FADO E-LIST (January 2008)


FADO E-LIST (January 2008)



1. FADO CALL FOR CURATORIAL PROPOSALS: Emerging curators (Toronto)
Date: February 15, 2008 (postmarked)
2. EVENT: Doug Tielli, Claudia Wittmann and Paul Couillard (Toronto)
Date: January 2-6, 2008; Source: Claudia Wittmann
3. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 7a*11d International Performance Art Festival
Date: Submissions due January 15, 2008; Source: 7a*11d Collective
4. WORKSHOP: Enquire SW presents On Your Doorstep (UK)
Dates: January 11, 2008; Source: Ula Dajerling
5. WORKSHOP: Labspace Studios presents Workshop Series (Toronto)
Dates: January 15-March 8, 2008; Source: Labspace Studios
6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Performance Time 08  March 2008 (Istanbul)
Date: January 15, 2008; Source: Deniz Aygun 
7. EVENT: Swiss Miss by Clarina Bezzola (Zurich)
Date: January 18, 2008; Source: Clarina Bezzola
8. CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: Performance Research Vol. 13 No. 4
Date: January 22, 2008; Source: Performance Research
9. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Pact Zollverein Atelier (Essen)
Date: January 23, 2008; Source: Pact Zollverein
10. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Two-week residency with Transidency (Helsinki/Berlin)
Date: January 31, 2008; Source: Kym Ward
11. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio, Finland)
Date: February 18, 2008; Source: anti-festival
12. WORKSHOP: Kate Noonan teaches Performance From Scratch (Los Angeles)
Dates: February 16-March 22, 2008; Source: Rachel Rosenthal Company
13. OF INTEREST: Performance review link
Source: Sinead O’Donnell
14. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Grace Exhibition Space (New York)
Date: unspecified; Source: Jill McDermid




1. FADO Call for curatorial proposals from emerging curators for Fado’s annual Emerging Artists Series (2008-09)
Date: February 15, 2008 (postmarked)


****PLEASE NOTE: this is a local (regional) call only. This is not an international call. Fado’s annual Emerging Artists Series is a showcase for local talent, and is curator by a local or regional curator.


CALL FOR CURATORIAL PROPOSALS for Fado’s 2008-09 Emerging Artists Series
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: postmarked February 15, 2008


Toronto...Fado announces a national call for curatorial proposals for its 2008-09 Emerging Artist Series.


Fado’s Emerging Artists Series was inaugurated in 2003 by artist and educator Tanya Mars to develop, encourage and create an opportunity for new and emerging performance artists to present their work. Each year the Emerging Artists series is curated by a young curator chosen either through research or a regional call for curatorial submissions. The chosen curator works in a mentoring relationship with the Director of Fado.

Emerging Artists Series has traditionally presented the work of local artists from Toronto and surrounding areas (due in part to budget constraints and the shear size of the show – usually encompassing 6-10 artists). However, we are interested in expanding the scope of this annual series and working with curators and artists from other provinces (in a mixed program of artists from Ontario) in order to experience the kind of work emerging artists are doing in other sectors of the Canadian performance art community, and provide a context for the kind of work being done here at home.

Please note that this is a national call for submissions. While we appreciate the scope of work that being undertaken in many different parts of the world, this series strives to offer an opportunity and a venue to local and national emerging artists (international submissions and international artists cannot be considered). We appreciate ambitious endeavors, however, please remember that in order for your submission to be seriously considered, it must adhere to the vision of the project, and be realistic and achievable.


Artist fees are paid to each participating artist. The series curator receives a curatorial honorarium.

Please visit our website for to see the archive of Emerging Artists Series.
Questions? Email: info@performanceart.ca


Fado Performance Inc. is a non-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto. Our goal is to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art.


Submissions must include:
Curatorial CV and bio
A statement describing your curatorial approach and vision for this project
An outline of the project timeline and participating artists
A draft budget for the project

E-mail submissions will NOT be accepted. Only submissions with self-addressed stamped envelope or funds to cover shipping and packaging costs will be returned


Send proposals to:
Fado Performance
Emerging Artists Series Curatorial Submissions
448-401 Richmond Street West
Toronto, ON
M5V 3A8


Fado is pleased to acknowledge the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council, and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their support of our ongoing activities.




\2. EVENT: Doug Tielli, Claudia Wittmann and Paul Couillard (Toronto)
Date: January 2-6, 2008; Source: Claudia Wittmann

3 solo performances by Doug Tielli, Claudia Wittmann and Paul Couillard

Jan 2-6, 2008
Lower Ossington Theatre (100A Ossington Ave)
pwyc-suggested $10
416 531 4957

The audience is invited to attend several showings and to stay after the performances for an exchange with us.

DOUG TIELLI:  “In movement and constructions the release of sound”
How are we adorned and made? How does what we do and how we flow brush up against things, cause frictions, flutterings, rufflings, scrapings, and direct connections?
Relaxing in outrageous costumes. Following a map to arrive in nowheresville. 

CLAUDIA WITTMANN: “boundary no 1a”
"This piece is a butoh solo based on my relationship with my father, and which has somewhat of a life of its own in my body. i have some resistance around finding out how to complete and how to repeat this piece, partly because i am not sure i can make a clear delineation between butoh performance and my life, and partly because there is a voice in my head saying "this piece can not be controlled".....

PAUL COUILLARD: "Respond/Repeat/Reproduce: A Performance Action Lecture"
This experimental lecture, unfolding through a series of short, interwoven performance actions, addresses the issue of "repeatability" in performance. What is an artist's responsibility with respect to two conflicting desires: responding to the unique conditions of the moment; or accurately reproducing a feeling, idea or experience for multiple audiences or participants?




3. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 7a*11d Performance Art Festival (Toronto, Canada)
Date: Submissions due January 15, 2008; Source: 7a*11d Collective


This is the call for submissions for 7a*11d's 7th International Festival of Performance Art in 11 years, taking place in Toronto from October 22 – November 2, 2008. Organized by an unincorporated non-profit group of artists, 7a*11d presents a series of performance art events and artist projects in a festival setting. Our purpose is to offer a professional showcase for new and progressive performance art works. Artist organizers will select emerging and established artists of the highest quality from around the world that showcase the breadth and depth of performance art as a genre. We pay artist fees and try to subsidize travel, but please note that our budget is limited and not adequate to support troupes or companies.


D2D Direct to Documentation: A video program of performance documentation. Can't come to the Festival? We still want to see your work! Send us an edited tape [five minutes or less on NTSCVHS, Hi-8, mini-DV, CD or DVD] of your performance documentation or performance for camera. (No PAL or SECAM tapes, please!) Selected tapes will be curated into a screening program. Artist fees will be paid for those selected for screening.


Proposals must be postmarked no later than January 15, 2008. If you wish your materials to be returned, you MUST include a self-addressed stamped envelope or appropriate fees to cover packaging and postage for the return of your documentation. DO NOT send electronic applications to our hotmail account. Make money orders payable to 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art.

Please be sure to indicate the kind of setting that is most appropriate for your work (e.g. indoor/outdoor site specific, industrial warehouse, white gallery, black box theatre...).


Send proposals to:
c/o 386 Delaware Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
email: performancefestival@hotmail.com

For pdf and html versions of the full application, see http://www.7a-11d.ca


Completed application form
Resume and biography (including short c.v. MAXIMUM 2 pages)
Description of work and artist statement
Support material
Self-addressed, stamped envelope or money order to cover packaging and postage for return of documentation

All cheques and money orders should be made payable to 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art


7a*11d acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, and numerous artist-run organizations, private and business sponsors for our previous activities.




4. WORKSHOP: Enquire SW presents On Your Doorstep (South Devon, UK)
Dates: January 11, 2008; Source: Ula Dajerling

Enquire South West presents:
On Your Doorstep
Free Training for Artists
19-21 January 2008
South Devon, UK
Extended deadline: 11/01/08
A training and networking event for Devon based artists held in an inspiring location. This event will introduce artists to contemporary gallery education practice through creative and informative sessions.
The enquire programme is funded jointly by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Children, Families and Schools as part of the Strategic
Commissioning Programme for Museum and Gallery Education, and by the Foyle Foundation. The enquire programme is managed by engage and has been developed in association with Arts Council England.




5. WORKSHOP: Labspace Studios presents Workshop Series (Toronto)
Dates: January 15-March 8, 2008; Source: Labspace Studios


***Inter-Arts Workshop Series at Labspace Studio***
Labspace Studio is a multi-arts hub and rental facility focused on promoting and developing Toronto’s interdisciplinary arts scene. This winter, Laspace Studio launches its first Inter-Arts Workshop Series led by two of Toronto’s prominent interdisciplinary artists and educators.
Foundations in Syncretic Art with Amanta Scott
Thursdays 6:30 – 9:30 pm
January 17th – March 8th
8 classes for $240

Interdisciplinary Solo Creation with Meagan O’Shea
Tuesdays 6:30 – 9:30 pm
January 15th – March 4th
8 classes for $240

Foundations in Syncretic Art with Amanta Scott
An integrated arts workshop designed for artists who want to push the boundaries of their current arts practice by exploring the fusion of visual art, music, dance and theatre. Workshop is also open to people wishing to explore their creative side. Focus is placed on group creation.
Amanta Scott is an artist, performer, musician and educator who works in sculpture, painting, encaustic, surround-sound audio, video, piano, percussion, voice and performance. Amanta is also the Artistic Director and co-founder of Leading Tone Arts Productions Inc. She has performed, exhibited and taught workshops across Asia and North America.
Interdisciplinary Solo Creation with Meagan O’Shea
A workshop geared to actors, dancers and performance artists. Drawing on techniques from movement composition, theatre games, improvisation, theatrical writing and more, participants are lead through the process of creating an interdisciplinary solo performance piece.
Meagan O’shea is a nationally acclaimed interdisciplinary performing artist best known for her self-solo work. Influenced by her training in dance, theatre, clown and comedy, O'Shea has performed her solos across Canada, in the USA, the UK, and in Europe.

For More Details:




6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Performance Time 08 (Istanbul)
Date: January 15, 2008; Source: Deniz Aygun 


Performance Time 08 March 24-30th, 2008


GalataPerform, an artist-run interdisciplinary performance venue in Istanbul, is organizing an event in March 08, exploring new fields and new approaches in performance: Performance Time 08. The aim is to bring together local and foreign artists from a number of disciplines, such as, performance art, experimental theatre, dance; all, which can be associated with the art of performance. 

Performance Time 08 targets to create a lively platform for experimental and creative projects in Istanbul, interesting both for artists and audiences. Artists interested in presenting their performances in Performance Time 08, are invited to submit their projects by filling and sending the application form below to galataperform@gmail.com. GalataPerform will provide accommodation during the event for elected artists, in the houses of local artists and give technical support for performances. Unfortunately, due to lack of sponsorship, artists will cover their traveling expenses and provide their material. Deadline for submission is January 15th, 2008. Thanks to all for your kind attention.


For more details and questions contact GalataPerform Program Director, Deniz Aygun at galataperform@gmail.com. Please forward this mail to other artists and related institutions.

We wish you a happy new year!

Performance Time 08
Project Application form
1-Name of artist
2-Title of Project
3-Brief conceptual declaration for the project
4-Basic action line
5-Approximate time of performance
6-Performance venue (indoor-outdoor)
7-Requested technical support (light, audio)
8-Brief bio or CV of artist
9-Artist’s contacts (telephone number, address ve e-mail, website)

Deniz Aygün
GalataPerform, Program Director
cell: +90 536 276 77 21
+90 212 296 94 23




7. EVENT: Swiss Miss by Clarina Bezzola (Zurich, Switzerland)
Date: January 18, 2008; Source: Clarina Bezzola


Dear friends!

It has indeed been over seventeen years since I left for the new world with my two suitcases! Now the time has finally come for me to reintroduce myself to Zurich.  

The project Swiss Miss: A Gathering speaks about unveiling and discovery. I would like to cordially invite you to participate. Hereby I ask you to receive me for a short visit, so that I may receive a confession from you. This confession, founded on a minor or perhaps even more severe feeling of shame or on a suspicion of one's own inadequacy (I hope I am not the only one suffering from such afflictions!) should then be recorded anonymously on a small slip of paper and, unseen by me, dropped into my bell tower. This will make the bell chime cheerfully! I will then carry this burden away from you  with great pleasure and, together with my own manifestations, they will be unveiled and celebrated during the performance at the opening in Galerie Nicola von Senger on January 18.

Fear not, there is no danger of any consequences!... except, of course, the delightful feeling of relief and joy! (I, for one, experience it like that!)  

I hope for responses via e-mail to my personal e-mail address (see below) and look forward to greeting you personally!  

I thank you sincerely!!  
Your Clarina  

Responses to: clarina@clarinabezzola.com
Individuals who do not live in the immediate vicinity of Zurich but would still like to participate can send a confession (without return address) via postal mail to the gallery.





8. CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: Performance Research Vol. 13 No. 4
Date: January 22, 2008; Source: Performance Research


Performance Research Vol. 13 No. 4 (December 2008)
On Appearance – Call for Contributions

Issue Editors: Richard Gough and Adrian Kear, Aberystwyth University
The aim of this issue of Performance Research is to investigate the ways in which recent theatre-thinking has been converging upon matters of appearance. Beginning from the assumption that the materiality of appearance is at the heart of concerns with the very ‘stuff’ and substance of theatre and performance, the issue seeks to examine the role appearance plays in the construction, circulation and contestation of lived realities, political identifications and processes of subjectification, and in the mechanics and dynamics of the theatrical event itself.
The issue seeks to explore the potential and pitfalls of adopting a term infused with pejoratively anti-theatrical echoes of semblance, deception, and mimetic fakery; whilst at the same time examining the correlation between modes of appearance and practices of disappearance and their inscription in the performative dynamics of power. The editors’ intention is to investigate the ways in which appearance matters in affecting and positively producing the conditions, forms and relations structuring what Jacques Rancière calls ‘the distribution of the sensible’: the political organisation of sense-making activities and apparatuses and the roles played by social agents within them.
Questions of appearance – and their relationship to questions of politics – of course abound and the issue will seek to examine them from a variety of different directions and perspectives. Giorgio Agamben, for example, insists that ‘the task of politics is to return appearance itself to appearance, to cause appearance itself to appear’ – indicating the importance of appearance as a modality of human exposure and the manifestation of a political ‘struggle for truth’ (Means Without End, 2000: 95). Alain Badiou likewise identifies the logic of appearance – or rather, appearing – with a significant shift in his thinking that enables a theory of relation and the ability to account for the variability and volatility of the relationship between different elements of a situation.
Questions of practice – social, political, and artistic – are at the heart of On Appearance’s theoretical concerns. Performance practitioners from Jérôme Bel to La Ribot, from the Wooster Group to Forced Entertainment, from Societas Rafaello Sanzio to Tadeusz Kantor, have been at the forefront of examining theatre’s dependence on, and departure from, questions of appearance. The issue will therefore be concerned with exploring how performance has articulated concerns with the politics, and practical dynamics, of appearance.
Key Questions:
What is the role of illusion in the theatrical event, and how does illusion return to the theatrical scene after the avowedly anti-illusionist experiments of ‘postmodern’ performance?
What are the ways in which presence and representation intersect in the space of performance, and to what extent is their relationship predicated upon the dynamics of mimesis and the logic of appearance?
How does the utilisation of intermedial forms of presentation/representation affect theatre as a locus of appearance?
To what extent is the theatrical apparatus inscribed with a logic governing the conditions of appearance for certain conceptions of the human/animal, visible/invisible, subject/object, etc?
What are the pleasures and anxieties associated with appearance, and how do these inform/inflect the pleasures and anxieties of theatrical performance?

Form and Format:

The editors seek contributions that examine the above ‘philosophical’ questions – questions raised within the philosophy of performance itself – which at the same time investigate the relationship between philosophical and theatrical modes of thinking and practice. Contributions should be grounded in the explication of concrete examples and the contexts of their appearance. The editors actively encourage submissions that explore these questions from a variety of cultural, artistic and critical standpoints and in a range of academic and creative forms: essays, interviews, dialogues, artists’ pages, designs, inventions, magic tricks, prestidigitations, etc. A strong visual dimension is integral to our conception of the issue, and we envisage the inclusion of a number of photographs, plans, etc, subject to the normal permissions.
Potential topics include:
Theatres of memory
Political murals, mobilsations and staged interventions
Performance art practices of subjectification/de-subjectification
Performance, photography, video art and installation
Theatrical (and anti-theatrical) illusions, acts and events
Magic, manipulation and conjuring tricks
The performance of ‘the human’/inhuman
Animal, infant, and cyborg performances
Political appearance/disappearance
Mimesis, presence and representation
The economics and cultural politics of display
Toy theatres, shadow shows, etc.
Indexicality, prestidigitation and puppetry
Protest performance and political radicalisation
Globalisation and localisation as conditions of visibility  

Deadlines are as follows:
Proposals: 22 January 2008
Finalized material: 9 June 2008
Publication date: December 2008
ALL proposals, submissions and general enquiries should be sent direct to:

Sandra Laureri
Administrative Assistant - Performance Research
Centre for Performance Research (CPR)
SY23 3AJ
Wales, UK
Tel:   +44 (0)1970 628716
Fax:  +44 (0)1970 622132
Email: performance-research@aber.ac.uk
Web:   www.performance-research.net

Issue specific enquiries should be directed to:
Adrian Kear: ack@aber.ac.uk
Richard Gough: rig@aber.ac.uk

For complete guidelines for submissions please see:
Performance Research is MAC based. Proposals will be accepted by e-mail (MS-Word or RTF). Proposals should not exceed one A4 side. Please DO NOT send images electronically without prior agreement.
Please note that submission of a proposal will be taken to imply that it presents original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, the author(s) agree that the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article have been given to Performance Research.




9. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Pact Zollverein Atelier (Essen)
Date: January 23, 2008; Source: Pact Zollverein


PACT Zollverein: Atelier in March on 07.03.2008
The platform for new art and choreography


With its Atelier series, PACT Zollverein regularly offers established and emerging professional artists, working in all disciplines, an evening length platform at which to present their projects and ideas to the general public. Works in progress as well as finished projects may be submitted.

All spaces in our building may be used. For information about our venue:

The stage is generally reserved for live performance work, which should not exceed 10 to 15 minutes. PACT provides full technical assistance but set-up and equipment requirements should be kept as simple as possible.


1. please fill out the application form available at:
2. and send it to the address below together with photo/video/audio-samples
3. applicants living in Germany should include a stamped addressed envelope
    if they wish to have their application material returned to them.

Closing date January 23rd, 2008 for the Atelier in March 2008


PACT Zollverein / Choreographisches Zentrum NRW
Ingo Kaulbars
Bullmannaue 20a
D-45327 Essen
Fon 0049-(0)201-289 4714
Fax 0049-(0)201-289 4701


The Choreographisches Zentrum NRW is supported by Ministerpräsident des Landes NRW and the City of Essen.
Tanzlandschaft Ruhr is a Ruhr Kultur GmbH project.




10. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Two-week Transidency Residency (Helsinki/Berlin)
Date: January 31, 2008; Source: Kym Ward



A two-week residency at Aqua Carre Kreativhaus for the production of new work to be shown during Helsinki in Berlin Week in April 2008.

Transidency collective is looking for a Finnish artist for a two-week 'transitory' residency - in Berlin. The residency period is from 4 -18 th April and will end with a week long exhibition between 18 – 27 th April, totaling to three weeks spent in Berlin.

Transidency collective is an ever-evolving group of artists, event organizers and film buffs; who set up and dismantle exhibitions, events and texts, on a rolling basis. The premise of the collective is that each member has an individual desire to respond to, and evolve around, the bright spark of an initial idea or context in a socially minded way.

Transidency-residency coincides with an event called Helsinki in Berlin ( 18.4 -27.4.2008), which comprises of Finnish contemporary art exhibitions and numerous other cultural events. In addition to this, the Berlin Biennale, which is the city's largest contemporary art event, takes place at the same time. During this period Transidency collective will organise various events, comprising of a visual art exhibition, one-off dance and performance pieces, short film screenings and related gallery

talks both in Berlin and Helsinki. In both cities the events will be scheduled to run like clock-work. Dancers will begin their performances in exactly the same positions; films will be played at exactly the same second and gallerists will mouth identical words... At least that's the idea.

An integral part of this project is to build alliances and rapport between the two cities of Helsinki and Berlin. Artists are invited to respond to the idea of simultaneity; but Transidency collective is happy to receive artistic interpretations. Examples (but not definitions) of the type of work we are interested in hosting are: performances which are live-streamed to the other city, double installations, photo's which only make sense when they are coupled together. Artists should consider that the artwork will either be exhibited in both cities, or should relate to both cities.

Transidency - residency includes:
-A studio space and accommodation for two weeks in Aqua Carre Kreativhaus, Kreuzberg
-Adjacent to the studio are shower and WC
-Return flights Helsinki – Berlin

How to apply:
Your proposal should tell the committee not only what you will gain as a result of your project, but what will be learned and why you feel your project is relevant in its field. You should also include a CV, three or more images, one of which should be the work you will be exhibiting; a brief description of work with dimensions; any special requirements needed for installation. All documents should be written in English and submitted via email. Please note that the applicant should be a Finnish citizen or an artist based in Finland.

The deadline for submissions is 31.1.2008.

We expect the Transidency website to go live in February. Your work will be featured on the Transidency website.

More information:

Additional information in Finnish/English




11. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival
Date: February 18, 2008; Source: anti-festival


ANTI Festival September 25th - 28th 2008, Kuopio, Finland


ANTI is an international contemporary arts festival presenting site-specific works made for public space. Over the past six years ANTI has presented live, sonic, visual and text-based art from today’s most exciting and innovative artists. A truly international festival and Finland’s foremost presenter of Live Art, ANTI is a meeting place for artists and audiences fascinated by how art shapes and responds to the places and spaces of everyday life. 

Artists and students from all disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals to this year’s festival.


The proposal process
ANTI Festival pre-selects a number of sites/contexts/environments that we ask artists to respond to by proposal. Details of the 2008 sites can be found on the festival website: www.antifestival.com


The closing date for proposals is February 18th 2008.


Sites in 2008 include a bridge, a sports stadium, a public stage and three private homes. For the additional children’s programme artists can propose a site suitable for their project.


As the works take place in public space it is essential the proposals consider a site’s pre-existing ‘audience’; be they passers-by, customers or residents. Alongside those who purposely visit the festival, a substantial part of ANTI’s audience are members of the public who come across the works by chance.

ANTI’s emphasis is on site-specificity. The festival understands this term in an expanded sense; proposals may suggest works that deal with a site geographically, culturally or by association i.e. themes and activities that the site suggests but may not be physically present in the site itself. Proposals may also combine or link a number of sites.


Proposal form


All proposals must be sent using the electronic form on the festival website, the form is sent directly to the festival through the website. The form allows a link to be made to any online documentation artist’s may have of previous work and for artists to attach their CV and one image of their work. In addition ONE piece of supporting material (i.e. VHS, DVD, CD-ROM) can be submitted as hardcopy.

The proposal deadline is February 18th 2008. Please send your supporting material, clearly marked with your name and project title, to: ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival, Koljonniemenkatu 2, 2nd Floor, 70100 Kuopio, Finland. All materials must reach the above address by February 18th 2008.


Further information:
+358 50 3052 485

Johanna Tuukkanen
Artistic director
ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival
Koljonniemenkatu 2, 2.krs
70100 Kuopio, Finland
gsm +358 50 3052 485





12. WORKSHOP: Kate Noonan teaches Performance From Scratch
Dates: February 16-March 22, 2008; Source: Rachel Rosenthal Company


Master Teacher Kate Noonan teaches Performance From Scratch, an adaptation pf Rachel Rosenthal’s “Doing by Doing” technique for young people. This hands-on exploration of Rosenthal’s “Total Theatre” ideology encompasses all aspects of performance including improv, set making, lights, mask wearing and costumes, culminating in a public performance. A maximum of 14 participants allows the teacher plenty of one-on-one time with each student, while simultaneously fostering the concept of the instant ensemble and co-creation.

February 16-March 22, 2008
Six Saturdays from 1pm-5pm

For information or to make a reservation:

Rachel Rosenthal Company
2847 S. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA




13. OF INTEREST: Performance review link
Source: Sinead O’Donnell


Here's a link to a performance review, Happy Christmas!!!





14. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Grace Exhibition Space
Date: unspecified; Source: Jill McDermid


Dear Performance Artists + Community,

Grace Exhibition Space - a gallery for Performance Art - is looking for work to show in the coming year, beginning in June 2007.

We have existed for a year and half, and we are more & more committed to curating.
No matter how big or small or weird - please submit a proposal to us! Then, we will do our best to include as much as possible.


Please give us proposals! PROPOSAL INFO BELOW

We also need work to sell as we participate in international art fairs - especially large-format photos of performance documentation and dvd's - both in limited editions.

We are seriously committed to selling work related to Performance Art, in addition to showing live work. We will be participating in the Fountain Art Fairs in NYC (across from the Armory Art Fair) in early March and in Washington DC in May. We also have a connection to a gallery in Manhattan, and want to present work in both spaces - Brooklyn & Manhattan.


We are looking for as much participation as possible!
Jill McDermid
Director, Grace Exhibition Space
Brooklyn, NY
cell: (347) 268-5317

best for 1st proposal: gracexhibitionspace@yahoo.com


Grace Exhibition Space
c/o Jill McDermid
85 North 3rd Street #204
Brooklyn, NY




FADO is pleased to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their sponsorship of our ongoing activities.