FADO E-LIST (February 2008)

FADO E-LIST (February 2008)

1. FADO NEWS: Fado Performance presents The 2nd Annual Valentine-Oh-Grams!!
Date: February 14, 2008
2. FADO NEWS: Call for Curatorial Proposals from Emerging Curators for annual Emerging Artists Series (2008-09)
Date: Deadline February 15, 2008 (postmarked)
3. FADO NEWS: Fado Performance Winter/Spring Events
4. EVENT: National Review of Live Art (Glasgow)
Date: February 6-10, 2008; Source: e-digest
5. EVENT: Spart Action Winter Games (Belfast)
Dates: February 7-9, 2008 (Belfast); Source: Justin McKeown
6. EVENT: Studio 303 presents: Phobophilia (arousal from fear) by 2boys.tv (Montreal)
Date: February 9-10, 2008; Source: Studio 303
7. EVENT: Imbolc, 21-day performance (London, UK)
Dates: February 1-20; Source: Michelle Horacek
8. EVENT: Encounter of Arte-Acción Norogachi 2008
Date: March 20-22, 2008; Source: Gustavo Alvarez
9. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Finland)
Date: Deadline February 18, 2008; Source: Anti-Festival
10. OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Labspace Studio (Toronto)
Date: Deadline February 23, 2008; Source: Labspace Studio
11. EVENT: PORT PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP (April 21-May 6, Tel Aviv, Israel)
Date: Deadline March 31, 2008; Source: BBB Johannes Deimling
12. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Burning Up the House Performance Series (Halifax)
Date: Deadline March 1, 2008; Source: Laura Calvi
13. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: A Space (Toronto)
Date: Deadline March 3, 2008; Source: Tamara Toledo
14. EVENT: Perfurbance #4 Performance Art Urban Festival 2008 (Indonesia)
Date: April 15-20, 2008; Source: Iwon Wijono
15. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art (New York)
Dates: Deadline April 1, 2008 (postmark date); Source: Franklin Furnace
16. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Department of Geography & Program in Planning (Toronto)
Date: Deadline April 1, 2008; Source: Darren O'Donnell
17. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performing the World ’08 (New York)
DATES: Due April 1, 2008; SOURCE: Svetlana Jovic
18. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Aspect submissions for Volume 12 – Vital
Date: Deadline April 28, 2008; Source: Julia Handschuh
19.  REQUEST: Walking Tree T-shirt Photos
DATE: unspecifiec; SOURCE: Angel Pastor
20. ANNOUNCING: Arti Grabowski’s new website!
Source: Arti Grabowski
21. ANNOUNCING: Release of liveartwork DVD issue 8
DATE: January 2008; Source: Christopher Hewitt
22. Call for Applications: Hemispheric New York Emerging Performers Program (New York)
Date: unspecified; Source: Nicolás Dumit Estévez
23. ANNOUNCING: Artist in Residence Program (Austria)
Date: unspecified; Source: Katrin Wölger





1. FADO NEWS: Fado Performance presents The 2nd Annual Valentine-Oh-Grams!!
Date: February 14, 2008


Some lovers give chocolates and some splurge on roses. This Valentine's Day give the gift that will charm your sweetie for the entire year – performance art! What better way is there to say "I love you" than a Performance Valentine-Oh-Gram!


This Valentine’s Day, buy your sweetheart one of these sweet and unique live performance-oh-grams created and performed by local performance art luminaries:


Careless Whisper: A Singing Vagina Valentine-Oh-Gram
Serenade your sweetie with George Michael's classic ballad as sung by performer Lisa Anne Ross wearing a giant vagina costume (yes, you read it right). George Michael’s words delivered with James Brown dramatic flair. Comes with a tiny bottle of champagne, which is sort of phallic (looking ridiculously small next to the giant vagina). For those with a good sense of humour or a healthy dose of hubris.


The Say Anything Valentine-Oh-Gram
It’s 1989 and John Cusack is wearing a trench coat and is standing outside your house holding a boombox over his head that playing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. And it’s raining. Swoon. Now picture this: It’s February 14, 2008, and you’ve just bought the Say Anything Valentine-Oh-Gram for your sweetie. A group of performance artists wearing trench coats holding boomboxes over their heads playing that Peter Gabriel song (or another one, your choice) arrive at your sweetie’s home (or office or yoga class etc.) and melt their hearts with this romantic cinema image. Need we say anything more? And not at all stalker-ish. For real.


The Spelling Bee Valentine-Oh-Gram
C-R-E-A-T-E(space)A(space)S-P-E-C-I-A-L(space)M-E-S-S-A-G-E for your loved one and our team of performance artists will deliver it to your Valentine spelling bee style using megaphones and flash cards. Can’t think of something to say that says it all? Let our team of performance artists spell out your love for you. Suitable for loved ones of all kinds – lovers, friends, or go educational and purchase this Valentine-oh-Gram for the kids.


The Display of Affection Valentine-Oh-Gram
For the lover who doesn't mind a little PDA in the form of a group hug/multiple kisses delivered by total strangers (“Don’t worry honey, it doesn’t mean anything, they’re just performance artists”). The Display of Affection Valentine-Oh-Gram is a collapsible traveling kissing/hugging booth that sets ups instantly at your Valentine's location and comes complete with a line-up of loving performance artists ready and willing to offer all the PDA’s you’re too shy to display. Modest and slightly less modest versions available.


The Design Your Own Valentine-Oh-Gram
For the lover who wants complete control. Contact us with your idea and we will deliver a Valentine-Oh-Gram created from your specifications.


NEW this year!
The Valentine-Oh-Phone
Give us the name and phone number of your “special someone” and on Valentine’s Day we will call them for you and engage them in a warm and fuzzy conversation about how much they are loved (using information you have provided us, of course). Local, Canada or US calls only. Valentine-Oh-Phones are suitable for long distance lovers, parents, best friends, or secret admirers. Discretion assured!

Order your Valentine-Oh-Gram from Fado Performance today!

Each and every live performance Valentine-Oh-Gram comes with an appearance by the Giant Heart Mascot and the option to include a personalized message. Or be anonymous! All of our Valentine-Oh-Grams are kid friendly, family friendly and friend friendly.


Here’s how it works:
Call or email us and we will work with you to choose the perfect Valentine-Oh-Gram for your loved one. All we need to start the process is the name, location and preferred time frame to find the recipient of the Oh-Gram between 8am and 11pm on February 14, 2008. Times are flexible and we will do our best to suit your needs.


The Careless Whisper Singing Vagina Valentine-oh-Gram (Super Deluxe)
Order before February 7 and pay $100
Order after February 7 and pay $125
Available on February 14, 2008 only
Payment is due (cash, cheque) before February 13, 2007


All other live performance Valentine-Oh-Grams
Order before February 7 and pay $50. Order after February 7 and pay $60.
Available on February 14, 2008 only
Payment is due (cash, cheque) before February 13, 2007


The Valentine-Oh-Phone
Order anytime before February 13, 2008 and pay $25 per call or get 3 calls for $50!
Available on February 14, 2008 only
Payment is due (cash, cheque) before February 13, 2007


Order a personalized piece of Valentine's performance art delivered right to your Valentine’s front door, office or place of leisure by our team of beloved local performance artists including Gale Allen, Chandra Bulucon, Paul Couillard, Shannon Cochrane, Erika Hennebury, Berenicci Hershorn, Johanna Householder, Louise Lilifeldt, Tanya Mars, Ed Johnson, Laura Nanni, Laura Paolini and many others, and introducing this year, the Singing Vag – Lisa (what’s her last name?)


To order or for more information:
(E) fadohearts@gmail.com
(T) 416-822-3219




2. FADO NEWS: Call for Curatorial Proposals from Emerging Curators for Fado’s annual Emerging Artists Series (2008-09)
Date: Deadline February 15, 2008 (postmarked)


PLEASE NOTE: this is a local (regional) call only. This is not an international call. Fado’s annual Emerging Artists Series is a showcase for local talent, and is curator by a local or regional curator.


Toronto...Fado announces a national call for curatorial proposals for its 2008-09 Emerging Artist Series. Fado’s Emerging Artists Series was inaugurated in 2003 by artist and educator Tanya Mars to develop, encourage and create an opportunity for new and emerging performance artists to present their work. Each year the Emerging Artists series is curated by a young curator chosen either through research or a regional call for curatorial submissions. The chosen curator works in a mentoring relationship with the Director of Fado. Emerging Artists Series has traditionally presented the work of local artists from Toronto and surrounding areas (due in part to budget constraints and the shear size of the show – usually encompassing 6-10 artists). However, we are interested in expanding the scope of this annual series and working with curators and artists from other provinces (in a mixed program of artists from Ontario) in order to experience the kind of work emerging artists are doing in other sectors of the Canadian performance art community, and provide a context for the kind of work being done here at home.

Please note that this is a national call for submissions. While we appreciate the scope of work that being undertaken in many different parts of the world, this series strives to offer an opportunity and a venue to local and national emerging artists (international submissions and international artists cannot be considered). We appreciate ambitious endeavors, however, please remember that in order for your submission to be seriously considered, it must adhere to the vision of the project, and be realistic and achievable.


Artist fees are paid to each participating artist. The series curator receives a curatorial honorarium. Please visit our website for to see the archive of Emerging Artists Series. Questions? Email: info@performanceart.ca


Fado Performance Inc. is a non-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto. Our goal is to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art. Submissions must include: curatorial CV and bio, statement describing your curatorial approach and vision for this project, outline of the project timeline and participating artists (TBC, could be speculative) and a draft budget for the project. E-mail submissions will NOT be accepted. Only submissions with self-addressed stamped envelope or funds to cover shipping and packaging costs will be returned.


Send proposals to:
Fado Performance
Emerging Artists Series Curatorial Submissions
448-401 Richmond Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 3A8




3. FADO NEWS: Fado Performance Winter/Spring Events


February 27-March 2, 2008
Pam Patterson
Cellu(h)er Resistance: The Body with/out Organs?
XPACE Cultural Centre (53 Ossington Ave.)
Opening Performance: Wednesday February 27, 8pm


March 13-15, 2008
Emerging Artists Series: Vivência Poética
Curated by Erika DeFreitas
Performance/Installation by collaborative duos: Diane Borsato and Stacey Sproule, Keith Cole and Diana Soto-Lopez, John Marriott and Suzanne Caines
Opening Performance: Thursday March 13, 7-10pm
XPACE Cultural Centre (53 Ossington Ave.)


March 7 and April 12, 2008
Fado and The Images Festival present Louise Liliefeldt
York Quay Gallery, Harbourfront Centre


Also in March:
Nezaket Ekici (Germany)
Seiji Shimoda (Japan)


May 10, 2008
Art Metropole (788 King Street West)
Publication LAUNCH!
Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars
Edited by Paul Couillard




4. EVENT: National Review of Live Art (Glasgow)
Date: February 6-10, 2008; Source: e-digest


National Review of Live Art 2008



Taking place from 6 to 10 February at Tramway in Glasgow, the National Review of Live Art is Europe's longest running festival supporting radical live and mediated performance work. Full downloadable pdf programme and booking details can be found on www.newmoves.co.uk

On Sunday 10 February the NRLA hosts Performing Rights Glasgow, a day of performances, presentations, discussions, screenings, and interventions around ideas of performance and human rights, curated in collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency.

Performing Rights Glasgow sets out to reflect the kinds of creative strategies artists
are using to effect social, cultural and political change; to illustrate new models of
relationships between art and activism; and to consider the role and responsibilities of artists, curators, and performance itself, in the understanding, enactment and sustenance of human rights.




5. EVENT: Spart Action Winter Games (Belfast)
Dates: February 7-9, 2008 (Belfast); Source: Justin McKeown


PEOPLE!! BOREDOM IS THE THRESHOLD OF GREAT DISCOVERIES: So why not put your boredom to good use, join in our SPART Action Winter Games 7th, 8th & 9th Feb. 2008, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Full program follows...


Just As the 20th Century demanded new forms of Art so too does the 21st Century demand new forms of Leisure. To this end we propose SPART: The ultimate hybridisation of sport and art, and therefore: the most evolved form of leisure on the planet. Building on the success of previous SPART events The SPART Action Winter Games is a three-day misery-alleviating extravaganza stuffed full of all the things you never thought of doing with your time. Some games are played in teams some are played as individuals. All of them have winners and losers and medals and certificates and all the other kind of stuff you’d expect in a games event. If you want to come and play then that’s great: the more the merrier! If you’ve got any questions email us: Winter Games@spartaction.com

Saturday 9th February 2008
Time: 11:30am
Event: Alleyway bargain hunt!
Fancy yourself as a bit of a David Dickenson? Do think there’s money in rubbish? Well now’s the chance to step up to the bar and prove it. Take part in this all day alleyway bin-hoak round Belfast with the aid of one of our alleyway experts and in the evening see how much cash your choice pickings are worth. Approx. Calorie burn: 600 CAL

Time: 8pm till closing
Event: Closing ceremony of the Winter Games
Location: Capstan Bar (upper room)
If you’ve been playing with us, why not come along to the Awards ceremony at the end of the games. It’s in a pub so you can at least have a drink. Watch competitors receive SPART certificates and crappy plastic medals. Bid on the items in the Alleyway Bargain hunt Auction. Partake in our rather novel SPART pub quiz. Marvel at our hopefuls I the Song for the Winter Games competition, and while you’re at it act as a Judge. ADMISSION IS FREE, but space is limited so come in time to avoid disappointment. Approx. Calorie burn: 700 CAL

TEAM SPART (hell yeah!)
Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell
The Binman 3000
Ben Craig
Nathan Crothers
The Grid
Sam Mellor
Meabh McDonnell
Gerard McKeown
Justin McKeown
Paul Stapleton
Caroline Pugh


For More Details and an ever evolving printable program see:




6. EVENT: Studio 303 presents: Phobophilia (arousal from fear) by 2boys.tv
Date: February 9-10, 2008; Source: Studio 303

A new transmedia creation by 2boys.tv
(Stephen Lawson & Aaron Pollard)

February 9th & 10th 2008
3 performances nightly at 20h, 21h & 22h
(places limited to 20 people maximum)
at Studio 303, 372 Ste-Catherine W., Montreal
Tickets: $12 regular or $10 VIP/students
sold online or at the door (cash only)
Info: (514) 393-3771 or www.studio303.ca

Montreal, January 14th 2008 - Studio 303 is thrilled to present PHOBOPHILIA, the newest creation from Montreal transmedia duo 2boys.tv; a unique and intimate experience for small audiences of 20 people maximum!

2boys.tv (aka Stephen Lawson and Aaron Pollard) delve into the eroticization of terror, a deeply personal journey into the dark shadows of their own dreams. Asking the question "What is the role of the poet in an age characterised by fear?" this dynamic duo is back at Studio 303 with a new hybrid performance work, a contemporary chronicle that uses the life and art of Jean Cocteau as its palate and inspiration.

Together, Lawson and Pollard, under the moniker of 2boys.tv, and sometimes even as their alter-egos Gigi L'Amour and Pipi Douleur, create and tour multimedia performance pieces that often incorporate video projections, soundscapes, found and original music scores, transgendered apparitions, outrageous (sometimes sculptural) costume, props, vocal/textual works, and the art of lip-sync. Based in Montreal, the duo has also produced several video art pieces, installation works, performance interventions and a plethora of pithy political cabaret works. Their cross-disciplinary works have been presented in clubs, galleries, theatres, streets and cabarets across Canada, in the U.S.A., Europe and South America.

Sylvie Fortin, ART PAPERS:
Moving beyond cross-dressing and gender bending, the duo collapses linguistic disctinctions, bridges the divide between stage, gallery and street, and operates as actor, director and audience to produce an incessant relocation of boundaries.

Isa Tousignant, Hour Magazine:
Montreal's own 2boys.tv are among the city's most interesting creators due mainly to the ease with which they marry their sense of humour with the depth of their vision.

EUGENE STICKLAND, for The Calgary Herald:
Some of the images spun out by the 2boys.tv will stay with me until the day I die.

Source: Melissa Guay, Communications and Production Coordinator, Studio 303
(514) 393-3771

Studio 303
Danse et arts indisciplinés
Dance & Related Arts
372 Ste-Catherine Ouest
Montréal Qc H3B 1A2
Tel.: (514) 393-3771




7. EVENT: Imbolc, 21-day performance in London
Dates: February 1-20; Source: Michelle Horacek


‘I would not think to touch the sky with two arms’ [Sappho]

A 21-day Durational Performance in London
A Procession in the Streets
Invoking the New Light
The Seed Queen Unfurls Her Wings

Daily 7–10am
Friday 1st – Wednesday 20th February 2008
& 7am – 12pm on Thursday 21st February 2008

Waterloo / Concert Hall Approach: Feb 1-5
Hungerford Bridge / Villiers Street: Feb 6 & 7
Charing Cross / The Strand: Feb 8-11
Trafalgar Square / Pall Mall / Regent’s Street: Feb 12-14
Piccadilly Circus: Feb 15-17
Portland Place to Regent’s Park: Feb 18
Regent’s Park – Broad Walk: Feb 19-21
Performance & Creation by Michelle Horacek

Costume Design: Fernando Mialski
Sound Design: Alice Kemp
Production Assistant: Silke Arnold




8. EVENT: Encounter of Arte-Acción Norogachi 2008
Date: March 20-22, 2008; Source: Gustavo Alvarez


For why, for what and for who performance art

Norogachi, Mexico, 2008.

In the north of Mexico, an ethnic group exists who resists to die in spite of the push of the West, knows itself them like raramuris, according to his cosmovision find a Straits felt between her dances and the order of the world, thus for them is from extreme importance of celebrating; since in his cotidianity there are few reasons to do it, so that they enjoy to the maximum the moments that they have catalogued like exclusive for this aim; one of them is Easter, to celebrate for them is to do it of form active this way feel that in his hands this power to influence in daily, to extend by means of these manifestations so that everything continues working and with luck improves, so that the invitation is opened for all those that they wish to celebrate with our, to same time participating with the positive intentions that each one of us puts in the act of performanceart, welcome are of all parts, we celebrate the fact to follow in the action.


The concept
We considered that the actions are own of the human sort, that each group has found by means of these actions the possibility of approach with its surroundings, to obtain favors of, to render tribute to him by means of the ritual; is possible proto performatives actions now restored in the order of the artistic thing, of the aesthetic thing, talked about to something ampler, significant and of greater repercussion and importance for all those that vivian it; to be in a manifestation of these magnitudes marked the participants, towards feeling that in them the change possibility. This league between actions and so that, so that and for who, we think that they have come vanishing or transmutation themselves, the important thing is that now in the heat of XXicentury to answer this seems to take sense, perhaps by some moments is benefit the performance to clear it of all artistic covering, to undress it, and to all those to us that we make performance, with the intention to know that I motivate to us in first instance to make them, and perhaps some we will find that they were not the festivales, neither the congresses, nor I title of performance artist, perhaps like our predecessors, fel us with the power to influence in somebody, to change something, is to say that our representations did not remain in the order of the aesthetic judgment, product of an ecstasy by the truth of which it implies to be art. In the culture raramuri, is a phrase that we allowed ourselves to change, she says "To dance or To die", we have changed it by "Performancear or to die", first shines I finish "performancear", same who we attributed like totally Mexican, is the form in which we talked about the action to make performance, art action; this way we turned verb to the performance, the resignificamos, being born the verb to performancear, (verb = action) this way we did not move away but we condensed the positions and differences between the performance and the action, aca occurs a species of interactive mixture, between which refuiere to the performance and the action. Ritualist action and journeying in that gallant cotidianity, influences in the form and contents of which we make performance, covering by a past/present and present/future, noticeable and vicerales resistances, that performanceamos we and do not make performance, are performanceros before being performance artists. This way we think that the phrase "Performancear or to die" is not single a slogan, but the invitation to make an act autoreflexivo and to go towards what I take to us for the first time to be within the world of the performance, that there is of behind all this from the personal point of view, visceral and volitivo, that motivates to us to continue conducting battles.


The proposal
The encounter will be made days 20, 21 and 22 of March, in the town of Norogachi, which is in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.
That they are united to us of all parts of the world so that together we remember what I take to us to experience the performance, art action or performancear.
To participate and/or to accompany in the celebration raramuri, assuming us like part of this celebration and the own performativas actions of its celebration (dances, rituals)

To try to answer of autoreflexiv way so that, so that and for that to make performance, art action, to performancear.
To find a space of performativa coexistence.

Like participating
Option A To Participation in Norogachi.
To come to Norogachi, Mexico to participate in the Raramuri celebration and its acts performativos(danzas, rituals)
To take space from autoreflexion to think about so that, so that and for that, to make performance, art action, to performancear.
To experience the premise "Performancear or to die"
Is important to arrivar with two or a day of anticipation (18 or 19 of March)


Option B: Worldwide participation
Make a performative piece in relation to performativos acts raramuris (Same that were explained and they related in blog where this call can also be consulted)
To make a piece that sends to the sensation undergone in your first actions to you.
To destine one of the days of that week to reflect about the questions for why, for what and for who to make performance, art action, to performancear.
Of individual way or like group to cause this reflection about which it occurs to us now like performance creators, art action.
To send blog the form in as they participated, photos, videos of which made, asi like its conclusions like part of autoreflexion or of the work group.
Lodging, transportation and food:
Each artist to cover the expenses of its transportation, food and lodging.
The event will centralize in Norogachi, to be in a place together and to eat together.


For greater information can be put in contact with Gustavo Alvarez.

Lodging 10 dollars daily per day and person, is due to pay when arriving in advance.
The cost by lodging and feeding is of 25 dollars per day and by person, it is due to pay when arriving in advance. Recommendations for trasportación: Arrival to the international airport of Chihuahua, central terrestrial trasportación of Chihuahua-Parral buses (Cost approx 10 dollars, Parral-Guachochi (Cost approx 7 dollars), Guachochi-Norogachi (taxis 30 dollars with fitted for 5 people and luggage).


Aerial route of any part of the world, to fly to the international airport of the City of Mexico and ahi to the airport of Chihuahua. Some verified routes to arrive directly at the Airport of Chihuahua are: Vegas-Chihuahua, A'ngeles-Hermosillo-Chihuahua, Dallas-Houston-Chihuahua, Atlanta-Monterrey-Cihuahua.
Terrestrial arrival to the power station of Chihuahua buses, Chihuahua-Parral (Cost approx 10 dollars), Parral-Guachochi (Cost approx 7 dollars), Guachochi-Norogachi (taxis 30 dollars pesos with fitted for 5 people and luggage).


VISA and Passport: Several exist pasises that do not need Visa, single to count on their effective Passport, some countries are the following ones: Germany, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Belize, Canada, Chile, Korea South del, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, the United States, Finland, France, Greece, Guatemala, Holland, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Dominican, Swiss Republic.

Receive a Warm greeting, and best desires so that they participate in this encounter.
Gustavo Alvarez.


In order to confirm participation: Gustavo Alvarez, diabolo_666mx@yahoo.com or performancear@gmail.com

Lodging and travels: Gustavo Alvarez


NOTE: Please to confirm his asistencioa, since 19 leaves from the staff will be esperádolos day 18 and of March, in Guachochi, to orient them in transportation to Norogachi Chihuahua.




9. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival
Date: Deadline February 18, 2008; Source: Anti-Festival


ANTI Festival September 25th - 28th 2008, Kuopio, Finland

ANTI is an international contemporary arts festival presenting site-specific works made for public space. Over the past six years ANTI has presented live, sonic, visual and text-based art from today’s most exciting and innovative artists. A truly international festival and Finland’s foremost presenter of Live Art, ANTI is a meeting place for artists and audiences fascinated by how art shapes and responds to the places and spaces of everyday life.

Artists and students from all disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals to this year’s festival.


The proposal process
ANTI Festival pre-selects a number of sites/contexts/environments that  we ask artists to respond to by proposal. Details of the 2008 sites can be found on the festival website: www.antifestival.com

The closing date for proposals is February 18th 2008.


Sites in 2008 include a bridge, a sports stadium, a public stage and three private homes. For the additional children’s programme artists can propose a site suitable for their project. As the works take place in public space it is essential the proposals consider a site’s pre-existing ‘audience’; be they passers-by, customers or residents. Alongside those who purposely visit the festival, a substantial part of ANTI’s audience are members of the public who come across the works by chance.

ANTI’s emphasis is on site-specificity. The festival understands this term in an expanded sense; proposals may suggest works that deal with a site geographically, culturally or by association i.e. themes and activities that the site suggests but may not be physically present in the site itself. Proposals may also combine or link a number of sites.


Proposal form www.antifestival.com

All proposals must be sent using the electronic form on the festival website, the form is sent directly to the festival through the website. The form allows a link to be made to any online documentation artist’s may have of previous work and for artists to attach their CV and on image of their work. In addition ONE piece of supporting material (i.e. VHS, DVD, CD-ROM) can be submitted as hardcopy.

The proposal deadline is February 18th 2008. Please send your supporting material, clearly marked with your name and project title, to: ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival, Koljonniemenkatu 2, 2nd Floor, 70100 Kuopio, Finland. All materials must reach the above address by February 18th 2008.


Further information:
+358 50 3052 485

Johanna Tuukkanen
Artistic director
ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival
Koljonniemenkatu 2, 2.krs
70100 Kuopio, Finland
gsm +358 50 3052 485




10. OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Labspace Studio (Toronto)
Date: Deadline February 23, 2008; Source: Labspace Studio

Labspace Studio Presents…The Lab Sessions 3.0: Chemical Nation
Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Lab Sessions are a series of themed interactive art parties hosted and curated by Labspace Studio. Labspace Studio is looking for artists to present their work(s) for the third installment of The Lab Sessions 3.0: Chemical Nation.

“Chemical Nation” is a show about dependency and control. Submissions should explore the relationship between the human body and its dependency on chemicals and/or pharmaceuticals. Some examples: our dependency on pills to kill headaches, control pregnancy, ease anxiety, and induce sleep; our dependency on pesticides, plastics and synthetics.

In a Chemical Nation, are we in control of our bodies? What have we gained? What have we lost? What are you on?

-Painting, Collage, Photography, Drawing
-Video, New Media
-Writing, Spoken Word, Text
-Music, Sound

Work will be displayed at Labspace Studio on the night of April 12, 2008. All artists are expected to financially support their projects. We will facilitate required technologies and assist in the installation process to the best of our ability. Keep in mind that The Lab Sessions is a party environment! Artwork may need to be tailored to suit the atmosphere.

To submit your work please email a brief description of your proposed piece(s) along with supporting/portfolio material of the described work or other work recently completed in a similar media to info@labspacestudio.com

February 23, 2008

For more details or to submit contact:
Labspace Studio
276 Carlaw Ave (Suite 202)
Toronto, ON




11. EVENT: PORT PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP (April 21-May 6, Tel Aviv, Israel)
Date: Deadline March 31, 2008; Source: BBB Johannes Deimling

21. April - 6. Mai 2008 in Tel Aviv, Israel

The fourth Port Performance workshop will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel. In cooperation with PAP - Performance Art Platform www.miklat209.org.il we will have a direct access to the Performance Art scene in Israel. The so called “Holy Land” is a melting pot of different identities that creates in coexistence friendship and war. The diversity of nationalities, histories, cultures, religions, philosophies and emotions will mark our work, that surely will do a personal and artistical impact. This enormous potential we will research and use for our performative work and connect it to our own identitiy that will be mirrored during our stay.

The workshop will be given by the international Performance-artists and –teachers Angelika Fojtuch and BBB Johannes Deimling. The aim of the workshop is to work out an Art-Performance and its final public presentation. We will realize specifical excercises that will help to transform own ideas into a performative work. The center of the workshop focuses the perception of the own personality and the communication with the body. Own perception and selfexperiences characterize the feeling in dealing with body, time and space in performance art as well as in ordinary communication. To understand his body as a tool and to use this tool in his own communications is the main value of this workshop. Besides this artistical offer we give some cultural specials.

- develop an Art Performance with technical, pedagogical and artistical guidance
- performative excercises in various conditions, in- and outdoor (focus on: body, time, space, concentration, endurance, ... in groups and individual)
- final public presentation of the performance (media promotion and invitation card) and finishing celebration
- videodocumentation of the workshop (DVD, personal exemplar)
- documentation on PORT PERFORMANCE website
- contacts to artitsts, curators and art institutions in Israel
- meeting and cooperate with other like-minded people from other countries
- context of the place, israelian history and culture
- free accommodation in Tel Aviv (15 days)
- helping in booking the travel (searching for cheap flights)

-teaching language: english
-Price: (without travel and victuals) 560 € (910 CHF, 8800 EEK, 2000 PLN, 820 USD)
-The workshop will be advertised in various european countries and is open for all young peoples and young performers and art students (minimum age 18 years). The workshop take place at least with 8 participants.
-Application forms can be ordered by e-mail info@portperformance.net


12. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Burning Up the House Performance Series
Date: Deadline March 1, 2008; Source: Laura Calvi

Khyber Institute for Contemporary Arts
Contemporary Arts Summer Festival
July 14 to August 16, 2008

AT LAST Burning Up the House Performance Series
Coinciding with the first Khyber ICA's Contemporary Arts Summer Festival – Khyber Building: Pro Bono Publico – proposals are currently being accepted in a range of media focusing primarily on live performance works.

Serving as base locus for site-responsive works, the Khyber's Turret Room Gallery as space, conceptual construct, and metaphorical context will embody both on and off-site performing spaces works circling around notions of the Widow's Walk, Belvedere, Watch Tower and Cupola as architectural features.

Whether gazing out to sea, wishing beyond hope for the return of a lover; allowing easy access route to chimneys in the prevention of fire by sand pouring, or as a defensive position in the days of military fortification, AT LAST invites works that consider the cultural, political, social and historical characteristics of such an architectural feature, and how this can parallel and give voice to the continuing tenuous position of the Khyber Building as a cultural landmark in the Halifax community.


Seeking proposals for site-responsive performance and installation works, one-act plays, performed manifestos, sound, dance, movement, spoken word and more.

Possibility for short-term shared residency/workshop space for selected projects prior to installation/show dates.


Submissions should include the following:

Detailed written description of proposed work (500 words max.)
Support material can include: digital jpg images, audio, video on CD/DVD; working schematic sketches/plans and scripts, other relevant material.
Artist biography and statement (1 page max.)
CV (up to 3 pages max.)
SASE with sufficient return postage


Deadline: March 1, 2008


Khyber ICA Contemporary Arts Summer Festival
AT LAST Performance Series
1588 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS B3J 1Z6

T: (902) 422 9668

See www.khyberarts.ns.ca for further information on the Khyber ICA's Pro Bono Publico Summer Festival Events Schedule as it becomes available. See also Save the Khyber 2008 Facebook group.


Contact: Laura Calvi, Coordinator
E: lcalvi@eastlink.ca




13. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: A Space (Toronto)
Date: Deadline March 3, 2008; Source: Tamara Toledo
A Space Gallery
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 110
Toronto Ontario M5V 3A8


A Space Thematic Call for Submissions: religion • politics • north • south
Deadline: Monday, March 3, 2008


Curatorial Resident Tamara Toledo and A Space Gallery are currently seeking new or recent work in all media from emerging to senior contemporary artists of Latin American descent for an exhibit to take place in the Main Gallery and Window Vitrines in September/October 2008.

The curator is interested in work which features self-representation of diasporic Latin American artists. Central themes of interest to this exhibition include those of religion and politics in Latin America. The curator seeks works by artists whose contemporary critical interdisciplinary practices challenge the violent imposition of Eurocentric ideologies on Latin America and recognize the creative adaptation of Latin Americans in both countries of origin and diaspora.

Foreign socio-economic models, military oppression, media censorship, an over 100-year US intervention, guerilla movements, and human rights violations, have all made an increasingly visible political mark on contemporary Latin American history. In the case of religion, the imposition and influence of Catholicism is widespread and has been adapted differently in each region by both Native, African and Immigrant populations. Canadian-Latin Americans face challenges as a relatively young, divided and economically deprived community, coming from a divided and supra-dependant colonized continent. How does religion and politics affect the diaspora and the continent? How does a shared political and religious history of both sacrifice and loyalty manifest on our realities today?  How could one attempt to establish relationships between two sets of ideologies (religion/politics) and two hemispheres (north/south)? In times of globalization, Latin America is currently experiencing a wave of socialist governments while North America is in war with the Middle East and has corporate right wing interests as their main priority. Do our inherited religious and political histories and realties affect our time and place in North America? The curator highly encourages artists to submit public interventions, performance, installation, media and visual art proposals. The curator will be selecting work from 2-5 artists for the exhibit. A Space pays artist fees according to CARFAC standards.


Submissions must include:
• Curriculum Vitae
• Description of work proposed, specifying spatial and technical needs
• One page Artist Statement
• Support material: Images of proposed work (slide, photo, cd, video, audio,
link to website) clearly identified
• Descriptive list for visual/support material (title, date, dimension,
• SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) - Please ensure correct postage.


Please send your proposal by Monday, March 3, 2008.


Clearly label your submission:
Attention: Tamara Toledo, Curatorial Resident
Re: September 2008 Submission
A Space Gallery
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 110
Toronto, ON, M5V 3A8

A Space is not responsible for lost or damaged submissions. Do not send original slides, artwork or master tapes.

For more information:
or contact Tamara at A Space Tel. 416 979 9633


A Space
Founded in 1971 and located in downtown Toronto, A Space Gallery is one of the oldest artist-run centres in Canada. We welcome proposals in all media and support artistic practices that are issue oriented, politically engaged and formally innovative. While thinking around diverse forms that exhibitions and interventions may take, we are interested in ways that artists and curators can create a space for different readings or experiences of culture and identity.  We encourage multidisciplinary projects that create a forum for dialogue and collaboration between diverse communities, including youth cultures and communities in transition.

The gallery is located at 401 Richmond Street West in Toronto's garment district. It features 1200 square feet of exhibition space and 120 linear feet of 10-foot high walls, with the ceiling at 13 feet.




14. EVENT: Perfurbance #4 Performance Art Urban Festival 2008
Date: April 15-20, 2008; Source: Iwon Wijono


Dear All,

We would love to inform u about the coming Perfurbance #4 - Performance Art Urban Festival 2008: International Performance Art Group Festival "Global Warming Global Warning", The Feet of Vulcano Merapi, Jogjakarta, 15 - 20 April 2008.

We got already many artists to contact us to join, and we will send them official invitation letter soon. This festival gonna be held in the village, all artists and crews, include journalists o