FADO E-LIST (March 2009)

FADO E-list for all!

March 2009


1. FADO NEWS: What’s been happening

2. FADO NEWS: What’s happening right now

3. FADO NEWS: What’s going to happen

4. FADO NEWS: New better way to stay informed about 1, 2 and 3!


5. EVENT: Performance by BBB Johannes Deimling

Date: March 24, 2009; Source: BBB Johannes Deimling

6. EVENT: Studio 303 presents Edgy Women Festival

Dates: March 14-21, 2009; Source: Marie-Ève Morin

7. EVENT: Presently Absent at Toronto Free Gallery

Date: March 16, 2009 (opening); Source: Johanna Householder

8. EVENT: Buddies in Bad Times presents Cul-de-sac

Date: Friday March 20; Source: Erika Hennebury

9. EVENT: Gale Allen’s All I Ever Wanted

Dates: March 27 and 28; Source: Harbourfront Centre

10. EVENT: Performance Workshop with Helge Meyer

Dates: March 28-29, 2009; Source: articule


Date: Deadline March 31, 2009; Source: M:ST

12. WORKSHOPS: Performance Art Studies with BBB Johannes Deimling

Dates: various: Source: BBB Johannes Deimling

13. ANNOUNCING: Release of Man Gallery by Nenad Bogdanovic

Date: right now!; Source: Kenny McBride

14. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS:  SummerWorks Performance Gallery

Date: Deadline April 3, 2009; Source: Lindy Zucker

15. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Simultan Festival

Date: Deadline April 10, 2009; Source: Sinead O’Donnell

16. CALL FOR PROJECTS: Visibility Project 5

Date: Deadline April 30, 2009; Source: Deniz Aygün

17. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Hysteria Festival of Women

Date: Deadline May 1, 2009; Source: Moynan King

18. ANNOUNCING: Summer workshop (Essen)

Dates: July 12-17, 2009; Source: Boris Nieslony

19. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: POW! POW! mini performance art festival

Date: Deadline May 1, 2009; Source: Guillermo Galindo

20. CALL TO PARTICIPATE: Gallery SoToDo Performance Congress

Dates: May 28-30, 2009; Source: Herzliche Gruss


Dates: July 19-26, 2009; Source: Malte Pfeiffer




1. FADO NEWS: What’s been happening



Trust us, you do. FADO has been hard at work lately, and we have experienced some amazing performances in the last two months. Including Mothering, a 4-day performance installation from Toronto’s own Moyan King, performed with Dayna McLeod and Nathalie Claude. Mothering treated Toronto to some serious pampering by our resident “moms” and we won’t ever be the same again.


A few days later…

Polish Power Players/Tiny Therapeutic Theatre.

Dariusz Foczuk and Arti Grabowski gave stunning performances at XPACE.


See the images here: http://www.ccca.ca/mikidot/polishpower




2. FADO NEWS: What’s happening right now

FADO presents International Visiting Artists Series: Tel Aviv Residency

BETI - New performances from Yaron David, Karin Mendelovici and Meir Tati


Friday March 27, 2009

The Theatre Centre

1087 Queen Street West, Toronto

8pm, $5


FADO is pleased to present BETI – new performance work from Tel Aviv, Israel.


FADO asked Yaron David to curate two other artists from Tel Aviv, and working together as a trio, to create a new performance in/for Toronto, using an invented collaborative working model. After a short residency in Toronto, the final work will be the culmination of a continuous improvised performance and working process that began for these three artists over a month ago. Since the start of their adventure together they met some people (one of them was Beti) and worked in various spaces. Combining video (documentation of the process starting in Tel Aviv and edited at the last moments in Toronto) and live actions, the work of these three artists speaks to the loss of, search for, and the production of meaning in a fragile and chaotic reality - the collaborative research of confusion.


About the Artists


Yaron David (b. 1970, Israel) works in video and performance art. He is also a curator and is active in the performance art scene in Tel Aviv, working with and organizing events with PAP (Performance Art Platform) including a monthly performance event (2004-2007), as well as the ZAZ International Performance Art Festival (2007, 2008). He is a writer and freelance editor, working with museums and cultural institutions. David's work has been presented at international festivals in Israel, Croatia, UK, Finland, Istanbul, Poland, France, and at the National Review of Live Art in Scotland, among other events and exhibitions. This will be David's first appearance in North America.


Karin Mendelovici (b. 1975) is based in Tel Aviv. She works in photography, video and performance. Her performance work has been primarily presented in Tel Aviv, especially in cooperation with PAP (Performance Art Platform). This will be Mendelovici's first appearance in North America.


Meir Tati (b. 1973, Israel) works in video and performance. Recent exhibitions have included the Moscow Biannual for Young Art (2008), and presentations at EPAF (Warsaw), ZAZ Festival (Tel Aviv) and other exhibitions and performances in Italy, Germany, Istanbul and Denmark. This will be Tati’s first appearance in North America.




3. FADO NEWS: What’s going to happen


Not Waterproof by Julie Andrée T.

Monday April 27, 2009

The Theatre Centre

1087 Queen Street West, Toronto

8pm, $10


Lighting design by Jean Jauvin. Sound design by Laurent Maslé.


In Julie Andrée T's work, there is an unsettling blend of performance/installation and theatre. Her iconoclastic work is a hybrid of these two approaches in which dialogue, action and image are gradually distilled into poetry. Disconcerting, moving and unclassifiable, the artist deploys an astounding transformation of the body through a metamorphosis of the stage landscape. In Not Waterproof, the artist’s body is subjected to a series of ordeals, is pulverized and dirtied, becoming a dreamscape. In exposing her vulnerability, she quietly conveys the impermanent and ephemeral nature of our lives.


Julie Andrée T.’s (Quebec) installations and performance works have been shown in Canada, U.S.A, South America, Asia and Europe. She was part of PME (experimental theater company directed by Jacob Wren) for many years and has collaborated with choreographers Benoit Lachambre, Xavier Le Roy, Dominique Porte, Martin Bélanger and the filmmaker Dominic Gagnon. Since 2003 she has been part of the performance group Black Market International. She worked with the collective PONI from Brussels as co-artistic-director in 2007. Julie Andrée T. is currently guest artist Faculty at the School of museum of Fine Arts in Boston (USA) where she is teaching performance art.




4. FADO NEWS: New better way to stay informed about 1, 2 and 3!

Check out our new website: http://www.performanceart.ca

(Thanks Twig Design!)


Coming soon: photo galleries galore, videos and more!




5. EVENT: Performance by BBB Johannes Deimling

Date: March 24, 2009; Source: BBB Johannes Deimling


What’s in my head

Living images (Performance) by BBB Johannes Deimling

Tuesday March 24, 2009

7:30 pm

k-salon, Bergmannstrasse 54, 10961 Berlin (Undergroundstation: Südstern)


BBB Johannes Deimling born 1969 in the german town Andernach on the Rhine River, has worked since 1988 as an artist in the fields of performance art, video, object, installation, drawing and music. Especially with his performative works, the artist became internationally renowned. In numerous performance art festivals, in exhibitions and in the public he presented his ephemeral works in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Estonia, Austria, Romania, France, Italy, Spain, England, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Israel, Canada and Cuba.


Under the term 'agierte Bilder' - acted, operated or living images, used since 1995 the artist creates living images, which he puts into a pictorial aspect. Based on an idea or a concept a performance will be developed, with which he in an incisive moment the ontic tangible reality solidifies. In the moment of the presentation, constitutes an image that focuses everyday life or social conflict situations. Thereby accrues an acted image, which points beyond the bare experience of sense, because with each action Deimling alienates something from us that is well known. He uses well-known objects in a changed way, twists courses of action right around or remains in a pose, which appear at first sight strange, on the second all the more comes out with a deeper meaning. Here the creative act is the centre of attention. In the ultimately accruing image the precisely planned consistency of the first singular appearing gestures shows up.


He conceptualizes an image of our society, which shows it full of contradictions, sentimentally, stupidly and badly, but also affectionately, creatively and cooperatively. He observes the world from his characterized point of view. A temporary image remains in the memory of the viewer. Particularly these images of BBB Johannes Deimling, show a nearly sliding transition between usual ordinariness and art.


Deimling finds his ideas and suggestions in the banality of the all day life and combines these researches with its own biography. The artist transforms topics such as patience, will, war, religion and transportation into physical images. The head is often a focus and again in the performances whether as living sculpture covered with plasters (band aids) or as material struck against the wall. At the creation of its acted images he works often with simple, poor materials.


Performance Art Povera declared the artist a part of its ephemeral works, which gives a clear and concentrated image, because of the austere and purposeful use of the material. The frequent use of food in the performances points a clear aspect to the everyday life, which refers in Deimlings work often humorously to the caducity of our existence. Pretty often the actions or objects made in the performances, are followed up in the form of videos, objects or photography.


In cooperation with Schloss Bröllin (k-salon) the artist and educator for performance art is offering an 8day workshop entitled GRASS’N ASPHALT. For more information about the workshop please click this link: http://www.bbjohannesdeimling.de/WorkshopBroellinBerlin09.htm




6. EVENT: Studio 303 presents Edgy Women Festival

Dates: March 14-21, 2009; Source: Marie-Ève Morin


A festival exploring the complexity of contemporary feminism through artistic events.


Featuring: Nathalie Claude, Val Desjardins, Tammy Forsythe, Andreane Leclerc, Antonija Livingstone, Dayna McLeod, Alexis O'Hara and much more...  


Studio 303 announces the return, in March 2009, of its annual feminist fiesta, Edgy Women!  


Commemorating International Women’s Day, this 16th edition will present an array of fun, inspiring, and community-building artistic events, including performances, professional workshops (Hula Hoop and Supersonic Storytelling) and an Edgy Careers networking activity. 


The festival’s kickoff event will be an opening party Saturday March 14th at the massive Eastern Bloc featuring guest DJs and musical performances. 


The next evening, March 15th, the Sala Rossa will host the EDGY Challenge and its two fabulous MCs, Nathalie Claude and Dayna McLeod. During this evening, 8 artists will present short works created around themes, props and sound effects assigned to them only 3 weeks prior. The evening also features an interactive quiz where audience members can become part of the entertainment and win prizes! 


From March 19th to 22d, Tangente opens its doors - and heart! - to host four nights of EDGY shows. Expect an eclectic panoply of performance works with, this year, a particular focus on dance and circus-inspired work as well creations involving accordion (as instrument, prop, subject…). Confirmed artists for the series at Tangente include Val Desjardins, Alexis O’Hara, Antonija Livingstone, Andreane Leclerc and Tammy Forsythe. 


About Edgy Women 

Since 1994, Studio 303 presents Edgy Women in an attempt to stimulate critical thought, nurture innovative creation and highlight the important body of work being made by women working outside traditional venues and disciplines. With a long history of presenting hard-to-define works, Edgy Women prioritizes practices and perspectives that push boundaries in terms of form and content. Past performers include Celine Bonnier (actress), Sylvette Babin (performance artist), Karen Bernard (choreographer), Jess Dobkin (performance artist), Marie Brassard (actress), as well as interdisciplinary artists Alexis O’Hara, Dayna Mcleod and Nathalie Claude…


Studio 303, danse et arts indisciplinés 

372, Sainte-Catherine O. 

Montréal, H3B 1A2 






7. EVENT: Presently Absent at Toronto Free Gallery

Date: March 16, 2009 (opening); Source: Johanna Householder



Toronto Free Gallery


March 19 - April 18, 2009

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 19, 6-9pm

Skyped-in Performance by Johanna Householder at 6: 30 PM, March 19


Featuring new works by: Johanna Householder, Darren O'Donnell, Swintak, and jenna d. maclellan


PRESENTLY ABSENT, organized by emerging curator Sophia Zheshui Lin, is an exhibition that explores two interpretations of the states of presence and absence, the physical presence/absence of a person and the idea of presence/absence in terms of consciousness or awareness concerning the world around them.


In this exhibition:

Johanna Householder delivers a message from a kidnapped rebel princess via Skype; Darren O'Donnell allow viewers to be present in the place of Omar Kadhr's absence; Swintak alludes to the fulitilty of artistic technique by transforming the contents of a dining room from something useful, to something else; jenna d. maclellan ’s work gives Canadian immigrant women a voice in the needed discussion about their efforts to participate and integrate into the patchwork of Canada. Without fear, each confronts our perceptions about what is required to be present.


Toronto Free Gallery

1277 Bloor Street West, at Lansdowne.


Hours: Wednesday - Friday 12-5, Saturday 12-6


For press inquiries please contact:

Heather Haynes at heather@torontofreegallery.org




8. EVENT: Buddies in Bad Times presents Cul-de-sac

Date: Friday March 20; Source: Erika Hennebury


Buddies In Bad Times Theatre presents


An intimate evening with Daniel MacIvor

ONE NIGHT ONLY - Fri, Mar 20, 2009

BOX OFFICE 416-975-8555 | artsexy.ca


Piano bar and cocktail reception 7pm. Cul-de-sac performance at 8pm.

All proceeds go to support Buddies In Bad Times Theatre


Buddies In Bad Times Theatre presents


Text and performance by Daniel MacIvor

Original production by da da kamera

With direction and dramaturgy by Daniel Brooks, Sound and Music composed by Richard Feren, Lighting design by Kimberly Purtell, Produced by Sherrie Johnson


Friday, March 20, reception at 7pm, performance at 8pm

Tickets $100 includes a charitable tax receipt for $80 (maximum allowable amount)


Box Office 416-975-8555 | artsexy.ca


TORONTO, ON … Multi-award-winning internationally acclaimed Canadian theatre stalwart Daniel MacIvor lends his tremendous talent to help support Buddies In Bad Times Theatre in an exclusive one-night appearance. In response to Buddies’ recent financial setbacks, MacIvor generously offers this intimate, one-time only presentation of his solo tour-de-force, Cul-de-sac. Join us for an unforgettable evening beginning with a pre-show piano bar and cocktail reception sponsored by Sassafraz and Naked Grape, followed by Cul-De-Sac in the mainspace.


Cul-de-sac was originally produced by internationally renowned touring company da da kamera (a 20-year partnership between MacIvor and producing partner Sherrie Johnson), with direction and dramaturgy by long-time collaborator Daniel Brooks. For this special one-time event we bring together original design team Richard Feren and Kimberly Purtell to create an intimate, powerful evening of theatre.


During the past 30 years, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre has evolved from a small, roaming troupe into the largest queer theatre company in the world. Buddies has made an unparalleled contribution to the acceptance and celebration of Queer lives while supporting some of Canada’s most innovative and important cultural artists. Buddies was one of the first expressions of Queer life in Toronto. Before Xtra! newspaper, the Inside Out Film Festival, Pride Toronto and even before AIDS activism, Buddies was challenging the status quo by making queer art and queer voices part of the city’s cultural landscape. Buddies is thrilled to welcome Daniel MacIvor back to our stage to headline our March fundraising events and grateful to our Cul-de-sac event sponsors Xtra, Now, Incredible Printing, Jakcreative, Guntar Kravis Photography and The Fine Print Copy Shop.


SEND A QUEER YOUTH TO CUL DE SAC! Throughout the year we work very hard to introduce queer youth to the arts. Your generosity could send a member of our Queer Youth Arts Programme to this exciting benefit performance! If you are unable to attend or would like to purchase an additional ticket to support a youth in need we would be happy to pass along your generous donation (and send you the tax receipt). 


Call the box office now. 416.975.8555.


Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

Canada’s Home for Queer Culture

12 Alexander Street, Toronto ON





9. EVENT: Gale Allen’s All I Ever Wanted

Dates: March 27 and 28; Source: Harbourfront Centre


All I Ever Wanted by Gale Allen and the All Girl Squadron

March 27 & 28, 8pm


A performance that fuses burlesque, reality television and machismo stunt to examine and confront the lack of the female body in contemporary shock culture. This provocative new work from artist Gale Allen responds to the inherently masculine world of mediated stunt culture (i.e. Jackass) and seeks to break down the barriers of gender through the development of feminized risk-taking/carnivalesque activities. Allen has presented her performance and video works across Canada and internationally; All I Ever Wanted marks her first undertaking in a theatrical context.


Realizing Ideas, Revealing Potential: Harbourfront Centre's Unique Residency Program Returns with Four Exceptional Contemporary Performance Projects


Harbourfront Centre is thrilled to announce four brand new productions for the sixth season of HATCH: emerging performance projects, January to April, 2009. One of the city's most unique development opportunities, HATCH offers promising local talent professional support during the cultivation of their work from proposal to realization, culminating in a one-week residency and performance at Harbourfront Centre's Studio Theatre.


Tickets for all HATCH performances are on sale December 9, 2008, through the Harbourfront Centre box office. Prices are $12 or $10 for Students/Seniors/Arts Workers. A special $30 HATCHpass is available for all four shows. Tickets are available by phone at 416-973-4000 or through www.harbourfrontcentre.com/hatch


2009 Season Schedule – HATCH: emerging performance projects 


*PLEASE NOTE: All performances take place in Harbourfront Centre's Studio Theatre




10. EVENT: Performance Workshop with Helge Meyer

Dates: March 28-29, 2009; Source: articule


From an Image to an Action

A performance workshop with Helge Meyer


From Saturday March 28 to Sunday March 29, 2009, from 12pm to 6pm

At Engrenage Noir (4521, rue St-Jacques)

Limited space, reserve your place: info@articule.org


In this practice-based workshop, Helge Meyer will work with participants as they explore a variety of approaches to performance art through individual and group activities. The participants will take part in different exercises that deal with main issues in performance art like the space-body-relation, the meaning and function of time and the concept of the "other".


The body of the performer will always be the starting point of the exercises and actions. The workshops will include working in a special "performance time", different from "normal time", to explore how speed influences process and the production of images. On the second day, participants will make use of the surrounding environment, emphasizing the public nature of performance art.


Over two days, the practical work will be reinforced by in-depth looks at the works of selected artists. The participants themselves will determine the ratio between the theoretical and practical components of their work.


Helge Meyer was born in Woltwiesche, Germany in 1969. In addition to his solo practice, Helge Meyer works in parallel with System HM2T, a performance art group he founded with Marco Teubner in 1998. Since 2000, he has been working with Black Market International. He has performed in Europe, Asia, Canada, South America, Australia and the USA. Helge Meyer currently teaches performance art workshops and theory classes at the University of Hildesheim and the High School in Ilsede, Germany. His research explores questions of pain, cooperation and the history of images. In 2008, he received a PhD in Art Science/Art History from the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany. His dissertation, about the image of pain in Performance, was published as a book in 2008 (in german "Schmerz als Bild - Leiden und Selbstverletzung in der Performance Art).



262, Fairmount ouest

Montréal (Québec) H2V 2G3

T 514  842 9686 





Heures d'ouverture: mer - ven 12h -18h, sam/dim 12h -17h

Opening hours: wed - fri 12 - 6 pm, sat/sun 12 - 5 pm





Date: Deadline March 31, 2009; Source: M:ST


M:ST Call for Submissions DEADLINE MARCH 31, 2009


Local, national and international artists are invited to submit proposals for performative works and lectures to be presented as part of the M:ST 5 Festival in October, 2010. M:ST encourages the submission of innovative performative works, media/audio works, site-specific works, public interventions and lecture/panel based proposals.


About the M:ST Festival: The Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival Society showcases original, diverse, entertaining, and thought-provoking performative works. M:ST ensures that the exceptional quality of performative art is recognized and sustained in the Southern Alberta region. The term "performative" describes practices that originate from a visual or media arts discourse and involve the live presence of the artist. M:ST Festivals are presented through the collaborative efforts of 10 Southern Alberta arts organizations: Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, EMMEDIA, EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts, Glenbow Museum, The New Gallery, The Nickle Arts Museum, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Stride Gallery, TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary.


For more information about the M:ST Festival, including archives of past Festival programming, please visit www.mstfestival.org.


Submission procedure: Proposals are selected through a peer review process by the M:ST Programming Committee. The Committee consists of local artists, programmers, writers, and curators who have extensive visual, performance, and media art backgrounds. Proposals will be selected based on consideration of the following criteria: artistic merit of the proposed project, fit with the M:ST mandate, feasibility of the proposed budget, and the ability of M:ST and its member organizations to provide appropriate space/support for the project.


All submissions MUST include the following:

1. Curriculum Vitae (maximum of 3 pages): Describe your artistic background (e.g. education, grants, scholarships or awards received, professional status, previous exhibitions or performances, commissions, professional memberships, articles, etc.)


2. Proposal (maximum 2 pages): Clearly describe the proposed exhibition or project. Provide details about your spatial, and material requirements, including equipment needs. Explain what kind of venue is best suited to your proposed work (gallery, theatre, off-site, public space, etc.).


3. Artist statement (maximum 1 page)


4. Budget: Provide a detailed budget that explains the costs involved in presenting your project. Contingent on sufficient funding, M:ST will cover artist travel/shipping, accommodation, and per diems, as well as artist and speaker fees as per CARFAC. Support for production costs will generally be the responsibility of the artist. Additional costs will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


5. Support Material:  


Provide up to:

-15 numbered digital images on CD-ROM or DVD, and corresponding Image List with artist name, title, date, medium, and dimensions.

-10 minutes (maximum) of audio or video material (DVD or CD)

You may also submit up to 2 other items of relevant support material (i.e. diagrams, articles, reviews, press clippings). These are optional, and should only be provided if they relate directly to your proposal. Please do NOT send Powerpoint presentations, slides, printed images, or VHS tapes as these will not be reviewed.


6. Self-addressed sufficiently stamped envelope (if you wish to have your materials returned to you): Due to excessive costs for the Festival, your submission will not be returned without one. Postage must be valid for mailing from within Canada.



-Proposals should be clearly written in English or French, typed on 8.5" x 11" paper in black ink with a minimum 12-point font. Do not staple or bind your materials in any way.

-When building your proposal, please keep in mind that each jury member receives and reviews a photocopy of your written materials before they view your visual support material. It is to your advantage to provide written materials that are easily readable after being photocopied.

-Make sure that your name and the title of your project is clearly marked on each part of your submission, including all of your support material(s).

-Due to the large volume of submissions, incomplete proposals or those that exceed the maximum number of requested pages/support material will not be reviewed.


Please send submissions to:

M:ST Festival Programming Committee

PO Box 22056 Bankers Hall RPO

Calgary, AB

T2P 5G7



M:ST will not accept emailed or faxed proposals.




12. WORKSHOPS: Performance Art Studies with BBB Johannes Deimling

Dates: various: Source: BBB Johannes Deimling


PERFORMANCE ART STUDIES with BBB Johannes Deimling 2009

Bröllin - Berlin - Dresden - Radom - Montreal - Prague - 's-Hertogenbosch


In cooperation with international organizations in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Czech Republic, performance artist and educator BBB Johannes Deimling will be offering various performance art workshops and opportunities in 2009. These workshops will investigate the focal questions and practices of performance art work through practical and theoretical exercises and talks, and the results of these workshops will be presented in the context of internationally recognized performance art events and festivals.


The center of the workshop focuses on self-perception and communication with the body in performance. Self perception and experience characterize the feeling in dealing with the body, time and space in performance art, as well as in ordinary communication. To understand the body as a tool, and to learn to use this tool in communication, is the main goal of these workshops. In addition to practical and theoretical studio teachings, participants will have the experience of connecting with other artists and the larger performance art community.


Performance art is always speaking about the present, is looking for debate and wants dialogue. Performance Art burgeons in the mind and in contact with others. Performance Art has an own language and own aesthetics, and as an art form, is constantly developing its signs and medias. It breaks with tradition, rejects it, renews it, refers to itself, presents new ways…and breaks it again. The method is interactive: The intermediation of performance art with the medias of performance art. The participants experiment, reflect, test, have a first-hand experience with the body, and work through a personal approach to this artform.


The workshops:


10.-18. April 2009 Bröllin/Berlin, Germany


8 days workshop with final presentation in Berlin in cooperation with estonian art academy, Schloss Bröllin and the Performer Stammtisch


Deadline for applications: 5. April 2009

www.broellin.de /// www.artun.ee /// www.performerstammtisch.de



27. July - 7. August 2009 Dresden, Germany

10 days workshop with final presentation in Motorenhalle, Dresden in cooperation with the 12th Summer Academy Dresden

Deadline for applications: 26. Juli 2009




8.-16. August 2009 Radom, Poland

6 days workshop with final presentation at the international

Performance Art Festival “Global Communication” in cooperation with Bartek _ukasiewicz

Deadline for applications: 1. August 2009

www.lukasievic.eu /// www.elektrownia.art.pl



1.-10. October 2009 Prague, Czech Republic

10 days workshop with final presentation at the Tina B. Festival in cooperation with Tina B. Festival

Deadline for applications: 15. September 2009




14.-18. October 2009 ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

5 days workshop with final presentation in cooperation with Artots

Deadline for applications: 7. October 2009



Application forms can be obtained by contacting bbb@bbbjohannesdeimling.de or by telephone +49 (0)174 14 34 361, as well as by downloading a PDF or Word file on the website www.bbbjohannesdeimling.de




13. ANNOUNCING: Release of Man Gallery by Nenad Bogdanovic

Date: right now!; Source: Kenny McBride



Please follow the link for details of the publication 'MAN GALLERY' by Nenad Bogdanovic.


Very best wishes,



Kenny McBride website: www.agora8.org/kmb

Art magazine: www.agora8.org




14. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS:  SummerWorks Performance Gallery

Date: Deadline April 3, 2009; Source: Lindy Zucker



SummerWorks 2009 is a juried theatre and arts festival of approximately 40 one-act plays, 8 concerts and multiple performance pieces, running for eleven days from August 6-16, 2009 in Toronto.



Launched in 2008, The Performance Gallery (Inside the Box) was one of SummerWorks many new initiatives and featured an eclectic group of artist offering everything from short plays to dance to performance art to improvised concerts.  This year we return to the Gladstone (Aug 6- 9 & Aug 13-16th) and are seeking site-specific but not necessarily site-themed pieces (7-10minutes) in all performance mediums.  What would you do in a completely empty hotel room or the hallway in between?  What is the importance of the audience to this piece?  Does the risk and imagination stretch beyond the physical confinements?  



Please follow the guidelines below when putting together your proposal for the Performance Gallery. All applications should include:


Letter of Intent:  Maximum 2 pages, giving an overview of your work, this project, where it is at in its development, what you plan to do, and how you plan to do it. What excites you about it? Please specify whether you are looking to perform for one night or the duration of the gallery.


Support Materials: (Optional) We will accept up to three pages of support material for you and your project. These can include resumes, short bios of key members in your team or letters of support from professional artists if the jury may be unfamiliar with your work. Please do not exceed the maximum of three pages.



Your piece MUST be between 7-10minutes and be able to be performed several times a night in rotation with the other pieces. Occasionally the Gladstone hotel will require use of your room during the day, which will require you to completely strike your show for the duration of that time. Summerworks will provide each participating artist with an empty room/space  on the second floor of the Gladstone hotel. Summerworks will provide each participating artist with a small stipend for participating to be determined based on duration of participation. Each artist must comply with the rules set out by the Gladstone hotel in terms of room usage and damage (painting, hanging things on walls etc..)