FADO E-LIST (February 2009)


FADO Performance Art Centre presents our winter programming and one great fundraiser!



1. EVENT: FADO’s 3rd Annual Valentine-Oh-Grams!!
DATES: February 13-14 (Toronto area only)
2. EVENT: Artist Talk + White Calligraphy performance by Takahiko Iimura
DATE: Saturday January 31, 4PM

3. EVENT: Mothering by Moynan King

DATES: February 14-17, 4-10PM daily

4. EVENT: Dariusz Fodczuk and Arti Grabowski
DATE: February 20, 8PM

5. EVENT: Tel Aviv Performance Residency
DATES: March 17-28




1. EVENT: FADO’s 3rd Annual Valentine-Oh-Grams!!
DATES: February 13-14 (Toronto area only)

Some lovers give chocolates and some splurge on roses. This Valentine's Day, say “I love you" with a FADO Performance Art Valentine-Oh-Gram! Choose from one of 5 sweet and unique live performance-oh-grams. Each live performance Valentine-Oh-Gram comes with an appearance by the Giant Heart Mascot and the option to include a personalized message. Or be anonymous! Oh-Grams are kid friendly, family friendly and friend friendly. Delivered right to your sweetheart’s front door, office or place of leisure by our team of professional performance art luminaries.


Dancing Giant Viagra Pill Valentine-oh-Gram ($100)
Inspired by local artist Will Kwan’s recent performance entitled Dr. V Does the Classics (performed in a giant Viagra pill costume), this Oh-gram is guaranteed to make you HARD (or at least, harder) for your sweetie to resist. The giant Viagra dances to a sexy song selection of your choice. Candies, chocolates and a fair dose of ‘nudge nudge wink wink’ included. Our most prized offering, limited appointments available.

Forced Ratification Valentine-oh-Gram ($60)
Design your own love contract between you and your beloved and our performance art ‘mediator’ will present the contract, iron out the details and notarize on the spot. In the background, our team of performance artists stage a mini-strike, calling out for more love, more love!

Say Anything Valentine-oh-Gram ($60)
It’s 1989 and a trench coat wearing John Cusack is standing outside your bedroom window in the rain holding a boombox over his head playing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Fast forward 20 years and you’ve just bought the Say Anything Valentine-Oh-Gram for your sweetie. A group of performance artists wearing trench coats holding boomboxes over their heads playing a song of your choice arrive at your sweetie’s home (or office or yoga class etc.) and melt his/her heart with this romantic cinema image. Need we say anything more?
Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer Valentine-oh-Gram ($60)
A performance piano player will serenade your sweetie by tinkling the ivories of a miniature replica of a baby grand while the rest of our team creates a romantic atmosphere (candles, flowers, a sip of champagne). Your sweetie is treated to a romantic turn on the dance floor (the imaginary one on the porch of your house, that is) by one of our skilled performers.
Valentine-Oh-Phone ($15 each call)
All we need is the phone number of your “special someone” and on Valentine’s Day we will call them for you and engage them in a warm and fuzzy conversation about how much they are loved (using information you have provided, of course). Local, Canadian or US calls only. Valentine-Oh-Phones are suitable for long distance lovers, parents, best friends, or secret admirers. Discretion assured! 

Here’s how it works:
Call or email us and we will work with you to choose the perfect Valentine-Oh-Gram. All we need is the name, location and preferred time to find the recipient of the Oh-Gram on February 13 or 14th. Times are flexible and we will do our best to suit your needs. Payment is due (cash, cheque) before February 13, 2009.
To order or for more information:


2. EVENT: Artist Talk + White Calligraphy performance by Takahiko Iimura
DATE: Saturday January 31, 4PM

Artist Talk + White Calligraphy performance by Takahiko Iimura
sponsored by FADO Performance Art Centre

Takahiko Iimura has been a pioneer artist of Japanese experimental film and video, working in film since 1960 and with video since 1970. He has been a link between the North American and Japanese experimental media communities for over forty years, spending time and making work in both New York and Tokyo.Iimura will discuss his use of small-gauge film and his body of work as a whole after performing White Calligraphy. This piece reworks a film initially made in 1967 by writing/scratching the characters of the "Kojiki", the oldest story in Japan, directly onto 16mm black leader (now reduced to Super 8). The language flows by at one character per frame. Iimura handholds the Super 8 projector, varying the speed and angle at will. The result anthropomorphizes the iconographic characters of the story, animating language into a visual dance.


3. EVENT: Mothering by Moynan King

DATES: February 14-17, 4-10PM daily


FADO Performance Art Center presents: Mothering by Moynan King

Performed with Nathalie Claude & Dayna McLeod
Set designed in collaboration with Paul-Patrick Charbonneau & Sherri Hay


February 14 - 17, open daily from 4-10pm

XPACE Cultural Centre (58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto)


A 4-day pyjama party with board games, ovaltine and bed time stories.


Un party pyjama avec des jeux de société, du chocolat chaud et des contes au lit avant de faire dodo.


FADO Performance Art Centre is pleased to present Mothering by Moynan King. Part visual art installation and part interactive performance, Mothering is a 4-day pyjama party complete with board games, warm ovaltine, bed time stories and the familiar touch of mother’s warm hand on your cheek as you drift off to sleep. Audience members are greeted at the door of the gallery, offered a flannel nightshirt and are gently encouraged to become a part of the installation itself. As an interactive environment Mothering examines the performative nature of human relationships, and the power of play within relational performance. Exploring and confounding the line between audience and performer, Mothering recognizes the audience as significant in the art-making process. Just like Mom would. 


“Thank you for helping me with the puzzle, thank you for not making me do my own dishes, and thank you for brushing my hair.”

~Your daughter, Miriam


“Trop cool d’avoir trios maman.”

~Your son, Jerome


“Of course you can bring your friends…and stay as long as you want.”



Responsible for bringing you The Beauty Salon (Buddies in Bad Times, Oueen West Art Crawl and the Hysteria Festival), Moynan King is a highly respected Toronto-based performer, director, writer and curator. Moynan's interactive performance installations include The Beauty Salon, Walk In Clinic (a collaboration with pop art duo Trixie & Beever), as well as The Invitation and The Unsuspecting Audience (collaborations with visual artist Sherri Hay). Mothering was originally created and performed in 2007 in Whitehorse, Yukon through the Yukon Arts Centre and Nakai Theatre then developed in residency at Studio 303, and was performed in January at Gallery Articule (Montreal). Moynan's solo and collaborative stage performances have been shown across Canada and the US. She is an accomplished theatre director, author of several plays and as actor has over fifty professional film, theatre and TV credits. She is currently Associate Artist at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Toronto) and is working on her MA at University of Toronto Centre for Study of Drama. 



4. EVENT: Dariusz Fodczuk and Arti Grabowski
DATE: February 20, 8PM

XPACE Cultural Centre (58 Ossington Avenue)
Polish Power Players/Tiny Theraputic Theatre

Performances from Dariusz Fodczuk and Arti Grabowski

Dariusz Fodczuk

Born in 1966 and currently based in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, Dariusz Fodczuk works in painting, sculpture and performance. Fodczuk’s performances and other works have been presented in over 100 individual and group shows in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, France, Canada and the USA, among others. He has participated in all major presentations and festivals of Performance Art in Poland, and is one of Poland's young and active performance art scene. He is also the curator of the International Festival of Performance Art entitled ‘Interakcje’ based in Bielsko-Biala.


Arti Grabowski

Arti Grabowski graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, where he obtained a Diploma (MA) with distinction of the Multimedia Department of Professor Antoni Porczak. He also holds a degree of the Universidad Castilla la Mancha in Cuenca, Spain. Currently he is a teaching assistant at the Deaprtment of Intermedia – Studio of Performance art run by Professor Artur Tajber. He is one of the most appreciated performance artists of his generation. In 10 years of his artistic activity he realized over a hundred of actions - always strong, full of energy and sense of humor as well as thoughtful criticism. His work has been included in many of the most Performance Art Festivals, Theatre Festivals, Video Art Festivals in Europe, Asia, North and South Amercia. For the last several years he has also collaborated with ‘Body Snatchers’ Alternative Theatre.




5. EVENT: Tel Aviv Performance Residency
DATES: March 17-28, 2009

FADO presents the Tel Aviv Performance Residency. Invited artists included Yaron David, Meir Tati, Karin Mendelovici


FADO invited Yaron David (artist and curator, working with and curating for Performance Art Platform in Tel Aviv) to come to Toronto to make a new performance work. In turn, we asked Yaron David to bring two other artists with him, artists who he felt represent the new wave of performance practice in Tel Aviv. Yaron invited young emerging artists Meir Tati and Karin Mendolvici. These three artists will be in Toronto in late March and will create new solo works as well as a collaborative work. During the course of the residency these works will be premiered to audiences in two separate events. Please check our website for updates on dates and locations of these events.




About FADO

Founded in 1993, FADO Performance Art Centre was established to provide a stable, knowledgeable and supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art works created by Canadian and international performance artists. FADO is the only artist-run centre in English Canada devoted specifically to this form. FADO's activities include presenting performances, artist talks and symposia, festivals, residencies, exchanges and workshops, as well as publishing in a variety of formats, including video and for the web.


FADO is pleased to acknowledge the ongoing support of the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage.


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