FADO E-LIST (May 2004)

FADO E-LIST (May 2004)


1. Fado news
   June 12, 2004, 11 am- 6 pm

3. Fado CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Emerging Artists series"
Deadline:June 15, 2004
4. Lebensraum/Lifespace — Spectacle of Noise
June 12, 9 pm
5. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Project Toronto" Toronto Free Gallery
Deadline: June 1, 2004; Source: Toronto Free Gallery <info@torontofreegallery.org>
6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "HATCH" Harbourfront Centre
Deadline: June 1, 2004; Source: Instant Coffee
7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Wonders of the Prairie" zeitraum_ex!t Büro für Kunst (Germany)
Deadline: June 4, 2004; Source: Gabriele Oßwald
Deadline: July 1, 2004; Source: Instant Coffee
9. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "22nd Annual Groundswell Festival of New Works by Women"
Deadline: August 15, 2004; Source: Nightwood Theatre
10. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: “BECOMING UNCOMFORTABLE” PSi11: 11th Performance Studies Conference (USA) 
Deadline: not indicated; Source: performance_art_network
11. CALL FOR REGISTRANTS: “Growing a Discipline? The Second Annual PSFG Preconference” (Toronto)
Early Registration Deadline: July 9, 2004; Source: Association for Theatre in Higher Education
12. EVENT: "Perform: State: Interrogate" PSi #10 (Singapore)
June 15 - 18, 2004; Source: Lee Wen
13. ANNOUNCEMENT: 2nd IAPAO Meeting Report (Indonesia)
14. EVENT: "Participatory Democracy"
Continuing to July 29, 2004; Source: natalie loveless <natalie@loveless.ca>
Deadline: not indicated; Source: Nenad Bogdanovic <mangallery@ptt.yu>

1. Fado news

As mentioned in the last Fado e-list, Tanya Mars' new 7-hour performance, TYRANNY OF BLISS, will be presented in Toronto on June 12 (see details below). A variation of the event will also be presented in Hamilton by the Art Gallery of Hamilton on June 19. Given the massive scale of the project, Fado is looking for volunteers to help out at each of the 14 performance locations. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Paul Couillard at info@performance art.ca

June 12 will be a very busy day on our calendar, as Fado is also a co-sponsor of the evening premiere of "Lebensraum -- Spectacle of Noise", a new video by Governor General award winner and Fado alumni Istvan Kantor.

Local emerging artists will also want to note the call for submissions for our EMERGING ARTISTS series taking place this August (deadline for submissions is June 15).

Stay tuned for more details on our summer series.

   June 12, 2004, 11 am- 6 pm

by Tanya Mars
Saturday June 12, 2004, 11 am- 6 pm

14 different sites: from Queen's Park along University Ave. to Queen St. W.
Performance begins in front of the Queen's Park legislative building


Fado is proud to present TYRANNY OF BLISS, a major new work by Tanya Mars, one of Canada's most renowned performance artists.

Inspired by a variety of sources ranging from the 14th Century frescoes of Ambrogio Lorenzetti on the Effects of Good and Bad Government to Fellini’s “Satyricon”, Tanya Mars constructs a modern day social satire with a cast of 30 performers. TYRANNY OF BLISS looks at the current human condition from both utopian and dystopian perspectives. The piece offers a richly layered, series of spectacular and incongruous images juxtaposed against the outdoor urban landscape.

Loosely based on the pageant structure of the medieval Miracle/Mystery plays, TYRANNY OF BLISS is a 7-hour performance that uses limousines in lieu of wagons. Beginning from the Queen's Park legislature, two limousines -- one white and one black -- will usher small groups of audience members past 14 “tableaux” locations featuring images based on the 7 heavenly virtues and the 7 deadly sins. The scenes will also be accessible to passersby, allowing audiences to create their own narrative by walking from site to site. At each location a different scene will unfold continuously throughout the day, using the languages of dance, theatre, sculpture, visual art and literature.

TYRANNY OF BLISS promises a thrilling and provocative meditation on city life, providing a unique experience of Toronto that is not to be missed!

About the Artist

Tanya Mars is a feminist, multi-disciplinary performance artist who has been active as an artist-producer in Canada since the mid-1970s. Perhaps best-known for her PURE series (PURE VIRTUE, PURE SIN, PURE NONSENSE, and the culminating presentation of PURE HELL at the Power Plant in 1990), Mars continues to create powerful, engaging visual images in a variety of media that are exhibited across the country. She has been involved with many artist-run centres including Powerhouse/La Centrale in Montreal, A Space in Toronto, and was the Editor of Parallelogramme magazine for 13 years. She is currently a member of the 7a * 11d performance art collective and Senior Lecturer at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Scene Locations

Queen's Park (north of the Legislature): Greed, Love, Wisdom (and starting point for Courage, which will travel south along University to Queen St. W. over the 7-hour period)

Queen's Park Legislative grounds: Hope, Sloth, Envy

University Avenue & Gerrard St.: Lust

University Avenue & Dundas St. W.: Gluttony

University Avenue & Armoury St.: Tolerance

University Avenue & Queen St. W.: Wrath (and starting point for Justice, which will travel north along University Ave. to Queen's Park over the 7-hour period)

City Hall Speaker's Corner (100 Queen St. W.): Truth

Pages Books & Magazines (256 Queen St. W.): Pride

3. Fado CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Emerging Artists series"
Deadline:June 15, 2004

Fado is organizing an exhibition of local EMERGING PERFORMANCE ARTISTS for the end of August 2004, to take place in Toronto. 10 artists will be chosen to participate in the event and artists' fees will be paid.

Proposals may include off-site, time-based, and audio projects, as well as any and all interpretations of 'performance'.

'Emerging artist', in this case, refers to 'those at an early stage in their career'. Students welcome.

Further questions can be sent to craig.leonard@utoronto.ca.

Please send proposals, including documentation (if available) and a recent CV, to:
Craig Leonard, 253 Concord Ave., Toronto, ON, M6H 2P4 by JUNE 15, 2004.

4. Lebensraum/Lifespace — Spectacle of Noise
June 12, 9 pm

$5 @ MOCCA’s New Location!, 952 Queen St. West
A co-presentation by Pleasure Dome, Interaccess, Vtape, Trinity Square Video, Charles St., Fado, 7a*11d, and MOCCA.

Toronto’s media and performing arts community is celebrating the governmental recognition of Istvan Kantor for his excessive exploration of the body, technology and avant-garde theories; and his aggressive accumulation of performances, videos, robotics and music. His invitation to multi-media rebellion has been officially acknowledged and esteemed.

Istvan Kantor Amen!’s most recent video Lebensraum — Spectacle of Noise (72 min. 2004) is a tale of totalitarian control and dadaist resistance. Lebensraum or ‘living space’ was a concept used by the Nazis to justify invading other countries to obtain more open land. Through RST Robotic Surveillance Transmission, the nebulous Rentagon invades the minds and bodies of the robotarians to gain greater processing power. In a futile attempt to expel as well as process the information overload, the population is transfixed in convulsive seizure reactions. A lone yogaborg of TRS Transmission Research Society strives to unravel the techno-web of this somatic colonization.

Utilizing approximately 20,000 rendered effects, Lebensraum — Spectacle of Noise is the culmination of Kantor’s digital processing extremes and Machine Sex Action. It is a shuddering, colour-coded allegory about the colonization of our lives by the all-pervasive entertainment/communication grid. It poses the question, are we being reduced to biological machinery units by global ideological transmission devices and kinetic control systems or are we still free thinkers?

Lebensraum — Spectacle of Noise
experimental feature video by Istvan Kantor Monty Cantsin? Amen!
2004 / 72min / col / stereo / mini-dv master / NTSC
written, composed, designed, directed and edited by Istvan Kantor
featuring Monty Cantsin, Volta and MachineSexActionGroup
computer graphics by Kristan Horton, Dariusz Karnicki, Pierre Zovile
camera: Istvan Kantor, Charles Kassatly

5. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Project Toronto" Toronto Free Gallery
Deadline: June 1, 2004; Source: Toronto Free Gallery <info@torontofreegallery.org>

Toronto Free Gallery is a new not-for-profit art space opening in September. Currently, our building is under construction but when it is all said and done we will be located at 660 Queen Street East.

Our vision is to provide a forum for relevant social and cultural issues expressed through all media. Toronto Free Gallery is intended to be a creative laboratory. We aim to provide artists with a space to experiment, explore new ideas, question norms and challenge both themselves and their audiences.

To celebrate our opening in September our first show of the season will be for Toronto. Project Toronto is a juried group exhibition, which aims to derive new insights into the problems confronting the urban landscape of Toronto. We are inviting artists, architects, urban planners, geographers, and others from various disciplines to submit proposals, which examine issues in the categories of architecture, space, community, environment and transportation. Project Toronto is a valuable and necessary step towards more thoughtful and inventive solutions to improve the quality of our city - and our lives. We aim to offer intelligent criticism, vision and a call to action with proposals that aspire to make Toronto a liveable city for all.

The proposals can be based on actual or proposed places in Toronto or on a concept pertaining to the categories mentioned below. We have divided the exhibition into five categories in order to help focus the proposals.

The categories are as follows:

1: Atmosphere
In this category we are looking for works that express the feelings, the smells, the sights, and the sounds that make up our perceptions of Toronto. Here we seek proposals that answer the question; How does one experience the city of Toronto?

2: Community
In this category we aim to address issues such as, city planning and its effects on social interaction within communities, the impact of development/redevelopment on neighbourhoods and residents and the impact of dead zones created by poor architectural design and city planning.

3: Passages
As the city of Toronto expands and farmland gives way to urban sprawl the need for travel exceeds the systems of flow that are currently in place. The downtown core is dense and its parameters are in gridlock. In this category we aim to address the issue of movement through out Toronto. How do we move through our city? Are our passageways merely to transfer us from one point to another? What meaning, if any do they hold? As Toronto expands what happens to the places in between? Do they become merely tunnels and flows without meaning?

4: Space
The fourth category is about the use of space both public and private, and how it effects the psyche of the residents. Why are some public spaces utilized and enjoyed by many while others remain vacant. How are existing structures used, (mis)used, or renewed and what are the ramifications on the city as a whole?

5: Environment
The final category seeks to discuss what is needed to make Toronto a clean, healthy, liveable city for all. In the category of environment we are asking for proposals that address issues such as the incorporation of green spaces in architecture and communities, combining the natural world with our urban environment, and alternative means to power the world we live in.

How to apply
We are accepting works in all media including performance and we will accept proposals for site specific pieces. We encourage projects by teams especially cross disciplinary teams.

We will accept proposals in the form of sketches, slides, video or CD-ROM. All submissions must be accompanied with a written intent of the work stating both dimensions, and/or space requirements, equipment and electrical needs, etc. Please also send an S.A.S.E. so that we may return all of your materials promptly. Please send or drop off all proposals  by June 1st to our temporary office at  20 Devon Road Toronto, ON M4E2J8 Attention Heather Haynes. 

The exhibition will run from September to November.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to email Heather Haynes at <mailto:heather@torontofreegallery.org>heather@torontofreegallery.org or call 416-690-9152.

6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "HATCH" Harbourfront Centre
Deadline: June 1, 2004; Source: Instant Coffee

HATCH: emerging performance projects
at the Studio Theatre, Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre is currently seeking proposals from emerging theatre
artists and companies for HATCH: emerging performance projects for the
2004/2005 season.

Now heading into its second year, HATCH is designed to incubate and
foster invention and innovation in the local theatre and performance scene.

Harbourfront Centre has dedicated three separate weeks in the Studio
Theatre, a 196 seat proscenium venue located in the hub of York Quay Centre.

The Studio Theatre will be offered up, along with an attractive HATCH
assistance package, to help your company in showing and producing new,
innovative work. The core aim of the HATCH series is to assist emerging
artists in our community in the vital incubation stages of creation,
presentation and production development.

The assistance package features the Studio Theatre, rent waived; basic
technical support; production support; box office services; inclusion in
our collective advertising campaign; presence in all of our relevant
marketing materials; and, a dedicated half page ad in NOW magazine under
the HATCH umbrella. Opportunities for professional development and
mentoring in all areas of production and presentation - from marketing
to international touring - will also be made available under the
guidance of Harbourfront Centre’s professional staff.

The Proposals

We are seeking proposals:
• from professional, emerging theatre inventors from across the GTA who
are able to demonstrate prior artistic endeavors and a clear artistic
• from performing groups/artists from all communities whose work is
contemporary in nature.
• from artists committed to the development of contemporary, inventive,
and creative performance-based work.

Proposal Outline

The proposal should include:
• A project description: describe your project and why it should be
• An artistic mission statement: explain how your project will
contribute to contemporary performance practice as well as what you want
to accomplish artistically with this project and with your work in general.

What do you need to send us?

• The completed application form.
• The proposal (project description and mission statement).
• A complete budget, including all revenues associated with the project.
A budget worksheet is available with the application package for your
use or reference.
• A script or working document.
• A cover letter introducing yourself and or your company.
• Your preferred dates. You must be available during one of the
following periods to play for one (only) of the specified weeks. Please
your preferred time slot:
September 20-26
November 8-14
February 21-27
March 7-13
• A list of project collaborators, sponsors and/or project supporters.
• CV’s of participating artists/cast and key personnel.
• Support materials, for example, press clippings, photos, programmes,
videos, cd ROMS, materials, press kits or folders if available.
(Materials will only be returned if a self-addressed stamped envelope is
provided or if provision is made for pick up).
• A complete, practical list of technical requirements. Technical
requirements must be kept to accommodate the Studio Theatre. (Technical
package available with application package)

If you have any questions, or to receive an application package, please
email: Allison Bottomley, abottomley@harbourfrontcentre.com

Completed applications should be sent by mail to:
Tina Rasmussen, Director, Performing Arts, Harbourfront Centre
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto, ON M5J 2G8
Deadline for submissions: 1 June 2004

7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Wonders of the Prairie" zeitraum_ex!t Büro für Kunst (Germany)
Deadline: June 4, 2004; Source: Gabriele Oßwald

In 2004 zeitraum_ex!t Büro für Kunst organises its 4th interdisciplinary festival in Mannheim.

The festival projects are centred around the following:
· zeitraum_ex!t is a place for discourse among artists
· zeitraum_ex!t shows current trends of contemporary art
· zeitraum_ex!t encourages the exchange between current art genres
· zeitraum_ex!t shows art where you do not expect it
· zeitraum_ex!t offers communication between the audience and the artists
· zeitraum_ex!t co-operates with partners of different branches of art

The Festival will take place from Wednesday, September 22 to Sunday,
September 26, 2004.

Work in Progress
Intervention into the Public Sphere
Afternoon Events
Night Events
Discussions with the Audience

zeitraum_ex!t Büro für Kunst
Private appartments
Pedestrian Precincts
Shop Windows

We are looking for artists from the genres
Visual arts (installation, new media, performance, theatre) who work on this year's theme,

"Zuhause / Coming Home"

Applications should consist of:
· Meaningful concept (video, pictures, written description)
· CV
· Scheme of costs
· Technical requirements
· Sufficiently stamped answer envelope
We do not accept e-mail applications!
Applications without a sufficiently stamped return envelope are not accepted!
Deadline: June 4, 2004 (date of the postmark)
Artistic Directors: Gabriele Oßwald, Wolfgang Sautermeister, Elke Schmid,
Tilo Schwarz

This year's theme:
... Until today, to me home is a term which takes too much space
to fill it with content.
It seems suspicious to me.
The choices I have are scarcely sufficient for the four, five letters;
Six are clearly too many.
I can only feel at home in the tiniest things, in the vaguest phenomena.
(Katharina Holländer)

In a time when the 'whole world' can come to us and when we can virtually
stay 'at all places' simultaneously;
in a time, when most historical 'certainties' have become uncertainties, the
term home is of relevance again.
Especially in times of crisis the myth of the 'ideal world of home'
experiences a boom.
Social globalisation gives a boost to the longing for a private idyllic place.

>Home is where the heart is<

Frank Zappa and, following him, Lene Lovich sing of a home which is not
geographically defined. Where my heart and my mind are I am at home.
In Bodenlos Vilèm Flusser writes that the loss of one's native home results
in sorrow and pain, but simultaneously in a liberation of dull prejudices.
Therefore he pledges to freely create one or even several homes.

If home is related with being sheltered, with both the protection against
the outside world and fencing off the outside world: how do „being at home‰
and 'coming home' show?
What do people do to feel at home?
How do rooms suggest being a home?
Which possible, impossible, beautiful, horrible things can happen at home?
Where is home:
In one's apartment?
In a hotel?
In a bar?
In a caravan?
At the job?

Gabriele Oßwald
Büro für Kunst
Lange Rötterstraße 23
D-68167 Mannheim

Deadline: July 1, 2004; Source: Instant Coffee

A Space Gallery is accepting submissions to our Main Gallery for the 2005/2006 season. This call is open to artists working in all media, as well as to curatorial proposals.

Founded in 1971 and located in downtown Toronto, A Space is one of the oldest artist-run centres in Canada. Applicants should consider that our mandate focuses on politically engaged, culturally diverse, community based, and innovative curatorial and technical practices.

All submissions must include:
• CV(s)
• One page project description
• Artist or Curatorial Statement
• Support material: slides (max. 10), or, videos and CDs (if the work is media based)
• Slide List: write your name on top of each slide and include a red dot on the lower left corner of each slide - DO NOT use sticky labels of any sort on slides
• Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
• Optional: detailed proposal, catalogues/exhibition brochures

A Space is not responsible for lost or damaged submissions. Do not send original slides, artwork or master tapes.

A Space Gallery
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 110, Toronto, ON, M5V 3A8
info@aspacegallery.org http://www.aspacegallery.org

9. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "22nd Annual Groundswell Festival of New Works by Women"
Deadline: August 15, 2004; Source: Nightwood Theatre

Nightwood Theatre is soliciting new and daring theatrical works by diverse Canadian women, to be workshopped during the 2004-2005 season through the Groundswell Festival, Nightwood's play development program.

The selected playwrights become a part of the Groundswell Playwrights Unit (which meets from January- June 2005) where they will receive on-going dramaturgical support. The Unit culminates in a workshop and public reading of their play in the 22nd Annual Groundswell Festival, which will be in June 2005 at the Tapestry Nightwood New Work Studio.

Guidelines for Submissions

Send us:
- A cover page with the primary contact(s) name, address, phone, email, and the title of the project
- A letter of intent outlining your proposal of what you would like to accomplish through development
- A completed script (any length)
- For works in progress, or collective creations, send a detailed project description AND the script in progress OR sample of previous writing (maximum 20 pages)
- Resumes of all artists already involved
- A self-addressed stamped envelope if you want us to return your material to you

Criteria for Selection

Projects submitted to Groundswell are assessed by members of the Groundswell Selection Advisory who make recommendations to the Artistic Director. The Artistic Director is responsible for the final decisions.

Recommendations are made on the following basis:
-Artistic merit: the strength of the script or project description, as well as the experience of the artist(s).
- Craft and Content: innovation, originality and relevance to Nightwood&Mac226;s mandate
- Achievability: how the playwright's and/or collaborators' goals are achieved within the framework of Groundswell.


Send submissions to:
Nightwood Theatre
55 Mill St., Suite 301
The Case Goods Building
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3C4

Submissions will not be accepted by fax or email

Please retain a copy of your submission


For more information please contact Kelly Thornton, Artistic Director
416-944-1740 x 2 or kelly@nightwoodtheatre.net

10. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: “BECOMING UNCOMFORTABLE” PSi11: 11th Performance Studies Conference (USA) 
Deadline: not indicated; Source: performance_art_network

Panels, performances, installations, and investigations on the state of
performance in an unstable world.

Save the dates: March 30 – April 3, 2005

PSi11 will take place at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (USA)

We welcome all suggestions for topics and presentations.
Contact John_Emigh@Brown.edu

11. CALL FOR REGISTRANTS: “Growing a Discipline? The Second Annual PSFG Preconference” (Toronto)
Early Registration Deadline: July 9, 2004; Source: Association for Theatre in Higher Education

The Performance Studies Focus Group (PSFG) of ATHE is pleased to announce

“Growing a Discipline? The Second Annual PSFG Preconference.”

This stimulating pre-conference will be held all day on Wednesday, July 28th and the morning of Thursday, July 29th at the Sheraton Center in Toronto.

Performance Studies has been a debated and contested term which has been employed in many different contexts and with many different meanings. Whether coming from theatre, philosophy, ethnography, music, art history, or any one of a number of varied disciplines and backgrounds, contemporary life has undergone a turn to “performance.” This pre-conference will engage a variety of scholars, practitioners, and students to explore ideas that intersect within the term Performance Studies.

The pre-conference will begin with an opening roundtable entitled “Canadian Intersections in Performance Studies,” drawing on ATHE's location in Canada this year and exploring the issues of Performance Studies and its relationship to theatre studies in Canada. Confirmed speakers are: Paul Couillard, Fado Performance Inc.; Penny Farfan, University of Calgary; Christopher Innes, York University; Ric Knowles; University of Guelph; DD Kugler, Simon Fraser University; and Jessica Wyman; Queen's University and Ontario College of Art and Design.

This opening panel will be followed by a session entitled, “International Intersections: Reports from Afar,” moderated by Nancy Reilly-McVittie and PA Skantze, in which we will invite attending scholars from other geographical regions to extend the discussion and report on the status of performance studies in their institutions, cities, and communities. This panel will begin to interrogate the ways in which performance studies has developed beyond its US disciplinary origins.

Following the opening roundtables, we will break down into smaller working groups , which will address a variety of individual topics in the field with the goal of each creating a presentation to share with the other working groups at the end of the pre-conference. Following the IFTR/FIRT model, these working groups are designed to be ongoing discussion groups out of which might evolve future anthologies, conference panels, and/or articles. Confirmed general working group topics and leaders are: Music as Performance (Phil Auslander), Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Performance (Rhonda Blair), Performance and Ecology (Wendy Arons and Sarah Standing), Mixed-Media Performance (Jessica Chalmers and Jennifer Parker-Starbuck), Philosophical Intersections in Performance Studies, (Josh Abrams and Gwendolyn Alker), and Jewish Performance Studies (Sharon Aronson-Lehavi and Henry Bial).

The concluding roundtable will be a response and discussion of Stephen Bottom's provocative article “The Efficacy/Effeminacy Braid: Unpicking the Performance Studies/Theatre Studies Dichotomy,” (Theatre Topics 13.2, September 2003). Confirmed speakers for this discussion are: Stephen Bottoms, Marvin Carlson, Tracy C. Davis, Shannon Jackson, Anthony Kubiak, Martin Puchner, and Richard Schechner.

For more information and registration forms, visit http://www.athe.org/FG/ps/

12. EVENT: "Perform: State: Interrogate" PSi #10 (Singapore)
June 15 - 18, 2004; Source: Lee Wen

15th – 18th June 2004 in Singapore.
Main Venue: The Substation
45 Armenian Street
Singapore 179936

Tel: (65) 63922733
Fax: (65) 63921772

Perform: State: Interrogate: PSi #10 Singapore 2004 aims to bring the field of Performance Studies to the attention of researchers, theorists, artists and activists across diverse practices and disciplines in the “Asian” region, while introducing the current state of “Asian” performance theory and practice to researchers, theorists, artists and activists from other regions.

While this will be the first time the Performance Studies international (PSi) conference is taking place in an Asian country, it is precisely our intention to interrogate the issue of a “PSi Conference in Asia” — to precipitate a high level of critical reflexivity about PSi #10 itself, PSi conferences, and our constructions of “Asia”. We aim to address the present state of performance discourse in Asia, and to represent a diversity of Asian perspectives in performance studies. However, the point is not to frame these perspectives as representations of “otherness” — as new local authenticities for consumption and appropriation by the global gaze of theory. Beyond the parameters of a single conference, our purpose is to mobilize individuals and organizations to dialogue and develop the languages through which performance can be understood, examined and debated in Asia and beyond.

The conference will also engage with issues that cut across questions of cultural or geographic identity, regardless of whether they directly address questions of Asian performance. We welcome interventions reflecting local concerns from anywhere in the world that relate to the themes of Perform: State: Interrogate:.

The title, Perform: State: Interrogate:, comprises three verbs related to articulation that have multiple resonances. The critical reflexivity we demand is echoed by the word “interrogate,” which implies the questioning of power, both in the sense of being directed at and originating from power — as in the power of theory, practitioners, the “people” or the state. Indeed the “state” figures centrally in much of performance in Asia — from patronage to engagement to resistance to complicity. Arguably the central “performance” that takes place in a nation like Singapore is that of stating the concerns of the “state.” While “perform” connotes the more conventional understandings of the term (theatrical performance, etc.,) there is also the question of how theory “performs” — what are the ways in which it can be tested, evaluated? What are its effects? How does it contain, domesticate, obfuscate, and appropriate, or liberate, enable, and enlighten?

Parallel Panel 0900hrs. 17 July 2004

Organising Performance: Initiatives and Initiators
Zane Trow and Judith MacLean, Queensland University of Technology (Australia) on performing the organisation of performance festivals
Jay Koh, Intl Forum for Inter-media Art (Singapore/Germany)on the NICA project in Burma
Visakesa Chandrasekaram, Artist,(Sri Lanka/Australia) on human rights-related theatre initiatives
Ute Ritschel-Univ. of Mainz on the work of Asian performance artists at German performance events.
Lee Wen- (Singapore/Tokyo) on “The desire to perform art: representation, reception and evolution"
Chumpon Apisuk – artist/aids activist, Thailand. Q & A

Parallel Panel 1400hrs. 17 July 2004

Performance Art as Performance Art
Performance art presented as a parallel panel :-
Boris Nieslony
Seiji Shimoda
Chumpon Apisuk
Lee Wen

The Organizing Committee
Perform: State: Interrogate: is being organized by a consortium of independent arts groups, researchers, writers and performance practitioners, which is unusual for a conference of such scope. We take this extra-institutional set-up to be representative of the distinct configurations of cultural actors and knowledge production in a place like Singapore, configurations that significantly inform the themes and format of the conference. Individual members of the organizing committee have affiliations with the major educational institutions, theatre companies and arts organisations for whom the work of PSi is of relevance. They are:

Lucy Davis Artist, Writer & Editor, Forum on Contemporary Arts and Society (focas)
Ray Langenbach Artist, Writer & Independent Scholar
Lee Weng Choy Artistic Co-Director, The Substation arts center
Susie Lingham Writer & Artist
Low Kee Hong Associate Artistic Director, TheatreWorks (Singapore)
Ngiam Su-Lin Company Manager, The Necessary Stage
Shirlene Noordin Arts Consultant, Phish Communications
Ong Keng Sen Artistic Director, TheatreWorks (Singapore)
Traslin Ong Manager, TheatreWorks (Singapore)
Lindy Poh Curator and Lawyer
Paul Rae Co-Artistic Director, spell#7 performance, and PhD candidate, University of Middlesex, UK.
Charlene Rajendran Lecturer, Visual and Performing Arts Academic Group, National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University
T. K. Sabapathy Director, Contemporary Asian Arts Centre, LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts
T. Sasitharan Director, Theatre Training & Research Programme, Practice Performing Arts School
Dr K. K. Seet Senior Lecturer, Theatre Studies Programme, National University of Singapore
Alvin Tan Artistic Director, The Necessary Stage
Tay Tong Managing Director, TheatreWorks (Singapore)

Full details :  http://www.singaporepsi.org/

13. ANNOUNCEMENT: 2nd IAPAO Meeting Report (Indonesia)

(Français suivant)

The 2nd IAPAO (International Association for Performance Art Organisers) Meeting was held in Bandung, Indonesia from the 25th-28th of April 2004. This event brought together more than 15 organisers who are active within their own countries, Notably: Belarus, Canada, Denmark, The United States of America, Indonesia, Italy, The Philippines and Thailand.

IAPAO brings together individuals and organisations working for the development and promotion of activities in order to bring performance art directly to the public by presenting in non-traditional venues and public spaces.

The activities of the IAPAO membership may include: international exchange programmes; group event presentations; promotion and networking ; lobbying in order to help organisations and individual organisers; independent curating; holding of festivals and artist meetings ; coordination and research for community art performance projects ; production of printed and electronic documentation.

IAPAO is in its 3rd year of existence. The Bandung Conference has allowed the association to consolidate it's basic mandate; To develop its organisational structure using an internationally accepted framework; To forefront new projects and collaborations through exchanges among the various communities and organisers that make up its network.

Among these new projects developed during the Bandung Conference were; The creation of printed and electronic publications to promote the name and goals of IAPAO; To create a Biennal October 1 to 21st, 2005 to be held simultaneously in more than a dozen countries.

We would like to recognise the professionalism and incredible generosity of the team from B+PAC who organised and warmly welcomed us to the 2nd International IAPAO Conference in Bandung. The tireless dedication, hard work and the quality of communication employed by the B+PAC team ensured that IAPAO could create and develop dialogues among organisers practising intermedia from different countries.

B+PAC truly paid honour to the city of Bandung which held the 1955 Bandung Conference, organised by President Sukarno. This 1955 conference permitted the creation of the Union of Non-Aligned States within the United Nations Council.

A consequence of this second international meeting of IAPAO - the quorum of associated members who participated, unanimously accepted the candidature of Bandung as the East Asian IAPAO Head Office, effective immediately.

Release written and edited by Éric Létourneau, Doug McColeman and Jill McDermid.


La deuxième réunion de l'IAPAO (International Association for Performance Art Organisers) s'est déroulé à Bandung, Indonésie, du 25 au 28 avril 2004. Cet événement a regroupé plus d'une quinzaine d'organisateurs actifs dans leurs pays respectifs, notamment : la Biélorussie, le Canada, le Danemark, les États-Unis, l'Indonésie, l'Italie, les Philippines, la Suède et la Thaïlande.

L'association IAPAO regroupe des individus et des organisations travaillant au développement et à la promotion de différentes activités destinées à la présentation de l'art performance et de l'insertion de cette pratique dans les communautés et dans le champ de l'art.

Les activités des membres de l'association peuvent inclure, notamment ; des programmes d'échanges internationaux ; la présentation d'événements ; la promotion et la diffusion ; le soutient et le lobbying dans le but d'aider les organisateurs ou les organisations ; le commissariat indépendant ; la tenue de festivals et de rencontres d'artistes ; les manoeuvres collectives ; la coordination de projets de recherche et de performance dans des communautés spécifiques ; la publication ; l'écriture imprimée ou électronique.

L'IAPAO en est à sa troisième année d'existence. La conférence de Bandung a permis à l'association de consolider son mandat de base, de développer sa structure organisationnelle à l'échelle internationale et de mettre de l'avant de nouveaux projets de collaboration et d'échange entre les différentes communautés et organisateurs qui constituent son réseau.

Parmi ces nouveaux projets développés lors de la conférence de Bandung, mentionnons la création de publications (imprimées et électroniques) destinées à la promotion et à la diffusion de l'IAPAO et de ses membres, ainsi que la création d'une Biennale Internationale de la performance qui se tiendra simultanément dans plus d'une dizaine de pays du 1er au 21 octobre 2005.

Nous tenons à souligner le professionnalisme et l'incroyable générosité de l'équipe de la B+PAK qui ont accueilli et organisé cette deuxième rencontre internationale de l'IAPAO à Bandung. Par leur travail acharné, et la qualité de la communication de l'équipe de la B+PAK, cette réunion a réellement permis à l'IAPAO de développer un réel dialogue entre les interlocuteurs et organisateurs en art performance de différents pays.

La B+PAK a véritablement fait honneur à l'histoire de leur ville et à sa célèbre «Conférence de Bandung» tenue 1955 qui avait alors permis la création du «mouvement des pays non alignés» au sein même du conseil de l'Organisation des Nations Unies.

Comme conséquence de cette deuxième réunion internationale de l'IAPAO, mentionnons donc que le quorum des membres de l'association a accepté à l'unanimité la candidature de Bandung comme bureau chef de la région «Asie de l'est» de l'association. Cette décision est effective dès maintenant.

Communiqué rédigé par Éric Létourneau

14. EVENT: "Participatory Democracy"
Continuing to July 29, 2004; Source: natalie loveless <natalie@loveless.ca>

Natalie writes:

"I am involved in an exhibition called Participatory
Democracy, which is running through the end of July at Art Interactive in
Central Square. For it I am producing a wall drawing that will grow over
the course of the summer and that is based on personal interviews held in
the space. The piece completely relies on your participation, so I am
asking you to consider participating by bringing in a few objects that
represent 'democracy' and 'the vote' and having a conversation with me
about them. I will be recording the conversation and tracing the remnants
you leave behind in silverpoint. This drawing and the video document will
grow until the "Last Hurrah" closing event on July 29th. (For more
information please go to <http://www.artinteractive.org>.)

"That said, this culminating drawing will only be plastered and painted
over on the 30th. I *am* interested in it as a drawing, but I am *more*
interested in it as the mapping of a series of meaningful conversations.
These conversations structure the work. Please consider joining me in one,
and please feel free to pass this invitation around to any lists that you

"Best and thanks,


"P.S. For info and images on previous wall drawing pieces:


Session Dates:
Session 1: May 8-13
Session 2: May 22-27
Session 3: June 1-6
Session 4: June 24-July 4
Session 5: July 19-25

Session Times:
Weekends: 9am-12pm
Weekdays: 10am-7pm

Deadline: not indicated; Source: Nenad Bogdanovic <mangallery@ptt.yu>

Nenad Bogdanovic recently wrote:

"Dear Artists,

"Please assist me in preparation of my performance "In Memoriam II".
If you know of some performance artists that have died during last
few years, please send me their names by e-mail: <mailto:mangallery@ptt.yu>mangallery@ptt.yu
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

"Nenad Bogdanovic"

P.O.BOX 16
25250 ODZACI

E-mail: <mailto:mangallery@ptt.yu>mangallery@ptt.yu


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