FADO E-LIST (July 2007)

FADO E-LIST (July 2007)


2. FADO NEWS: NEW TEXTS on the Fado website
4. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Lab Sessions 2.0 “Idol Love”
Deadline: July 13, 2007; Source: Labspace
5. CALL FOR COLLABORATION: A Potential Toronto
Beginning: September 14, 2007; Source: Instant Coffee
Deadline: July 15, 2007; Source: Labspace
7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Ladyfest Toronto
Deadline: July 20, 2007; Source: Instant Coffee
8. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Nuit Blanche Nightless City
Deadline: July 24, 2007; Source: Instant Coffee
9. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Art in the Fall at 401
Deadline: August 1, 2007; Source: Instant Coffee
10. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Nan Yeoman's Grant: Modern Fuel, Kingston
Deadline: August 6, 2007; Source: Modern Fuel
Deadline: August 13, 2007; Source: Dare-Dare
12. RESIDENCY: Artist Residency Program Launched for Ontario and Québec Artists
Deadline: October 5, 2007; Source: ARCCO/Ontario Arts Council
13. CALL FOR PAPERS: Lotus Magazine
Deadline: November 1, 2007; Source: Instant Coffee
14. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Multimedial Art Studio (Serbia)
Deadline: July 15, 2007; Source: Nenad Bogdanovic/Multimedial Art Studio
15. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Catalyst Arts (Belfast, N. Ireland)
Deadline: July 15, 2007; Source: asabank
16. RESIDENCY: Elsewhere Artist Collaborative (USA)
Deadline: July 15, 2007; Source: Elsewhere Artist Collective
17. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: A Space Symposium
Deadline: July 20, 2007; Source: Instant Coffee
18. WORKSHOP: Port Performance (Germany, Poland and Israel)
Dates: July 18-28 (Germany) and other dates; Source: Port Performance
19. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 7TH Edition of Real Presence (Belgrade)
Deadline: July 30, 2007; Source: Biljana Tomic/Dobrila Denegri
20. RESIDENCY: Pact Zollverein Residencies (Germany)
Deadline: August 20, 2007; Source: www.on-the-move.org
21. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Performance Research (papers)
Deadline: September 7, 2007; Source: Centre for Performance Research
Deadline: October 14, 2007; Source: Gert Hatsukov
23. RESIDENCY: Nodor Guest Houses, Nogs Residency (Portugal)
Deadline: Open, Source: www.on-the-move.org
24. NEWS: Grace Space New Home of Performance Art (New York)
Source: IAPAO
25. NEWS: New Liveartwork Editions available
Source: Christopher Hewitt, liveartwork.com
26. NEWS: REDFOXPRESS, new artist books just released
Source: Fernando Aguiar
27. NEWS: Art of Encountering, Issue 11
Source: Boris Nieslony
Source: Victoria Stanton
29. EVENT: SAVAC and AKA Gallery are proud to present “doubledate”
Dates: July 13 and 14, 2007; Source: SAVAC
30. EVENT: Toronto Free Gallery presents AU TRAVAIL/AT WORK
Dates: June 28-July 28, 2007; Source: Instant Coffee
31. EVENT: ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival (Finland)
Dates: September 27 – 30, 2007; Source: ANTI-festival



Summer has officially begun and Fado is hard at work making the transition from founder Paul Couillard to newly appointed Artistic and Administrative Director Shannon Cochrane. Luckily for us, being performance artists ourselves, we are adept at passing a flaming torch. And we are excited to announce we have a new physical office space in the heart of the artist-run community at 401 Richmond Street West (we are now safely ensconced in the annex office of Suite 448). Many thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their support in making this move possible and the Images Festival for being such great landlords.

Fado's new office and mailing address, effective immediately:
448-401 Richmond Street West
Toronto, ON Canada
M5V 3A8

(T) 416-822-3219
(E) info@performanceart.ca

Fado kicked off the summer season with “Territoires de Langue”, a co-production with Sudbury's Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (GNO) and co-sponsored by Toronto Free Gallery. Thanks to Heather Haynes and the Toronto Free Gallery for hosting the performance event on June 23rd. The week-long Toronto residency culminated in a night of great performances at the Toronto Free Gallery from Territoires de Langue artists Suzanne Joly, Colette Jacques, Stefan St-Laurent and Flutura and Besnik Haxhillari (the Two Gullivers). After the Toronto portion of the project, the artists and curator Paul Couillard traveled to Sudbury for another week of actions, interventions and performance events at Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario. Many thanks to Danielle Tremblay and all the staff at GNO for their generous collaboration on this project. 


Rinaldo Walcott offers up “Intimate Distances”, thoughts on David Khang's performance “PHALOGOCENTRIX”


Vivencia Poetica: EMERGING ARTISTS SERIES 2007-08 season
Deadline extended to Monday July 23, 2007 (postmarked)

Fado announces a regional call for submissions for its 2007-08 Emerging Artist series, tentatively titled “Vivencia Poetica”. Curator Erika DeFreitas explains: "The premise for this installment of the series requires an emerging and senior performance artist [TBA] to collaborate jointly, and in turn with participants within the space in which they work/present. I am interested in the relational aspects within the collaborative process between artists, and how it specifically pertains to questions of authorship, communication, tension, and pedagogy. My interest lies in the way that this collaborative process informs the one that would take place with the audience and/or participants. I believe that the initial collaboration between a senior artist and emerging artist, both whose work is relational in nature, could potentially provide insight to the contrasts between relational artists from different generations.

Three emerging artists and/or artist collectives will be chosen to participate. Projects will be presented in October 2007 – March 2008. Please note that this is a regional call; there are no travel/accommodation funds available.

Submissions must include:
• Curriculum Vitae
• Statement describing your practice including an explanation as to why such a collaboration would enrich your practice
• Documentation of previous work [CD-ROM with a maximum of 20 jpeg images and/or a 10minute video]
• Descriptive list for your images
• Any written documentation to accompany your images

E-mail submissions will NOT be accepted. Only submissions with self-addressed stamped envelope or funds to cover shipping and packaging costs will be returned.

Send proposals to:
Erika DeFreitas
56 Frank Faubert Drive
Toronto, Ontario M1C 5H7

Questions? Email: defreitas.erika@gmail.com
For more information on the project, go to: http://www.performanceart.ca/vpcall.html

4. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Labspace Studio Presents…

The Lab Sessions 2.0
“Idol Love”
Saturday, September 22, 2007
The Lab Sessions are a series of interactive art parties hosted and curated by Labspace Studio. Each Lab Session fuses the vibe of a house party with the sensibility of an art gallery to create an authentic party-going experience. Currently Labspace Studio is looking for artists willing to present their work(s) for the second installment of The Lab Sessions 2.0 - “Idol Love”.

“Idol Love” will explore the intricate and complex relationships between the concepts of ‘idols’, ‘celebrities’, ‘worship’, ‘obsession’, and ‘god’.

Submission Categories:
Painting, Collage, Photography, Drawing
Video Art/ New Media
Performance Art

Work will be displayed at Labspace Studio on the night of September 22, 2007.
All artists are expected to financially support their projects. We will facilitate required technologies and assist in the installation process to the best of our ability. Keep in mind that The Lab Sessions is a party environment! Artwork may need to be tailored to suit the atmosphere.

To submit your work please email a brief description of your proposed piece(s) along with supporting/portfolio material of the described work or other work recently completed in a similar media to info@labspacestudio.com.


For more details call:
Laura Mendes: 416 836 1516
John Loerchner: 416 857 5712

Labspace Studio
276 Carlaw Ave (Suite 202)
Toronto, ON


Toronto School of Creativity & Inquiry is in the midst of mobilizing a counter-cartography initiative and we need you! A Potential Toronto is a first-step towards mapping alternative economies and minor spaces within Toronto. It begins this fall with a 6-week event series and we invite you to join us in conceiving, organizing and animating the event series.

A Potential Toronto (working title)
A Toronto School of Creativity & Inquiry series
14 September - 27 October 2007
Toronto Free Gallery and various sites throughout the city

Another city is possible. But what is to be done? Better, what is being done? How are individuals and groups organizing themselves to do it?

A Potential Toronto is the working title of a 6-week event series. We invite you to join us in conceiving, refining, organizing, and animating the series. It is a preliminary step in what we hope will be a more long-term counter-cartography initiative. Researching and mapping some of the city’s alternative economies and minor spaces is the substance of this project: wild spaces, free services, co-operatives, community currencies, off-grid housing, informal systems of mutual aid? Where are they? How do they work? Do they connect? How might we map them as a local area network? In order to map sites and tactics of difference, dissent, deviance, and refusal it is necessary to invent concepts and create ways of working. This requires cooperation of minds and bodies engaged in the self-organization of a collective event. The process of mapping, or of cartography, we are proposing to mobilize does not just mean surveying a territory from above, or representing a process that has unfolded in the past, but instead, effectively fleshing out the contours of a living social dynamic, of an event which bears the future, of potential.

Each of the six weeks will traverse a series of shared concerns: work, housing, ecology, health, sexuality, creativity, mobility, space, history? Every Friday evening we will gather at Toronto Free Gallery for a collaboratively generated event. Event formats could range from walking tours to collective dinners to informal conversations. Gatherings will involve participants in and theorists of alternative economies and minor spaces. At each event we invite participants and guests to leave behind a trace: an image, a tip, a guide, directions, a piece of writing, a web link, a recommended resource... These will be added in the gallery to a collaborative emergent map of another Toronto. Every Monday night throughout the series there will be concurrent reading groups addressing the commons, migration, counter-cartography, dynamic networks, and the art of organization.

A Potential Toronto is motivated by our desire to learn more about and raise the profile of various alternative social, economic, and subjective experiments underway locally. Our practical hope is to increase the use of these alternatives so that in our everyday lives more of us might reproduce what we value rather than what we oppose. From this, a counter-network may become visible, and, we hope, lay some groundwork for next steps towards a counter cartography of Toronto.

Visit: www.tsci.ca


Labspace Studio is a Toronto-based arts facility and organization with a focus on promoting and creating interdisciplinary work. We are currently in search of workshop proposals for our fall programming schedule. All proposals will be considered, however special note will be given to proposals that satisfy the following criteria:

Overall concept is arts focused
Workshop integrates more than one discipline

Proposals should fall into one of two categories:
One-off classes (One or two full day courses)
Series (Weekly courses running one to three hours up to a maximum of 8 weeks)

Please submit the following:
A general course description (including preferred class size and length)
Student demographic (age, experience level)
Required equipment and/or materials
Days and times you are available to teach
Approximate instructor fee per class
Instructor Bio (150 words) and CV

Workshops will run from September through November 2007
Submission deadline: July 15th, 2007

For more information contact:
Laura Mendes
email: info@labspacestudio.com
website: www.labspacestudio.com


We are looking for filmmakers, visual artist, musicians, spoken word performers, workshop coordinators, etc. Ladyfest Toronto is a grassroots, do-it-yourself community-based organization designed by women and for everyone. We seek to promote urban feminism and showcase, celebrate and encourage talents of women through musical performances, art shows, workshops and film screenings. Ladyfest Toronto 2007 continues the Ladyfest tradition of making feminism fun and breaking down barriers for women artists.

Ladyfest Toronto will be celebrating feminism in all its forms this fall, and we need people to help. We're looking for people to lend their talents to Ladyfest Toronto 2007, happening in and around Kensington Market from September 27th-30th.

You can download the application form for music, film, art, workshops at http://www.ladyfesttoronto.ca



Deadline: Tuesday July 24, 2007

Living up to its provocative nature, for Nuit Blanche, Church Street will be transformed into a theatrical set; a stage for street- walkers. Feverish red light will bathe the street, a mist will drift upon the pavement and Church Street will become a marvelous play, suggesting forbidden love and desires. There will be performances everywhere on Church Street, in every shadowed nook and cranny. Visual artists, photographers and writers are also invited into red-lit shop fronts to create their work onsite or to display an art/media installation. Nightless City seeks submissions from artists, entertainers and performers of all persuasions interested in being a part of this fantastical night, creating a live exhibition that will explore the relationships and conversations between subject and object. Nightless City is presented by the Toronto Nightless Collective with support from the Church-Wellesley Village Business Improvement Area.

Read the full project description and download the Submission Form from http://www.churchwellesleyvillage.ca/nuitblanche

Complete the Submission Form. Please note that in order to be considered you must adhere to all programming criteria and submission requirements as stated above. Applications must be mailed by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, July 24, 2007. Incomplete, faxed, or emailed applications will not be accepted.

The Toronto Nightless Collective is also seeking volunteers for a variety of positions.


Join us in making art happen in the heart of Toronto! The busy, beautiful, historic 401 Richmond building is opening its doors to artists as a space to do and display creative work, for Art in the Fall at 401 from Sept 12 to Oct 6. Art in the Fall at 401 is an annual arts event at 401 Richmond, in conjunction with Nuit Blanche and Queen West Arts Crawl.

Please consider participating by submitting visual artwork for Art in the Halls, or performance/interactive art for Nuit Blanche Toronto. We also welcome proposals that include creative uses of 401's public spaces.

Art in the Halls
Sept 12 - Oct 6 selected artists display their work in the halls of 401 Richmond

Nuit Blanche Toronto
September 29, 7:03pm to sunrise an all night contemporary art thing
Want some background info?
www.401richmond.net/events/specialEvents.cfm (download submission form here)

Please contact us for a participation form to submit by August 1st.

Alice Dixon, Coordinator
Art in the Fall at 401
401 Richmond St. West, Studio 111
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8


Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre
21A Queen St. Kingston ON
(613) 548-4883 modernfuel@bellnet.ca

At her passing in 2004, Kingston artist Nan Yeomans left a large part of her estate to the Community Foundation of Greater Kingston, intending that the proceeds fund scholarships for promising young artists and artisans. It is due to this act of generosity that Modern Fuel, along with the Community Foundation of Greater Kingston (CFGK) and Nan’s Legacy Project is proud to announce the establishment of The Nan Yeomans Grant for Artistic Development. This annual grant totaling $2,500 aims to help promising young artists and/or artisans in furthering their education and professional artistic growth, and will be awarded by a peer jury to one successful applicant based on the artistic merit of his or her work and previous accomplishments, and the eligibility of the proposal.

The deadline for submissions is Monday August 6th 2007. A public award ceremony is to be held in November 2007.

Born 1923 in Petworth Ontario, Yeomans, a child of rural Canada, grew with nature and the love of interpreting it. In her late twenties she enjoyed three summers at Queen’s University Summer School of Fine Arts, where under the guidance of prominent artists, Nan found direction. From then, and for the rest of her 82 years, she stayed busy with her art and always found time to contribute to the community.

This grant is intended to honor Nan’s legacy by supporting individuals whose ambitions incorporate communion with other artists in a focused context, and who display potential for a professional artistic career.

For more information, including submission guidelines and eligibility criteria, please visit the Modern Fuel website http://www.modernfuel.org

Applications are available for pick up at Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre or online through the CFGK website http://www.cfgk.org/ and the Modern Fuel Website.

For more information about the life and work of Nan Yeomans please visit the Nan Yeoman’s Legacy website: http://www.nanslegacy.com

For media inquiries please contact Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre at: (613) 548-4883.

[versión en español a continuación / english below]

Dis/location: projet d'articulation urbaine 2008
Date de tombée: le 13 août 2007
DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d'art multidisciplinaire de Montréal est un lieu flexible, ouvert, voué à la recherche et à l'éducation, qui soutient et valorise l'implication d'artistes aux pratiques émergentes. Le centre d'artistes autogéré manifeste un intérêt soutenu pour l'exploration et la diversification des modes de production, de présentation et de diffusion des œuvres et interventions artistiques.

Appel d'intentions pour les programmations 2008 DARE-DARE reçoit votre dossier accompagné de vos intentions de recherche. Ces intentions pourront se traduire par des projets d'intervention publique, de performance, de manœuvre, d'événement ou autre, qu'ils soient ponctuel, de durée variable ou répétée dans le temps. Le centre recherche des pratiques qui s'insèrent directement dans la trame physique et sociale de la ville, des projets interdisciplinaires qui impliquent une interaction avec le public et qui s'inscrivent dans les espaces publics, les zones résidentielles, commerciales, industrielles.

Une première sélection se fera à partir du dossier et des pistes de recherche. DARE-DARE invitera les artistes sélectionnés à formuler un projet plus précis pour une deuxième étape de sélection à l'automne.

Votre dossier devrait comprendre:
* un texte décrivant votre intention de recherche (max 200 mots),
* un curriculum vitæ,
* dix diapositives ou images numériques (max 1 Mo) avec description,
* une bande audio/vidéo, VHS/DVD (NTSC), disque compact (max 5 min),
* tout document permettant un meilleur aperçu de votre travail.

Le centre n'accepte pas de dossiers par courriel. Vous pouvez joindre une enveloppe affranchie pour le retour des documents (le centre se départira des dossiers non-réclamés). Le centre paie les droits correspondant aux normes recommandées par SODART/CARFAC.

DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d'art multidisciplinaire de Montréal
Casier postal 130 Succursale R Montréal Québec H2S 3K6 Canada
t: +1.514.878.1088 daredar@cooptel.qc.ca
Renseignements: www.dare-dare.org

DARE-DARE est situé dans un parc sans nom à Montréal.
Dislocación: proyecto de articulación urbana 2008

Fecha límite: 13 de agusto 2007

DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d'art multidisciplinaire de Montréal apoya y valoriza la implicación de artistas con trayectorias emergentes. DARE-DARE tiene un gran interés hacia la exploración y la variedad de modos de presentación y divulgación de obras e intervenciones artísticas que ocupen el espacio urbano o cualquier otro contexto de presentación. Intencion de artista Dislocación: proyecto de articulación urbana 2008 DARE-DARE acepta su portafolio acompañado de su intención de proyecto. Esta intención pueden ser un proyecto de intervención en espacio público, de performancia, eventos u otros, sean estos de carácter puntual, de duración variable o repetida. El centro busca divulgar prácticas que se inserten directamente en la trama física y social de la ciudad, proyectos interdiciplinarios que impliquen una interacción con el público y que se inscriban en barrios, espacios públicos, zonas comerciales y residenciales, etc. DARE-DARE ocupa por el momento, un refugio móbil y opera sin espacio de galería. El comité de programación escogerá un cierto número de artistas los cuales serán invitados durante el otoño a proponer un proyecto más preciso. Así, una primera selección se hará a partir de los portafolios y de las intenciones de los artistas.

Su portafolio deberá incluír:
* Un texto que describa su intención y proyecto (max. 200 palabras)
* Una hoja de vida
* Diez diapositivas o diez imágenes en disco compacto (max 1 mg) numerizadas y acompañadas de una descripción
* Un cassette audio/video, VHS/DVD (NTSC) o disco compacto Quicktime (max 5 >min)
* Todo otro documento pertinente que permita una mejor comprensión de su trabajo

El centro no acepta portafolios por correo electrónico ni vía fax. Usted puede adjuntar un sobre prepagado que cubra los costos de reenvío de sus documentos (el centro no se hará cargo de los portafolios no reclamados). El centro paga los derechos y honorarios establecidos según la SODART/CARFAC.

Centre de diffusion d'art multidisciplinaire de Montréal
Casier postal 130 Succursale R
Montréal Québec H2S 3K6 Canada
t: +1.514.878.1088 daredar@cooptel.qc.ca
Información: www.dare-dare.org

Dis/location: projet d'articulation urbaine 2008
Deadline: August 13, 2007

DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d'art multidisciplinaire de Montréal offers flexibility and openness and is devoted to research, experimentation, risk and critical inquiry. The artist-run centre supports research, values emerging practices and demonstrates a sustained interest in exploring a diversity in modes and contexts of presentation.

Call for intentions - programming 2008
DARE-DARE receives your dossier accompanied by your research interests. These interests will translate into proposals of all kinds including/not limited to public intervention, performance, manœuvre, event. The projects may be of specific or of variable duration, or they may be repeated in time. The centre seeks interdisciplinary projects that will engage the social and physical realms of the city, its public spaces, its commercial, industrial and residential areas.

A first selection will be based upon the artist's dossiers and research intentions. DARE-DARE will invite these artists to further detail and elaborate their projects in view of a final selection.

Your submission should include:
* a brief statement describing your project intention,
* a curriculum vitæ,
* a maximum of ten numbered slides or digital images (max 5 Mg) with a descriptive list,
* audio/video tape, VHS/DVD (NTSC) or Quicktime (max 5 min.),

Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the return of your documentation if desired (DARE-DARE does not keep unclaimed dossiers). The centre does not accept submissions by email. The centre pays SODART/CARFAC rates.

DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d'art multidisciplinaire de Montréal
Casier postal 130 Succursale R Montréal Québec H2Y 3J6 Canada
t: +1.514.878.1088 daredar@cooptel.qc.ca
Info: www.dare-dare.org

DARE-DARE is situated in a park with no name in Montréal.

12. Residency Program Launched for Ontario and Québec Artists

Résidences d'artistes Ontario-Québec : lancement d'un programme conjoint CAO-CALQ

Ce document existe également en français.

Ontario Arts Council and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec Launch Artist Residency Program

Toronto, June 11, 2007 - The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) are partnering on an artist residency program.  Artists from either Québec or Ontario can apply for up to $10,000 to cover a one-to-three month residency for a creation-based or professional development project in the province that isn't their own.
"The Ontario-Québec Artist Residency program will stimulate creative exchanges and foster links between artistic communities in both provinces," said Martha Durdin, OAC Chair.  "It may also lead to new distribution opportunities for the work of these artists."
"Periods of residence geared to creation and professional enrichment allow grant recipients to enjoy unique professional experiences that contribute to their career development," added Yvan Gauthier, President and CEO of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. "The program affords artists an opportunity to broaden their circle of partners, engage in discussions with their peers, and meet new audiences."
The first deadline is October 5, 2007. Individual artists (no groups or collectives) working in all art forms may apply in either English or French. Candidates must meet eligibility criteria from their provincial arts council.  Applications will be assessed on artistic merit; impact on the art form, on the artist or on the community; and the viability of the project.  Eligible costs include travel and accommodation; cost of living; and material costs related to the project.  Applicants are responsible for finding their project partners in the host province. Click here for program guidelines

"Artists are at the centre of our creative society, reflecting the best of who we are to ourselves and to the world," said Caroline Di Cocco, Ontario Minister of Culture. "I'm so pleased that Ontario and Québec are working together to provide artists with this wonderful opportunity to participate in the cultural life of each other's province."
"I'm delighted that CALQ is enabling Québec artists and writers to engage in periods of residence in neighbouring provinces and allowing them complete autonomy in defining the objectives and scope of their projects," Christine St-Pierre, Québec Minister of Culture, Communications and Women's Affairs said. "Through its flexibility, this new type of exchange program offers possibilities that complement those stemming from the impressive network of studios and studio apartments that CALQ has already developed."
The Ontario Arts Council is the province's primary funding body for professional arts activity.  Since 1963, OAC has played a vital role in promoting and assisting the development of the arts and artists for the enjoyment and benefit of Ontarians.  In 2006-2007, OAC funded 1,224 individual artists and 867 organizations for a total of $36.4 million. These grants were of benefit to artists and arts organizations in 255 communities across Ontario. OAC is an agency of the Government of Ontario. For more information, visit www.arts.on.ca.
Since 1994, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec has had a mandate to support throughout Québec creation, experimentation and production in the realms of the performing arts, the visual arts, the media arts, architectural research, the arts and crafts, and literature and to broaden their influence in Québec, Canada and abroad. The Conseil also supports the development of professional artists.  Visit www.calq.gouv.qc.ca

For more information, please contact:
Kirsten Gunter, Director of Communications, Ontario Arts Council / 416-969-7403 or toll-free in Ontario / 1-800-387-0058 ext.7403/ kgunter@arts.on.ca
Julie Dufresne , Conseillère en communication, Direction des relations publiques
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec / Téléphone : 514-864-4295
This document is also available in English.

Résidences d'artistes Ontario-Québec : lancement d'un programme conjoint CAO-CALQ

Toronto, le 11 juin 2007 - Le Conseil des arts de l'Ontario (CAO) et le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) s'associent pour lancer un programme d'artistes en résidence. Dans le cadre de ce programme, une subvention plafonnée à 10 000 $ permet aux artistes d'une province de séjourner dans l'autre province pendant un à trois mois pour réaliser un projet de création ou de ressourcement professionnel.
« Le programme Résidences d'artistes Ontario-Québec favorisera les échanges et les liens entre les milieux artistiques des deux provinces, a déclaré Martha Durdin, présidente du CAO. Il pourrait éventuellement aboutir à de nouvelles possibilités de diffusion pour les œuvres des artistes concernés. »
« Ces séjours de création et de ressourcement permettent aux boursiers de vivre des expériences professionnelles uniques qui contribuent au développement de leur carrière, a affirmé Yvan Gauthier, président-directeur général du CALQ. Les artistes ont ainsi la chance d'élargir leur cercle de partenaires, d'échanger avec leurs pairs et de rencontrer de nouveaux publics. »
La première date limite a été fixée au 5 octobre 2007. Les artistes de toutes les disciplines (mais pas les groupes ni les collectifs) peuvent se prévaloir de ce programme et présenter une demande en français ou en anglais. Les candidats doivent répondre aux critères d'admissibilité déterminés par le conseil des arts de leur province. Les demandes seront évaluées en fonction du mérite artistique du projet, de l'impact qu'il aura sur la forme artistique, l'artiste ou la collectivité, et de sa viabilité. La subvention couvrira notamment les frais de déplacement, d'hébergement et de subsistance, ainsi que les frais du matériel nécessaire à la réalisation du projet. Les candidats sont responsables de trouver les partenaires de leur projet dans la province d'accueil. Cliquez ici pur accéder aux renseignements généraux

« Les artistes se trouvent au cœur de toute société novatrice. Ils nous renvoient, à nous-mêmes et au monde, un reflet de ce que nous avons de mieux, souligne Caroline Di Cocco, ministre de la Culture de l'Ontario. Je suis absolument ravie de cette collaboration entre l'Ontario et le Québec, qui donne aux artistes d'une province l'occasion de participer à la vie culturelle de l'autre province. »
« Je suis heureuse que le CALQ permette aux créateurs québécois d'effectuer des résidences dans les provinces limitrophes, en disposant d'une totale autonomie pour définir les objectifs de leur séjour et les conditions de sa réalisation, a affirmé Christine St-Pierre, ministre de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine du Québec. Par sa souplesse, ce nouveau type de programme d'échanges offre des possibilités complémentaires à celles de l'impressionnant réseau de studios et d'ateliers-résidences déjà développé par le CALQ. »

Le Conseil des arts de l'Ontario (CAO) est le principal bailleur de fonds des activités artistiques professionnelles de la province. Depuis sa création en 1963, le CAO joue un rôle de premier plan en matière de promotion et d'aide aux artistes et aux organismes artistiques au profit de tous les Ontariens. En 2006-2007, le CAO a octroyé des subventions totalisant 36,4 millions de dollars à 1 224 artistes et 867 organismes répartis dans 255 collectivités de la province. Pour de plus amples renseignements, visitez le site www.arts.on.ca.

Depuis 1994, le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec soutient dans toutes les régions du Québec la création, l'expérimentation et la production dans les domaines des arts de la scène, des arts visuels, des arts médiatiques, de la recherche architecturale, des métiers d'art et de la littérature et en favorise le rayonnement au Québec, au Canada et à l'étranger. Il soutient également le perfectionnement des artistes professionnels. Site web : www.calq.gouv.qc.ca

13. CALL FOR PAPERS: Locus Suspectus, ISSUE 5

Beyond Walls - Exhibiting on the Outside
Currently planning for our fifth issue, we are seeking submissions from writers and artists exploring alternative exhibition practices that diverge from the "white cube" aesthetic common to contemporary galleries and museums. In issue five, Beyond Walls: Exhibiting on the Outside, Locus Suspectus will explore alternative exhibition space, the role of the gallery, the relationship between art and the audience, and the possibilities this may or may not create for a healthier social climate.

Inspired by our culture of excess, Locus Suspectus is seeking submissions from writers and artists on the topic of Garbage. For some, garbage translates into worthless filth destined for a remote dumping ground. For others, it can be a source of income and a means of survival. Whether treasure or trash, we are interested in your written and visual perspectives for issue 6 of Locus Suspectus.

Artist submissions will be considered for PROFILE, FEATURES, and GALLERY. We only accept digital submissions. Please include a maximum of 20 images (jpg, png, psd, bmp, tiff format), image list, artist statement and cv. In addition to the above digital formats, we also accept short video submissions.

We are interested in the following: PROFILES of artists who address this topic, or COLUMNS that examine the socio-economic and/or historical aspects of the changing relationship between art, the audience, gallery space, and public space. For more information please download the Pdf-Version of our Call for Submissions.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions for Beyond Walls before August 1, 2007. Please send your work to submissions@lsmagazine.ca . Subject line: "Your Name - Cfp5". The deadline for Garbage is November 1, 2007.

About Locus Suspectus Magazine
Suspectus is a contemporary arts magazine and Not-For-Profit organization that seeks out the stranger sides of visual culture for an interdisciplinary dialogue between contemporary critical theory and art practices.

locus (Latin): place, location, site
suspectus (Latin): uncanny, strange

As an uncanny site for visual culture, Locus Suspectus blends elements of publishing and curating to create an alternative magazine that explores up-and-coming artistic talents within the context of established artistic accomplishments and scholarship. Our organization believes in the important social function the arts hold in society. We seek to bring about greater public awareness of both local and global socio-political and cultural issues. Ultimately, Locus Suspectus strives to be an active agent in cultivating support for the arts across disciplines and communities within Canada and abroad.
Locus Suspectus Magazine: http://www.lsmagazine.ca

14.  Call for submissions: Multimedial Art Studio

Multimedial Art Studio is accepting submissions to our MAS Gallery for exhibitions in the 2008 seasons. This call is for to artists working in all media, and is also open to curatorial proposals.

Multimedial Art Studio was founded at the beginning of 1998 in Odzaci by informal artistic group and it is dedicated to new artistic praxis and creativity without limits. Studio’s art space is located in city core of Odzaci where it has exhibition space called MAS Gallery. Multimedial Art Studio works on organizing artistic projects and manifestations, based on local, regional and international cooperation between artists, creative people, artistic groups, networks, cultural and other institutions, and all parts of the society. About Multimedial Art Studio you can see in Artmagazin:


We are expecting proposals that have been realized or can be realized in different media and that can be exhibited in one of the following ways: photos, digital prints, drawings, sketches, plans, video presentations, sound works, etc. We cannot offer fees or travel expenses for the artists that wish to come personally. That is why we wish to organize exhibitions that do not require large material expenses that we cannot provide.

All submissions must include:
-One page project description
-One page Artist or Curatorial Statement
-Max. 10 images.
-You may also submit VHS/DVD if the work is video or sound work (10 min or less) by Snail Mail
-Descriptive list for visual material (title, date, dimension, medium)

Multimedial Art Studio is not responsible for lost or damaged submissions. Do not send original artworks or master tapes.
Please send your proposal by July 15th, 2007 to:

Via Email to Nenad Bogdanovic at mangallery@ptt.yu (up to 1mb emails)
Snail Mail
Nenad Bogdanovic
Multimedial Art Studio
S. Markovica 41,
Odzaci 25250, Serbia

E-mail: mangallery@ptt.yu

15.  CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Catalyst Arts (Belfast, N. Ireland)
FIX 07 November 14th – 17th

FIX 07 is the 7th international performance biennial hosted by Catalyst Arts in Belfast City. The work programmed illustrates creative strategies for a dynamic engagement with the social praxis of live art.

A programme of performances, presentations, workshops, screenings and interventions that will set out to reflect on the role and responsibility of artists, and performance itself, in relation to the understanding, enactment and sustenance of public and our environment.

July 15th 2007: Call for proposals deadline
Mid August: Accepted proposals announced
November 14-17: FIX 07

Submission Guidelines
There are two opportunities available –

1) If you have an individual project for the festival please send a proposal outlining practical and conceptual information and the specific location proposed.

2) There will be a simultaneous group action on Thursday 15th November in Catalyst gallery. This opportunity is open to all members of Bbeyond.

All applications should include the following information:
-Your name, phone number, and email
- BRIEF artist’s statement and CV
- One or more of forms of documentation of previous work
-Please indicate opportunity 1 or 2 (or both)

Please forward proposals to info@catalystarts.org.uk or post to 5 College Court Belfast BT1 6BS (Please note that applications will not be returned).

For further info email or phone 028 90 31 33 03


Elsewhere Artist CollaborativeElsewhere Residency Call

Elsewhere, a living installation, museum of process, and art production space in downtown Greensboro, NC, is seeking artists-in-residence for its Fall 2007 residency seasons. Set within a former thrift store housing a 58-year inventory of American surplus, thrift, and antiques, Elsewhere invites artists-in-residence to utilize the immense collection of objects to pursue site-specific material, conceptual, and/or technologically-based projects. Elsewhere's building-two full stores on the ground level, a 14-room boarding house on the second, and warehouse on the third-provides dynamic architectures for the creation and installation of works. Artists live and work within changing installations, engaging interactive environments for re-conceptualizing the theory and practice of art-making. Experimenting with museum-as-medium within a store where nothing is for sale, Elsewhere offers an unparalleled framework for merging art practice and everyday life.

Deadline: July 15, 2007

Elsewhere Artist Collaborative
George Scheer
606 South Elm St.
NC 27406 Greensboro
tel: 336.549.5555

Vir podatka:  Elsewhere Artist Collaborative

17.  CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Politics of Representation / Representations of Politics

Toronto, Canada
October 6, 2007
Deadline for submissions July 20th, 2007

What are the politics of representation? What strategies are artists and curators using in their representations of bodies that cross lines of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, hybridity and (dis)ability? How have the transformations in feminist and anti-colonial movements affected self-representation?

How are politics represented in contemporary art? What are the ethics of representing suffering and tragedy? Must all creative representations of real political events be urgent and authentic? What are the ethical responsibilities of creative representations of political events that transgress the real, objective or accurate? Where does contemporary activist art and cinema stand in the current culturescape?

A Space Gallery imagines this symposium as an opportunity to work through and disseminate new frameworks for thinking about art practice and social movements. As such, we intend to bring together artists, curators, writers, academics, students and activists whose works transgress disciplinary boundaries in an attempt to articulate some of the possibilities and pitfalls of creativity, inquiry, solidarity and freedom.

Politics of Representation / Representations of Politics is a call for critical and creative presenters to re-imagine and hopefully transform the conceptual frameworks of art and activism within contemporary art practice, academic practice, and activist practice.

A Space Gallery seeks submissions that include (but are not limited to) papers, artworks, screenings, performances and activist presentations on any relevant topic including:

* Art interventions/ intervention art
* Formalist and experimental art practices
* Film and video; from pixel vision to ipods
* Artist run culture: 1970 --? A critical look at the past, present and future
* Queering art history
* Gender performativity
* Net.art
* Curatorial practice
* Cultural race politics
* Indigenous issues
* Dis/abilities
* Appropriation
* Migration and exile
* Precarity and privilege
* Surveillance, racial profiling and the 'war on terror'
* Globalization and issues of sovereignty, human rights and refugees
* Historical materialist approaches to art (including the Frankfurt school)
* Representations of revolutionary moments and movements
* Semiotic and literary theory approaches to artist's representations of politics
* Urban landscapes and art spaces (including gentrification)
* Environmental issues and politics of food (including GMOs)


A Space will include the following formats for disseminating and discussing ideas:
1. Presentations of work: academic papers OR discussion of art work, etc (with display of art work)
2. Poster session or table display (with possible roundtable discussion)

Abstract or statement should be no more than 250 words and should briefly explain the proposed 20 min presentation in light of the conference theme.
Please include:
* Title of presentation
* Your name
* E-mail address
* Mailing address
* A/V requirements (computer/projector, film projector, VCR, stereo, turntables, etc).
* Submission format (paper presentation, creative presentation, poster session, etc).
* Artists are asked to submit a max of 10 images on a CD.

Please clearly label your submission:
Symposium: Politics of Representation / Representation of Politics
A Space Gallery
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 110, Toronto, ON M5V 3A8

Please e-mail submissions to: vicky@aspacegallery.org with Symposium: Politics of Representation / Representation of Politics in the subject line.

Deadline for submissions is July 20th, 2007. Applicants may expect a response by August 5th, 2007.

Founded in 1971 and located in downtown Toronto, A Space is one of the oldest artist-run centres in Canada. Applicants should consider that our programming mandate focuses on work that is politically-engaged, oriented around non-dominant communities, and supportive of innovative curatorial and technical practices.

 A Space Gallery gratefully thanks the
Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.

A Space Gallery
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 110
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3A8
Telephone 416-979-9633
Facsimile 416-979-9683

Website  http://www.aspacegallery.org
Email info@aspacegallery.org
Gallery Hours Tuesday to Friday 11 AM - 6 PM, Saturday 12 noon - 5 PM

Media Contact: Vicky Moufawad-Paul
Programming & Exhibitions Coordinator
(416) 979-9633 or email

18. PORT PERFORMANCE: workshop offer
performance-art / education / travel / meeting / exchange

18th to 28th of July 2007 in Berlin, Germany
12th to 22nd of August 2007 in GdaŸsk and Gdynia, Poland
4th to 18th of November 2007 in Tel Aviv, Israel

PORT PERFORMANCE is a Forum for Performance Art, founded 2006 by the artists and art teachers Angelika Fojtuch and BBB Johannes Deimling.

We offer intensive Performance Art workshops for students, young artists and interested people at the border of water and land to develop individual artistic work or taking first steps in performative art, get knowledge from experienced performance artists and exchange and discuss ideas with other international people.

The Port as a place of constant exchange, a daily inport and export of values, a place where water and land come together, is the basic idea of the project. In Art Performances the human body is a port for exchanges of inside and personal values with the outside world. Communication takes place. PORT PERFORMANCE connects Performance Art with education, traveling, meeting and exchange to a special form of teaching Art in context.

The aim of the workshop is to work out an Art-Performance and its final public presentation. The polish word "CUMA" means hawser and is a metaphor for our final presentation, where we fix the results of the workshop in a public event.

During the workshop time we will realize specifically exercises that will help to transform own ideas into a performative work. The center of the workshop focuses the perception of the own personality and the communication with the body. Own perception and selfexperiences characterize the feeling in dealing with body, time and space in performance-art as well as in ordinary communication. To understand his body as a tool and to use this tool in his own communications is the main value of this workshop.

Besides this we offer cultural specials, like visiting special art or cultural places, meetings with artists and gallery owners and background informations about the relative art scene. As part of our teaching concept this specials offer the participants direct contacts to artists, galleries and cultural insititutions, that they can use after the workshop for their own needs.

Our first two workshops we have successfully realized in Gdansk in Poland (click here for to see the documentation

Berlin, Germany
The third workshop will take place from the 18th to the 28th of July in Berlin. Invited by the association for artistical reasearch Berlin to the "Mistake" project Port Performance offers an interesting workshop in the german capital. The workshop place is in the former cargo harbor of Berlin and the former border of east and west Berlin. The mistake or the failure or the misunderstanding will be the research field during the workshop. Learning and individual development based on mistakes and failures is not to understand in a negative way, but more as an understanding of searching and finding. It is not about, that one fails, but more how. In an creative process, that has the aim to put a mental idea in to practice, there are all the time points where we fail. This potential we will discover and use for to develop and realize art performances.

27th of July 2007, 7 pm, CUMA #3, the final presentation, Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin www.kunstfarik.org