FADO E-LIST (February 2004)

FADO E-LIST (February 2004)


1. Fado presents HOME REPAIR
Saturday, February 21, 2004 2 - 4 pm

2. LIFE=ART=LIFE performance art forum (Toronto)
February 20 - 22, 2004; Source: Blank Slate
3. IAPAO Meeting and International Performance Event 2004 (Bandung Indonesia) 
April 27 - May 3, 2004; Source: IAPAO (with additional commentary from Randy Gledhill)
4. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Desert 6e Manifestation internationale" CHAMP LIBRE (Montreal)
Deadline March 1, 2004; Source: Champ Libre
5. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Mountain Standard Time" Performative Art Festival (Calgary)
Deadline: April 15, 2004; Source: Stride Gallery
6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Junction Arts Festival (Toronto)
Deadline: May 15, 2004; Source: Instant Coffee
7. CALL FOR PAPERS: Live Art and Science on the Internet" Leonardo
Deadline: ongoing; Source: Martha Wilson
8. Linda Montano seeks collaborator
Deadline: not indicated; Source: Franklin Furnace
9. EVENT: "Currency" international performance festival (New York)
March 18-20, 2004; Source: IAPAO
10. Canadian Art Magazine Subscription Offer
Source: Canadian Art Magazine

1. Fado presents HOME REPAIR
Saturday, February 21, 2004 2 - 4 pm

HOME REPAIR (Installation performance event)
Featuring the "One Night Only" performance art collective: Adam Budd, Felipe Diaz, Blair Fornwald, Tanis Keiner, Tammy McGrath & Anna Scott
February 21, 2004, 2- 4 pm
@ 228 Parliament Street (between Shuter & Dundas St. W.)

PLUS Artist Talk featuring ONE NIGHT ONLY members along with the participants of Life=Art=Life
February 22, 2004, 2 -5 pm
@ Karen Schreiber Gallery (25 Morrow Ave., Suite 302)
Co-sponsored by Blank Slate

Both events FREE

Toronto... Fado is pleased to present HOME REPAIR, featuring the Regina-based performance art collective "One Night Only". HOME REPAIR will feature six simultaneous performances in an empty apartment building, focusing on ideas of communication and relationships within domestic spaces. 

Working collectively, the six members of One Night Only create individual performances on a common theme that act and react in relation to each other. The collective begins each project by agreeing on a common set of parameters. How each member chooses to fulfill, interpret or subtly circumvent the established rules becomes the basis of their developing dialogue, resulting in a multilayered and multi-perspectived approach.

Note that in addition to the performances, the artists will be part of a public discussion sponsored by Blank Slate at Karen Schreiber Gallery on February 22. The discussion is part of Life=Art=Life, a weekend of performances and talks featuring Louise Liliefeldt, Richard Martel, Tehching Hsieh and Kristine Stiles. Life=Art=Life is a Blank Slate presentation with support from the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art.

About the artists 

One Night Only was formed as a six-member performance art collective of new and emerging Regina-based artists in 2002. Interested in installation-based and site-specific performances, the collective has presented a series of events in Regina, Vancouver, and now Toronto. 

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Adam Budd is a recent graduate of the BFA Media Production program at the University of Regina, where his film "Avery Jones" won Best Graduating Film and Director awards from the University. His video performances include U/O, Blair and Adam, Moral Relativism, and Dear Rejeanne.

Felipe Diaz is a Regina based artist whose practice includes painting, installation, video and performance. Felipe explores issues of identity as it is formed along political, cultural and social lines. He has worked for a variety of organizations including the Saskatchewan Filmpool, New Dance Horizons and, currently, the Dunlop Art Gallery. Felipe is currently finishing his Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Regina. 

Blair Fornwald is a Regina-based interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses a variety of media, primarily performance, installation, and video. In 2002, she graduated with a BFA in intermedia from the University of Regina and she is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in art history. She is the visual arts teacher of the Preschool Fine Arts Co-op. Her most recent projects include Chair Garden, a semi-permanent outdoor installation. 

Regina based visual artist Tanis Keiner is a B.F.A graduate of sculpture from the University of Regina. In the final year of her program she studied intermedia, and has since continued to work in video, sound, writing and performance. Timid and shy, her performance pieces reflect her introverted nature.

Tammy McGrath is a multimedia installation, web and performance artist. She was a part of GROUP performance art collective before joining the One Night Only ensemble. McGrath is the initiator of Mountain Standard Time performative art festival, Space for Space performative art collective and EX 120, a continuous five day for 24 hours a day performative art festival in Calgary. She has written for independent magazines such as filling station and Lola. 

Anna Scott holds a BFA from the University of Manitoba and an MFA from the University of Regina. Currently employed as Gallery Coordinator at Neutral Ground Artist-Run Centre, she has exhibited her textile-based installation at various Canadian institutions since 1999. Her installations, performances, interventions, drawings, animation and web art contain a common thread of humour. She recently completed a residency at the University of Regina. Her most recent work, what we have here is a failure to , is an electronic installation that explores the concept of communication breakdown.

2. LIFE=ART=LIFE performance art forum (Toronto)
February 20 - 22, 2004; Source: Blank Slate

Friday, February 20th, 7:30pm: Louise Liliefeldt and Richard Martel
Saturday, February 21st, 7:30pm: Tehching Hsieh and Kristine Stiles
Sunday, February 22nd, 2:00pm: Panel Discussion

Presented by Blank Slate at Karen Schreiber Gallery
Co-sponsored by 7a*11d and Fado.
25 Morrow Ave #302, Toronto, ON M6R 2H9, 416-538-5832

Life=Art=Life is designed to be an exploratory forum evaluating the past and present trends of performance art in the context of everyday life.

Under the auspices of Blank Slate, the weekend event will bring together local and international artists and theorists to present and discuss their work. The artists include local tableau-vivant diva, Louise Liliefeldt; art-action ambassador Richard Martel from Quebec City; writer, professor and Dr. of destruction and art theory Kristine Stiles from North Carolina; and self declared non-artist Tehching Hsieh from New York City forever famous for his one year performances. Among guests at the Sunday panel discussion will be One Night Only, a Regina based performance art collective, in Toronto for their event „Home Repair‰ hosted by Fado. The six members of the group are Adam Budd, Felipe Diaz, Blair Fornwald, Tanis Keiner, Tammy McGrath, and Anna Scott. Life=Art=Life is curated by neoist addict Istvan Kantor.

Today it seems to us, that performance art, as a rebellious and revolutionary force, has completed its mandate by infiltrating every aspect of life. The life=art=life theory, historically supported by the avant garde, has never been more relevant than today.

If it is true that performance art, as a social engine and generator of change, has accomplished its mission, then what is its&Mac226; place in current artistic activities and everyday life?

Blank Slate hosts forums for discussions, critical talks, conferences, workshops and interdisciplinary events, conducted in a non-intimidating environment. Participants are encouraged to freely express their ideas concerning today's artistic activities, new trends, theoretical issues and practical methods. The purpose of Blank Slate is to encourage everyone in the exploration of creative ideas and critical thinking, blending together science, technology, philosophy, politics and art.

This is event is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Contact Info:
Istvan Kantor

"Art is what makes life more interesting than art." Robert Filliou



Friday February 20th 2004
10pm till dawn

Ulysses Castellanos, Marlee Cargill 
Lewis Kaye, Machinesexactiongroup
and more

Polish Branch Canadian Legion No.621
2290 Dundas St. West (West of Lansdowne)

3. IAPAO Meeting and International Performance Event 2004 (Bandung Indonesia) 
April 27 - May 3, 2004; Source: IAPAO (with additional commentary from Randy Gledhill)

Yoyoyogasman writes:

Dear performance artists:

I would like to invite you to come to Bandung Indonesia in April 2004, please remember, you are : 

1. Organizers of performance art, will join in IAPAO Meeting in April 27,28 and 29. 2004. 

2. Artist, will join in festival in May 1,2,and 3, 2004 

3. all participant should pay for him self, we prepare places, not expensive hotel (around $15 to $20 very good! less than this also alot!) 

4. you have to know, the Bandung location is three hours by train from Jakarta, and you will like it. 

5.this event will be big event because the organizers and artists from Asian countries , Australia and Europe will come ,who interest please contact this address, Heru Hikayat ( setiaphari@yahoo.com ) mobile +62 0815 612 2738 . or to my email, but will be better to my friend 

6.see you soon in our event, and always optimist to have this, in Performance Art Event the most importance things is artists meeting 

best regards 

Yoyoyogasmana (yoyoyogasmana@yahoo.com )> 
B+PAC (Bandung Performance Art Community) >
Jl. Sentosa no 91B KPAD. Gegerkalong Bandung 40153. Indonesia.>telp.+62-22-2014380. mobile. +62-816 1130 481> 
e-mail : BPAC@yahoogroups.com >Milis : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BPAC 

Fado Board member Randy Gledhill, who attended the 2003 organizing meeting of IAPAO at Essen writes:

here are some thoughts on the importance of the conference in Bandung
because of its location and social dynamic
this meeting promises to include people from some interesting places
politically charged cultural activists will use this forum to demonstrate, talk, exchange, build
new notions of representation and inclusivity will dominate the agenda
discourse about the new world order will open
I think participation is essential
I am very interested to attend it
to contribute to this process
to learn

performance art is physical
performance art is temporal
performance art is ephemeral
performance art is political
performance art organizers are activists
networking with other performance art activists
to promote and present subversive physical actions
to enlighten and politicize through the realization of performance art activity

performative artmaking is no longer an academic exercise steeped in privilege
new art participation is creating a new world art
the institutions that historically have marginalized and trivialized performance activity
now afford a unique cultural diplomatic immunity
from oppression and persecution
the performance art arena provides a political, emotional, intellectual safe-zone for dissent
to actualize hot issues such as sexuality, diaspora, globalization, displacement, statelessness, exploitation, empirism, sanctioned terror, etc., etc.

I believe in the concept of IAPAO
I think it is revolutionary
and contributes to a global network
to create a facilitating organism
to accommodate opportunity
I don’t care how efficient or inefficient it is
it will move ahead at its own speed
maybe IAPAO is composed of the right people
maybe it is the wrong people
the attempt to promote international networking can only be positive
I whole-heartedly support this

... here is an opportunity to embrace and develop new activity
to hear new intellectual concerns
from representatives of a culturally diverse world
to participate in a politically charged discourse
with artists from elsewhere
to interact about what performance and representation mean
to strategize and facilitate new activity
to explore new international opportunity for our homegrown talent
lets give the future the benefit of the doubt

4. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Desert 6e Manifestation internationale" CHAMP LIBRE (Montreal)
Deadline March 1, 2004; Source: Champ Libre



Art-vidéo Video Art
Installations in situ
Art interactif Interactive Art
Diaporamas Slide-shows
Performances, concerts, interventions
Conférences Lectures

Architecture - Urbanisme
Art Éléctronique Electronic Art

Date limite 1er Mars 2004
Deadline March 1st, 2004
Renseignements / Info :

5. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Mountain Standard Time" Performative Art Festival (Calgary)
Deadline: April 15, 2004; Source: Stride Gallery

M:ST is a collaborative endeavor between eight Calgary area arts organizations: The New Gallery, Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, EMMEDIA, the Nickle Arts Museum, Stride Gallery, Truck Gallery, The Walter Phillips Gallery and the Alberta College of Art & Design Media Arts and Digital Technologies Program. M:ST is accepting proposals for performative works, which may include gallery or off-site exhibitions. Local, national and international artists are invited to submit proposals for performative works and lectures to be presented at the aforementioned institutions in Calgary. M:ST encourages Innovative use of the gallery venues as well as site-specfic works, interventions and lecture/ panel ideas.

Exhibition applications should include:
• CV
• venue preference
• project proposal
• artist’s statement
• budget
• slides and/ or relevant audio/ visual materials
• slide list
• SASE - Self-addressed, stamped envelope

DEADLINE: All proposals must arrive at the Mountain Standard Time office by April 15th 2004 at 5pm
Mountain Standard Time
516D 9th Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB
T2P 1L4

For further information and gallery schematics visit www.stride.ab.ca or contact the gallery at 403.262.8507.

Stride Gallery
1004 MacLeod Trail S.E., Calgary, AB CANADA T2G 2M7
Hours of operation: Tuesdays - Saturdays 11 - 5 p.m.
Storefront. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.
URL: www.stride.ab.ca
eMail: stride2@telusplanet.net
PHONE: 403.262.8507
FAX: 403.269.5220

6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Junction Arts Festival (Toronto)
Deadline: May 15, 2004; Source: Instant Coffee

Call for submissions from local, national & international artists working in
all visual and performance based mediums for the 12th annual Junction Arts
Festival. This year the festival will include two concurrent programs: an
open topic exhibit and a themed exhibit. The focused of the themed exhibit
is "Junction" - a place where two things come together, and a connection is
made; an intersection; a crossroads; a neighborhood. Held in September 2004
the Junction Arts Festival is a juried annual community event dedicated to
promoting both established and emerging artists.

Submission deadline May 15, 2004

For further information please visit us at www.junctionartsfest.com
<http://www.junctionartsfest.com> or call the Junction Arts Festival hotline
at 416.767.5036 

7. CALL FOR PAPERS: Live Art and Science on the Internet" Leonardo
Deadline: ongoing; Source: Martha Wilson

The Internet has become a venue and medium for art that continues the 
impulse to broadcast ideas to a worldwide audience. Leonardo and Guest 
Editor Martha Wilson, Founding Director of Franklin Furnace, seek texts
on the subject of "Live Art and Science on the Internet" for a series of 
special sections in both the international print journal Leonardo and 
online <www.leonardo.info>.

As artists and others produce live art on the Internet, liveness, presence, 
mediatization, online activism, surveillance, and identity/gender, among 
other related issues, are being explored. We seek texts documenting such 
work as well as texts on the history of this field of practice and the 
vocabulary being used to describe it. We also seek texts from scientists 
who have used the Internet to conduct science investigations live on

Guest Editor Martha Wilson and her peer review committee seek Statements 
(500 words and one image describing one work), Notes (2,500 words and 6 
images describing a body of work), Galleries (750-word curator's 
introduction plus 10 images by individual artists, each with a 200-word 
caption) and Articles (5,000 words and 12 images). Texts describing the 
work of an artist or scientist must be written by the artists or scientists 
themselves, with co-authors if necessary.

This call for papers is open for 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Please send initial statement of interest with a brief explanation of your 
project to Martha Wilson <Leonardo@franklinfurnace.org>. For author 
guidelines, follow the link "Info for Authors" on Leonardo On-Line 

Click http://www.franklinfurnace.org/links03.html
to visit 'This Month's World Wide Events'.
To subscribe, unsubscribe, or for information
send an email to info@franklinfurnace.org
Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.
45 John Street, #611
New York, NY 10038-3706

Martha Wilson, Founding Director
Michael Katchen, Senior Archivist
Harley Spiller, Administrator
Dolores Zorreguieta, Program Coordinator

8. Linda Montano seeks collaborator
Deadline: not indicated; Source: Franklin Furnace

Do you want to collaborate with Linda M. Montano? Linda M. Montano is looking for someone who would like to perform the Second 7 years of 21 years of living art. After completing 14 years of Living art, Montano gave the next seven years to Betsea Caygill and this Term will finish December 8,2005. The next person will begin December 8, 2005 and complete the performance December 8, 2012.

What to do: research on the seven sacraments, seven chakras, seven sins, the Kaballah, seven colors of the rainbow or any other intimate interest should Be researched before the performance.

Look at www.bobsart.org to see some images of the ways i lived the 14 Years of my performance. you , of course, will do things your way.

Design a safe, nurturing, helpfull to self and others vow that you will take for those seven years that will help your art/life.

What is expected: at the end of the performance, December 8, 2012, you will send me/email also, a seven page paper which consists of one page year end reports from each of the seven years.

What you get: a performance art saint certificate at the end of the Performance.

To apply:email

For performances, art/life counseling, teaching, videos:
Linda M. Montano
The art/life institute
185 abeel st
Kingston , n.y. 12401
Www.bobsart.org ; www.vdb.org

9. EVENT: "Currency" international performance festival (New York)
March 18-20, 2004; Source: IAPAO

New York City's only international festival of performance art returns when chashama presents Currency 2004, an International Festival of Contemporary Performance, March 18-20, 2004 at their new home, 217 E 42 St. in Manhattan. After a successful debut in 2002, the Currency festival continues it's mission of bringing together the finest performance artists from around the world for three nights of explosive and engaging art. This year's participants include Chumpon Apisuk (Thailand), Marilyn Arsem (US), Jeffery Byrd (US), Peter Baren (Netherlands), Adina Bar-on (Israel), Sylvie Cotton (Canada), Peter Grzybowski (US), Alastair MacLennan (UK), Jill McDermid (US), Boris Nieslony (Germany), Andre Stitt (UK), Lorena Wolffer (Mexico) and Artur Tajber (Poland). To find out more about these artists, follow this link to the chashama calendar http://www.chashama.org/theat.html
Scroll down to March, then click on the artist's name for bio and photos.

The festival will feature three different programs of the best in contemporary performance; Thursday - Saturday, March 18-20, 2004 at chashama, 217 E. 42 St. Performances begins at 8 PM. Admission is free. For more information, visit the chashama website at www.chashama.org or contact Festival Director Dan McKereghan at 718.965.2617.

chashama is located at 217 E 42 St. between Second and Third Avenues. Subway - 4,5,6,7, Shuttle to Grand Central

10. Canadian Art Magazine Subscription Offer
Source: Canadian Art Magazine


Canadian Art Magazine is offering a special subscription rate exclusively for Fado e-list subscribers. 

Melony Ward, publisher, writes:

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Or email it to: info@canadianart.ca

Annual Newsstand Price $27.80
Outside Canada, please add $8 per subscription.
* Totals with GST: $32.07/$19.26


Fado is pleased to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their sponsorship of our ongoing activities.

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