FADO E-LIST (September 2007)

 FADO E-LIST (September 2007)

1. FADO EVENT: Valentin Torrens
Date: September 19, 2007 (Toronto)
2. NEW TEXT on the FADO website!
3. JUST RELEASED: liveartwork Issue 6, August 2007 available now!
Date: August 2007 issue; Source: Christopher Hewitt
4. ANNOUNCING: Jamie McMurry’s 356 Performances
Date: available now; Source: Jamie McMurry
5. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Nuit Blanche performance (Toronto)
Dates: not given; Source: Michelle Jacques
6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Dare-Dare (Montréal)
Deadline: September 15, 2007; Source: IAPAO
7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Rhubarb Festival 2008 (Toronto)
Deadline: September 15, 2007; Source: Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
8. CALL FOR RECIDENCY: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Artist in Residence 2008
Deadline: September 30, 2007; Source: IAPAO
Deadline: October 14, 2007; Source: Gert Hatsukov
10. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Living Arts of Tulsa (USA)
Date: November 1, 2007; Source: Steve Liggett
11. CALL FOR RESIDENCY: Ujazdowski Castle Residencies 2008 (Warsaw)
Dates: unknown; Source: FRAME (Finland)
12. EVENT: The Climb by Sorreal Muddridge and Laura Nanni (Toronto/UK)
Dates: September 1-5, 2007; Source: Laura Nanni
13. EVENT: Art That Binds Performance Series (Toronto)
Date: September 15-16, 2007; Source: akimbo
14. EVENT: Play/Grounds Festival (Toronto)
Dates: September 15-16, 2007; Source: PLEDC
15. EVENT: Improbable Futures presents Once Only (Australia)
Date: September 15 & 16, 2007; Source: Rebecca Cunningham
16. EVENT: Deep Structure: Deep Play (Regina)
Dates: September 14-November 10, 2007; Source: Neutral Ground
17. EVENT: Zaz Festival 2007 (Tel Aviv)
Dates: August 30- September 8, 2007; Source: Tamar Raban
18. EVENT: Mammalian Diving Reflex presents Haircuts by Children (Portland)
Date: September 8 & 9, 2007; Source: Mammalian Diving Reflex
19. EVENT: new performance from Peter Grzybowski (New York)
Date: September 9, 2007; Source: Peter Grzybowski
20. EVENT: CAFKA.07 Haptic (Kitchener)
Dates: September 20-30, 2007; Source: Cafka
21. EVENT: Future of Imagination 4 (Singapore)
Dates: September 27-30, 2007, Singapore; Source: Lee Wen
22. EVENT: Platform2 presents RISK: Race, class, geography and art (Boston)
Date: Saturday September 22, 2007; Source: ikatun 
23. EVENT: A Professional Occupation, a performance by Lo Bill (Toronto)
Date: September 29, 2007; Source: Lo Bill
24. ANNOUNCING: Rachel Rosenthal Teaches at Espace DbD (Los Angeles)
Dates: September 11-October 30, 2007; Source: Rachel Rosenthal
25. EVENT: Fluxus East in Berlin
Dates: September 27-November 4, 2007; Source: Franklin Furnace
1. FADO EVENT: Valentin Torrens
Date: Wednesday September 19, 2007Fado is pleased to present:

Darkness Presence by Valentin Torrens
Curated by Paul Couillard
Wednesday September 19, 2007 8:00pm

Lower Ossington Theatre (formerly the Queen West Art Centre)
100A Ossington Ave. Toronto
On September 19, 2007 Fado is pleased to present Barcelona-based artist Valentin Torrens in his Toronto premiere. Join us at the Lower Ossington Theatre to experience an evening of performance selections titled Darkness Presence. Employing chance, ritual, light (or lack of) and the projected body, these short performances focus on the presence of the artist’s body, “light like interpersonal tension” and the ephemeral nature of action taken in a space that slowly moves from total darkness to dim light. Torrens is one of three artists from Spain who make up the 2007 International Visiting Artist Series roster. Inaugurated in 1993, this on-going series reflects Fado's commitment to fostering international dialogue by spotlighting work and trends by artists from different countries. Most importantly, this series gives Canadian audiences a chance to see work that would not otherwise be accessible.
About the artist
Valentin Torrens (b. 1951, Spain) is a Barcelona-based installation and performance artist, theorist and educator. He is also highly active as an arts organizer and programmer. Since 2000, Valentin has organized and programmed the Periferias Festival that takes place each year in Huesca and the Territoris Nomades, Spain, showcasing the work of local and international performance artists. Since the mid-80’s his work has been exhibited throughout Spain and internationally in numerous galleries, group and solo shows, and his work can be seen in dozens of international and Spanish catalogues and publications. Since 1990, Torren’s performance work has been presented in festivals and events in over a dozen countries around the world. This will be Torrens’ first performance in English Canada. Torrens is currently editing a text entitled Performance Pedagogy, which will gather together documentation and course material from over 30 educators, theorists and established programs engaged in the research and teaching of performance art genres. When published this text will be a seminal teaching resource for individuals working in performance and interdisciplinary public art.
Johanna Householder offers up Melting: Points in a performance by Warren Arcand.
3. JUST RELEASED: liveartwork Issue 6, August 2007 available now!
Date: August 2007 issue; Source: Christopher HewiitIssue 6 of liveartwork DVD is out now and features a diverse range of text based performance work. Featuring the most recent production from emerging, Buenos Aires based theatre maker Gerardo Naumann; a stylish and minimal solo text performance from Helsinki based artist Magnus Logi Kristinsson; a performance lecture from Estonian curator Anders Härm about drinking and stupidity; UK based artist Aaron Williamson presents a performance for video which re-imagines Caspar David Friedrich’s most iconic painting; 'Point Blank' is the latest performance theatre production by Edit Kaldor and finally a live performance by the French sound poetry pioneer Bernard Heidsieck.The DVD has a total running time of about 95 minutes.
For full details about the publication,the artists and works featured on issue 6, go to: www.liveartwork.com/dvd
With a new issue published every three months, liveartwork DVD aims to present an overview of contemporary performance art practice to an international audience.
liveartwork DVD issue 6 is published on DVD-R discs in PAL format and costs 12 Euros for individual orders (55 Euros for institutional orders), including international postage. liveartwork DVD can be ordered online using PayPal which accepts payment with most credit cards and by bank transfer. For details of how to order see: www.liveartwork.com/dvd/order.htm Copies of all previous issues of liveartwork DVD can also be ordered on the website.
liveartwork editions:
Please also have a look at the new 'liveartwork editions' series of DVD publications which currently features documentation of the US based performance artist Jamie McMurry and the famous performance art group Black Market International. See www.liveartwork.com/editions
The liveartwork homepage also provides a range of resources for the international performance art community.
Christopher Hewitt
4. ANNOUNCING: Jamie McMurry’s 356 Performances
Date: available now; Source: Jamie McMurry
Greetings all,
I have recently completed a small catalogue for my recent project called "365 Performances". It can be purchased directly from the publishing website for $13.23 (US)

You can also download a free PDF of it www.lulu.com (Search for "365 Performances")
If you were in one of the actions or provided content or documentation for one please email me your current post address so I can send you a copy along with the final video. Also, I started a new simpler website, still under construction http://www.mcmurryperformance.com Please give feedback on the construction of these to projects.

Thanks and best to all, jamie mcmurry
5. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Nuit Blanche performance (Toronto)
Dates: not given; Source: Michelle JacquesPerformers Needed for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Project
McKendree Key, an installation artist based in Brooklyn, New York, is creating a performance event for this year’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, taking place from 7:03pm September 29 until sunrise September 30, 2007. More information about Key’s work can be found at: www.mckendreekey.com 
For her Nuit Blanche project, which will take place in Zone B – the neighbourhood around Dundas & McCaul - Key requires the assistance of 20 people who would participate in the performance.
The project involves walking, climbing stairs and lifting household objects; roles will be assigned according to strength and ability. Unfortunately there is no monetary compensation for participation; the reward will be the opportunity to work with a professional artist and participate in this unique event.
If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact:
Michelle Jacques, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Curator, Zone B, at michelle.jacques@sympatico.ca
6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Dare-Dare (Montréal)
Deadline: September 15, 2007; Source: IAPAO
DARE-DARE Call for Submissions
Dis/location: projet d’articulation urbaine  2008
deadline: September 14, 2007
DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d’art multidisciplinaire de Montréal offers flexibility and openness and is devoted to research, experimentation, risk and critical inquiry. The artist-run centre supports research, values emerging practices and demonstrates a sustained interest in exploring a diversity in modes and contexts of presentation.
Call for intentions - programming 2008
DARE-DARE receives your submission accompanied by your research interests. These interests will translate into proposals of all kinds including/not limited to public intervention, performance, manoeuvre, event. The projects may be of specific or of variable duration, or they may be repeated in time, during any season of the year. The centre seeks interdisciplinary projects that will engage the social and physical realms of the city, its public spaces, its commercial, industrial and residential areas. A first selection will be based upon the artist's dossiers and research intentions. DARE-DARE will invite these artists to further detail and elaborate their projects in view of a final selection. Your submission should include:
• a brief statement describing your project intention,
• a curriculum vitae,
• a maximum of ten numbered slides or digital images (max 5 Mg) with a descriptive list,
• audio/video tape, VHS/DVD (NTSC) or Quicktime (max 5 min.). Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the return of your documentation if desired (DARE-DARE does not keep unclaimed dossiers). The centre does not accept submissions by email. The centre pays SODART/CARFAC rates.
DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d’art multidisciplinaire de Montréal
Casier postal 130
Succursale R
Montréal Québec
H2S 3K6   Canada

t: +1.514.878.1088 daredar@cooptel.qc.ca
Info: http://www.dare-dare.org
DARE-DARE is situated in a park with no name in Montréal. The public park is on the limits of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal and Rosemont—La-Petite-Patrie burroughs.
7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Rhubarb Festival 2008 (Toronto)
Deadline: September 14, 2007; Source: Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre announces: the 30th Rhubarb Festival
February 20- March 2, 2008
DEADLINE: 5PM, SEPT 14, 2007
CANADA'S PREMIERE NEW WORKS FESTIVAL RETURNS FEBRUARY 2008. Buddies in Bad Times announces the welcome return of the Rhubarb Festival after a  one-year hiatus. For almost 30 years The Rhubarb Festival has offered  Toronto artists a critic-free environment to experiment with new theatrical explorations. Rhubarb encourages established artists to take new risks and emerging artists to explore the medium of performance creation in a safe, encouraging space. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is currently accepting submissions of new, original contemporary theatre for our 30th Rhubarb Festival until Sept 14, 2007.Rhubarb is a partially curated, but primarily submission-driven festival. Submissions are reviewed by a selection committee composed of Erika Hennebury, Festival Director, David Oiye, Artistic Director, Jim LeFrancois, Producer and Associate Artists Ed Roy and Moynan King. Criteria for this year’s festival are strongly in the realm of experimental, devised, innovative contemporary performance. Although script-based submissions will be accepted, Buddies strongly encourages submissions which are more experimental in nature. Rhubarb seeks submissions from contemporary theatre, conceptual dance, performance art, new media, installation art and welcomes new hybrids of live performance as well as cross-disciplinary experiments and collaborations.
The 2008 Rhubarb Festival seeks proposals for the following stages:

The Cabaret: performances up to 25 minutes in length, for a fixed, raised proscenium stage

The Chamber: performances up to 25 minutes in length, for the Buddies Mainspace

The Mini-Stage: 1-5 minute performances or installations for a small audience in a *small space

The Solo-Stage: 1-2 minute performances or installations for a single audience member, in a *very small space

Environmental & Late-Night: happenings, interactive installations and other ancillary performances and 5-minute late-night Cabaret performances
* for venue specifications or further clarification, contact Erika Hennebury
Rhubarb was first produced by Buddies in 1979, and is the country’s oldest new works fest. Rhubarb is more than a festival; it is a commentary on theatre - on how we create it, on how we present it, and on how we experience it. Here we allow the artist and the idea to be the centre of attention. The trappings of traditional theatre are purged in favour of a stripped-down approach, where inspiration and invention are genesis. Over almost 30 years Rhubarb has seen exciting new work by a host of groundbreaking Canadian artists such as Daniel MacIvor, Daniel Brooks, Guillermo Verdecchia, Don McKellar, Diane Flacks, Gavin Crawford, Sonja Mills, Darren O'Donnell, Sky Gilbert, Damien Atkins, Atom Egoyan, Jacob Wren, Ann-Marie MacDonald (and many more).
Deadline for submissions is: 5:00pm Friday, September 14th 2007 (late submissions may not be considered)
Submissions post-marked up to Sept 14 will be accepted.
2008 Rhubarb Festival Applications and Submission Guidelines are available on our website: www.buddiesinbadtimestheatre.com

Proposed performances may be no longer than 25 minutes in length. Works submitted in a format longer than 25 minutes may not be considered. Works submitted must be new, never previously produced and original. Submissions should be as detailed as possible. Submissions must submitted in hard copy only and must be accompanied by and 2008 Rhubarb Festival Application form (available online). Fax or email submissions will not be accepted.
Please mail or drop off submissions to:
Erika Hennebury, Rhubarb! Festival Director
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
12 Alexander Street, Toronto ON M4Y 1B4
For further information please contact: Erika Hennebury, 416-975-9130 x40
8. CALL FOR RECIDENCY: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Artist in Residence 2008
Deadline: September 30, 2007; Source: IAPAO
Artists and researchers/curators will be selected from 20 countries/ region in Asia. The program will be placing even more importance on “exchange” with the museum visitors and local community through a creative channel of art. Number of Participants to be Selected: Approximately 4 artists (12 weeks max in each 1st, 2nd and 3rd period) AND 1 or 2 researchers/curators (6 weeks max only in 3rd period).
Countries/Region Applicable: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
Residency Period:

1st period: 7 May to 4 August 2008 
2nd period: 10 September to 8 December 2008
3rd period: 7 January to 31 March 2009
Applications are accepted between: 1 August 2007 to 30 September 2007 
Deadline: October 14, 2007; Source: Gert Hatsukov
Performance artists all around the world are invited to send proposals for INPORT, International Video-Performance Art Festival, in Tallinn/Estonia on December 2007. INPORT would like to bring artists from all around the world closer to Estonian audience. This is non-profit Festival and unfortunately we got a very small budget so we can only show your video/videos on the single screen. We can't offer artistic fees, accommodation or travel expenses. After Festival we make the on-line catalogue on the Festival website: http://www.inportfestival.tk Performance artists are invited to submit proposals for festival in the following categories: Video-performance (performances made specially for camera) , Video documentary (video documentations of performances)
Formats accepted: DVD, VCD, miniDV (PAL only)
There's no limit of length, but please don't send the masters! There are no official entry forms or entry fees!
Enclosed with the video/videos you must send the following (on the paper or via e-mail):
Performance artist or group name
Performance title
Performance concept
Performance date, venue, Festival or event where it was first performed
Brief resume of the performance artist
Contact info (e-mail, postal address, etc.)
Deadline for entries: 14. October 2007 (postal stamp)
No materials will not to be returned, but will be kept in the Festival archive for the projects in the future and for interested curators and art festivals organizers!
Send all materials to:
Gert Hatsukov
Kotka 28-1 11312 Tallinn , Estonia
All deliveries from international participants must be marked:
If you have any questions, please contact: info.inport@mail.ee
10. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Living Arts of Tulsa 
Date: November 1, 2007; Source: Steve Liggett
November 1, 2007 is the deadline for submitting proposals to Living Arts of Tulsa for many of our programs for the next fiscal year (July, 2008-June, 2009) including: Myers Gallery Exhibits, The New Genre Festival XVI, Living With Art in the Garden, Day of the Dead Altars and Performances, Mi Corazon Ball, Tulsa ArtCar Weekend, OK Electronic Arts Festival, Pocket Film Festival (Shorts).
Proposals are accepted in all areas including: installation, visual artworks, new media, video, performance art, new music or sound works, outsider art, new movement works, inventions, curation of exhibits or events, garden art, artcars, and costume artworks. Included in each proposal must be: a written proposal with description of the work to be presented, video documentation (DVD or VHS), CD or audio tape if the work is sound art only, 10-15 slides of representative work OR CD / or DVD (Mac/PC formatted) with images in jpeg format (900 X 1200 max.) with titles numbered in viewing order that corresponds to an accompanying list describing the work (media, size, etc.), artist(s) bio(s) including phone #s, addresses, and email addresses, minimum technical requirements in order to present the work, time needed to install and minimum budget needed to present the work, dates available, SASE for return of materials.
Send to:
Steve Liggett, Artistic Director
Living ArtSpace, 308 S Kenosha Ave, Tulsa, Ok. 74120.
For more information
contact steve@livingarts.org
11. CALL FOR RESIDENCY: Ujazdowski Castle (Warsaw), Residencies 2008 
Dates: Early 2008; Source: FRAME (Finland)
Residenssin ajankohta on 1.1.-31.3.2008.
Residenssi sisältää:
- stipendin elinkustannuksiin 750 €/kk (3 kk 2.250 €).
- matkakulut Helsinki-Varsova-Helsinki. 
- työtilan ja majoituksen. 
- residenssin päätteeksi tehtävän pienimuotoisen julkaisun.Vapaamuotoisen hakemuksen yhteystietoineen tulee sisältää hakijan CVn ja työnäytteiden lisäksi kuvauksen oman työskentelyn lähtökohdista (max 1 A4) ja työsuunnitelman (max 2 A4). Hakemus on laadittava englanniksi. Hakemus tulee toimittaa Näyttelyvaihtokeskus FRAMEen, osoitteeseen Merimiehenkatu 36 D 527, 00150 Helsinki, syyskuun 5. päivään mennessä. Valintapäätöksestä tiedotetaan viimeistään lokakuun lopussa. Tiedusteluihin vastaa Henna Harri, 040-519 1906 e-mail: henna.harri@frame-fund.fi
TIETOJA RESIDENSSISTÄ: The artist-in-residence laboratory program
Centre for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle in WarsawSite and Resources

The Centre for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle is located in the heart of Warsaw and is one of the premiere multi-disciplinary arts and cultural centers in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe as a whole. In addition to being a major center for the exhibition of contemporary art, the CCA offers a range of other cultural and educational activities, ranging from theatre and musical events to regular film screenings and an abundant program of lectures, workshops and discussions.The live-in studios at Ujazdowski Castle are not only functional spaces but also hint at being works of art in themselves and thus are inscribed in the highly creative atmosphere that reigns at the CCA in general. Based on the examples of such contemporary art centers as the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Akademie Schloss Solitude, we were striving to create one-of-a-kind spaces conducive to the pursuit of creative projects.In addition to the facilities described above, artists enjoy access to the Centre’s extensive collection of documentation on Polish contemporary art. The most up-to-date in Poland, the collection is accessible in the form of extensive archives, through the on-site library and reading room (containing one of the largest collections of contemporary art publications in Poland), as well as through the CCA video library, which has a variegated collection of video documentation of past projects presented at the CCA and beyond.
The artists-in-residence laboratory is a program of the Center for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. As a component of the overall CCA program, a-i-r laboratory enjoys this institution’s organizational support. The CCA provides the residency venue (two state-of-the-art, live-in studios located in the attic of Ujazdowski Castle) as well as administrative support, publicity resources, and access to exhibition/performance space. The a-i-r laboratory enables artists selected for participation in residencies to present works created during their residencies in the gallery space, cinema or in public. The a-i-r laboratory also works with the visiting artists to develop a publication documenting the results of their residency and artists and their projects are featured on the CCA’s website. A-i-r laboratory curators are encouraging artists to work within the public space of the city and to cooperate with local community and polish cultural scene. 

Fellowships are funded by international institutions, private sponsors and donors. Artist selection is accomplished in consultation with partner institutions in other countries, the CCA, however, together with Polish curators and gallerists, retains the right of final selection.The fellow artists pursue their projects in collaboration with the programme curators, Ika Sienkiewicz-Nowacka and Marianna Dobkowska. Our guests work in a new environment, get to know it and interact with it, which can be seen in their works. That’s why individual projects are highly concerned with this specific place, which often acts as an inspiration for the creative process.

The studios at the CCA can serve artists who use traditional techniques as well as artists who prefer new media. They have access to:
-a film editing studio 
-an empty workroom (50 sq m) 
-a technical workshop 
-a library, reading room and a video library (containing one of the largest collections of contemporary art publications in Poland)

The most important stage of each residence is the artist’s process of creation and experimenting with the new reality. We’d also like the final effect of each project to be published in a special publication. Our guests’ works are going to be presented at the CCA in a form of regular lectures, screenings, discussions and exhibitions.

We have been cooperating closely with some of the leading residence centres around the world, such as Akademie Schloss Solitude - Stuttgart, Art-in-General, Location One – New York, Headlands Centre for Arts – San Francisco, Arts Council - London, FACT – Liverpool, HIAP – Helsinki, PROGR - Bern. The a-i-r laboratory programme has received financial support from the following institutions: the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland; the Ministry of Science, Research and Art of the State of Baden-Württemberg; the Goethe Institut Inter Nationes; the British Council; the Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen, Trust for Mutulal Understanding and Pro Helvetia. We hope to establish new contacts with more residence centres and cultural institutions in the future, thus enlarging the possibilities of the artists-in-residence laboratory programme.OUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE
The Laboratory building (formerly Arsenal) is one of the few historically authentic parts of the park and castle complex currently housing the CCA. Its rooms, dating from the 18th c, have been adapted to exhibition rooms. They are especially prepared for young artists who seek inspiration and their artistic actions and experiments, often controversial. We are planning to extend these plans in being at the moment revitalised Laboratory building and create a unique interdisciplinary residence center where we could invite 6 artists at one time and provide them with inspiring working conditions.
12. EVENT: The Climb by Sorrel Muggridge and Laura Nanni (UK/Toronto)
DATES: September 1-5, 2007, Source: Laura Nanni
Aiming High
Join artist on 'a climb' of the cityAngel Row Gallery's off-site programme to accompany their final exhibition 'Shifting Ground', continues with an innovative project by Nottingham-based artist Sorrel Muggridge and Toronto-based artist Laura Nanni.
'The Climb' by Sorrel Muggridge and Laura Nanni
11am-1pm, September 1-5

Presented by Angel Row Gallery (Nottingham UK) in conjunction with
'Walking Life' exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel (Toronto ON)

Laura and Sorrel invite you to join them on an ongoing quest to climb 699km high in order to see each other over the horizon. This vast height has been quantified through a series of walks and climbs in their respective cities (front steps, churches, fire escapes and car parks) which will accumulate to this grand total.The next phase of the journey will be guided by their search for new stairs to climb; unexpected viewpoints and long forgotten pathways will be revealed in the process, giving us all a new perspective of our city. The climb will take place simultaneously in Nottingham and Toronto. A series of daily climbs starting from the gates of Trinity Bellwoods Park will start on September 1st 2007 (until September 5th) at 11am. This event is free but places are limited and booking is essential - In Toronto, please write to laurananni@hotmail.com or call 416-824-4293 to reserve your place. Documentation collected by the artists and participants from this latest phase of the project will be featured as part of the'Walking Life' exhibit at the Gladstone Hotel, September 9th-October 5th.
Sorrel Muggridge and Laura Nanni Past Works:
Space in Translation: From Queen and King St. to Here in 23 directions and 5000 steps (Toronto/ Nottingham, presented by the Bonington Gallery, Nottigham UK, 2006)

No Place Like Home: Directions to My House (Toronto/ Nottingham, 2006)
699km to climb/ 3478 miles as the crow flies: Part 1 (Toronto/ Nottingham, presented by Hub 14, Toronto CAN and Thingland Studios, Nottingham UK, 2007)

Working in Proximity: See You Soon! (Toronto, 2007)
For a year Sorrel and Laura collaborated on series of projects, performances and installations dealing with distance,time and translation of space, always working with an ocean between them. 'Beginning on opposite sides of the city, we will embark on a long-distance performance-walk in search of each other; ending in us meeting in person for the first time.'
Upcoming: To trail isn't always to follow behind (Banff, presented by The Banff Centre for the Arts, 2007)

A three-part project that responds to the development of Banff's landscape and community as discovered by regularly walking its trails towards each other and with the people who live there. This process oriented project, open to the public for viewing throughout the residency, begins with an installation as wide as the distance this duo has traveled to be here, and ends with a walking tour small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
Sorrel Muggridge is based in Nottingham England since graduating in 1998 with a Degree in Contemporary art from Nottingham Trent University. She has an interdisciplinary art practice, making performance, installations, public art projects and curating exhibitions. Her work is often site-specific, devised in response to the location. Sorrel 's artistic practice examines the intrinsic links we have with our landscape, the reciprocal pressures and influences, and the exchange that is constantly taking place. Engaging our desire for narrative, our sense of place and yearning curiosity for new horizons.
Laura Nanni is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist. Her work is concerned with the interrelationship between everyday activities, the spaces we move through and the stories we tell. She has presented her work at festivals, galleries and theatres across North America and the UK, including 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, and Koffler Gallery (Toronto); Galapagos Art Space (New York) and Bonington Gallery (Nottingham). In addition to her collaborations with Sorrel Muggridge, including 'Space in Translation: From Queen and King St. to Here in 23 directions and 5000 steps' and '699km to climb/3478 miles as the crow flies', recent projects include co-editing the Canadian Theatre Review126: site-specific performance; 'Curious Walking Tour: In Search of a Perfect Lawn' a performance devised for Toronto's Nuit Blanche 2006 and 'Pick 7', an interactive mapping project with Erika Hennebury created for the research and presentation space Hub 14.
13. EVENT: Art That Binds Performance Series (Toronto)
Date: September 15-16, 2007; Source: akimbo
September 15-16, 2007, 11-6pm
Trinity Bellwoods Park (Toronto)
At the intersection of Strachan and Queen StreetsMeet Canadian royalty, kick back with the top 40 beats of a cross-dressing boychoir, play a game of zombie-tag at the supermarket and take an intimate walking tour with local personalities. Art That Binds is a wild and hilarious performance art series (curated by Shannon Cochrane) for Artscape's Queen West Art Crawl, an annual weekend-long festival celebrating Toronto's Queen Street West, happening September 14 - 16, 2007.
Trinity Bellwood's Park becomes animated by some of Toronto's best loved performance artists including Anthea Foyer, Brenda Goldstein, Tanya Mars, Miss Canadiana, Boychoir of Lesbos, The Movement Movement, The Winking Circle, Songs of the New Erotics (W.A. Davison), Laura Nanni and Adam Paolozza.
Two days of performance tableaus, tours and try-outs! Offerings include: audience interactive game performance Time Out/Game On (complete with awards ceremony) led by Laura Nanni and Adam Paolozza; on the spot bike modifications and eccentrification inspiration from bike/art activists The Winking Circle; Show Me Yours, the latest installment in the Christina Zeidler film trilogy inspired by Toronto's west end artists and residents; Anthea Foyer's Hidden Toronto: Intimate Walking Tours reenact the tales told by some of Queen Street's more colourful residents; The Movement Movement (Jenn Goodwyn and Jessica Rose) run through Trinity Bellwoods Park and create a land sculpture made by jogging; a special appearance by Miss Canadiana, a durational performance inspired by one of the seven deadly sins from national icon, artist Tanya Mars, and much more. JOIN US! The Queen West Art Crawl kicks off with a LAUNCH PARTY at the Gladstone Hotel on Friday, September 14, starting at 7pm. You can take in all of the Gladstone Hotel's Queen West Art Crawl events and party until the last person is left standing!
Organized by Artscape, the fifth annual Queen West Art Crawl is one of the largest multi-disciplinary, community-based festivals that Toronto has to offer. In association with Artscape's community partners Parkdale Liberty Economic Development Corporation, Parkdale Village BIA, Gladstone Hotel, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Workman Arts, West Queen West BIA, and 401 Richmond, the Queen West Art Crawl celebrates the buzz, character, edge, authenticity and soul of historic Queen Street West with an annual weekend-long festival happening September 14 - 16, 2007. www.torontoartscape.on.ca/qwac
Artscape is grateful to our Queen West Art Crawl Supporters: ING Direct, NOW Magazine, CHUM 104.5 FM; Queen West Art Crawl Funders: City of Toronto - Community Festival & Events Grant, Toronto Arts Council, Toronto Community Foundation; Artscape Operational Funders: TEDCO, City of Toronto, Ontario Trillium Foundation
Media contact: Liz Kohn, Director of Communications, Artscape
T: 416-392-1038, ext. 25
E: liz@torontoartscape.on.ca
Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Artscape is a not-for-profit enterprise engaged in culture-led regeneration. Artscape's work includes anchoring creative communities within affordable spaces and building authentic and dynamic places by connecting creative and cultural resources. www.torontoartscape.on.ca 
14. EVENT: Play/Grounds Festival (Toronto) 
Dates: September 15-16, 2007; Source: PLEDC (Parkdale Liberty Economic Development Corporation)
PLAY/GROUNDS is a new collection of site-specific installations and performance art that will take place in Parkdale on September 15 and 16, 2007. The festival will utilize sidewalks, street corners, vacant lots, storefronts and parking lots all along Queen Street West from Dufferin to Roncesvalles. Presented on the same weekend as Artscape’s Queen West Art Crawl, PLAY/GROUNDS will showcase new works from Katie Bethune-Leaman, The Gladstone Cooperative, Anthea Foyer, Oliver Husain, Katherine Lannin, Adam Lauder, Laura Nanni and Adam Paolozza, Jon Sasaki, Nick Tobier, and Joy Walker.
This is an eclectic selection of work that includes a performance in the hallways of the Gladstone Hotel, a cheer rally under the Dufferin Street bridge, A Layperson’s Field Guide to Parkdale Mushrooms and a tail gate party in the parking lot beside the Rhino. PLAY/GROUNDS seeks to challenge popular notions of public space and to explore how diverse populations relate creatively with and within the shared spaces of our community. Parkdale is one of Toronto’s most multicultural neighbourhoods with many newcomers opting to make this downtown community their first Canadian home. Installations and performance pieces will animate the streetscape of Parkdale, inviting the public to participate and to learn more about:

-Gentrification - an examination of this economic phenomenon and its social and artistic consequences for Parkdale
-Relationships - an exploration of how people interact socially within the urban environment.
-Interpretations of public space - how seemingly nondescript public spaces can be manipulated to serve not only the artistic purposes of the artist but to encourage local audiences to re-evaluate the city streets and buildings they negotiate daily.
Presented by the Parkdale Liberty Economic Development Corporation (PLEDC) in partnership with Artscape’s Queen West Art Crawl, PLAY/GROUNDS is produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council and is sponsored by the Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area. Festival hours are Saturday from 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. –
6 p.m. For a fact sheet of the festival, please contact Gregory@parkdaleliberty.com or drop by the PLAY/GROUNDS information tent open during the festival in Parkdale Town Square (Queen Street West at Cowan Avenue). PLEDC is an award winning not-for-profit community organization that encourages economic and employment initiatives in the Parkdale and Liberty areas of Toronto. PLEDC works to create a vibrant, safe, caring and healthy community that celebrates and enables its diverse residents and businesses.
Contact: Jessica Hum, 416-516-8301 or jessica@parkdaleliberty.com
15. EVENT: Improbable Futures presents Once Only (Australia) 
Date: September 15 & 16, 2007; Source: Rebecca Cunningham
A Live Art event over two nights with performance art from international artist Michael Mayhew, and local artists in an open exchange of ideas, processes and performances. Adult themes abound, and those of a nervous disposition should not attend, the performances seek to illuminate the moment and dig deep. Michael Mayhew's (UK) Something Tender takes the audience on a journey crossing through the seasons of Russia, the deserts, mountains and cities of China and the suspended encapsulation of Switzerland. Something Tender has been performed at Greenroom, Manchester, and at the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow (06).Zane Trow’s (Aus) MARCUSE/UTOPIA FUTURE/PAST uses minimal physical/spoken gesture, live electronic illbience and a redaction of recorded speeches and lectures by philosopher Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979). The work was first performed at length for the Indonesian International Performance Art Event at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta in December 06. Variations of it will be presented on the streets of Singapore in late September 07 and at PSI #13 in New York in November 07.
Also featuring:
Alicia Jones - The Woman in Black
Version 3.1. Highlight the constructs - a preparation for re-wiring
Kylie Hicks - Present
An autobiography of the moment. Hicks will be there...looking back...looking at you maybe..she will speak...maybe not. An intimate encounter with the performer shaped by circumstance.
Richelle Spence - Accountability
A self devised ritual examining Western religious hypocrisy on Aboriginal land.
Rebecca Cunningham- Pledge

Multiculturalism, equality, religious tolerance: it sounds nice, but is it happening?
WHEN: 15 & 16 September 2007/Sat 6pm till late, Sun 8pm till late
WHERE: !METRO ARTS STUDIO, Metro Arts 109 Edward St, Brisbane, QLD 4000 AUSTRALIA
TICKETS: (per night) Adults $15 l Concession $10
BOOKINGS: +61 7 3002 7100 or online www.metroarts.com.au
16. EVENT: Deep Structure: Deep Play 
Dates: September 14-November 10, 2007; Source: Neutral Ground
“Deep Structure: Deep Play” International Festival of New Media and Performance Art
Neutral Ground and Soil Digital Media Suite
INTRODUCTION “Deep Structure: Deep Play” is an international new media and performance festival that offers a diverse program of live and media based work. The extended program aims to connect Regina-based artists and audiences with artists and audiences in 6 countries including Spain, Australia, the USA, Japan, Italy and Canada including participation in the LIVE 2007 Biennial in Vancouver. The project invited or commissioned artists to create new work in live contexts or to prepare new cinematic works for premiere. The festival’s focus is to create a framework with which to consider contemporary art and shifts in the social and economic values that have come about in tandem with or as a result of globalism and the new economies for media and live art. Artists were invited to respond to a number of propositions and the works in the final program seemed to cluster around the following ideas;-relational aesthetics and the collapse of aesthetic discourses:

-art and its new economies; recreation, entertainment and the social development agendas
-other disciplinary imports; audio art and literature
-celebrity, pop culture and the formation of artistic identities
-the Internet, new social networks, Web cinema and other new media
The range of works included emphasize subject matter that includes new cognitive spaces and metaphysical possibilities submerged in an artistic underworld; extreme ideas that can challenge what we consider to be the foundation of our personal identities; bio diversity and the predominance of fear in everyday life; feminist responses to corporate ideologies; the presence of absence and considerations for audio art as a practice that is also about space and dimensionality; the hyper availability of information and digital content made possible by global connection and the Internet; regional, geopolitical transformations, the family farm and the politics of food production and distribution, and, a sense of upheaval in the art world.Neutral Ground’s partners this year include the Saskatchewan Filmpool Co-operative, New Dance Horizons, Chapel Arts, and the Vancouver based LIVE festival organizers. We further acknowledge community support from the organizers of the organizers of Art After Aesthetic Distance at the University of Regina and the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design.……combining immersive technologies with post-pop aesthetics constitutes an artistic travesty of the highest order………
Barcelona, Spain
Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 8:00 pm
Location: Neutral Ground; 1856 Scarth Street
Valentin Torrens is an internationally recognized performance artist, theorist and teacher. Since the early 1990’s, he has performed in twenty-five countries in Europe, North America and Asia, presenting his works as one-man actions in international festivals and exhibitions. In the last six years he has also organized the important multi-disciplinary Periferias festival in Huesca and the Territoris Nomades in Barcelona, Spain, both festivals providing exceptional venues for many performance and intermedia artists from around the world. Valentin has also conducted many workshops of performance and published artist books and catalogues. He is presently editing Performance Pedagogy, a book that includes documentation and course material from over 30 teachers and programs engaged in the research and teaching of performance art genres, and which will become a key teaching resource for individuals working in performance and interdisciplinary public art.Co-programmed in association with Robin Poitras and New Dance Horizons. For live streamed event, please go to http://nglive.ca
Regina, Saskatchewan
Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 9:30 pm
Location: Neutral Ground; 1856 Scarth Street
CEO is one in a series of four “Superwoman” costumes, each performed in different and various contexts. Lloyd describes her action in this performance as “religious and pornographic”. She questions gender and sexuality, freedom and confinement, sensuality and the will, beauty (especially unattainable), pain, masochism, transgression, narcissism, guilt, work, desire, romance, fantasy, escape,existentialism, Buddhism, transcendence, and time. CEO is performed in what Lloyd describes as “an ambiguous, magic space” reminiscent of a boardroom, in which she holds various poses to the limits of her body’s endurance. - born in Regina, Saskatchewan, adopted into a loving family. [Conventional Time Skip] - studied art and politics at the University of Saskatchewan (B.A., B.F.A.). - got married and had three kids. - moved away and came back. - started the Superwoman project in 2000, in the midst of babies. - suffered from severe depression in each pregnancy. - read a great deal of theory about the female body (would love to do a Masters with Elizabeth Grosz, and Judith Butler is bloody prolific – truly commendable output. then there are all those French structuralists – decadent), and also some very good poetry (Carson, Hughes, Moure). And lo, for all these long years, mothering has been the greatest struggle. - asking questions about gender and sexuality, embodiment, freedom and confinement, sensuality and the will, beauty, desire, romance, fantasy, mythology, existentialism, Buddhism, narcissism, pain, masochism, transgression, guilt, despair, work and worth. I am interested in the creation of reality. How do we create our realities? How do women, here and now, find freedom? How do we participate in our confinement and suffering? How do women move and work? I am curious about how we get away, and how we stay. – now reading Pessoa and Mishima, obsessively. Cherries and black army boots are common to all the costumes (there are four). - prairie girl, good ukranian hands. For live streamed event, please go to http://nglive.ca
Japan, Italy
North American Premiere
Genetic Sea
October 6 - November 10, 2007
Opening: Saturday, October 6 at 8:00 pm with screening
Location: Neutral Ground; 1856 Scarth Street
Kenji Siratori received a tape from an unknown research group. The footage in the tape shows a living form, an organism that lives in our reality but in a different spectrum, and is invisible to our eyes. A Genetic Sea where we are only parasites living in its tissues. The Genetic Sea covers the whole surface of the planet.Kenji Siratori is a Japanese cyberpunk writer who is currently bombarding the Internet with wave upon wave of highly experimental, uncompromising, progressive, intense prose. His is a writing style that not only breaks with tradition, it severs all cords, and can only really be compared to the kind of experimental writing techniques employed by the Surrealists, William Burroughs and Antonin Artaud. Embracing the image mayhem of the digital age, his relentless prose is nonsensical and extreme, avant-garde and confused, with precedence given to twisted imagery, pace and experimentation over linear narrative and character development. With unparalleled stylistic terrorism, he unleashes his literary attack. An unprovoked assault on the senses. Blood Electric (Creation Books) was acclaimed by David Bowie and Dennis Cooper. Mariano Equizzi studied at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome during 1996-99. During that time he was the first AD of Michele Soavi, during which time he founded a Web portal broad band based organization devoted to genre culture produced by Interact in Rome. His work in cinema is largely based on sci-fi and fantastic storytelling short movies. In 2002 Premio Italia who are supported by the World Science Fiction Association, assigned him an award for Ginevra Report, a science fiction documentary. He also directs video for the electro dance music European scene including the work, After The Mark, distributed in Italy by Universal. He is developing a new piece for screen release based on a manta-horror novel by Valerio Evangelisti, who says his principal interest is in the obscure relationship among the modern myths of terror, technology and religion and whose main intention is to destroy all dogmatic verbal systems.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winnipeg Babysitter
Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 8:00 pm
Location: Neutral Ground; 1856 Scarth Street
For the past two years, Daniel Barrow has been researching, compiling and archiving a history of independently produced television in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In the late '70s and throughout the '80's, Winnipeg experienced a "golden age" of public access television. Anyone with a dream, concept or exhibitionist politic would be endowed with airtime and professional production services. A precedent was set in the late '70s when the infamous Winnipeg performance artist Glen Meadmore sat in front of a television camera and silently picked at his acne for 30 minutes each week. Winnipeg Babysitter traces this and other unique vignettes from a brief synapse in broadcasting history when Winnipeg cable companies were mandated to provide public access as a condition of their broadcasting license.Barrow will be present to provide a magic lantern commentary, his "overhead documentary" tracing the history of public access television in Manitoba, and describing the various and outrageous biographies of cult classics (that subsequently become urban legends when the Winnipeg public access paradigm was axed in the '90s).
Daniel Barrow is a Winnipeg-based media artist, working in performance, video and installation. Best known and loved for his "manual" animation technique, using mylar transparencies and an overhead projector, Barrow has exhibited widely in Canada and abroad.For live streamed event, please go to http://nglive.ca
Vancouver, B.C.
Puppet Theory
Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 9:30 pm
Location: Neutral Ground; 1856 Scarth Street
We wonder about our machines; we wonder about our future. We let our dreams gestate in our machines. In that, Interactivity and Interface become images of our evolution. But what can we make that overtakes us, that makes us so radically other to ourselves that we must grow or die? Doesn't this sound like warfare?In our machine designs we address our desire to be spoken to, to be recognized. We would have it that our machines recognize us, or suggest that they do. We want our needs to be anticipated and even named before we experience them. This image of utility is an abysmal picture of desire and an implausible area of development if we in fact want our machines to make us better, which is to say, force an evolutionary leap."Puppet Theory" proposes to present a lecture and demonstration of these and related questions through a puppet show/lecture. We will model a theoretical interactive device with diagrams and explanations. We will then test particular aspects of the device with a polygraph and audience participation. We hope to explore the zone between machines and society, especially a way of conceptualizing this zone as hinging on an image of human experience as underwritten by radical indifference. Consider the rain: does it care whether it falls on us? If the rain has no concept of the human, why do we design our machines this way?
Warren Arcand lives and works in Vancouver, where his artistic output includes performance art, film and video, theatre and text based work. He is currently teaching performance art at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. His past performances include “Six Gun Sufi” (cowboy ballads and sexdeath mysticism); “Surgery” (hermaphrodism as a metaphor for Abo identity); “Flamingo Killer” (a ‘based-on-a-true-story’ performance featuring a suburban kid and his grisly abreaction to behaviour modifying drugs); and most recently “Superchannel” (audience members received wireless headsets giving them access to 7 channels of selectable audio where they could mix their own ‘soundtrack’ for Warren’s simple performance task of ‘making eye contact’).For live streamed event, please go to http://nglive.ca
Queer City Cinema
Gary Varro, Curator
Screening: Thursday, October 18 at Neutral Ground
ReginaI Like To Watch
Shocking, poetic, visceral, whimsical. These are some of the responses you will have to these short, sweet and sour performance videos. Viewer indiscretion is advised.
Videos by: 
Nathaniel Siry-Fortin
Ruthann Lee & Anne-Marie Estrada!
Deborah VanSlet
Pascal Lievre
Michael-Oliver Harding & Jennifer Schlumberger & Josh Usheroff
Jared Gradinger
Pascal Lievre & Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay
Jesika Joy
Miriam Ginestier
Tung-Yen Chou
LIVE Biennial of Performance Art
LIVE 2007 marks the third occasion that Neutral Ground has participated in the Vancouver LIVE Biennale festival. This year, we are pleased to be presenting the work of Robin Poitras, a Regina-based multidisciplinary artist whose practice has emerged from the fields of dance, performance and visual art. Running concurrently to LIVE this year is Neutral Ground’s performance and new media festival, “Deep Structure: Deep Play” whose focus is to create a framework with which to consider contemporary art and shifts in the social and economic values that have come about in tandem with or as a result of globalism. As part of her inclusion in our local festival, we are touring Robin to Vancouver. “It seemed like the perfect opportunity to go public” says Poitras collaborator and project curator, Brenda Cleniuk.Robin Poitras' performance work belongs to an emergent category of interdisciplinary work informed by the rigor and discipline of dance and the austere, formalist qualities of abstraction and visual art. She uses these disciplinary points of departure to delve into the social and cultural tropes that are classically contained by myth and mythology or obscured in the vernacular by fairy tales or as dwelling in the dynamics and subterfuge foundations of psychoanalysis. Her work interrogates power and the paradigms of control that belie revolution or upheaval precisely because they operate at levels of unconscious complicity and acceptance. The new work, an audio based piece, synchs the abstract manifestation of sound as a spatial and all encompassing force with that of the human body in a work that affirms the idea of the individual as one capable of transforming presence from absence and inaction into active participation.
Regina, Saskatchewan
“some times three”
A new work created as a fugue in acoustic and dance form.October 22, 2007 at 5:00 pm
Location: Chapel Arts
304 Dunlevy Avenue / at 400 East Cordova
Vancouver, British Columbia 
For venue information and map see http://www.chapelarts.com Sponsorship credit, Nathan Wiens
Performers: tba
Robin Poitras is a Regina based dance and performance artist. Actively engaged in contemporary dance practice since the early 80's, she co-founded New Dance Horizons in 1986, where she continues to act as Artistic Director. Her artistic practice is centered in movement and dance and with an interest and ongoing research in diverse fields of artistic and somatic practice she has developed a unique multidimensional approach. Robin's works have been presented across Canada, in Spain, Germany and in Mexico. At home in Regina she has developed several multi-disciplinary and community performance works. A recipient of the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2006 Mayor's Awards for Business & The Arts in Regina, Robin has received many grants and awards including the 2004 Women of Distinction Award for the Arts.
More info: http://www.neutralground.sk.ca
17. EVENT: Zaz Festival 2007 (Tel Aviv) 
Dates: August 30- September 8, 2007; Source: Tamar Raban
Zaz Festival 
Performance Art in Motion

Tel Aviv / Jerusalem / Mitzpe Ramon
August 30 – September 8, 2007
The ZAZ Festival for performance art is a unique initiative in Israel. This dynamic and experimental laboratory of live art moves between different physical and human spaces in Israel, and between various forms of action, including frontal performances in a variety of heterogeneous spaces; simultaneous performances in multiple sites; actions on the streets and in public buildings that have a charged sociopolitical meaning; and workshops for students and for the general public. About 15 Israeli artists and 15 artists from England, Poland, Ireland, Croatia and Serbia will participate in the Festival.

The ZAZ Festival constitutes one aspect of the ZAZ Project – an ongoing project initiated by Performance Art Platform. This project revolves around a workshop-based research process, whose purpose is to explore new and dynamic aspects of the relations between physical and geographical spaces, individual and collective awareness and the medium of performance. The ZAZ Project involves 15 Israeli performance artists of different generations, who meet and work on a regular basis at Performance Art Platform. The Festival itself operates according to a flexible curatorial model: each of the European art centers that share an artist exchange program with Performance Art Platform independently selects its representatives for the Festival. In this manner, the Festival is based upon the range of organic, ongoing activities that have taken place at Performance Art Platform in recent years (the artist exchanges have been part of various events, including the "Four Cultures" Festival in Lodge, Poland; the MAP LIVE Festival in northern England; and the Lazareti Art Workshop in Dubrovnik, Croatia).

In this dynamic context, the Festival celebrates the live encounter of artist communities from different countries; it aims to create an experience based on a strategy of shared research and learning, and on the unique characteristics of performance art as a live art. For the general public, this is a rare and unique opportunity to experience the rich range of languages and approaches that characterize international performance art today. Those who choose to join us for this ten-day journey will be able to fully experience the extraordinary vitality of performance art – a live and continuous form of experimentation that is directly influenced by its site and time-specific context.

Festival program:
August 30–September 1: Bamat Meitzag and spaces in the Tel Aviv central bus station
September 3: Underground Prisoners Museum, Jerusalem
September 4: the Nahalaot neighborhood and Barbur gallery, Jerusalem (daytime)
Ma'abada Theater, Jerusalem (evening)
September 5: Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem
September 7–8: Adama Warehouse, Mitzpeh Ramon

Participating Artists:
Israel: Farid Abu-Shakra, Lior Amir-Kariel, Adina Bar-On, Efi Ben-David, Irit Bluzer, Yaacov Chefetz, Yaron David, Guy Gutman, Meirav Hadar, Michal Herner-Rozenman,
Beni Kori, Shachar Marcus, Tamar Nissim, Anant Schen, Michal Schreiber, Ronen Shuker, Salamanca group, Tamar Raban, Meir Tati
UK: Bill Aitchison, Di Clay, Jane Dudman, Carole Luby, Michael Lumb, Harald Smykla, Helena Walsh
Poland: Janusz Baldyga, Adam Klimczak, Pawe? Kwa?niewski
Croatia: Slaven Tolj, Pasko Burdjelez
Serbia: Nenad Bogdanovic
Ireland: Anne Seagrave

Curator: Yaron David
Artistic Director: Tamar Raban
18. EVENT: Mammalian Diving Reflex presents Haircuts by Children 
Date: September 8 & 9, 2007; Source: Mammalian Diving Reflex
It's official: We've got a new producer. We're super excited by this new development, anticipating Natalie's participation will take us to new, unexpected and uncharted terrain. Natalie De Vito's experience includes being Co-Director of Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Art, Head of Development and Marketing at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, and Acting Media and Visual Arts Officer at the On