FADO E-LIST (October 2004)

FADO E-LIST (October 2004) 


1. FIVE HOLES: Listen! continues with Jed Speare
October 7, 2004 - other projects continuing to January
2. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: eyelevelgallery (Halifax)
Deadline: October 15, 2004 (extended); Source: Instant Coffee
3. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Centre des arts actuels Skol (Montreal)
Deadline: November 1, 2004; Source: Skol
4. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Residency, Art Gene (UK)
Deadline: November 1, 2004; Source: Atrsadmin E-digest issue 148
5. CALL FOR ENTRY: "The Corporate World", "Toronto Free Gallery (Calgary)
Deadline: November 15, 2004; Source: Toronto Free Gallery
6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Performance for Video 312 (Cornerbrook)
Deadline: November 22, 2004; Source: 312
7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "encounter terror" 1-minute video performances (Philippines)
Deadline: December 10, 2004 (extended); Source: new world disorder
Deadline: ASAP; Source: Popstart (online)
9. EVENT: "le 6e mois de la performance" La Centrale (Montreal)
October 2004; Source: La Centrale
10. EVENT: "Reconnaissance/Recognition" Boréal Art/Nature Artist-run Centre (Laurentians)
October 10, 2004; Source: Boréal Art/Nature Artist-run Centre
11. EVENT: "Cinéma" performance-installation La Societé des arts technologiques (Montreal)
October 12 - 15, 2004; Source: Jack Stanley
12. EVENT: Kinga Araya Presentation Group Intervention Video (Montreal)
October 7, 2004; Source: Kinga Araya

1. FIVE HOLES: Listen! continues with Jed Speare
October 7, 2004 - other projects continuing to January

Featuring Erika DeFreitas, Linda Rae Dornan, Eric Létourneau, So-Yeon Park, and Jed Speare
All events Free

Jed Speare - A QUIET ZONE II
October 7, 2004, 4 pm: Rectory Café on Ward's Island
Project discussion followed by visit to one of four QUIET ZONE sign placements

In A QUIET ZONE II, Jed Speare seeks to establish a zone of quiet through municipal channels in a neighborhood of Toronto -- not for the purpose of restricting noise, but for promoting sound awareness and contemplation. Under city by-laws, Quiet Zones regulating noise activity can be established around hospitals and retirement homes. Speare's proposal seeks to overturn and expand the notion of the Quiet Zone philosophically and idealistically, creating an occasion and site for an aesthetic experience, listening to a particular urban environment. For the past several months, Speare has been seeking the appropriate agency to initiate a formal process to create a zone on Toronto Island. More recently, Speare has been working in Toronto to meet with community members and officials and continue this process, culminating in an event on October 7 that will present his progress to-date. Come out to the Rectory Café on October 7 to join in a discussion about the project and to visit some of the QUIET ZONE signs he has installed at strategic points around the island. A QUIET ZONE II is supported in part by a residency at Do While Studio in Boston and a grant from the Nicholson Foundation.

Jed Speare is an artist from Boston working in variety of media. Initially trained in music composition, he has created works in time-based media such as video, sound, and performance art, and conceptual and community-based works for over twenty-five years. His work has been presented in festivals and exhibitions in such places as San Francisco, New York, Boston and the New England region, and abroad in Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Taiwan. He is a member of the Mobius Artists Group of Mobius, Boston's artist-run organization for experimental work in all media, and served as its Director from 1996 to 2004. A QUIET ZONE II is a part of body of work by Speare that deals with the sound environment. Other works in this vein include CABLE CAR SOUNDSCAPES, an album on Smithsonian Folkways Records; PEACEFUL - AN PING, a project on the soundscape of a waterfront village of Tainan, Taiwan that used sound walks of the village's oldest streets and aural histories of the residents' sonic memories to suggest that sound could be used as an element in the future restoration and urban planning of the city; AUDIOGRAMS, a text and image work which explores his experience as an industrial hearing conservationist and the effects of hearing loss; A QUIET ZONE, a photographic, text and multimedia work about a neighborhood in Fitchburg, Massachusetts by that designation; and the artists books Crushed Buckets and I Call You .

Other upcoming events in this series:

Friday, October 8, 2004
4:30 - 9 pm = Royal Ontario Museum
Saturday, October 9, 2004
10 - 11:30 am = Eaton Centre Fountain
Noon - 1:30 pm = Eaton Centre Food Court
3:30 - 6:30 pm = Scarborough Bluffs (venue + time change)
Saturday, October 16, 2004
10 am - 1:30 pm = Gerrard & Coxwell
Sunday, October 17, 2004
9 am - 12:30 pm = Kew Gardens Park
1:30 - 4:30 pm = Kew Beach Boardwalk
Saturday, October 23, 2004
4 - 8:30 pm = Spadina & Dundas St.
Sunday, October 24, 2004
10 am - 2 pm =Sapdina & Dundas St.
*Note: These are half-hour or one-hour sessions with the artist. Advance reservations required. Email hearing@performanceart.ca or call (416) 822-3219 to book your appointment
presented in conjunction with the 7a*11d Int'l Festival of Performance Art

Eric Létourneau - STANDARD III
October 21, 2004, 9 pm: XPACE, 303 Augusta
presented in conjunction with the 7a*11d Int'l Festival of Performance Art

Project postponed to January, 2005

This series considers acts of "listening" as they are carried out by and impact upon physical, social, political and spiritual bodies. Linda Rae Dornan presents herself as a solitary figure, sitting quietly in the city, listening -- encouraging us to also stop for a moment to hear what we normally ignore. Erika DeFreitas offers her presence for a one-on-one exercise of listening as a way of locating the self. Jed Speare lobbies the city for a quiet zone that would serve as an area of sound awareness. So-Yeon Park assembles chanters from various cultures to direct their voices toward individual participants' wishes as a way of channeling transformative energy. Eric Létourneau evokes silence as a way of marking and remembering all of the world's victims of political persecution in a multi-layered project that interrogates the role of the State and of mass media in silencing "silence" itself.

Travel support for this series comes from the New Brunswick Arts Board and the University of Kansas.

2. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: eyelevelgallery (Halifax)
Deadline: October 15, 2004 (extended); Source: Instant Coffee

eyelevelgallery will accept exhibition proposals until October 15th 2004. We are interested in progressive forward-looking practices; the fruition of innovative ideas; inventive approaches to artistic production; and work based on an articulate theoretical, critical and/or conceptual thesis. We encourage and facilitate the presentation of artists and artworks that have not been exhibited in this locale. We are enthusiastic about artists' most recent endeavours and those art forms which propel contemporary production and incite conversation. For more information about submission guidelines visit eyelevelgallery's website at www.eyelevelgallery.ca or email submissions@eyelevelgallery.ca
Jennifer Dorner, Director
2128 Gottingen Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 3B3
Tel: 902 425 6412
Fax: 902 425 0019
Email: director@eyelevelgallery.ca

3. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Centre des arts actuels Skol (Montreal)
Deadline: November 1, 2004; Source: Skol

(français suivant)

The Centre des arts actuels Skol is an artist-run centre, which aims to show the experimental practices of artists in the beginning of their career.

All types of proposals are welcome :exhibition within or outside of the gallery space, time-based events, special projects, etc.

The artists or curators are invited to send Skol :
a project description of one page maximum; a curriculum vitae;
visual documentation (no more than 15 slides, and/or no more than one videotape format VHS NTSC);
a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of your documentation.

For more information you can contact us : skol@skol.qc.ca


Le Centre des arts actuels Skol est un centre d'artistes autogéré. Notre mandat est de présenter et diffuser principalement les pratiques expérimentales d'artistes en début de carrière.

Tous les types de propositions sont bienvenus : expositions en salle ou hors les murs, événements ponctuels, projets spéciaux, etc.

Les artistes ou commissaires sont priés de faire parvenir à Skol :
un texte d'une page maximum sur leur projet;
un curriculum vitae;
pas plus de 15 diapositives et/ou une seule bande vidéo VHS NTSC;
une enveloppe de retour pré-affranchie.

Contactez-nous pour plus de détails : skol@skol.qc.ca

4. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Residency, Art Gene (UK)
Deadline: November 1, 2004; Source: Atrsadmin E-digest issue 148

Funded Artists' Residencies at Art Gene
WHO: Artists working in any medium.
WHAT: Studio residency programme offering two months support for self-directed research, production and presentation of new work (as appropriate).
WHERE: Art Gene, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.
DETAILS: Artists receive £2,000 and large studio space.
TO APPLY: Download application from <http://www.artgene.co.uk>http://www.artgene.co.uk
CONTACT: Art Gene, 01229 825085, <mailto:artgeneuk@btconnect.com>mailto:artgeneuk@btconnect.com
DEADLINE: 1 November

5. CALL FOR ENTRY: "The Corporate World", "Toronto Free Gallery (Calgary)
Deadline: November 15, 2004; Source: Toronto Free Gallery

Toronto Free Gallery is a new not-for-profit art space that opened this September. Our vision is to provide a forum for relevant social and cultural issues expressed through all media. Toronto Free Gallery is intended to be a creative laboratory. We aim to provide artists with a space to experiment, explore new ideas, question norms and challenge both themselves and their audiences. 

The Corporate World: The corporation has become an omnipotent institution. Power and profit driven, it has become an entity that has been given card blanche to bend rules, break laws, create new governments, become governments and upturn the lives of thousands of people in a single downsize.

Toronto Free Gallery is interested in exploring the worst and best visions for a new corporation in our upcoming exhibition, The Corporate World. We are seeking proposals for, either completely fictitious corporations or legally registered corporations that either layout a new corporate mission or through an internal critique, address issues of corporate culture, identity, ethics, and agendas. The exhibition will be set up like a tradeshow, showcasing your company.

Please submit a one page proposal with cv and documentation.

We accept proposals via email or post in the following formats:
Powerpoint presentations
If you have another format please contact us to see if we can accept it.
Send all submission by November 15 to <mailto:heather@torontofreegallery.org>heather@torontofreegallery.org or 660 queen street east Toronto, on m4m 1g5

If you have any questions please contact us at 416-913-0461.

6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Performance for Video 312 (Cornerbrook)
Deadline: November 22, 2004; Source: 312

312 seeks one channel artist videos of performance specifically designed/arranged for video. 312 is looking for performances that engage video, are integrated with video, or were designed with video in mind. 312 welcomes submissions from emerging and established artists. Please do not send installation or performance proposal -- this is for one channel video format only.

The work should look good on a small screen (11" wide x 8.5" high/28 cm wide x 22 cm high). Duration: between 1 - 7 minutes in length.

Send only NTSC miniDV, VHS or DVD. Please ensure that your DVD+/-R works on a conventional home player. Please include an Artist Statement, Brief Bio (50-100 words), CV, Video Description, and SASE. Do not send submissions in fibre-filled envelopes.

DEADLINE: Postmarked November 22, 2004.

Selected works will be exhibited one work per month in a series.

Send to:
Attn: 312
14 Beothuck Cres., Apt. 312
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 6A6

312 is an alternative video exhibition space housed in the small foyer of an apartment. Showcasing one channel video work on a television, 312 offers the visitor an intimate experience -- a relaxing chair, a set of headphones (or speakers for two people) and video art. It's homey, it's small, and it's for video.

7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "encounter terror" 1-minute video performances (Philippines)
Deadline: December 10, 2004 (extended); Source: new world disorder

Due to persistent public demands the submission for this project is EXTENDED. Entries must be receive by post not later than DECEMBER 10, 2004.

new world disorder is now collecting 1-minute performances using the parameters of a one-minute video frame exposure as the art space. No camera movement and no editing/montage are suggested. It must be exactly a 1-minute performance by an individual, a group of artist or any collaboration.

1. The theme will be about the artist's reaction on the inexhaustible volatile battle cry of war against terror.

2. Entries must be in hi-8, video cd or vhs (ntsc) format only

3. Enclosed with the entry is:
a. title of the performance
b. performance artist/group name, e-mail and postal address
c. brief background of the performance artist/group
d. brief description about your work
e. date of performance
f. art statement
g. photos of the work presented

4. Entries must be received no later than December 10, 2004.
No entry fee will be required. All entries will be properly acknowledge. No materials will be returned you can submit more than one entry. No e-mail submission will be admitted.

5. Interested parties are welcome send their entries to this address:

Mideo M. Cruz
new world disorder
#177 Sto Cristo Sur, Gapan City
3105 Philippines

Project Description: Encounter terror will be an international open call for submission of a one-minute action art using the parameters of a one-minute video frame exposure as the art space. The theme will be about the artist's reaction on the inexhaustible volatile battle cry of war against terror. Submitted pieces will be digitally compiled and a catalogue will be printed. The deadline for submission will symbolically be on the commemoration of world trade center bombing on September 11, 2004 and the compiled product will launch simultaneously to the giant display of fireworks on July 4, 2005 to be projected in a public park. The compact disc compilation and printed catalogue will be available to the public. Another phase of the project is the projection of the compiled video on public spaces in different parts of the world. This can be negotiated with interested counterparts to coincide with their street festivals and mass gathering.

Project Objective and Relevance: Since September 11, 2002 diverse things had happen around the world under the pseudonym of war against terror. To name some incidence, the chase in Afghanistan, the Iraq occupation, the Bali bombing, the war of aggression, various war mongering, and the continuing witch-hunt for the alleged terrorist in many countries which most of us got affected in various ways. It seems that this is a never-ending legend that creates up-to-the-minute version as we can see to CNN every time we open our television for a new chapter. Terror is the most abuse word used by every political and economic faction; terror is another word to create a culture of horror. At this moment it is time to gather the artists' reaction from different countries and witness how the people are affected by these incidents. How the people of different nationality encounter terror. In this project, the objective is to gather the world's views thru artists respond on the prevailing! subject to be accumulated in a compact disc. Knowing peoples reaction around the world for a certain subject is an arena of intellectual discourse. The digital compilation in a compact disc will be available in every household thus democratizing the art space, which can be seen in their own bedroom with their television or personal computer. The content of the project can start a conscious dissertation on how everyone is affected by the prominent forces behind the societies structures and the form can democratize everyone's access to art.


8. CALL FOR INFORMATION: "Popstart" (online)
Deadline: ASAP; Source: Popstart

(français suivant)

WANTED : Canadian Interdisciplinary Artists

Hello, do you know Popstart? (la version française suit)

www.popstart.ca: It's the pan-Canadian interdisciplinary artists&Mac226; network created last December by Toronto's bluemouth inc, Vancouver's Radix Theatre and Montreal's Productions Nathalie Derome in a joint effort to help artists across the country share ideas, approaches and information regarding interdisciplinary practice. More than 70 artists and organizations and/or presenters are already registered and the network continues to grow!!!

This coming October 30th, thanks to repeated support from the Canada Council for the Arts and help from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, we will launch phase 2 of our website: a new design, including interactive forums and an improved calendar section.

Popstart would like to include as many interdisciplinary artists, production companies artist-run-centres, and presenters interested in this sector, as possible. We invite you to become a part of our network, and to have the opportunity to promote your work on the Popstart website. Register today at www.popstart.ca to be included among our database of individuals and organizations. Add info@popstart.ca to your mailing list and we will include your activities and events on our news and calendar listings.

Please join us in our efforts to unite the Canadian interdisciplinary art community. Do not hesitate to spread the good word of our existence! For further information about the network, contact me by e-mail or by phone. My home base is in Montreal at Productions Nathalie Derome.

Caroline Künzle
(514) 528-7070

RECHERCHÉ : Artistes interdisciplinaires canadiens

Bonjour, Vous connaissez Popstart?

www.popstart.ca: C&Mac226;est le réseau pan-canadien d&Mac226;artistes interdisciplinaires mis sur pied en décembre dernier par bluemouth inc. de Toronto, Radix Theatre de Vancouver et les Productions Nathalie Derome de Montreal afin d&Mac226;aider les artistes à travers le pays de partager des idées, des approches et de l'information concernant la création interdisicplinaire. Déjà 70 artistes, organismes et/ou diffuseurs à travers le Canada se sont inscrits et ça continue!!!

Le 30 octobre prochain, grâce au soutien répété du Conseil des arts du Canada et du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, nous lançons la phase 2 de notre sote: un nouveau design du site avec des forums interactifs concernant les problématiques de la création interdisciplinaire, ainsi qu&Mac226;une page d&Mac226;actualités et de nouvelles améliorée.

Nous aimerions y inclure le plus possible d'artistes interdisciplinaires, de compagnies de production, de centres d'artistes et de diffuseurs intéressés par ce secteur. Nous vous invitons à faire partie du réseau, en ayant l'opportunité de promouvoir votre travail sur le site de Popstart. Inscrivez-vous à Popstart aujourd&Mac226;hui à www.popstart.ca pour être inclut dans notre base de données. Ajoutez info@popstart.ca à votre liste d&Mac226;envoi et nous afficherons vos activités et évenements sur notre page d&Mac226;actualités.

Joignez-vous à notre effort de réunir la communauté d&Mac226;art interdisciplinaire canadienne en ayant l&Mac226;opportunité de faire connaître votre travail. N&Mac226;hésitez pas à répandre autour de vous la bonne nouvelle de notre existence. Contactez-moi pour toute autre information supplémentaire concernant le projet Popstart, par courriel ou par téléphone. Mon lieu de travail est à Montréal, aux Productions Nathalie Derome. Au plaisir d'avoir des nouvelles de vous.

Caroline Künzle
(514) 528-7070

9. EVENT: "le 6e mois de la performance" La Centrale (Montreal)
October 2004; Source: La Centrale

(français suivant)

lspecial edition  
schedules in process

Can the structure of an art manifestation respond to the structure of performance art?
With this 6th edition of le mois, we are creating a platform for creation, exchange and dissemination via a performance lab, workshops, discussions, conferences, comments, and the exhibition of traces of our actions. Our goal is to comment on the world. To express. To shock. To amuse. To question. A direct link between the artist and the public. Through art...to analyse, to think, to feel, to see, to listen. To be in a space of dialogue and risk, sharing knowledge and process, through exercises and self expression, with documentation and traces of what happens collected in the gallery and on the Web.
An entire mois of activities unfolds in a sporadic and continuous manner, both planned and improvised, public and private, experimental and traditional, informal and official, fixed and floating. The 6e mois de la performance is an experiment, a research project in and of itself; this edition dreams of creating a rich and open environnement for its artists and their public. This event is inspired by the 2004-2005 programming theme, anidentity, formulated in response to our centre's 30 years of herstory (1974-2004). It plays with the notion of loss or alterations in the meaning of identity. Anidentity may be understood as what is not defined or closed, it is what moves, evolves, is fluid and in the process of being defined.

the artist-curators
invites artists ESSI KAUSALAINEN (Helsinki) + MARJA MIKKONEN (Helsinki)
TAGNY DUFF (Montréal)
invites artists TANIA BRUGUERA (Chicago/Havana) + GLENDA LEON (Havana)
invites artists THIRZA CUTHAND (Vancouver) et MARGARET DRAGU (Vancouver)
the chronicler for the mois : VICTORIA STANTON (Montréal)
the videographer for the mois : TAMMY FORSYTHE (Montréal)
the animator of the round-table : THÉRÈSE ST-GELAIS (Montréal)
the speakers : KINGA ARAYA (Montréal), MAKIKI (Calgary) +TRISH SALAH (Montréal)
the interpreters of the performance recipes : MOBILE FILTER GROUP

In the gallery and its storefront window, on the Web, Mont-Royal, in the surrounding neighbourhood, streets, Downtown and in transit.

Wednesday OCT. 6, 3-7pm presentation / workshop facilitated by Tagny, Glenda and Tania : open to all
Thursday OCT. 7, 10-1pm performance workshop facilitated by Aiyyana, Thirza and Margaret : open to all
Saturday OCT. 6, 2-5pm performance workshop facilitated par Sylvie, Essi and Marja : open to all
Saturday 9 - Sunday 17 OCT. performance lab (schedule determined by the artists everyday)
To follow the schedules in process:
a. write to us to receive the daily updates by email : galerie@lacentrale.org
b. come to the gallery to see the schedule posted in the window : 4296 Saint.-Laurent Boulevard
c. consult the schedule on the Web : www.lacentrale.org
d. contact La Centrale : 514 871-0268
Thursday OCT. 15, 6-8:30pm conference by Glenda and Tania, presented by SAVAP
Saturday OCT. 16, 5-7pm launch of the publicationTake-Out / Prêt-À-Emporter : Performance Recipes for Public Space / Recettes de performance pour l'espace public and of the new petite enveloppe urbaine
Sunday OCT. 17, 2pm round-table on anidentity 4pm discussion with the participants 9pm party
Wed. 20 - Sun. OCT. 31 the traces of the mois in the gallery: from noon 'til: 6pmwed : 9pmthur+fri : 5pmsat+sun

To exchange and diversify by bringing together artists from different: generations (twenty yrs olds to fifty yrs old); origins and languages (Québécoise, Canadian, Cuban, Ojibwe, Mohawk, Finnish, French, English, Spanish); artistic practices (Durational, Life/art, Spoken Word, Relational, Body Art, Intervention, Web, Activist Art); political, geographical and economical roots (Right, Left, North, South); visions and methodology. To bring a little part of the world here. For the initiated, the curious, neighbours and passers-by, all are welcome!         

Sylvie is thinking of a durational performance, of collecting body parts of other people on her own body.
Essi, of exploring the space between people: the air, language, skin, fear, the i-don't-know-if-i-can-trust-you.
Marja, of making visible her thoughts and emotions in Mtl, by translating them into texts, images or actions.
Tagny, of creating a public forum on surveillance mechanisms in Mtl www.evidenceresearchcentre.ca
Tania, of archiving her performative travels during two flights between Chicago and Mtl, and make a booklet.
Glenda, of intervening in the little parc in front of the gallery, with artificial maple leaves.
Aiyyana, of performing peace piece 3, a 36hr-long intervention at the gallery and the foot of the mountain.
Margaret, of acting out daily activities such as playing cards, baking bread, and dancing on the white line.
Thirza, of becoming Johnny, a transgender butch inspired from the 50-60s badboy, who visits the big city.

le 6e mois de la performance
is presented by
La Centrale
4296 boulevard saint-laurent 
montréal qc canada h2w 1z3
info : 514.871.0268

thanks to  Promotion et diffusion -Soutien aux manifestations artistiques du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, as well as the Interarts Office at the Canada Council for the Arts, to our partners for the mois:: FADO, GIV, OCAD, 7a*11d, to Concordia University (SAVAP and FFAR), and to our funding organizations and sponsors that support our operations : CALQ, CAC, CAM, FSCACQ, and GMT.

édition spéciale 
horaires en processus

Est-ce que la structure d'une manifestation artistique peut répondre à la structure de la performance?
Avec cette 6e édition du mois, nous offrons une plate-forme propice à la création, l'échange et la diffusion. Comment? Par un laboratoire d'expérimentation, des ateliers, des rencontres, des conférences et des commentaires, puis par une exposition des traces du mois. Pour commenter le monde. Pour exprimer. Pour déplaire. Pour s'extasier. Pour questionner. Dans le temps. Un état direct entre l'émettrice et le public. Par l'art. Pour analyser. Pour penser. Pour sentir. Pour voir. Pour écouter. Pour vivre. Pour être dans un espace de dialogue, de risque, de partage de connaissances et de processus, d'exercice, d'expression, puis, par souci de documentation, d'archivage et de transmission, des traces en galerie et sur le web.
Un mois d'activités manifestées de façon sporadique et continuelle, annoncée et improvisée, publique et privée, expérimentale et organisée, informelle et officielle, fixe et flottante. Le 6e mois de la performance représente une expérimentation, une recherche en soi; cette édition rêve de créer un environnement riche et poreux pour ses artistes et leur public. Cet événement s'inspire de la thématique de la programmation 2004.2005, nommée anidentité, formulée en réponse aux 30 années d'existence du centre (1974-2004) et visant la notion de perte ou d'ouverture d'un sens. Anidentité peut se comprendre comme ce qui n'est pas défini ni clos, comme ce qui bouge, évolue, est fluide et en processus de définition.

les artistes-commissaires
SYLVIE COTTON (montréal)
invite les artistes ESSI KAUSALAINEN (Helsinki) + MARJA MIKKONEN (Helsinki)
TAGNY DUFF (montréal)
invite les artistes TANIA BRUGUERA (Chicago/Havana) + GLENDA LEON (Havana)
invite les artistes THIRZA CUTHAND (Vancouver) et MARGARET DRAGU (Vancouver)
la chroniqueure du mois : VICTORIA STANTON (Montréal)
la vidéaste du mois : TAMMY FORSYTHE (Montréal)
l'animatrice de la table-ronde : THÉRÈSE ST-GELAIS (Montréal)
les conférencières : KINGA ARAYA (Montréal), MAKIKI (Calgary) + TRISH SALAH (Montréal)
les interprètes des recettes de performance : MOBILE FILTER GROUP (Montréal)

en galerie, dans la vitrine, sur le web, dans le quartier, dans la rue, sur la montagne, dans la ville, en transit.

Mercredi 06 OCT 15h-19h présentation / atelier animé par Tagny, Glenda et Tania : ouvert à tous
Jeudi 07 OCT 10h-13h atelier de performance animé par Aiyyana, Thirza et Margaret : ouvert à tous (RSVP, si possible!)
Samedi 09 OCT 14h-17h atelier de performance animé par Sylvie, Essi et Marja : ouvert à tous (RSVP, si possible!)
Sam 09 - dim 17 OCT laboratoire de performances (horaire déterminé par les artistes à chaque jour)
Pour suivre les horaires en processus :
a. écrivez-nous pour recevoir les informations quotidiennes par courriel : galerie@lacentrale.org
b. passez par la galerie pour voir l'horaire affiché dans la vitrine : 4296 boulevard saint.laurent
c. consultez les horaires sur le web : www.lacentrale.org
d. contactez La Centrale : 514 871 0268
Jeudi 14 OCT 18h-20h30 conférence de Glenda et Tania, présentée par SAVAP
Samedi 16 OCT 17h-19h lancement de la publication Take-Out / Prêt-À-Emporter : Performance Recipes for Public Space / Recettes de performance pour l'espace public et de la nouvelle petite enveloppe urbaine
Dimanche 17 OCT 14h table-ronde sur l'anidentité 16h rencontre avec les participantes 21h fête de clôture
Mer 20 - dim 31 OCT les traces du mois en galerie : à partir de midi jusqu'à: 18hmerc : 21hjeu+ven : 17hsam+dim

Pour échanger dans la diversité: les différentes générations des participantes (vingtaine jusqu'à cinquantaine); leur origine et leur langue (québécoise, canadienne, cubaine, ogibwe, mohawk, finlandaise, français, anglais, espagnol); leurs pratiques artistiques (manœuvre longue durée, art/vie, spoken word, relationnelle, body art, intervention, web, art engagé); leur contexte politique et économique (droite, gauche, nord, sud); leur vision, leur recherche, leur méthodologie. Pour amener une mini partie du monde ici. Pour tout le monde! pour les initiés, pour les curieux, pour nos voisins, pour les passants.

Sylvie pense à une performance de longue durée, à recueillir des parties du corps des autres sur le sien.
Essi, à explorer l'espace entre nous; l'air, la langue, la peur, le je-ne-sais-pas-si-je-peux-te-faire-confiance.
Marja, à rendre visible ses pensées et ses émotions à Mtl, sous forme de textes, d'images ou d'actions.
Tagny, à un forum public portant sur les mécanismes de surveillance à Mtl www.evidenceresearchcentre.ca
Tania, à archiver ses déplacements performatifs durant deux vols entre Chicago et Mtl, et d'en faire un livret.
Glenda, à une intervention dans le petit parc devant la galerie, avec des feuilles d'érables artificielles.
Aiyyana, à peace piece 3, une intervention de 36 hres devant la galerie et la statue au pied de la montagne.
Margaret, à des activités quotidiennes comme jouer aux cartes, faire du pain, et danser sur la ligne blanche.
Thirza, à devenir johnny, transgender butch inspiré du badboy des années 50-60, qui visite la grande ville.

le 6e mois de la performance
est présenté par
La Centrale
4296 boulevard saint-laurent 
montréal qc canada h2w 1z3
info : 514.871.0268

grâce au programme de Promotion et diffusion -Soutien aux manifestations artistiques du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, ainsi qu'au programme Interarts du Conseil des arts du Canada, aux partenaires du mois: FADO, GIV, OCAD, 7a*11d, à l'Université Concordia (SAVAP et FFAR), et aux subventionneurs et commanditaires au fonctionnement du centre : CALQ, CAC, CAM, FSCACQ, et GMT.

10. EVENT: "Reconnaissance/Recognition" Boréal Art/Nature Artist-run Centre (Laurentians)
October 10, 2004; Source: Boréal Art/Nature Artist-run Centre

(français suivant)

Invitation to CENTRE ARTTERRE: Sunday, 10 October 2004, 1 to 5 p.m.
6240 Chemin de La Minerve, Labelle, in the Upper Laurentians, north of Montreal.

We cordially invite the art community and the public to the event Reconnaissance / Recognition at the Centre ArtTerre in the Upper Laurentians. Here is an occasion for a gathering in the Laurentian forest at Boréal Art/Nature's new base for creation and diffusion. Centre ArtTerre consists of a heritage woodland site recently bequeathed to Boréal Art/Nature as a conservancy and forest interpretation centre; it now becomes an ideal place where the relationship between contemporary art and nature can be explored.

Our first full year of activities in this vast natural environment calls for an exploration of place in physical as well as symbolic terms; it also includes an expression of gratefulness towards those who have preserved this priceless heritage and who have passed it on to Boréal Art/Nature. This is a time to reflect on the phenomenon of a land devoted to art; a time also to think of ways to preserve, develop, and share this natural and creative resource.

The call to a gathering on 10 October is an invitation to discover this beautiful spread of forest which—while being a unique space for contemporary art—is perfectly suited to Boréal Art/Nature's creation and research mandate, focused as it is on the history, development, and present state of relationships between art and nature. Here is a chance to meet the Boréal Art/Nature group, to discuss what it means for the art community and the public that—within an explosively developing Laurentian context—a territory was given over to a contemporary art project connected with environmental awareness.

Among those present will be the artists participating in the present series of residencies entitled Reconnaissance / Recognition : Carl David Ruttan, Kinga Araya, Constanza Silva.

You are also invited to explore the splendid trails of Centre ArtTerre by choosing among diverse guided walking tours.

Welcome to this colourful autumn afternoon.

Resource for sharing rides from Montreal: Tedi (514) 278-3646.

Invitation au Centre ArtTerre, dimanche le 10 octobre de 13 à 17 heures
6240 Chemin de La Minerve, Labelle, Hautes-Laurentides.

La communauté artistique et le public sont cordialement invités à une journée de reconnaissance au Centre ArtTerre à Labelle dans les Hautes-Laurentides. C’est l’occasion d’une rencontre dans la forêt laurentienne au nouveau centre de création et de diffusion de Boréal Art/Nature. Le Centre ArtTerre est constitué d’une terre forestière patrimoniale vouée à la conservation et a l’interprétation de la forêt, récemment léguée à Boréal Art/Nature, qui en fait un lieu privilégié d’exploration des rapports entre l’art contemporain et la nature.

La première année d’activité dans ce vaste environnement naturel est sous le signe de la reconnaissance : exploration physique et symbolique du territoire, mais aussi expression du sentiment de reconnaissance envers ceux qui ont conservé ce joyau patrimonial et qui l’ont légué en héritage à Boréal Art/Nature. C’est l’occasion d’une réflexion sur le sens à donner au phénomène que représente une terre consacrée à l’art, ainsi que la façon de conserver, de développer et de partager cette ressource naturelle et créatrice.

La rencontre du 10 octobre est une invitation à la découverte de ce beau coin de forêt, qui s’il demeure un espace singulier pour l’art contemporain, n’en est pas moins tout à fait adapté au mandat de recherche et de création de Boréal Art/Nature axé sur l’histoire, le développement et l’actualité des rapports entre l’art et la nature. C’est l’occasion de rencontrer le groupe Boréal Art/Nature, de discuter des enjeux que représente pour la communauté artistique et le public, une terre consacrée à l’art actuel en regard d’une prise de conscience environnementaliste dans le milieu laurentien en développement fulgurant. Les artistes impliqués dans la série de résidences en cours seront présents : Carl David Ruttan, Kinga Araya, Constanza Silva. Vous êtes par ailleurs invités à explorer, les magnifiques sentiers du Centre ArtTerre, par l’entremise de divers randonnées pédestres guidées, selon vos capacités, vos goûts et votre disponibilité.

Bienvenue à cet après-midi d’automne coloré.
S’il vous plaît, veuillez faire suivre ce message à ceux que vous croyez intéressés.

Ressource pour covoiturage à Montréal : Tedi (514) 278-3646.

11. EVENT: "Cinéma" performance-installation La Societé des arts technologiques (Montreal)
October 12 - 15, 2004; Source: Jack Stanley

(français suivant)

(part one: O fim de Orpheu)
October 12 - 15, 2004: 8pm
performance-installation by Andrew Forster
at SAT (La Societé des arts technologiques), 1195 rue Saint-laurent, Montréal [between René-Levesque et Sainte-Catherine - métro: Saint-Laurent]

Music: Rainer Wiens
Texts: Shauna Beharry, Andrew Forster
with: Monique Romeiko, Robert Schweitzer, Solomón Díaz, Michael Fernandes, Nathalie Claude

Cinéma is a multi-artist, cross-disciplinary performance presented in the SAT storefront, converted into a theatre which looks out onto an urban streetscape. The audience inside this theatre watches and listens to video and sound elements while live performance takes place on the street outside. Narrative elements in Cinéma are in both French and English.

From Tuesday to Friday night a one hour performance will take place at the SAT
October 12 to 15, 2004, 8pm
$10: Limited seating (reservations recommended)
reservations: 270 3802

October 12 to 15, 2004 1:30-6pm: (free admission)
During the daytime visitors can sit in the theatre observing the street while listening to an audio piece in which fragments of the performance soundtrack are adapted as an installation.

INFO: http://www.reluctant.ca/cinema

(première partie : O fim de Orpheu)
12 au 15 octobre 2004 : 20h
performance - installation de Andrew Forster
à la SAT (La Societé des arts technologiques), 1195 rue Saint-Laurent, Montréal [entre René-Levesque et Sainte-Catherine - métro: Saint-Laurent]

Musique: Rainer Wiens
Textes: Shauna Beharry, Andrew Forster
Avec: Monique Romeiko, Robert Schweitzer, Solomón Díaz, Michael Fernandes, Nathalie Claude

La SAT est converti en théâtre donnant sur un paysage urbain. Les spectateurs installés dans ce théâtre écoutent une bande sonore et regardent simultanément des vidéos et une performance qui prend place à l’extérieur. Les éléments narratifs de Cinéma sont en français et en anglais.

du mardi au vendredi une performance d’une durée d’une heure sera présentée à la SAT
12 au 15 octobre 2004, 20h
$10: places limitées
reservations: 270 3802

12 au 15 octobre 2004 : 13h30 - 18h : entré libre
Les spectateurs qui visiteront la SAT (1195 rue Saint-Laurent) durant la journée pourront prendre place dans le théâtre et observer la rue tout en écoutant une bande sonore présentant des extraits de la performance.

INFO: http://www.reluctant.ca/cinema

12. EVENT: Kinga Araya Presentation Group Intervention Video (Montreal)
October 7, 2004; Source: Kinga Araya

Presentation at Group Intervention Video (GIV), this coming Thursday, October 7th at 7:30 p.m.
Kinga Araya will talk about her interdisciplinary artworks (video, sculpture, photography and performances) as well as about her doctoral research regarding exilic walks conceived as performance artworks.

GIV is located at 5505 St. Laurent # 3015 (corner of St. Viateur)


Fado is pleased to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their sponsorship of our ongoing activities.

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