FADO E-LIST (March 2005)

FADO E-LIST (March 2005)


1. Monday - Fado presents Artur Tajber - TORONTO TABLEABLE
2. Fado joins up with MOCCA to present FEATS, MIGHT - March 23, 2005
3. NEWS - Fado interview with Linda M . Montano now in publication
4. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: "mapXXL" Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes (Europe)
Deadline:March 26, 2005; Source: Artsadmin e-digest issue 169
5. CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS: "The Only Thing You Need" Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre (Kingston)
Deadline: April 8, 2005; Source: Modern Fuel
6. RESIDENCY: ARCUS Project 2005 (Japan)
Deadline: April 9, 2005; Source: Instant Coffee
Deadline: April 15, 2005; Source: DARE-DARE
8. EVENT: 6th Annual Bill Huffman Award for Excellence in Studio Practice
March 19, 2005; Source: Instant Coffee
9. EVENT: "Canadian Performance Art Idol"
March 24, 2005; Source: Chandra Bulucon

1. Fado presents Artur Tajber - TORONTO TABLEABLE

a new performance by ARTUR TAJBER
in the WALK'MAN series
(Performance, screening and artist talk)
March 14, 2005, 8 pm
Gallery 1313 (1313 Queen St. W.)

physics changes into a psyche through a succession of facts
the physics of geometry
the psyche of memory

On Monday, March 14, Fado is pleased to present an evening featuring visiting Polish artist Artur Tajber at Gallery 1313. The artist will present a TORONTO TABLEALBE, a new work in his ongoing WALK'MAN series as well as screening videos and talking about his work.

Tajber says of his work:

"My interests are focused around what can be defined as shaping the environment by an individual and collective. ... I think that ‘physical space’ is a reflection of state of soul; physics and psyche influence each other. ...
"Thus my work consists mainly in carrying out observation, constructing experiences, documenting them, and finally – presenting my observations and conclusions to others...."

He has also written about the genesis and development of the WALK'MAN series:

"From 1995 I have worked on a subject matter for which I coined the phrase WALK’MAN – a street action. ... In the autumn of 1995 I was standing on the Lagan River Bridge in Belfast. Hundreds of thousands singing birds were circling over and over again on all levels and all possible planes, drawing in the sky simple (shape-wise), but extremely complex (structurally) forms.
"Since then I have walked along the streets in different cities with an altered attitude. ... I do not perceive a street-plan as a flat sheet of paper, but as a three-dimensional form in which time is the third factor, offering other passages and modifications of connection. ...
"I have no doubt that the most frequently repeated and important activity, which engages my body and mind to a similar extent, is walking – especially walking 'freely', without aiming anywhere specific (I do not 'walk towards...', but I walk, hang about)."

About the artist

Artur Tajber is an influential artist, curator and organizer based in Krakow, Poland, Tajber's work reflects an interest in conceptual design and theory of art, unrestricted by disciplinary divisions. His distinguished exhibition and teaching careers have taken him to galleries, festivals and colleges in Europe, Asia and North America. He is a co-founder and the long-time President of the Association of Fort Sztuki (since 1996), as well as being the instigator and director of the Inter-Faculty Studio for Intermedia, Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow (since 2001).


Fado is pleased to acknowledge the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council, and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their support of our ongoing activities.

Artur Tajber's visit to Canada was made possible through the School of the Arts at McMaster University. Supporters of this venture include the Centre for Leadership and Learning through a Teaching and Learning Project Fund, the Senator William McMaster Chair in Globalization and the Human Condition, Hamilton Artists Inc., McMaster Museum of Art, transit gallery, and the International School of Loose Affiliations. Artur Tajber will also be conducting presentations and performance at transit gallery while in Hamilton.

2. Fado joins up with MOCCA to present FEATS, MIGHT - March 23, 2005

(an evening of live performances and videos)
Featuring Daniel Cockburn, Brian Joseph Davis, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay and Nemirov
Curated by Alissa Firth-Eagland
Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 8 pm
The Great Hall Centre (1087 Queen St. W.)

Video screenings, 8:30 pm
We Are Made of Stars Brian Joseph Davis 2004, 11:00
The Imposter (hello, goodbye) Daniel Cockburn 2003, 8:48
Live to Tell Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay 2002, 6:00

Performances, 9 pm
Report on an Unidentified Art Event Audience Brian Joseph Davis
Visible Vocals Daneil Cockburn
Constellation Nemirov

Co-presented by Fado Performance Inc. and The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art

On March 23, Toronto video artists Daniel Cockburn, Brian Joseph Davis and Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay put their courage, ingenuity and wit to the test as part of Feats, Might, a one-night performance event at The Great Hall.

Until now, the feats preformed and might expended by these artists has been with a video camera in mind. Their "performances" use the camera as a mediator and filter. The artists may appear in their work, but on-screen, where errors can be erased, gestures can be highlighted, conditions can be controlled, and a distance maintained between performer and audience. The resulting documents present considered, measured slices of content where only a fragment of the original live action is revealed.

But what type of work would these artists make without a camera? Curator Alissa Firth-Eagland sets up this intriguing challenge for them. Feats, might takes away the camera and post-production process, introducing a live audience and ultimately stripping down the comfort levels inherent in video as a medium.

The evening will begin with a screening that illustrates how each of the artists has used performance in a previous video work. Then, for the first time, Cockburn, Davis and Nemerofsky Ramsay will perform live. We invite you to witness these physical and conceptual feats — these mighty performances — where the critical questions that arise at the intersection of video and performance art can be confronted and confronted and challenged. Don't miss this exciting evening.

About the artists

Daniel Cockburn is a video artist, writer and closed caption editor. He has been making monologue-based film/video works since 1999. His works have been exhibited at various venues Canadian and international, including: Media City; Cinematexas; Images Festival; Cinematheque Ontario; Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival; Video Art Plastique; 25HRS; The Venice International Short Film Festival; Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film & Video; Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest; and the Portland Documentary and Experimental Film Festival.

Brian Joseph Davis is a video artist and writer. His work has recently screened at the Geografias Suaves Video Festival in Mexico and his film Arrival won first place in the DFAIT IN Video Competition. It will open the new Canadian Embassy in Berlin in April 2005. His book Portable Altamont will be published by Coach House Books in Fall 2005. He also writes for Eye Weekly and Broken Pencil. His video work uses documentary to examine social groupings as imaginings and the documenting of them as impossibilities. He's currently working on a feature length biographical documentary that only utilizes psychics hired from the backs of newspapers. He turns affirmations into negations for breakfast.

Artist Alissa Firth-Eagland graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design Integrated Media Dept. in 2003 where her studies focused on curatorial practice, critical writing, performance art and conceptual video art production. Committed to critical analysis and discussion, she is currently exploring the curator's commission as an artistic practice. She uses curatorial practice to create space for innovative methodologies & fringe trajectories, commissioning experimental works from artists. She's recently organized exhibitions for Tranz<--->Tech 2003 Toronto International Media Art Biennial, the first annual Toronto Alternative Arts Fair (2004) and The 2004 Junction Arts Festival. The Junction Arts Festival exhibition Sorry for the Inconvenience (co-curated by Firth-Eagland and Emelie Chhangur) was recently nominated for 2004's Best Curated Exhibition at the Toronto Untitled Art Awards. From April 2005 to March 2006 she will be working and conducting independent research at the Walter Phillips Gallery as she has been invited to participate in a Curatorial Work Study position through the Banff International Curatorial Institute. 

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay is a Montreal-born media artist. Since 2000 his video practice has brought together song, self-reflexive performance for the camera and lyrics from pop music as vehicles for examining the singing voice, multiplicity, the untranslatability of emotions into language and the ways in which emotional expression changes shape when mediated by technology and popular culture. His work has been exhibited both in film festivals and gallery contexts across Canada, Europe and East Asia. In 2004 the Plug In ICA organized Neverending Song of Love, a survey exhibition of his video works to date. www.bennybenny.ca tells you more.

Nemirov sings, speaks and moves. Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay is Nemirov.

This project was made possible in part through the sponsorship of Vtape and The Great Hall Centre.

3. NEWS - Fado interview with Linda M . Montano now in publication

Fado's 1999 interview with Linda M. Montano, recorded during the TIME TIME TIME series and first published on Fado's website, is included in a new book from Routledge by Linda M. Montano, entitled Letters from Linda M. Montano.

An anthology of writings by one of the seminal performance artists of the last century, Letters from Linda M. Montano provides an autobiographical and historical record of Montano's artistic practice over the last thirty years, collecting together stories, fairytales, letters, interviews, manifestos and other previously unpublished writings. At the same time, the book acts as a how-to manual for aspiring performance artists, offering practical guidance for students and a range of exercises that Montano has used in her teachings and workshops. Finally, Letters from Linda M. Montano represents a performance in itself, in which the artist considers the process of writing, creating and bringing the work to fruition as another form of endurance performance similar to that of her durational works 14 Years of Living Art and Blood Family Art.

4. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: "mapXXL" Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes (Europe)
Deadline:March 26, 2005; Source: Artsadmin e-digest issue 169

During the last 15 years, the Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes have been fostering and supporting promotion and mobility of young artists amongst the European artistic scene. They launch their new mobility and artistic diffusion programme: mapXXL. Enlarged to 26 partners countries within Europe and Canada (Quebec), with an open mind to new creative methods, mapXXL will enable one hundred artists to develop a professional project on the European stage. This programme is open to any artist between 20 and 35 years, native from or regularly working in one of the programme’s 26 member countries. It begins in July 2005, the deadline for the application is March 26th 2005.
Information on the Pépinières website: http://www.art4eu.net

5. CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS: "The Only Thing You Need" Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre (Kingston)
Deadline: April 8, 2005; Source: Modern Fuel

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre - Summer 2005 Art in the Streets

Have you ever wondered how to give away that which is not yours to give? Do you know what the only thing you need is? Could you let it go to a stranger, and if so, would you require something in return?

1 - Calling for artists to produce 'the only thing you need": Open to all disciplines, this 'thing" should take form of an edition or series of multiples. Applicants should also take into consideration that their offering is expected to be the subject of exchange in the non-monetary market of a project based in Kingston, Ontario. Three proposals will be accepted.

2 - Calling for artists to disseminate, to pass, "the only thing you need" into the hands of the interested Public: Three artists will be brought to a storefront location in Kingston, Ontario, and are expected to occupy the location and maintain its operations for two weeks each during the Summer 2005 in a manner that serves their artistic interests. This position is charged with the responsibility of exchanging (abandoning, organizing, service for service, etc.) "the only thing you need" with the public, with this process developed through discussion/collaboration/compromise with the producer of the "thing" during project preparations.

Three producers and three disseminators will be paired for presentation based on information provided in the proposal stage.

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre is accepting proposals for this project immediately.
Final deadline is April 8th, 2005.

For both positions, submissions must include the following:

1. One page cover letter that introduces your proposal.
2. 10 numbered slides of current related work with documentation (slide list with titles, dates, media, sizes) OR 5 minute cued VHS video OR five minute DVD or CD-ROM with image list.
3. Curriculum Vitae.
4. A statement about your proposal, how it relates to the theme, and a detailed outline and rationale for your preferred method(s) of exchange (max. one page).
5. A Self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of materials.

- If you intend to submit a proposal to produce "the only thing you need", tell us what it is and how many you intend to make. Of special importance is that you describe the preferred mode(s) of exchange for your "thing".
- If you intend to submit a proposal to disseminate "the only thing you need" tell us what your preferred mode(s) of exchange will be and how you would go about managing this exchange.

Send your proposals to:
Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, ATTN: Only Thing Co.
21-A Queen Street, Kingston, ON, K7K 1A1

For more information, direct inquiries to: <mailto:modernfuel@bellnet.ca>modernfuel@bellnet.ca (subject header "The Only Thing You Need")

6. RESIDENCY: ARCUS Project 2005 (Japan)
Deadline: April 9, 2005; Source: Instant Coffee

ARCUS Studio is now accepting application for the artist-in-residence program for young artists in 2005.

[Application Guideline and Application Form]

[Application Deadline] April 9, 2005

*Application via E-mail is not valid.

[For inquiries] *Please send fax or email to the following.

ARCUS Studio (Closed on Sundays, Mondays, and national holidays)
[Attn.] Yoko Nameki / Keiko Suzuki
[Tel / Fax] +81-297-46-2600 E-mail: info@arcus-project.com
[URL] http://www.arcus-project.com
[Office Hour] 09:15-18:00

Artist in Residence - IBARAKI
[Director] Aki Hoashi [Administration Staff] Yoko Nameki / Keiko Suzuki

Deadline: April 15, 2005; Source: DARE-DARE

Dis/location: projet d’articulation urbaine 2005-2006 (français suivant)

DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d’art multidisciplinaire de Montréal offers flexibility and openness and is devoted to research, experimentation, risk and critical inquiry. The centre supports research, values emerging practices and shows a sustained interest in exploring a diversity in modes and contexts of presentation.

DARE-DARE’s office is based out of a temporary shelter in Viger Square, located in downtown Montreal. This location offers potential for unusual occupancy in the city, making the square and the city a presentation space for the artist-run centre.

DARE-DARE receives proposals of all kinds including/not limited to public intervention, performance, manœuvre, event. The projects may be of specific or of variable duration, or they may be repeated in time. The centre seeks interdisciplinary projects that will engage in the social and physical realms of the city, its neighbourhoods, its public spaces, its commercial and residential areas, etc. The projects may take place in the square, in its surroundings or in the city.

Your submission should include
A brief text (approx. 250 words) describing your projet, a résumé, a text on your artistic practice, ten slides (numbered) with a descriptive list, audio/video tape (ntsc), DVD, CD-Rom, and any other document essential to the comprehension of your proposal. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the return of your documentation. The centre does not accept submissions by email.

Centre de diffusion d’art multidisciplinaire de Montréal
Casier postal 185 Succursale Place d'Armes
Montréal Québec H2Y 3J6 Canada
t: 514.878.1088 daredar@cam.org www.cam.org/daredar

Dis/location: projet d’articulation urbaine 2005-2006
date de tombée: le 15 avril 2005

DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d'art multidisciplinaire de Montréal est un lieu flexible, ouvert, voué à la recherche et à l’éducation, qui soutient et valorise l’implication d’artistes aux pratiques émergentes. Le centre manifeste un intérêt soutenu pour l’exploration et la diversification des modes de production, de présentation et de diffusion des œuvres et interventions artistiques.

Mise en situation
DARE-DARE occupe un abri temporaire sur le square Viger, en plein cœur de Montréal. Cet abri, qui loge des bureaux, offre pour le centre un potentiel d’occupation inhabituelle de la ville. Le square et, par extension, la ville deviennent le lieu de diffusion du centre d’artistes autogéré.

Appel de dossiers
DARE-DARE reçoit des propositions de toute nature, tels des projets d’intervention publique, de performance, de manœuvre, d’événement ou autre, qu’ils soient ponctuels, de durée variable, ou répétés dans le temps. Le centre recherche des pratiques qui s'insèrent directement dans la trame physique et sociale de la ville. Le centre sollicite des projets interdisciplinaires qui impliquent une interaction avec le public et qui s’inscrivent dans les quartiers, les espaces publics, les zones commerciales et résidentielles, etc. Les projets pourront avoir lieu au square Viger, dans ses environs et/ou ailleurs dans la ville de Montréal.

Votre dossier devrait comprendre
Un court texte (environ 250 mots) décrivant votre projet, un curriculum vitæ, un texte sur votre démarche artistique, un maximum de dix diapositives numérotées et accompagnées d’une description, un maximum d’une bande audio/vidéo (NTSC), cédérom ou DVD, des plans, croquis ou tout autre document essentiel à la compréhension de votre projet, et une enveloppe pré-affranchie pour le retour des documents (si désiré). Le centre n’accepte pas de dossiers par courriel.

Centre de diffusion d’art multidisciplinaire de Montréal
Casier postal 185 Succursale Place d'Armes
Montréal Québec H2Y 3J6 Canada
t: 514.878.1088 daredar@cam.org
<http://www.cam.org/~daredar />

8. EVENT: 6th Annual Bill Huffman Award for Excellence in Studio Practice
March 19, 2005; Source: Instant Coffee

The Bill Huffman Award for Excellence in Studio Practice will be celebrated at a public reception on Saturday 19 March 2005 from 7 to 9pm at La Galerie Alliance Française, 24 Spadina Road, Toronto (on the west side north of Bloor at Lowther).

The faculty of the Art and Art History Program -- a joint B.A. offered by the University of Toronto at Mississauga and Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (Oakville) -- is pleased to announce Tejpal S. Ajji as the 2005 recipient of The Bill Huffman Award for Excellence in Studio Practice.

Prior to his current appointment as Associate Director with the Toronto Arts Council, curator and arts administrator Bill Huffman created this award in 1999 to recognize an especially gifted student graduating from Art and Art History. Huffman is a 1991 program alumnus.

"I am very proud of the calibre of our students and the achievements of our graduates," says Art and Art History Program Coordinator John Armstrong. "This is one of the most imaginative awards available to our students, and draws on Mr. Huffman's wide-ranging involvement with the visual arts in Toronto."

As a way of honouring the recipients, Huffman invites respected artists from a range of career stages to participate in a temporary exhibition. Presented annually, The Bill Huffman Award highlights significant promise in the work of a young artist, and underscores the donor's commitment to connecting artists of different generations as a way of bridging the transition from school to the professional arena.

Since its inception, The Bill Huffman Award has recognized Carolyn Tripp (2004), Jared Carlson (2003), Tannis Nielsen (2002), Erin Finley (2001), Amie Tolton (2000) and Heather Robinson (1999). During this six-year period, a number of professional artists have generously supported this initiative by participating in these unique installations. Previous artists include Stephen Andrews, Patrick Decoste, Vera Frenkel, Eldon Garnet, Michelle Gay, Gunilla Josephson, Lisa Klapstock, Suzy Lake, Carl Skelton, Ho Tam, Kim Tomczak and Julie Voyce.

For its 2005 installment two prominent Toronto artists, Louise Ethel Lilefeldt and Tanya Mars have agreed to contribute their work:

Louise Ethel Liliefeldt sees her work as iconographic portraits that are concerned with the politics of identity especially as it intersects with the cultural conventions of spectatorship. She is interested in the links between expanded emotional/psychological states and physical experience with stamina and endurance as key elements in the work. The methodology of her practice is shaped by the notion of always taking into consideration the significance of changes in circumstance. Liliefeldt&Mac226;s performances have been presented across Canada the U.S., Poland, Turkey and Wales. She is co-founder and steering committee member of 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art and currently teaches performance art at the University of Toronto.

Tanya Mars is a feminist performance and video artist who has been involved in the Canadian art scene since 1973. She was a director of Montreal's Powerhouse Gallery (La Centrale), editor of Parallelogramme magazine and very active in the Association of National Non-Profit Artist-run Centres (ANNPAC). Her work, which has been presented widely across Canada, is often characterized as visually rich layers of spectacular, satirical feminist imagery. Mars&Mac226; most recent work, a seven-hour durational performance entitled The Tyranny of Bliss, involved over 30 performers who created 14 tableaux in and around Queen's Park in Toronto and in downtown Hamilton. She is co-editor with Johanna Householder of Caught in the Act: an anthology of performance art by Canadian women published by YYZ books. She currently teaches performance art and video at the University of Toronto at Scarborough and was recently named 2004 Artist of the Year by the Untitled Arts Awards.

Information: Diane Janzen at 905-845-9430 x2571 or

9. EVENT: "Canadian Performance Art Idol"
March 24, 2005; Source: Chandra Bulucon


Who will be the next?

YOU decide!

March 24, 2005
@ Sneaky Dees, 431 College St.

show STARTS at 9:30 pm

only $7.00

Based unabashedly on the format in the popular reality show, Canadian Idol. Five performers create and compete against each other to become the Canadian Performance Art Idol. Judges comment on each performance and the audience votes. Performers are eliminated one by one.

Mariko Tamaki
Lindy Zucker

Shoshana Sperling (pretty good comedian)
Darren O&Mac226;Donnell (pretty good playwright)
Kathleen Smith (semantical dance critic + film curator)

Shane MacKinnon
Louise Liliefeldt
Shannon Cochrane
Erika Hennebury
Chad Dembski

Allison Rees-Cummings: 416.536.3447 or allierc@sympatico.ca or
Chandra Bulucon: 416.979.5656 or info@puppymachine.com


Fado is pleased to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their sponsorship of our ongoing activities.

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