FADO E-LIST (June 2006)

FADO E-LIST (June 2006)


1. CALL FOR QUESTIONS: "IRTI-festivaali" (Finland)
Deadline: June 9 - 11, 2006; Source: Juha Valkeapää
2. CALL FOR PRAYERS: "Performance Prayer Pilgrimage #4" (Italy)
Deadline: June 16, 2006; Source: Linda Montano
3. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Art and Space Science Fellowship (USA)
Deadline: June 16, 2006; Source: Leonardo/ISAST
4. RESIDENCY: ArtLAB_San Servolo (Italy)
Deadline: June 25, 2006; Source: Instant Coffee
5. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: InterAccess annual gallery programming
Deadline: June 26, 2006; Source:Akimbo
Deadline:June 30, 2006; Source: Instant Coffee
7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "M:ST 4" ( Calgary)
Deadline: July 1, 2006; Source: The New Gallery
8. RESIDENCY: La Napoule Art Foundation (France)
Deadline: July 1, 2006; Source:NYFA Current
Dates: July 12 - 16, 2006; Source: :Fiona Griffiths
10. CALL FOR FEARS: "Room of Fears" (Chatham)
Deadline: July 21, 2006; Source: Akimbo
11. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS; "UN/Settled Multiculturalisms" A Space
Deadline: July 31, 2006; Source: instant Coffee
12. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario 2007-08 season (Sudbury)
Deadline: July 31, 2006; Source: La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario
13. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: aceartinc. 2007-08 programming year (Winnipeg)
Deadline: August 1, 2006; Source: aceartinc.
14. CALL FOR PROPOSALS (VIDEO): INPORT - IV International Video-Performance Art Festival (Estonia)
Deadline: October 1, 2006; Source: INPORT
15. CALL FOR DEFINITIONS: Independent theoretical curators project (Poland)
Deadline: not given; Source: Agnieszka M. Okrzeja
16. CRITICAL DISCOURSE: "Juxtapose" The Cross Art Projects (Australia)
Deadline: not given; Source: Thomas J. Berghuis
17. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Centre of Attention (UK)
Deadline: not given; Source: Artsadmin e-digest 219
18. RESEARCH: "In Search of the Perfect Toronto Lawn"
Deadline: not given; Source: Laura Nanni
19. NEW PUBLICATION: "Site-Specific Performance" Canadian Theatre Review 126
Source: Laura Nanni
20. EVENT: "SPIKED performance and new media festival" (Regina)
Date: beginning June 7, 2006; Source: Neutral Ground

1. CALL FOR QUESTIONS: "IRTI-festivaali" (Finland)
Deadline: June 9 - 11, 2006; Source: Juha Valkeapää

I'll spend two days, June 9-11, at the top of a 4-meter-high tower, in Ristijärvi. Ristijärvi is a small town of 1,623 (in 2005) residents, in mid-eastern part of Finland, 600 km north from Helsinki. On the tower, I'd like to read (through my megaphone, of course) your questions, requests and/or wishes to the leaders of your home town, country, continent, world. You can be quite sure that those are not hushed up.

Your questions, requests and/or wishes to this address, thanks.

And welcome to IRTI-festivaali, Ristijärvi, on June 9-11, www.nuoriteatteri.fi.

Best wishes,

Juha Valkeapää

2. CALL FOR PRAYERS: "Performance Prayer Pilgrimage #4" (Italy)
Deadline: June 16, 2006; Source: Linda Montano

YOU SEND: A ONE SENTENCE PRAYER INTENTION TO ME ( lindamontano@hotmail.com) BY JUNE 16, 2006.



3. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Art and Space Science Fellowship (USA)
Deadline: June 16, 2006; Source: Leonardo/ISAST

Co-sponsored by Leonardo/ISAST and OLATS and the Leonardo Space Arts Working Group

Art and Space Science Fellowship at UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory Arts Council England International Artists' Fellowships Programme


We welcome the opportunity to host an artist in residence at the Space Sciences Laboratory at University of California, Berkeley. Working alongside scientists and educators, the successful applicant will have the opportunity to build their professional career through a sustained period of research and experimentation.

This initiative is funded by UC Berkeley and Arts Council England's International Artists Fellowship Programme with support from Leonardo Network and NASA. The selected artist will receive specialist support and funds for practice-based research, accommodation, food, travel and a small stipend whilst at UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory.

This is a continuation of the Leonardo co-sponsored program which brought artists Liliane Lijn and Semiconductor to UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab in 2005.

For more information about Leonardo see our web sites
http://www.leonardo.info and http://www.olats.org

4. RESIDENCY: ArtLAB_San Servolo (Italy)
Deadline: June 25, 2006; Source: Instant Coffee

ArtLAB_San Servolo artist residency
Venice, August 7th-31st 2006

Deadline June 25th 2006

Send applications to:
San Servolo Servizi
Isola di San Servolo
30124 Venezia Italia

artLAB_San Servolo artist residency is a residency programme that takes place on the Island of San Servolo in Venice during the month of August, open to 10 visual artists from Italy and abroad who are in the initial phase of their careers. The programme offers participating artists room and board on the island, studio spaces, and the budget to create an original work.

The residency is intended to create a space for dialogue and professional growth for emerging artists from various geographical areas and with different artistic approaches, enabling them to create projects specifically in response to the experience of group exchange. The projects are developed individually by each artist, but the initiative is particularly focussed on the collective experience that runs throughout all the phases of the residency, from discussion on the residency theme, to the creation of the projects, to the organisation of the final exhibition. Another fundamental aspect of the programme is the attention given to the historical, social, and natural context provided by the residency location.

The works created will be shown in an exhibition that will take place on the island in October, concurrently with the Venice International Biennial Exhibition of Architecture, and will be accompanied by a catalogue. The working language of the residency is English.

Island of San Servolo

Situated in the Basin of San Marco and featuring a complex of historical buildings and a large park, the Island of San Servolo was the seat of a monastery for over a thousand years. For two hundred years it hosted the Province of Venice insane asylum, which was shut down in 1978 along with all the mental hospitals in Italy.

Rehabilitated by the Province of Venice, which is committed to restoring and returning the island to the city of Venice, today San Servolo is the seat of prominent institutions for advanced study and training as well as for the promotion of cultural events.

Sponsoring organisations

artLAB_San Servolo artist residency is a programme promoted by San Servolo Servizi in collaboration with the Province of Venice and the following institutions: Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice International University, the Faculty of Arts&Design at the IUAV University of Venice, the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, the Abate Zanetti School for Glass of Murano, European Association Pro Venetia Viva.

Further information and application form can be found at
For any question please write to artlab@provincia.venezia.it

5. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: InterAccess annual gallery programming
Deadline: June 26, 2006; Source:Akimbo

InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre in Toronto accepts submissions of original projects from emerging, mid-career and established artists, curators and collectives on an annual basis. Our mission is to expand the cultural space of technology, and we achieve this through diverse activities in our gallery and production facilities. We are seeking proposals for our 1,000 sq. ft. gallery space at Queen and Ossington in the heart of Toronto's Queen West Gallery district. We support electronic, interactive and new media works which explore this territory in unique critical ways, including connections and cross-over with sculpture, installation, video, site-specific work and performance art.

This year's deadline: Monday June 26, 2006 by 5:00 p.m.

Proposals are reviewed by the Director and Programming Coordinator in consultation with the InterAccess Programme Advisory Council (PAC), a group of knowledgeable media artists and curators who meet 4-6 times per year to make programming recommendations and help shape the gallery vision. The PAC looks at artistic vision, diversity, representation and budget when considering a proposal. The PAC also considers how the work can sustain a dialogue with activities and workshops in the InterAccess production studio. Before submitting your work, please review our website carefully. It provides a good overview of past artistic content. InterAccess pays artist fees in accordance with CARFAC standards. For a floorplan or photos of our gallery space, please contact Swintak, Programming Coordinator: <mailto:swintak@interaccess.org>swintak@interaccess.org

Please allow up to six months for the complete review of your proposal.

Please include:

- a brief letter of intent
- a project  summary (100 words)
- a detailed  project description
- a list of artworks, equipment, materials and other resources to be supplied by the artist
- a list of technical requirements directly related to  the presentation
- a detailed budget
- your CV
- visual or audio support material with detailed descriptions of content. You can submit up to 20 slides, 1 URL address (please indicate your preferred browser and platform), and a maximum of 2 VHS tapes, CDs or DVDs (NTSC)
- a detailed list of all support materials
- a self-addressed, sufficiently stamped envelope if you want your work returned.

Please note that InterAccess has a limited amount of time to review each submission. Prepare and cue your materials in consideration that there will be a maximum of 15 minutes allotted to reviewing your support materials.

Send submissions to:
Dana Samuel, Director
InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre
9 Ossington Avenue
Toronto, Ontario  M6J 2Y8

We thank all applicants for their time and interest in InterAccess, however please understand that our submissions process is highly competitive and only a small percentage of proposals can be accommodated in our yearly schedule which features six main gallery exhibitions. Please also watch throughout the year for other directed calls for proposals, such as our annual emerging artist exhibition.

Deadline:June 30, 2006; Source: Instant Coffee

Apartment -- Manchester, UK

We currently welcome proposals for a solo show at Apartment from individuals or collaborating artists. The work/project should have specific thematic motivation for showing at Apartment. Artist’s fee and expenses are available, for more information about the space and to access full archive of shows please visit: www.apartmentmanchester.blogspot.com

Deadline for submission June 30, 2006 for exhibition in August-September 2006

Send a maximum of eight images on CDrom, an artist statement, your proposal and CV to Apartment, 49 Lamport Court, Lamport Close, Ardwick, Manchester, M1 7EG. An SAE must accompany your submission or it will not be returned. Any queries should be sent via email to apartmentmanchester@hotmail.co.uk.

7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "M:ST 4" ( Calgary)
Deadline: July 1, 2006; Source: The New Gallery

Local, national and international artists are invited to submit proposals for performative works and lectures to be presented as part of M:ST4 in October, 2007. M:ST encourages the submission of innovative performative works, media/audio works, site-specific works, public interventions and lecture/panel based proposals. The term 'performative' describes practices that originate from a visual or media arts discourse and involve the live presence of the artist. These often incorporate sound, video, film, spoken word, or live web streaming.

M:ST is accepting proposals from professional artists of all backgrounds, and the M:ST 4 Festival will include performative works which include both gallery or off-site exhibitions. M:ST meets or exceeds the recommended minimum CARFAC artist exhibition fee. Travel, accommodation and shipping assistance is contingent on sufficient funding. submission procedure Proposals are reviewed through a peer review process by the M:ST Programming Committee consisting of local artists and programmers who have extensive visual, performance, and media art backgrounds. Applicants should expect to hear the results of our selections process by February of 2007. The following materials must be included in your proposal:

-curriculum vitae: Maximum of 3 pages, describe your artistic background (e.g. education, grants, scholarships or awards received, professional status, previous exhibitions or performances, commissions, professional memberships, articles, etc.) ? venue preference: Explain which venue you wish to perform in and why it is important to your work 3 proposal: Describe the proposed exhibition or project. Provide details about your spatial, and material requirements, including equipment needs.

-artist statement

-budget: Explain costs involved in presenting your project.

-slides and/or other relevant audio or visual materials: Provide a maximum of 15 numbered and labeled slides (name, title, date), cued VHS tapes (max 10 min.), CDROMs (please confirm with the gallery that it is compatible with our equipment and software), audio cassettes or other relevant support materials.

-slide list: A clearly labeled and numbered list of slides, including the

artist(s') name(s), titles, dates, mediums and dimensions.

-self-addressed sufficiently stamped envelope: Due to excessive costs for the gallery, your submission will not be returned without one. tips When building your proposal, please keep in mind that each jury member receives and reviews a photocopy of your written materials before they view your visual support material. It is to your advantage to provide written materials that are easily readable after being photocopied.

-Do not staple or bind your materials in any way.

All proposals must be postmarked or arrive at the Mountain Standard Time office by July 1, 2006.

Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival Society 516D 9th Ave SW Calgary, AB CANADA T2P 1L4

<http://www.mstfestival.org />http://www.mstfestival.org

Festival Coordinator: renato@mstfestival.org

Ph: 403 263 5001

Floor plans:
Alberta College of Art and Design: <http://www.acad.ab.ca />http://www.acad.ab.ca
EMMEDIA: <http://www.emmedia.ca />http://www.emmedia.ca/
The New Gallery: <http://www.thenewgallery.org/maps.html>http://www.thenewgallery.org/maps.html
Nickle Arts Museum: <http://www.ucalgary.ca/%7Enickle/facility.html>http://www.ucalgary.ca/%7Enickle/facility.html
Southern Alberta Art Gallery: <http://www.saag.ca/info.htm>http://www.saag.ca/info.htm
Stride: <http://www.stride.ab.ca/floor_gal.html>http://www.stride.ab.ca/floor_gal.html
Truck: <http://www.truck.ca/Frameset.html>http://www.truck.ca/Frameset.html
Walter Phillips Gallery: <http://www.banffcentre.ca/wpg/floor_plan.htm>http://www.banffcentre.ca/wpg/floor_plan.htm

8. RESIDENCY: La Napoule Art Foundation (France)
Deadline: July 1, 2006; Source:NYFA Current

La Napoule Art Foundation's Artists-In-Residence Program features an interdisciplinary environment at the Château de La Napoule at the Côte d'Azur, France. For each six-week session, eight resident artists of different nationalities and disciplines (literature, music, design, film, visual arts, and performing arts) will be selected. The sessions will be held from November 6 - December 15, 2006 and from January 5 - February 16, 2007. The program provides studio space, living accommodations, and all meals, and includes exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and performances held at the Château de La Napoule to promote creative exploration and exchange among persons of diverse disciplines and backgrounds. There is a $20 application fee. For complete information on eligibility and on how to apply, visit www.lnaf.org/.

Dates: July 12 - 16, 2006; Source: :Fiona Griffiths

an intensive six day retreat of release work, sourcework and playworks
at The Manitoulin Clown Farm
Stretch those creative muscles and expose yourself to new sources for inspiration. Spend mornings relaxing on balls and afternoons taking that open receptive body on zany journeys exploring new ways to create work.

The week will feature restorative Kinetic Awareness, relaxing on small air -filled balls and moving body parts slowly, allowing body and mind to reconnect. As the body releases, momentum builds into explorative rivers. As the body moves the mind creates images and stories the body can then inhabit. And just to keep play happening we will add a little dose of clown to lift the spirit.

Then, coalescing the gestures and images collected, playworks will be created. We will use found text and music and the beauty of the farm to dress the scenes. You will leave with images, fragments and a 2 minute turn. This is a fun and playful way to restore that sense of joy in your own voice.
Hours will vary BUT we will always start at 10 am. There will be time to be alone, time to practice and time to work together; oh and yes time to eat, sleep and walk in the woods. The course takes place at the beautiful Manitoulin clown farm. Camping, outdoor facilities are free; as well, bed and breakfast places are nearby. There is a large barn for course work and beautiful country-side for inspiration. Maps and info will be sent to participants when deposits are paid.
DATES: July 12- 18, 2006
COST: $ 400.00
Limited numbers so register soon
$100.00 deposit required and non refundable from June 12th
Send your deposits to:
Fiona Griffiths, 489 South Joffre St. Victoria, B.C., V9A 6C7
To register and for more info: call 250-381-4955 OR email: filogriff@yahoo.ca
Fiona Griffiths, teacher, performer, creator and body worker. Fiona has a B.F.A. in modern dance and an M.F.A. in creative process and multi-media. As well she has extensive international performing and teaching experience in theatre, clown, dance and video. Fiona studied and taught with Richard Pochinko ( clown) and Linda Putnam (theatre) and was an artistic Director of the Theatre Resource Centre (now the Clown Institute of Canada). As well as teaching in the graduate theatre programs of Yale and York Universities; Fiona has coached and choreographed for many well known theatre companies including Mump and Smoot, Canadian Stage, Theatre Passe Muraille, G.C.T.C. and Odyssey Theatre. Presently she teaches at Toronto Dance Theatre and runs workshops in Toronto and Victoria.

10. CALL FOR FEARS: "Room of Fears" (Chatham)
Deadline: July 21, 2006; Source: Akimbo

Complete the sentence "I am afraid of ...." and email it to <mailto:roomoffears@yahoo.ca>roomoffears@yahoo.ca.

Or mail your fears to:
"FEARS" c/o Thames Art Gallery,
75 William Street North,
Chatham, Ontario N7M 4L4

Fears can be submitted from anywhere in the world, and multiple submissions are encouraged. Your name will not be used. All fears will be transcribed onto the walls of the Thames Art Gallery in the creation of Room of Fears, an installation by Nova Scotia artist Michael Fernandes.

Deadline for the submission of "Fears" is July 21, 2006.

Room of Fears is a component of Reading the Image: Poetics of the Black Diaspora, a touring group exhibition that brings together Michael Fernandes (Canada), Maud Sulter (Scotland), Christopher Cozier (Trinidad) and Deanna Bowen (Canada) in order to explore issues around the presence (or lack of presence) of the black body in the works of these artists.

Contact Curatorial Assistant Andrea Duchene at (519) 354-8346 ext. 41 for further information.

Reading the Image: Poetics of the Black Diaspora
Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, Ontario July 28 - September 10, 2006
Mount St Vincent Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia April 22 - June 7, 2007
The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario July 5 - September 2, 2007
Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop's University, Lennoxville, Que. November 21, 2007 - January 19, 2008

11. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS; "UN/Settled Multiculturalisms" A Space
Deadline: July 31, 2006; Source: instant Coffee

A Space Gallery is currently seeking submissions for our 2007/2008 programming season on the current politics of multiculturalism and representation in the arts.

Countries such as Canada and Australia have been formally self-designated as multicultural states for decades. Throughout the '80s and '90s, diverse artists gained visibility within mainstream arts, yet their work remains largely under-represented. Assumptions of Western authority, modernist aesthetics, and racist mythologies continue to push artists from different cultures and environments into opposing positions. Do artists make their work in response to the values and expectations of Western curators and audiences? How do artists and curators make room for ethnic or national, individual, collective as well as cross-cultural subjectivities? What do multiculturalist agendas offer artists in the 21st century?

The Gallery seeks proposals in all media from local, national and international artists and curators who offer challenging viewpoints on these issues, incorporating diverse and innovative approaches that explore the definition and boundaries of “community” and “culture.” We are interested in ways that artists and curators can create a space for different readings or experiences of culture and identity, and in multidisciplinary projects that create a forum for dialogue and collaboration between diverse communities, including youth cultures and communities in transition.

All submissions must include:
- CV(s)
- One page project description, specifying spatial and technical needs
- One page Artist or Curatorial Statement
- Support material: slides – max. 10 or digital images on CD, clearly identified; max. of 1 VHS tape or 1 DVD, clearly identified
- Descriptive list for visual material (title, date, dimension, medium)
- SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) - Please ensure correct postage.

Please send your proposal by July 31, 2006 to:

A Space Gallery
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 110, Toronto, ON, M5V 3A8

Please note that email applications are not accepted. A Space is not responsible for lost or damaged submissions. Do not send original slides, artwork or master tapes.

A Space pays artist fees according to CARFAC standards.

For information call 416-979-9633.
info at aspacegallery.org

Founded in 1971 and located in downtown Toronto, A Space is one of the oldest artist-run centres in Canada. Applicants should consider that our programming mandate focuses on work that is politically engaged, culturally diverse and community-based, and supports innovative curatorial and technical practices.

12. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario 2007-08 season (Sudbury)
Deadline: July 31, 2006; Source: La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario

(version française suit)

The GNO supports the development of various mediums and forms of expression in experimental art and offers timely opportunities for reflection or creation.

The GNO invites artists, groups of artists and curators working in experimental art to submit a proposal for an exhibition.

This proposal should include:

1. A resumé
2. A detailed description of exhibition or project
3. An artist statement
4. Ten slides of recent work, with description
5. Self-addressed, stamped envelope

Send your submission to:

Exhibition Selection Committee
La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario
P.O. Box 242, Station B
Sudbury, Ontario P3E 4N5

visit www.gn-o.org

The deadline for receiving submissions is July 31 2006.

La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario - Appel de dossiers - Saison 2007-2008

La GNO appuie concrètement le développement du milieu et des formes d’expression en art actuel tout en offrant des occasions ponctuelles de réflexion ou de création.

La GNO invite les artistes, les collectifs d’artistes et les commissaires ayant une démarche novatrice en art visuel à soumettre un projet d’exposition.

Documents devant accompagnés votre soumission

1. Un curriculum vitae
2. Une description détaillée de l’exposition/projet
3. Une démarche artistique
4. Dix diapositives d’œuvres avec description
5. Une enveloppe pré-adressée et pré-affranchie

La sélection des projets sera communiquée au cours de l’automne 2006.

Faire parvenir vos dossiers au :

Comité de sélection
La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario
C.P. 242, Succursale B
Sudbury (Ontario) P3E 4N5

visitez www.gn-o.org

Date limite : le 31 juillet 2006

Danielle Tremblay, Directrice
La Galerie du Nouvel-0ntario, Centre d'artistes
C.P. 242, succ. B
174 rue Elgin
Sudbury ON P3E 4N5
(705) 673-4927 ou 1-877-358-6615
fax (705) 673-9485
site web: gn-o.org

13. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: aceartinc. 2007-08 programming year (Winnipeg)
Deadline: August 1, 2006; Source: aceartinc.

aceartinc. is accepting proposals to be considered for the our 2007- 2008 programming year, running July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008. Please review submission guidelines before submitting your proposal.

aceartinc. is an Artist Run Centre dedicated to the development, exhibition and dissemination of contemporary art by cultural producers.
aceartinc. maintains a commitment to emerging artists and recognizes its role in placing contemporary artists in a larger cultural context.
aceartinc. is dedicated to cultural diversity in its programs and to this end encourages applications from contemporary artists and curators identifying as members of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered), Aboriginal (status, non-status, Inuit and Metis) and all other cultural communities.

Regular Programming:
Regular programming is created through submissions which seek the support of aceartinc's. facilities and services for public presentation. aceartinc. encourages proposals from individuals, groups and collectives in all visual arts media. Both finished works and works under development will be reviewed by a selection committee of peers within the context of our mandate and goals.

Submission Deadline:
August 1, 2006 before 5pm
Proposals must include:

- an artist and or curatorial statement (no more than one page)

- a project proposal and schedule of activities (if applicable)

- an equipment list or itemization of special technical needs

- a current CV ( no more than two pages)

- a slide / CD-R list (no more than 1 page)

- Support materials:
*up to 20 slides / CD-R images (including total of 20 for group submissions). CD-Roms (MAC, JPeg, low res. 72 dpi / 1024 x 768 pixel, 500K / 0.5MB max., RGB or SRGB colour mode files only)
* video NTSC compatible or DVD, max 10 minutes long and cued up (please, any CD-R video must be accessed only with one of the following plug-ins: Quicktime, RealPlayer, Shockwave, Windows Media Player or Flash.)
*audio cassette or cd,
*printed matter (may include essays, reviews, non-original documents of artworks that cannot otherwise be described in slide or video format).

- S.A.S.E (self-addressed stamped envelope), if you would like your support material returned. (please ensure correct postage for return of support material). NOTE: Dossiers that are not claimed or pre-stamped will not be kept.

DO NOT INCLUDE: laser-copies of images, original artwork, binders, folders or staples. (Paper clips only please).

At this time we are unable to accept applications over the internet (no URL's) or by Fax.

For more info. about aceartinc. and a floor plan please visit www.aceart.org

Send packages to:
2nd Flr. 290 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 0T2, p:204-944-9763, f:204-944-9101 e:gallery@aceart.org

14. CALL FOR PROPOSALS (VIDEO): INPORT - IV International Video-Performance Art Festival (Estonia)
Deadline: October 1, 2006; Source: INPORT

Performance artists all around the world are invited to send proposals for INPORT, International Video-Performance Art Festival, in Tallinn, Estonia on December 2006.

INPORT would like to bring artists from all around the world closer to Estonian audience. This is non-profit Festival and unfortunately we got a very small budget so we can only show your video/videos on the single screen. We can't offer artistic fees, accomondation or travel expenses. After Festival we make the on-line cataloge on the Festival web-site (<http://www.inport.tk).>http://www.inport.tk).

Performance artists are invited to submit proposals for Festival in the following categories:
Video-performance (performances made specially for camera)
Video documentary (video documentations of performances)
Formats accepted: DVD, miniDV (PAL only), VCD

There's no limit of length, but please don't send the masters! There are no official entry forms or entry fees!

Enclosed with the video/videos you must send the following (on paper or CD-R/Word document):
Performance artist or group name
Performance title
Statement of performance
Performance date, venue, Festival or event where it was first performed
Brief resume of the performance artist
Contact info (e-mail, postal address, etc.)

No materials will not to be returned, but will be kept in the Festival archive for the projects in the future and for interested curators and art festival organizers!

All deliveries from international participants must be marked:

Deadline for entries: 01/10/2006

Send videos to:

Gert Hatsukov, INPORT curator
Kotka 28-1

More info:

15. CALL FOR DEFINITIONS: Independent theoretical curators project (Poland)
Deadline: not given; Source: Agnieszka M. Okrzeja

Independent theoretical curators project

The aim of this project is to create a vision of a contemporary art curator, from definitions all over the world.

With great respect I turn to You to rise voice and participate in my theoretical project concerning of definition contemporary art curator.

I am student of fifth's year on specialization Theory and Promotion of Art, on Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (Poland); <http://www.asp.poznan.pl>www.asp.poznan.pl

Right now,I am working at my graduate work on subject of curator etymology and contemporary curators practice.

My aim is creation of theoretical work, which will bring closer co-ordinate reflections over wide understood importance of curator.

I turn to You with request of answering in few words on question:

Who is contemporary curator? I request about your author's definition.

If You accept my request of answering on my question, please include Your name and occupation, and send back to me at: <mailto:agnieszka.okrzeja@wp.pl>agnieszka.okrzeja@wp.pl

All doubts I will answer willingly.

If You know other curators who can help me with my researches, send this e-mail to her or him.

Yours sincerely
Agnieszka M. Okrzeja

16. CRITICAL DISCOURSE: "Juxtapose" The Cross Art Projects (Australia)
Deadline: not given; Source: Thomas J. Berghuis

Dear friends, dear colleagues,

This email is an open call for expression of interest in project 'Juxtapose'.

The organizers of 'Juxtapose' are working towards creating a platform for critical discourse that will examine the juxtapositions in art and everyday society, especially when they arise out of the conditions of cultural displacement.

'Juxtapose' invites artists, critics, curators, and people working in alternative art spaces to submit a range of documentation and materials that cover the processes of visual art production in local communities that have to deal with systems governing social space; particularly through policies involving public and private partnerships.

Following this email, the organizers look forward to receive proposals for the project on the basis of this open call for expression of interest. Our first goal is to organize an initial platform for public display at The Cross Art Projects in Sydney, commencing in June 2006. Following this event we are seeking to attract further support that will enable creating a more diverse series of projects, including ongoing public art events.

We appreciate your support and look forward in receiving your reply to this call for expression of interest. Please feel free to distribute this email to others who may be interested in 'Juxtapose'. I have attached a copy of the full text.

Many thanks and best wishes, - Thomas


The time has come to cut open the contested space of universalism. 'Juxtapose' aims to slice beneath the carapace of global popular culture by creating a platform for concentrated intellectual confrontation. It seeks to understand the ongoing conflict between the dream theatre of the exhibition space and everyday social reality.

'Juxtapose' establishes an interest in the laboratories of art; into the foundry of experimentalism, where art is performed and artworks reflect the underlying processes of creation. Instead of featuring works of art (eg aesthetic objects of production), it seeks to invite artistic projects that form the blueprints for ongoing visual practice.

"Hegel remarks somewhere that all facts and personages of great importance in world history occur, as it were, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as a tragedy, the second as a farce." - Karl Marx, 'The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte', 1869

In recent years, many of the most substantial discourses on contemporary art have concentrated on secondary representations of aesthetic objects in the public domain. During the course of the last decade, the market effectively took control of the international art scene. This caused the conventional status of aestheticism in artistic representation to collapse, and be replaced by 'pure' cultural consumption.

The time has come for the international art scene to realize that artists have increasingly been asked to adjust their practices to draw on the popular demands of the art market. Eventually there will be an understanding of the disparity between processes that assemble the 'tragic' contemporaneity of restrictively staged artistic practices and forces that arrange the farcical evocation of untainted art objects in the public domain.

In my view, art is capable of challenging its function in ethics and aesthetics. The proper judgment of taste can only be maintained in the minds of those who wish to frown upon the assiduous processes that constitute the practice of art, and instead many who work in the art field concentrate their efforts on the production of desirable objects.

This adoring positioning of art has entailed its own self-destructive process, as the creation of artworks no longer follows the profitable use of available labour in the cultural production field. Instead, art production constitutes its own consumption, and is therefore capable of producing the destruction of its own utility. As a result, artistic practices have emulated the potlatch; the exchange of gifts that cannot be confined to a simple structure, one that stimulates violence, rivalry and antagonism. This, I believe, constitutes the field of contemporary art.

Art in( y)our neighbourhood
The idea for 'Juxtapose' has derived from the opportunity of opening up available space and providing notable context to open up a projects space in Sydney's Kings Cross during the time of the Sydney Biennale. The Cross Art Projects offers a unique space for independent art projects in Sydney; aiming to promote art practices that fall outside the established framework of the local and international gallery scene by allowing small-scale and historical investigations to be set up by curators who work outside the institutional domain.

In recent times many of the exhibitions and events at The Cross Art Projects have focussed strongly on social engagement, particularly in relation to the social and spatial surroundings of the Kings Cross area. Kings Cross is often defined as a notorious area, famous for its red light district and a dangerous drug scene that take up the street scene, especially at night. Yet, at the same time it holds one of the closest-tied neighbourhood communities in Australia and those who actually live in the area often describe how there is in fact a strong sense of belonging and everyone seems to know each other.

Working from the location of The Cross Art Projects in Sydney's Kings Cross the organizers of 'Juxtapose' aim to create a project that will focus its attention on public and private partnerships in local neighbourhoods across the globe. The obvious way would involve taking on a project that pays attention to the theme of multiculturalism, which has gained such popularity in recent times, particularly in the official cultural policies of many Western democracies. Instead, 'Juxtapose' aims to challenge the institutional tactics of cultural dissemination into an open to all global theatre of amalgamated universalism that states that we are all the same on the plateau of humankind.

A basic proposition
What will happen when we bring people together as they are in reality; constructing an exhibition space like a housing estate where each of us are brought together out of pure economic necessity? Providing a simple juxtaposition of space and its inhabitants, the primary function of this project is to confront conflicted visions that occur amongst the interaction between people and their social, cultural, and physical environment. These involve the tragic consequences of potential incompatible points of view in everyday society, especially when they arise out of the conditions of cultural displacement.

'Juxtapose' invites artists, critics, curators, and people working in alternative art spaces to submit a range of documentation and materials that cover the processes of visual art production on local communities that have to deal with systems governing social space; particularly through policies involving public and private partnerships.

Recently Kings Cross has become part of a major makeover project that is sponsored by the local government and is ultimately aimed towards making the area appear more 'civilized'. The first step of the new 'upgrade' involved investing large sums of council money to transform Darlinghurst road, forcing many businesses to close in the process. In the end, black asphalt has been replaced with grey granite and the next step will be to allow trendy coffee shops, bars, and boutique shops to replace the existing businesses; making the area trendier, and more appealing to the urban chic cliques.

Project proposal
Part of the long-term goals of 'Juxtapose' is to establish a network between artists, critics, curators, and people working in alternative art spaces in other locations across the world who are dealing with the changes in the social and cultural environment of local communities. This will ultimately involve setting up residencies, whereby artists are invited to reflect upon their notion of a changing social environment, such as in Kings Cross. However, for now 'Juxtapose' are inviting participants on a far more basic level of exchange.

Without a clear-cut budget, it seeks to start a process that will be more continuous than many of the more popular structures chosen for major recurrent art events, which often invite contributions based on their internal circulation. 'Juxtapose' seeks to offer a project that invites its participants to submit research of ongoing artistic practices, which can be discussed in a public environment. The goal is to open up a project space that will be opened in the first week of June 2006, and coincides with the start of the Biennale of Sydney.

During the following weeks leading to the event, the organizers of 'Juxtapose' are hoping to circulate the proposal to a wide range of contacts in the local, regional, and international art scene. Those artists, critics, curators, and people working in alternative art spaces who are interested in working on this project are asked to submit documentation and materials to The Cross Art Projects, which will be presented to the public, starting in June 2006. During the time of the exhibition, the organizers of 'Juxtapose' hope to offer the audience a space to reflect on the 'laboratories of contemporary art' that are presented in the exhibition space.

Video works will be shown on small monitors, rather than on large projection, screens and the wall space will invite collages of small size documentations that require a close viewing. The exhibition space will also hold tables and chairs for the audience to read and view materials that are sent by the participants of the exhibition. These materials can include books, journals, writings, sketches, and models that will cover research of contemporary art in relation to everyday social juxtapositions in neighbourhood spaces.

Materials can be submitted by post, email, or fax, depending on the specific requirements. Participants are asked to pay for their own shipping, but we hope to offer personal support to those who have limited funds for sending their materials. In the future, 'Juxtapose' aims to apply for further funding to expand this project in allowing artists to come over and to provide artist-fees to those involved.

Thomas J. Berghuis
Sydney, 26 April 2006

Contact & submission
Juxtapose ¨C Art in (y)our neighbourhood
Commencing June 2006

The Cross Art Projects
A Space for independent art & curatorial studies
33 Roslyn Street, Kings Cross, NSW 2011
Sydney, Australia

A platform for critical discourse
7/13 Campbell Street
Balmain, NSW 2041
Sydney, Australia

Contacts in Sydney:
Thomas J. Berghuis
University of Sydney & Artpostings
Email: artpostings@hotmail.com
Phone: +61-2-9810 9887

Jo Holder
The Cross Art Projects
Email: joholder@aic.net.au
Phone: +61-2-9357 2058

17. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Centre of Attention (UK)
Deadline: not given; Source: Artsadmin e-digest 219

The Centre of Attention is currently considering submissions in particular for performance / gesture / action. No specific guidelines or deadline. Just email us with small attachments / examples or your website address to on@thecentreofattention.org

18. RESEARCH: "In Search of the Perfect Toronto Lawn"
Deadline: not given; Source: Laura Nanni

Dear Friends,

I have been invited to create a site-specific performance tour as part of The City of Toronto's Nuit Blanche event this fall (for more info on the festival go to http://www.torontoartsonline.org/livewithculture_ca/spotlight_toronto/nuit_blanche/nuit_blanche_toronto). My performance will begin with the premise that I am taking viewers on a tour of Toronto lawns. Yes, yes, front lawns. The performance tour will cover one or more of the three areas chosen by the programming committee:

-Queen West from Dufferin St. to Trinity Bellwoods Park
-McCaul St./ University Ave. from Queen St. to College St. and
-Bloor St. W/ Yorkville.

Over the next two months I will be seeking out whimsical, peculiar, disturbing, impressive front lawns and doing a little research (i.e. interviewing the neighbours and home owners to learn the back story on their lawn). Although I will be researching the sites for factual info and personal anecdotes, my performance, part of the 'Mythological Tour' series, will be a mix of fact and fiction.

Here's where you walkers, flâneurs, dreamers and private eyes of the city fit in:

"In Search of the Perfect Toronto Lawn"

a) If you come across a lawn in one of these areas that is worth noting, please let me know-- address and all. Better yet, take me there. Maybe it's even yours?

b) If you'd like to join me on my investigative tours as I catalogue material for the performance let me know. It'll be a nice excuse to take a walk and look around the city with friends. I'm hoping to get a few small groups together to do this.


19. NEW PUBLICATION: "Site-Specific Performance" Canadian Theatre Review 126
Source: Laura Nanni

Canadian Theatre Review 126
Site-Specific Performance
Edited by Andrew Houston and Laura Nanni

As theatre practices move beyond the stages of purpose-built houses into environmental stagings and sites of multi-disciplinary creation, performance becomes the best way to describe the emerging knowledge and practices that return performer and public alike to the primacy of experiencing the thresholds between process of creation and production, between performer and audience, and perhaps most importantly of all: between representation and the real.

CTR 126 offers an array of approaches and perspectives on the relationship between site and performance. To begin, different approaches to site-specificity are offered, from the pragmatic advice of Bluemouth Inc., through examinations of the work of DNA, Paul Coulliard, and Knowhere Productions; here are vantage points that differ as much for their geographic and cultural placement as for their aesthetic preoccupations. Certain spaces of performance creation are considered and examined, from the domestic, intimate realm of houses to the expansive domain of public sites. Richard Rose places environmental theatre in a historical perspective, as he discussed Necessary Angel's productions of' 'Tamara' and 'Newhouse'; Sean Dixon offers a playwright's perspective on the sublime allure of sites, while Darren O'Donnell tours us to the homes of unsuspecting Torontonians. The logistics and process of emerging site-specific practices are also featured, from Theatre SKAM's mobile approach to touring
environmental theatre out of Victoria, BC to an examination of Kendra Fanconi's 'Other Freds' and the equally large-scale approach to large-scale sites developed by Electric Company. Finally, a number of reviews of recent performances are offered, ranging
from the direct-action installations of Montreal-based ATSA, to 'PIPE', Bubonic Tourist's work in the Yukon, and a look at the 'Dusk Dances' in Toronto's Jane and Finch corridor.

Feature articles by:
Johanna Householder, Bluemouth Inc., Bruce Barton, Jacob Zimmer, Paul Couillard, Kathleen Irwin, Alissa Firth-Eagland, Dustin Harvey, Sam Stedman, Andrew Houston, Claire Borody, Darren O'Donnell, Sean Dixon, Zoe Stonyk, Laura Nanni, Sue Balint, Keren Zaiontz, Eric Moschopedis, Rachel Didor, Amy Lynn Strilchuk and Amiel Gladstone

Script by:
Radix Theatre Society

Views and Reviews by:
Reid Gilbert, Leighann Chalykoff, Jacob Gallagher-Ross, Melanie Bennett, Andrea Donaldson, Trenna Keating and Andrew Shaver

To order a copy, please contact the Canadian Theatre Review.
Email: journals@utpress.utoronto.ca or
Telephone: 416-667-7810

20. EVENT: "SPIKED performance and new media festival" (Regina)
Date: beginning June 7, 2006; Source: Neutral Ground

The SPIKED festival of performance and new media art will commence on June 7, 2006 with a program of 5 new performances and will continue with an exhibition and concert curated by Soil Digital Media Suite through its 2006 commission program, Living With Artificial Beings.

The festival will explore a range of themes in works that are related to mental processes, human behavior and the study of our relationship to our social and political environments. SPIKED proposes imaginative structures for relating to contemporary society leading into a post-humanist age by involving emotional intelligence and by exploring body conditioning, physical limits and physical achievement in sport, dance, live or performance art and other actions.

Within the study of human behavior is an emphasis on measurement pertaining to human activity leading to questions on the variability of data and seeking accurate, scientific paradigms for negotiating and applying the information to be able to predict or heal human beings and their societies. In the context of these academic, scientific and aesthetic pursuits, SPIKED brings forward an anti-reductionistic stance whose project is to embrace or advance anomalous behaviors and activities to encourage or stimulate instances of sharp fluctuations in recorded or collected data and to speculate on the evidence of what is disregarded in relation to what is being observed.

SPIKED is interested in delving beneath the surface of issues related to body conditioning, human striving for perfection, regeneration, longevity and life extension to re-examine the nature of the transformative processes involved. SPIKED is looking at elements that exists beyond the body in terms of existential or extra-scientific knowledge, collective knowledge, intangible heritage, the disembodied self and including speculation about the future.

Artists and works

Reona Brass: "100 Years Apart"
Wednesday, June 7, 3:00 pm

Irene Loughlin: "Hitting the Wall"
Thursday, June 8, 3:00 pm

Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa: "Written Sorrows"
Friday, June 9, 3:00 pm

Robin Poitras and John Noestheden:
"on oval yellow"
Friday, June 9, 5:30 pm
Off-site, Art at Work space

Andre Stitt: "Days of Resistance"
Saturday, June 10, 8:00 pm
Neutral Ground

Panel discussion:
Thursday, June 8, 7:00 pm
Neutral Ground

Peter Courtemanche "Preying Insect Robots"
June 30 - July 29, 2006
Neutral Ground; presented by Soil Digital Media Suite

Guy van Belle 'slashtops'
Concert June 30, 8:00 pm
Neutral Ground; presented by Soil Digital Media Suite

Neutral Ground Artist-Run Centre
& Soil Digital Media Suite
#203 - 1856 Scarth Street
Regina, SK
S4P 2G3
tel: 306-522-7166
fax: 306-522-5075


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