Joyce SoHo on Saturday, April 17 at 7pm. To RSVP for these free events, please email info@newdancealliance.org


Formed in 1979, New Dance Alliance (NDA) is a non-profit tax exempt arts service organization whose mission is to actively promote emerging forms of innovative dance, video, music, and interdisciplinary performance.  NDA’s founding mission was to support an artistic community with limited institutional resources, and to provide this community with increased opportunities to share experimental works with the public.  Today NDA remains dedicated to its founding principals and has expanded its programming to include services that enable artists’ career advancement.  




12. CALL FOR PAPERS: Performance Research ON TRAUMA
Deadline dates: see below; Source: Performance Research


Volume 16, No. 1 (March 2011) 'On Trauma'
Issue Editors: Mick Wallis and Patrick Duggan


On Trauma
The idea of trauma has become so used in the public sphere as to become almost meaningless in its ubiquity. But this is also to say that we live in an historical moment in which society feels bound to its traumatic experiences. Trauma has become a cultural trope. Just as Raymond Williams explored the possibility of modern tragedy in a dramatised society, we might ask about the artistic figuring of trauma in a traumatised culture. And where Williams identified a contrast between the evacuation of a mass circulation headline and the intensities of loss in everyday life, we might now find a more direct coupling - as did Jameson for instance in his relating the evacuations of postmodern culture to the subjective death of universal anomie.
In this same cultural moment, Western academic, artistic, journalistic, psychiatric, psychoanalytic and cultural discourses, in particular, have become increasingly engaged in analysis of traumata and people’s experience of them. The relatively recent rise in academic interest has galvanised trauma as a frame through which to examine cultural issues of experience, memory, the body, and representation – especially in the fields of history, literature, cultural studies and fine art. But the history and genealogy of modern trauma theory, including the psycho-medical, is littered with narratives and examples which might productively be considered as performative.
Schism has been figured as the foundation both of dramatic narrative and of performance as representation – from Aristotle to Turner, Artaud/Derrida and Phelan. And trauma theory suggests a performative bent in traumatic suffering itself – the trauma-symptom is, after all, a rehearsal, re-presentation, re-performance of the trauma-event. This is not to trivialise traumatic suffering or to detract from the insistence that trauma narratives must be adequately, truthfully, borne witness to so as not to diminish the importance/weight of the original event. Instead, we wish to suggest that trauma theory might be a productive means of exploring performance – and vice versa.
Following the publication of some recent scholarly works in roughly cognate areas, notably Roger Luckhurst’s The Trauma Question (2008) and Christina Wald’s Hysteria, Trauma and Melancholia (2007), this issue of Performance Research interrogates trauma theory and ‘the traumatic’ as both a productive means of thinking about performance experiences and as a potentially potent creative force.
The Issue Editors invite contributions that might address, but need not be limited to, any or all of the following areas:
-trauma as performative intervention
-ethical/ pedagogical issues in addressing trauma through performance
-performing memories / historical re-enactment
-performative histories of trauma
-trauma, embodiment, performance and the subject
-witnessing trauma
-trauma and alterity
-trauma as/and creative processes
-‘post-dramatic’ performance and the collapse of narrative
-trauma-effects - trauma performances and audience witnessing
-open and re-opening wounds
-trauma as guarantee
-performance and trauma therapy
'On Trauma’  invites artists, practitioners and theorists to submit proposals for critical articles, documents, interviews, artist's pages or other forms of contribution which position notions of trauma in relation to the contexts and discourses of contemporary culture, and to expanded and open concepts of performance, performance-making and artwork.

Deadlines for the issue are as follows:
Proposals: 20 April 2010
Draft manuscripts: 5 July 2010
Publication Date: March 2011

ALL proposals, submissions and general enquiries should be sent direct to:
Sandra Laureri
Administrator- Performance Research
Centre for Performance Research (CPR)
The Foundry
SY23 3AJ  Wales, UK

Email: performance-research@aber.ac.uk
Web:  www.performance-research.net

Issue-related enquiries should be directed to the issue editors:
Mick Wallis: pcumw@leeds.ac.uk
Patrick Duggan: Patrick.Duggan@northampton.ac.uk

General Guidelines for Submissions
Proposals will be accepted by e-mail (MS-Word or RTF). Proposals should not exceed one A4 side.  Please DO NOT send images electronically without prior agreement.

Please note that submission of a proposal will be taken to imply that it presents original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, the author(s) agree that the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article have been given to Performance Research.




13. WORKSHOPS: Film and Video Installation Design (April 18)
Registration continues; Source: LIFT

Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

Registration CONTINUES at our new facility located at 1137 Dupont Street (at Gladstone Avenue) in Toronto.

This season workshops include:
FILM AND VIDEO INSTALLATION DESIGN: Interface Interference (April 18)
This workshop will survey the critical impulse proposed by the moving image installation's occupation of space, rather than time, and in doing so will also unpack strategies of space in expanded cinema and single-screen films. Moving beyond the deployment of film and video installation as a genre trope which forsakes temporality in order to serve a mobile viewership, we will not ask how artists can occupy and access exhibitions sites, but rather, how a reshaping of those same sites can emerge from the projects proposed by the workshop participants.

Full description: http://www.lift.on.ca/mt/archives/workshops_creative_11.html

For a complete list of the entire Winter 2010 season, download a PDF brochure at www.lift.on.ca/mt/workshops.html
Contact: registration(at)lift.on.ca or 416.588.6444

LIFT is Canada's foremost artist-run centre for independent filmmakers. LIFT is supported by its membership, Canada Council for the Arts (Media Arts Section), the Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Trillium Foundation and Toronto Arts Council.




14. CALL FOR SUBMISSION:  Anymous Performance 2010 (Czech Republic)

Deadline date: April 30, 2010; Source: www.anymous.com



ANYMOUS PERFORMANCE XI (Pilsen , Czech Republic)

Festival of Action Art in Pilsen streets


ANYMOUS ART, a non-profit community of authors, based in Pilsen, is launching a international call for artists, on the mark of a performing & visual arts festival, that will take place on May 2010 in Pilsen. We're looking for works in the field of performance art, live art and visual arts. 


Please, if you're interested, send us by e-mail your proposal containing a description of the work and your budget. NO performer fee but we offer accommodation, publicity, help with realization, documentation and cover part of travel costs.


Festival site: www.anymous.com

Proposal (until the 30th April) send to: anymous@email.cz


Thank you,

MgA. Michal Krysl

performer artist, festival director






15. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Within This Body
Deadline date: May 15, 2010; Source: Mariam Magsi


Within This Body

Curated by Mariam Magsi and Faye Mullen

Call for submission for an exhibition of Performance Art at the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts. PCVA is an artists' cooperative Gallery in existence since 1996, showcasing the work of senior and emerging artists featuring a wide range of traditional and contemporary art.

Much like naturally inclined elements, the human body is a carcass of memories, vices and virtues. Through structural processes that often push boundaries and test endurance, the human body, time and time again, transcends experiences of hurt and agony and transforms them into opportunities for new awareness and self actualization. Similar to other natural forms, the body repairs itself both internally and outwardly through restoration that may appear to test the limitations of the body, hinging on direct endurance systems that have evolved alongside human development. The human entity is known to be a great threshold for resilience, being able to revitalize the experience of pain into scars that hold substantial significance over the person's soul. It is with this constant recycling of pain and pleasure that humanity moves forward, vigorous as ever in its quest to understand human nature. An inherent part of this process is the creation of visible and/or invisible scars. Manifestations of stress on the human body can take many different shapes and forms, physical and spiritual or psychological; however, it is through the body's constant recycling of the negative into the positive, that we gain insight into the agony and the ecstasy of all that is human. 

In accordance with the theme of recycled pain, The Propeller Centre For The Visual Arts invites submissions and proposals from local & international artists for an exhibition of Performance Art to be held on July.18.2010 (Sunday). Proposals should be no longer than two pages in length, with primary focus on endurance and duration. The space outside the immediate entrance of the gallery is also accessible. Please send all submissions to the following address no later than May 15, 2010:

984 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6J 1H1
(416) 504-7142

Requirements are as follows: 

-A cheque or money order for $25.00 made out to Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts with each submission
-A written proposal, no longer than 2 pages, outlining your statement, intent and a brief visual description of the piece. Kindly limit your performance to 40 minutes or less.
-Images of recent performances or online links to your work
-C.V and Biography
-Your Technical requirements (Please note that artists are responsible for their own travel costs and are encouraged to apply for assistance from their respective arts councils.)

PCVA will be happy to send a formal letter of invitation to the selected artists; this may be used to secure the necessary assistance.




16. WORKSHOP: IPAH e.V 5th International Gathering of Young Performance Artists

Dates: July 18-25, 2010; Source: IPAH Summercamp


The IPAH e.V. proudly presents:

The 5th International Gathering of young Performance Artists

Beginning with the IPAH Performance Summer Camp

18th - 25th July, 2010 Schloss Bröllin (info)


Followed by:

Emerging Artist Festival

27th - 28th July, 2010 Berlin

Info: fritz-performance.de

Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin/Germany: http://www.kunstfabrik.org/
Hosted by Performer Stammtisch Berlin (info) http://www.performerstammtisch.de/

And Flutgraben e.V. Berlin (info) http://www.kunstfabrik.org/

Join us in this unique opportunity, where young performance artists, from around the world, meet and work together, in a workshop environment, for one week under the guidance of internationally renowned performance artists:

Bartolomé Ferrando (ES)

Kira O´Reilly (UK)

Jürgen Fritz (GER)

Download info on all workshops: fritz-performance.de

The International Performance Association of Hildesheim (IPAH) is an expanding network of process-oriented artists, devoted to cultural awareness through the professional practice of performance art. IPAH strives to provide a platform for such artists from all over the globe to exchange ideas and incite progress in the world of performance art.

Since 2006, we have formed a series of workshops, performance festivals, and meetings that encourage the development of participants' artistic endeavors. Like the years prior, this Summer Camp will in one week, afford the participants' with opportunities to make life long connections through the investment of performance art.

In the days following the camp (July 27th - 28th), Performer Stammtisch Berlin and Flutgraben e.V. in cooperation with IPAH, invites the Summer Camp participants and workshop leaders of 2010, to meet in a two day Emerging Artist Festival in the heart of Berlin. There is the possibility to present selected works from the Camp to a bigger audience and to meet with other young artists.

To Apply:

Send an email to summercamp@i-pah.de with the following information:
College (if applicable):

Please also include a short statement about your motivation, artistic interests and previous experience/practice in the field of Performance Art.

Note: There is a restriction of 36 participants we can admit to the camp. Within 3 weeks after you have submitted your application you will receive our approval and our account number. The registration will be valid when the participation fee has been received on the account.


Non-members: 220 EUR, 200 GBP, 300 USD 

Members: 190 EUR, 170 GBP, 260 USD

You may become a member of IPAH e.V. for a membership fee of 20 EUR per year! Please ask for a membership application form.

The cost includes workshop fee, vegetarian meals, and accommodation at Schloss Bröllin. The sleeping arrangements are communal -one shared dormitory (converted barn) with shared bathrooms. The best of the rustic way!  Limited single and double rooms are available for a surcharge of about 12 EUR (double) or 20 EUR (single) per night and person. The fee does not cover your costs during your stay in Berlin! We will help organize cheap sleeping places (probably in the Kunstfabrik for about 5 –7 EUR per night. This will again be communal living with IPAH participants in an apartment above the gallery). Looking forward to meeting you all in Bröllin and Berlin!!


On behalf of the Summercamp Organization, Adina Bier and Carolin Gerlach




17. WORKSHOP: Performance Art Studies: Extension (Berlin)

Dates: July 2-11, 2010; Source: BBB Joannes Deimling


From July 2-11, 2010 Performance Art Studies (PAS) will take place in Berlin in cooperation with Andres Galeano and Grimmuseum with the topic "Extension". 


"Extension aims to create a Performance network, in order to promote the critical and theoretical discourse on Performance Art and to widen the understanding of this relatively young media through active dialogue between artists, critics and audience. Extension is a Performance Art plattform in Berlin presenting international emerging artists. It offers space, infrastructure and time for invited artists to develop new works, discuss their positions with the audience and research new methodologies in the documentation of performances. Extension hosts the tension of the process and extends the performance moment." (taken from Extension Series concept). The Workshop in Berlin will focus on the idea of Extension Series and will try even to extend it.

The aim of this 10-day intensive workshop is to develop an Art-Performance based on the topic of the studies. Workshop participants will present these new works during a public presentation in Berlin.