FADO E-LIST (August 2005)

FADO E-LIST (August 2005)


Cindy Baker performance continues to August 4, 2005
2. REMINDER: Fado Calls for Proposals
Deadlines: August 26 & September 30, 2005
3. REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: "TAAFI - Toronto Alternative Art Fair International 2005"
Deadline: August 1, 2005; Source: Instant Coffee
4. WORKSHOPS: "Bloomsbury: A Retreat’" (Bloomfield, ON)
Deadline:not specified, Events August, 2005; Source: Pam Patterson
5. RESIDENCY: greenroom (UK)
Deadline: September 2, 2005; Source: Artsadmin e-digest #187
6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "2006-07 Season" Skol (Montreal)
Deadline: September 15, 2005; Source: Skol
7. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: "The Politics of space" UrbanFestival 2006 (Croatia)
Deadline September 30, 2005; Source: Urbani Festival
8. REQUEST FOR STORIES: (along Spadina) [murmur]
Deadline: not indicated; Source: Instant Coffee
9. CALL FOR ARTICLES: "AC: Collaborative" (UK)
Deadline: not indicated; Source Artsadmin e-digest #187
10. PERFORMANCE ART PILGRIMAGE: Art/Life Institute (Portugal, Spain, France)
Deadline: not indicated; Event: February 2006 Source: Linda Montano
11. EVENT: "First Response" Modern Fuel Gallery (Kingston)
August 2 - September 24, 2005; Source:Modern Fuel
August 16, 2005; Source: Maria Legault

Cindy Baker performance continues to August 4, 2005

Fado and the Drake present
Cindy Baker
(Assistance provided by Megan Morman from LadyLady Helping Services)
Daily performance interactions, 11 am - 7 pm in the Drake Lounge or Café
August 4, 6 pm: 2005 SUMMER COLLECTION LAUNCH and Reception in the Drake Lounge
1150 Queen St. W., Toronto
info: (416) 822-3219, info@performanceart.ca
or visit www.performanceart.ca

Have you designed an outfit for Cindy yet? From psychedelic plaid to neoist chic, Torontonians have been dropping by the Drake to design clothes that they think would suit artist Cindy Baker. But time is running out -- you have until August 4 to turn Cindy into a Fashion Plate.

On August 4, Saskatoon artist Cindy Baker unveils the results of her two-week interactive performance residency at the Drake. Don't miss this opportunity to see and celebrate the results of this unusual "nervous-viewer-meets-nervous-artist " design process. Visitors will be privy to a casual modeling of the clothes that participants have designed for Cindy, and have a chance to hear some of the behind-the-scenes stories. Find out what happens when a "relatively enormous" woman offers herself up to be a "giant Barbie doll" for Toronto audiences.

Fashion Plate is a project that asks people to think “…about a large woman's body, about someone else's body, regardless of size, about that body in relation to their own and in relation to fashion, (a visual translation of society's rules or standards about bodies)….”

Cindy explains: "This project gives people permission to look at me, to literally size me up. In fact, it requires them to, to look at me and really think about what they’re seeing. This is the most challenging part of Fashion Plate, I think – for the audience, to be asked to look at me and really think about it; and for me, to be looked at so critically by all the people I encounter."

About the artist

Cindy Baker is an interdisciplinary and performance artist focused on theoretical, conceptual and performative/ephemeral projects. Her formal visual art training at the University of Alberta is balanced by self-directed research in gender culture, queer theory and art. Baker considers ‘context’ to be her major media, creating art projects that exist in the experience, process, dissemination and thought (of the artist, as well as of the audience.) Her work, which encompasses various materials, has been featured in numerous exhibitions, performance series and intervention projects at galleries and artist-run centres across Canada.

Since some of her biggest interests are skewing context and (re)examining societal standards, especially as they relate to language and dissemination of information, Baker has a particular professional interest in the function of artist-run centres as a breeding ground of deviation. She perceives a need for intervention and collaboration, both within the art world and in the community at large. She is currently the Programme Coordinator at AKA Gallery in Saskatoon.

Fado is pleased to acknowledge the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council, and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their support of our ongoing activities.

2. REMINDER: Fado Calls for Proposals
Deadlines: August 26 & September 30, 2005

IDea (2006-07 season)
Curated by Paul Couillard

Don't forget about the two most recent calls for proposals from Fado -- for the IDeas series and for the final FIVE HOLES project, "a matter of taste".

For details, visit http://www.performanceart.ca/call.html or email info@performanceart.ca

3. REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: "TAAFI - Toronto Alternative Art Fair International 2005"
Deadline: August 1, 2005; Source: Instant Coffee

TAAFI - Toronto Alternative Art Fair International 2005, Nov 3 -7 2005
The Drake Hotel & Gladstone Hotel in the heart of Toronto's West Queen
West Gallery District

TAAFI is seeking proposals from artists, curators, collectives, critics, and dealers. Over 20 rooms at the Gladstone and Drake Hotels will be available. In addition to the rooms, there will be areas in the hotels curated by TAAFI focusing on installation, new media and performance art works.

Submission and Other Important Deadlines:

August 1st, 2005 Submission deadline
September 1st, 2005 Booking deadline
October 1st, 2005 1/2 Deposit for room deadline
November 3rd, 2005 Final payment and installation

Send Submissions to: Please include a proposal to the following address of your exhibition, performance or screening. A DVD or CD of 10 jpegs of images of the work you wish to present.

TAAFI Collective
29 McCaul Street, Studio 404
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1V7

Fees - The room rental for 5 days is $1750 Canadian plus applicable taxes, and $150 dollar damage deposit (returned if room is satisfactorily return to original state by hotel staff).

Mandate - The Toronto Alternative Art Fair International Collective is a non-profit curatorial group based in Toronto: Andrew Harwood, Barr Gilmore and Pamila Matharu. TAAFI works with non-profit organizations, whose aims are similar to our own - i.e. public galleries, artist-run centres, collectives, art publications as well as commercial galleries for the production of an alternative art fair. The TAAFI Collective champions commercial galleries that exhibit cutting edge contemporary culture. Our strategy of providing affordable room rentals as exhibition spaces allows for art not normally seen at commercial art fairs. We wish to bring together local, national and international artists, curators and critics to create a meeting place to share ideas and network. Our hope is also to educate and promote contemporary art via our themed lectures.

Location / Admission Price / Audience - There are two accessible locations in the West Queen West Gallery District as venues for the fair: the Drake and Gladstone Hotels. Admission fee will be $6.00, includes a free catalogue. We expect over 6,000 visitors over the course of the fair.

Lectures / Parties - Lectures by critics, artists, dealers and curators will take place on each day of the fair. Parties to enhance your TAAFI experience featuring an eclectic mix of performance artists and deejays.

Promotion - A catalogue, poster, direct mail postcard and website will be published to accompany and promote the fair participants. Akimbo e-broadcasts will promote the fair locally, nationally and internationally.

We'd like to thank the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council for their continuing support and recognition. and the generous sponsorship by Akimbo.

For further information please contact:
Andrew Harwood andrew@taafi.org, Barr Gilmore barrgilmore@sympatico.ca
or Pamila Matharu pamila@taafi.org Tel. 416.846.6230

4. WORKSHOPS: "Bloomsbury: A Retreat’" (Bloomfield, ON)
Deadline:not specified, Events August, 2005; Source: Pam Patterson

Bloomsbury: A Retreat, Bloomfield, ON, Prince Edward County - Creating
Strategies for Living and Practice
Pam Patterson & John Oughton

Need rejuvenating? Know someone who does? Want to find what will kick-start your art into a new gear? your career into into a new life? your life after cancer?

We are starting a mini-conference/workshop center for activists, artists, social workers, popular educators and anyone who needs a shift in her/his life - laid back, funky, radical and transformative. This year we are starting small - two workshops: Poetry County with John Oughton (August 12-14) & Telling Memory: Personal Narratives (August 19-21). We hope to expand these, make them longer, invite some great feminists, writers, artists to come and teach too.

AUGUST 12-14

Led by experienced poet/editor/teacher John Oughton, this unique intensive includes:
* Daily workshopping of participants’ poems
* Sessions on preparing manuscripts, forms, original imagery, markets, giving readings, self-publishing
John Oughton has published four books of poetry, runs the Sixth Floor chapbook press, is the editor of the latest version of Poetry Markets for Canadians, and the former editor of www.youngpoets.ca. He has edited poetry manuscripts for others, facilitates an advanced poetry workshop in Toronto, and has studied with Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Ann Waldman, Irving Layton and other prominent poets.

AUGUST 19-21
Author/performance artist/educator/activist Pam Patterson, PhD, works with women participants on speaking, writing, shaping and strengthening their personal stories. Writing what we have endured, and learned from, empowers us, gives us stories to share with others, and helps us to see where we can move to next.
A Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Women’s Studies, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Pam Patterson has taught at the University of Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Toronto Women’s Bookstore and the Toronto School of Art. She has
published articles and reviews in many periodicals, and given performances and lectures across Canada, in the USA, and most recently, Wales.

COST PER WORKSHOP: $295: includes daily catered lunch, trips to wineries, dunes, etc. and a final public reading featuring all participants. For registration and further information, contact us at
613-393-2407 or bloomsburymail@canada.com.

Spaces are limited.

We are also available to help you organize your own small work retreat at Bloomsbury. The house can accommodate about 20 people for sessions and can we can help arrange your overnight accommodation with neighbourhood B&B's. The 3-bedroom house (washer/dryer, hi speed internet) is also available for rental at select times for those wanting a short holiday/writing retreat.

Come to Prince Edward County and hang out at Sandbanks, do the wineries, go to the Quarter Moon Cafe whatever..... I hear we even have good food here - not to mention the coffee at the Bean Counter.

Pam Patterson, PhD
Visiting Scholar,
Centre for Women's Studies in Education
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Mailing address:
264 Bloor St. West, PO Box 22580
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1V8

416-923-6641 X 2204 (Office)
416-487-5673 ( Toronto, Home)
613-393-2407 (Bloomfield, Home)


5. RESIDENCY: greenroom (UK)
Deadline: September 2, 2005; Source: Artsadmin e-digest #187

Recognised as a home for artists and contemporary performance, greenroom is looking for individual artists, or groups of artists, to join our expanding community for a 12 month residency from October 2005. We seek artists wishing to develop new performance, whose work encompasses different arts disciplines or defies categorisation. We offer the opportunity to explore, create, develop, share, and ultimately present work in the supportive, flexible, informal and friendly environment that is greenroom.

The residency may be awarded in a number of ways, either as a full-time 12 month residency or as 2 (or more) periods of full or part-time residency, running one after the other or concurrently. Above all we are flexible in our approach.

A maximum fund of £15,000 is available and includes artist(s) fees and all production costs. If appropriate this will be awarded pro-rata. Closing date is 6pm Friday 2 September 2005

Information on how to apply and application forms are available at

For guidance contact John Franklin, programme co-ordinator,
admin@greenroomarts.org or call 0161 615 0515.

6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "2006-07 Season" Skol (Montreal)
Deadline: September 15, 2005; Source: Skol

(version française suivante)

We are accepting proposals for gallery exhibitions, off-site projects, multidisciplinary works, and special events.

As if all were well. . .

2006 will mark Skol’s twentieth anniversary. Since its foundation, Centre des arts actuels Skol has steadfastly affirmed its mandate of providing a springboard for emerging and forward-looking practices. For the 2006-2007 season, we invite artists, groups, curators, and critics to respond to the conditioning that hinders one’s attempts to imagine a different future. Here is an occasion to go against the grain, be out of step with patterns of resignation. We can turn commonly held defeatist notions to our own advantage. Participate in the emergence of peripheral initiatives. Defy rampant homogeneity. Whether your actions come about through teamwork, or whether you reclaim your singularity through extravagant folly, we eagerly await your insightful and/or amusing fictions. Free the imagination — be realistic, show us the impossible. Thus can we give ourselves the chance to celebrate our commitment to the future together!

Required support material:

-    a description of the project (maximum 250 words);
-    an artistic statement (maximum 250 words);
-    a C.V.;
-    visual documentation (maximum 20 digital images or 20 numbered slides; JPEG (.jpg) files only, 72 dpi, max. 1024 x 768 pixels, max 1 Mb per image, RGB; maximum 10 minutes for video);
-    a detailed list of your images and videos;
-    any other element relevant to the proposal;
-    a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Please forward your proposals to the following address before 5 p.m. September 15th:
(please note that, contrary to previous years, there will not be a call for works on November 15)

Comité de programmation {Programming Committee}
Centre des arts actuels Skol
372 Saint Catherine Street W., space 314
Montreal, Quebec H3B 1A2

Gallery floor plan available on our Web site: www.skol.qc.ca
Phone: (514) 398-9322; e-mail: skol@skol.qc.ca
Skol is a member of the Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec.

Appel de dossiers pour la saison 2006-2007  

Nous recherchons des artistes pour des expositions en salle, des projets hors les murs, des projets multidisciplinaires et des événements ponctuels.

Faire comme si tout allait bien…
L’année 2006 marquera le vingtième anniversaire du Centre des arts actuels Skol. Depuis sa fondation, le Centre a constamment cherché à réaffirmer son mandat d’offrir un tremplin pour les pratiques porteuses d’avenir. Pour la saison 2006-2007, nous invitons les artistes, collectifs, commissaires et théoriciens à réagir aux conditionnements qui font obstruction aux tentatives de se projeter dans un futur différent. Voici une occasion de se positionner en porte-à-faux devant les modèles qui poussent à la résignation. Nous pouvons retourner à notre avantage les thèses défaitistes communément admises. Participons à l’émergence des initiatives périphériques. Défions l’homogénéité galopante. Que vous utilisiez comme moyen d’action l’attitude collaborationniste ou que vous revendiquiez votre singularité en usant de la folie, nous attendons avec enthousiasme vos fictions lucides et / ou ludiques. Place à l’imagination : Soyez réalistes, montrez-nous l’impossible. Nous pourrons ainsi nous donner la chance de célébrer ensemble notre engagement pour l’avenir !

Matériel d’appui demandé :

- texte décrivant le projet (250 mots maximum) ;
- texte de démarche (250 mots maximum) ;
- curriculum vitæ ;
- documentation visuelle (maximum 20 diapositives numérotées ou 20 images numériques, fichiers jpg seulement, résolution de 72 dpi, 1024 X 768 pixels maximum, 1 MB maximum par image, RGB ; total de10 minutes maximum pour les vidéos) ;
- une liste détaillée de vos images ou vidéos ;
- tout autre élément pertinent à l‘étude du dossier ;
- une enveloppe de retour pré-affranchie.

Veuillez acheminer vos propositions à l’adresse suivante au plus tard le 15 septembre à 17heures :
(prenez note qu’il n’y aura pas d’appel de dossiers au 1er novembre comme par le passé)

Comité de programmation
Centre des arts actuels Skol
372, rue Sainte-Catherine O., espace 314
Montréal  Québec  H3B 1A2

Plan de l’espace disponible sur notre site Internet : www.skol.qc.ca.
Téléphone : 514 398-9322; courriel; skol@skol.qc.ca.
Skol est membre du Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec

7. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: "The Politics of space" UrbanFestival 2006 (Croatia)
Deadline September 30, 2005; Source: Urbani Festival

(vidi hrvatsku verziju dolje)

[BLOK] – Local Base for Cultural Refreshment
Call for proposals - UrbanFestival (September 2006) – The Politics of space

Since 2001, UrbanFestival deals with a concept of public, especially that of public space, through its thematic focuses, programme selection, but also through its specific, often experimental, organizational schemes. In the social climate with intensified and hasty privatization of public spaces, namely the common meeting places, atomization of the society and strongly individualized, almost intimate reception of the cultural products, in the era of technological innovations that encourage and stimulate passivity, the crucial point is to reopen and affirm spaces of collective consummation, spaces of greater accessibility, as well as spaces of active participation of broader audience/public.

The notion of the city that exists independently of objects and praxes installed therein, as the space that regulates our everyday life, the notion of the city as the expression and means of power and brutal interest of capital, is being replaced with the political viewpoint of the city as a space that is being produced by its citizens over and over again. Urban Festival 2006, subtitled The Politics of space, is focused on the presentation and affirmation of the artistic projects and actions that – counting with the transformative potential of art – offer an alternative to the existing urban praxes, institutions, and social relations. Operating in the field of imagination, the artistic practice has a potential to anticipate and think of the other and different relationships. The programme will be realized in public city spaces – with the intention to broaden the territory of action outside the protecting walls of galleries and theatres, and on the other hand, animate the public spaces as spaces of co-existence, confrontation of different views, as well as possible antagonisms.

The call is opened till 30 September 2005.

The proposals must be submitted via http://www.urbanfestival.hr/call.htm and thus we would appreciate if you don't send any extra material than requested here.

Until 1 December 2005 we will contact those artists whose works have entered the second round.

[BLOK] – Lokalna baza za osvjeÏavanje kulture
Poziv na predlaganje radova - UrbanFestival (rujan 2006.) – Politike prostora UrbanFestival se od 2001.

u svojih pet izdanja kroz tematske fokuse, izbor programa, ali i specifiãne organizacijske oblike i eksperimentiranje s istima bavi pitanjima javnosti, a posebno javnoga prostora. U dru‰tvenoj klimi pojaãane i uÏurbane privatizacije javnih prostora, odnosno zajedniãkih prostora okupljanja, atomizacije dru‰tva te vrlo individualizirane gotovo intimizirane recepcije kulturnih proizvoda, u eri tehnolo‰kih inovacija koje pogoduju i gotovo potiãu pasivnost, kljuãnim se nameçe nanovo otvarati i afirmirati mjesta kolektivne konzumacije, mjesta ‰to veçe otvorenosti, kao i aktivne participacije ‰to ‰ire publike/javnosti. Poimanje grada kao prostora koji postoji neovisno o objektima i praksama koji su u njega ugra©¢eni, kao mjesta koje regulira na‰u svakodnevnicu, grada kao izraza i sredstva drÏavne moçi ili surovog interesa kapitala, odluãili smo zamijeniti politiãkim poimanjem grada – grada kao mjesta koje uvijek i nanovo proizvode prakse njegovih gra©¢ana. Fokus UrbanFestivala 2006., podnaslovljenog sintagmom Politike prostora, je na prezentaciji i afirmaciji umjetniãkih projekata i djelovanja koji - raãunajuçi na transformativni potencijal umjetnosti – nude, otvaraju alternativu postojeçim urbanim praksama, institucijama, dru‰tvenim odnosima. Kako se umjetniãka praksa odvija u polju imaginacije, ãini se da upravo ona ima potencijal pred-vi©¢anja, mi‰ljenja drugih i drugaãijih odnosa. Program çe se realizirati u javnim gradskim prostorima. ·iriti podruãje djelovanja izvan za‰tiçenih zidova galerija i kazali‰ta, a s druge strane animirati javne prostore kao prostore su-postojanja, konfrontacije razliãitih pogleda, pa i moguçih antagonizama.

Poziv je otvoren do 30. rujna 2005. godine.

Jedini naãin predlaganja radova je putem web-stranice http://www.urbanfestival.hr/poziv.htm i stoga vas molimo da ne ‰aljete dodatne materijale. Do 1. prosinca 2005. kontaktirat çemo one predlagatelje ãiji su radovi u‰li u uÏi izbor.

8. REQUEST FOR STORIES: (along Spadina) [murmur]
Deadline: not indicated; Source: Instant Coffee

[murmur] is looking for Spadina stories from Bloor down to Lake Ontario. We're want to record your stories, or stories that you know about, that have taken place along Spadina. The stories are unscripted and casual. Tell us the stuff you tell friends while walking down the street. If you have a story please email shawn@murmurtoronto.ca

Over the past two years, [murmur] has recorded many of Toronto's stories in Kensington Market and in the Annex - letting people hear those stories using their cell phones in the exact spot they take place. Story locations are marked with a green [murmur] ear sign, and the stories are told by real people in their own voices. We also need your help in finding storytellers - so if there is a story that the rest of Toronto should hear from any of the many communities that have called that street home, please help us include it.

[murmur] is also looking for interns and volunteers to help find and record stories. please email shawn@murmurtoronto.ca

9. CALL FOR ARTICLES: "AC: Collaborative" (UK)
Deadline: not indicated; Source Artsadmin e-digest #187

AC: Collaborative focuses on the subject of collaborative art globally, both in practice and in criticism. As the first international journal to explore and emphasize interdisciplinary art collaboration projects, our mission is to serve as a forum for pluralist artists' experimentation.

AC: Collaborative is an interactive online journal, continuously updated with new reviews, articles and interviews. Please take a look at www.artcircles.org <http://www.artcircles.org /> . The journal will be printed semiannually, generating a series of monographs on topical issues on collaborative art.

We are interested in all aspects of collaborative art. What is it? Who does it? Where is it happening? What mediums can it bridge and in so doing what new forms of creative expression can it afford? Given the contemporary art climate, what are its motivations, artistically, socially and politically?

For more information on submitting collaborative projects, reviews, interviews, and articles to AC: Collaborative, please contact Zhanna Veyts, AC: Collaborative’s Editor at Large at zhannaveyts@yahoo.com.

10. PERFORMANCE ART PILGRIMAGE: Art/Life Institute (Portugal, Spain, France)
Deadline: not indicated; Event: February 2006 Source: Linda Montano




THE ART/LIFE INSTITUTE announces a pilgrimage to Europe and chance to work in INNER PERFORMANCE ART/INNER LAUGHTER with Linda M Montano.It is SPIRITUAL ENDURANCE ART and the 7 participants will receive a certificate on completion of this journey.

I will pack very light, dress "right"(pilgrimage-ware).
I will bring a small journal for INNER PERFORMANCE WRITINGS.
I will leave other equipment home and not document except in my journal. No video , cameras,.Cell optional.
I will eat what is provided.(Usually non-veg .) Power bars are exceptions.Can be brought.
I will be ultra-unpicky at meals and not ask for the sky.
I will move fast and effecientyly from buses, trains to pilgrimage sites in my group of 7.(Plus others on bus.)
I will not give looks of discouragement/disdain to the others on the bus when they annoy me.
I will attend daily Mass with the group and all activities of the tour.
I will pack Midol and not stay in bed if I have PMS.(Montano will worry too much about you.)
I will not have the need to wander off at any time since the tour "leader", Montano is now aging and gets anxious.
I will practice qualities of silence and reverence and prayerfullness .
I will learn about inner laughter from Montano and practice smile laughter when stressed by rain etc.
I will choose to sleep in a triple room and save $24 on the cost of the tour.
I will ENDURE an overnight train ride from Spain to France.
I will sign a release taking personal responsibility for myself and my meager bag of things and might buy optional travel insurance.(See their web for info on this.)
I will go online for tour info and ask them any tour questions:www.spirittours.net, or google Catholic Spirit Tours.
I will pay by December 1, 2005.I will tell SPIRIT TOURS I am going on the L.Montano Tour, #130.
I will email lindamontano@hotmail.com and tell her you are going on the tour.
I will be put on a waiting list if this tour fills with 7 people.
I will consider this tour a performance and consider myself a PERFORMANCE ART SAINT at the completion.
I will receive a certificate at the end of the tour from Montano.

NAME OF TOUR: Tour 130.
COST: $1599.00 from NY.(Other cities have add-on fees) plus airport tax,minus $24 for triple room.
INCLUDES: RT Air, Tour, Hotels, Most Meals, Transportation,Guides, Admissions, Chaplin, Gratuities, Flight Bag, Documnet Portfolio etc.


11. EVENT: "First Response" Modern Fuel Gallery (Kingston)
August 2 - September 24, 2005; Source:Modern Fuel

First Response
Judy Bowyer & Kelly Lynne Wood

Originating from the Main Gallery theme of "silence", First Response is an interdisciplinary project presenting the audio-based work of Judy Bowyer in concert with the relations-based performance of Kelly Lynne Wood. Allowing each artist's work to build off the other in search of profound interconnectivity, First Response is presented in three public spaces over the course of two months, and involves the broadcasting of Bowyer's hypnotic audio track which informs the listener that "everything will be ok", "it will all turn out fine". Attempting to placate or antagonize this unknown anxiety, Wood's contribution to the project is the development of a performance involving exchange with members of the public, created in response to Bowyer's public broadcast of private assurances.

Judy Bowyer began her art practice as a photographer and as such perhaps should be a voyeur, but she describes herself as an eavesdropper. Her audio installations explore how the insertion of private communications into a public space affects the construction of dialogue. After studying Applied Photography at Sheridan College and receiving a Bachelor of Arts: Honours Degree from the University of Guelph, Bowyer completed her MFA at the University of Saskatchewan in 1997 and now lives as an artist and educator currently wandering around Southern Ontario. Collecting worries since 1997 as well as offering reassurance, she remains hopeful - somewhat hopeful. Please send your worries to: worry_well@yahoo.com

Kelly Lynne Wood choreographs private interactions in her performances, where friendly, personal encounters take place within public settings. In 2001 she completed her MFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University in the Open Media programme. Prior to that, she received her BFA in Painting from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. Although primarily a practicing artist, she has also coordinated various fundraising and art events. Her installations, performances and videos have been shown throughout Canada and internationally. She lives and works in Montréal.


(Site 01)
270 Princess Street 2 August to 13 August
Site 01 performative interactions

1:00 to 5:00pm daily 3 August to 6 August
Site 01 installation
Continuing with audio broadcast 9 August to 13 August

(Site 02)
21A Queen Street, Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre 24 August to 17 September
Site 02 installation and reception
Modern Fuel vestibule and Main Gallery 17 September, 7-9pm
(with Disquiet and My Father closing receptions) Artists&Mac226; talks, starting at 8pm

(Site 03)
CFRC Radio, Carruther&Mac226;s Hall, Queen&Mac226;s University 19 September to 24 September
Outdoor audio broadcast, times TBA

Project statement:

"Everything will be all right."

The common and the mundane incidents that unite human experiences fascinate Judy Bowyer and inform her work. She uses text that is pared down to a meaningless meaningfulness, and with this creates pieces concerning hearing but not listening and communication that is private or guarded by incorporating the externalization / broadcast of the internal voice.

"Don't worry."

Kelly Lynne Wood's work activates experiences often determined by site and situation in order to draw attention to everyday surroundings. Sometimes her process is as simple as releasing a space from its sameness or highlighting ordinary experiences. She has the desire to make sincere connections with people in both the social and private spheres of their lives through her artistic practice, creating situations that respect and emphasize people&Mac226;s lives in the public domain.

"It's OK."

Worry can unite or divide. Worry can motivate or immobilize. For some, it is as necessary as breathing. As Bowyer's first use of her worries in collaboration, First Response encompasses elements present in Bowyer&Mac226;s work; those that draw attention to the way our internal voice keeps us occupied and how hard it is to silence this voice.

"It's going to get better."

Wood's intention is not to simply "study" people, but to explore social relationships and experiences, and to generate meaning from these interactions. Wood will be giving the community of Kingston an opportunity to re-experience their surroundings by drawing their attention to Bowyer's audio track and asking them to interact with her. She will be asking the public to touch her pregnant belly after listening and responding to Bowyer's sound installation. With this action the work leads the public into the consideration of Wood&Mac226;s actions and provides an intimate think-space for participants.

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre
21A Queen Street
Kingston, ON K7K 1A1
MAIN (613) 548-4883
NMW (613) 548-0696

August 16, 2005; Source: Maria Legault

Dear Friend,

I am gladly announcing that Plus One, my life-size doll, and I will be tying the knot. The wedding will be held on the evening of Tuesday August 16th at The Drake Hotel in Toronto. The GET MARRIED spectacle of love will include FREE gourmet cake, an MC, a DJ, FREE sex toys and a one-hour slow dance extravaganza.

I would also like to mention that Auriane Sokoloski obtained an Internet license to perform the marriage act and will be donating her services for FREE. We are currently soliciting any body that wants to get married in any way for any reason whatsoever... Please email or call me if you would like to participate and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Come on, get married, it's fun, it's free.

Very Best Wishes
Maria Legault


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