FADO E-LIST (March 2017)

1. EVENT: Maria Hupfield | Solo exhibition and performance
Date: March 16, 2017; City: Vancouver, Canada; Source: Western Front
2. EVENT: Taking Place Performance Art Series
Date: March 16–25, 2017; City: Montréal, Canada; Source: MAI
3. EVENT: all our days are full of breath: a record of momentum | Jenn Goodwin
Date: March 24–April 8, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Facebook
4. EVENT: Einfühlung | Performance by Christian Messier
Date: March 18, 2017; City: Montréal, Canada; Source: CIRCA
5. EVENT: another small matter with Marita Bullmann and Hope Esser
Date: March 25, 2017; City: Chicago, USA; Source: Defibrillator Gallery
6. EVENT: Getting into Nothing by Johannes Zits
Date: March 29, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Johannes Zits
7. EVENT: Experimentica
Date: March 29–April 3, 2017; City: Cardiff, Wales; Source: Experimentica
8. EVENT: Bbeyond / Being in Public / Symposium 2017
Date: April 3–8, 2017; City: Belfast, N.Ireland; Source: Bbeyond
9. EVENT: //BUZZCUT// Festival
Date: April 5–9, 2017City: Glasgow, Scotland; Source: //BUZZCUT//
Deadline date: April 14, 2017; City: Montréal, Canada; Source: CIRCA
11. AVAILABLE NOW: Verb Frau Season 5 with Margaret Dragu
Date: available now; City: the world; Source: Margaret Dragu
12. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Lilith Performance Studio / Major Visual Art Performances
Deadline date: May 1, 2017; City: Malmö, Sweden; Source: Lilith Performance Studio




1. EVENT: Maria Hupfield | Solo exhibition and performance
Date: March 16, 2017; City: Vancouver, Canada; Source: Western Front


John Hupfield's Woodlands Indian Art & West Coast Indian Art
Performance with Charlene Vickers: March 16 @ 7:30pm


Exhibition opening: March 16, from 7–10pm

Exhibition dates: March 17 to April 29, 2017
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12–5pm


Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1279002442192159/


In the early 1970s, Maria Hupfield’s father, John Hupfield—a recent graduate from the first class of students in the media arts program at Sheridan College—made two projects about First Nations artists in Canada using sound recordings and 35mm slides. For her exhibition at Western Front, Maria Hupfield will use these two projects as source material to create a new body of work that explores these archives of cultural knowledge and the management of that knowledge by an outsider (her non-native, Canadian father) to consider possible models for settler and immigrant accomplices in conversation with indigenous peoples as well as indigenous to indigenous relations. Hupfield will also invite artist Charlene Vickers to collaborate on a new performance.


Maria Hupfield (born in Parry Sound, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada, 1975) is a member of Wasauksing First Nation, Ontario, and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Solo exhibitions include MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina (2015); Galerie Hugues Charbonneau, Montréal (2015); Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon (2011). Group exhibitions and performances include Trestle Projects Brooklyn (2016); SITE Santa Fe Biennial (2016); Winsor Gallery, Vancouver (2016); A Space Gallery, Toronto (2015); Campo dei Gesuiti, Venice (2015); Aboriginal Art Centre, Ottawa (2015); The Bronx Museum, New York (2015); Vox Populi, Philadelphia (2015); Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides, Saint Jérôme (2015); North Native Museum (NONAM), Zurich (2014); SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Montréal (2013); The Power Plant (2013); Vancouver Art Gallery (2012). Hupfield is founder of 7th Generation Image Makers, Native Child and Family Services of Toronto; Co-owner Native Art Department International; and Assistant Professor in Visual Art and Material Practice appointed to the Faculty of Culture and Community, Emily Carr University of Arts and Design (2007-11).


Charlene Vickers is an Anishnabe artist based in Vancouver, BC Canada. Recent solo exhibitions include "Asemaa/Tobacco" Artspeak and "Ominjimendaan/to remember" grunt gallery in Vancouver. Her work has exhibited across Canada and the United States and toured nationally in the group shows The Fifth World at the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon, (curated by Wanda Nanibush) and Custom Made at Kamloops Art Gallery (curated by Tania Willard); and can be seen in the permanent collections at the Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia. Charlene is an MFA grad at Simon Fraser University and is on the Board of Directors at grunt gallery. This past spring 2016, Vickers was selected as the inaugural artist in residence at Griffin Art Projects in North Vancouver creating a series of expansive abstract paintings, plus a new performance work with Chad MacQuarrie called Portals and Improvisations.


Western Front
303 8th Avenue
Vancouver, Canada




2. EVENT: Taking Place Performance Art Series
Date: March 16–25, 2017; City: Montréal, Canada; Source: MAI


Taking Place Performance Art Series


Participating artists:
Julie Vulcan (Sydney)
Martin O’Brien (London)
Hee Ran Lee (New York, Seoul)
La Pocha Nostra (San Francisco)
keyon gaskin (Portland)
Francisco-Fernando Granados (Toronto)
Chun Hua Catherine Dong (Montréal)
Francis Marion Moseley Wilson (Oberlin, Glasgow)


The season culminates with Taking Place, a performance art series that offers works that are mash-ups of the poetic and political. From Sydney, to New York, from London, to Portland, from Glasgow to Toronto or from San Francisco to Montréal; each artist shakes up predetermined notions of geography and social identity, attacking head-on unspoken and delicate subjects in a quest for inclusion, affirmation, and progression. Eight performances by Julie Vulcan, La Pocha Nostra, Martin O’Brien, Hee Ran Lee, Francis Marion Moseley Wilson (fmmw), keyon gaskin, Francisco-Fernando Granados and Chun Hua Catherine Dong will take the MAI by storm. 




The search for who we are is often fuelled by a need to find a place where we belong. Narratives particular to belonging and to social cohesion will be critical. Taking Place is a performance art series conceived as a means to group together eight significant performance artists from around the globe under one roof precisely at a time when the notion of place becomes especially relevant. Place as address, as geography, as territorial attachment. Community. Taking Place was also conceived as a means to reference civil rights and liberation movements, of inclusiveness. Taking one’s place at a time when the notion of equity is equally as climacteric. Intersection, social identity and indefinite borders. 


MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)
3680 Jeanne-Mance, bureau 103, Montréal, Canada

For more information, visit the MAI’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/MAIMtlArtsInter/




3. EVENT: all our days are full of breath: a record of momentum | Jenn Goodwin
Date: March 24–April 8, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Facebook

all our days are full of breath: a record of momentum
Curated by Jennifer Goodwin
Works by: Jessica Karuhanga and Brandy Leary 

March 24–April 8, 2017
Justina M. Barnicke Gallery 
Art Museum at The University of Toronto



all our days are full of breath: a record of momentum brings together two artists who foreground the body and movement as material in evolving choreographic works. Jessica Karuhanga and Brandy Leary transform the gallery into a place of kinesthetic field work — part performance, part laboratory, part choreographed sculpture. The artists utilize bodies, gestures and related detritus as their materials, mining personal, cultural, ancestral and corporeal archives.


The gap between live performance and physical traces of its movements draws attention to the presence and absence of the body, considering “how performance comes off the body.” (From a conversation with Francisco Fernando Granados)




Jessica Karuhanga's "through a brass channel"

March 24, 6–8pm and Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 1–4 pm

With: Jazmine V Carr, Ahlam Mohammed, Maandeeq Mohamed, Kimberley Wint, Jessica Karuhanga


Brandy Leary's "Ephemeral Artifacts"

March 24, 6–8pm and March 25, 28, 30 and 31, April 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, from 2–5 pm

March 29, April 5, from 5–8 pm

With Mafa Makhubalo, Supriya Nayak, Travis Knights, Nikola Steer, Brandy Leary. 


March 25. 2–5pm Mafa Makhubalo

March 28. 2–5pm Travis Knights

March 29. 5–8pm Brandy Leary

March 30. 2–5pm Nikola Steer

March 31. 2–5pm Supriya Nayak

April 1. 2–5pm Brandy Leary

April 4. 2–5pm Travis Knights

April 5. 3–6pm Supriya Nayak

April 6. 2–5pm Brandy Leary

April 7. 2-5pm Nikola Steer

April 8. 2–5pm Mafa Makhubalo


This exhibition is produced as part of the requirements for the MVS degree in Curatorial Studies at the University of Toronto. Watch for upcoming exhibitions by Jaclyn Quaresma (April) and Henry Heng Lu (September).


Co-presented by the 30th edition of Images Festival running April 20–27, 2017 in various locations across Toronto. www.imagesfestival.com




4. EVENT: Einfühlung | Performance by Christian Messier
Date: March 18, 2017; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: CIRCA


Einfühlung Performance
By Christian Messier


Saturday March 18, 2017 @ 4 pm


"The other day, I watched a man wearing headphones cry on the subway. Maybe it was the music. Every few seconds, the muscles in his face tensed up and he gasped a bit as he breathed. He wasn’t being emotional, but he was living an emotion. He did it right in front of me.


The very first time I saw Christian Messier perform—a tense and focused duel between his breath and a common material—I recall having a feeling similar to when I was watching the man on the subway. The emotion was completely different but I felt the same inner intensity.

Messier’s performances are simple and gripping constructions that communicate with the audience at two levels. The first is visual. Attentive to form and composition, the objects put into action are carefully chosen to operate materially as well as symbolically within the same work. An object may be used for its shape, for what it evokes, and then for its color. It also may be left untouched. As the performance unfolds, what were previously disparate elements begin to connect on various levels and build form via their respective properties. Actions and images produce relationships without becoming a narrative. This leaves the audience suspended in a compelling kind of observation, one that is propelled forward by what the artist refers to as empathy (Einfühlung). This is the second level of communication.


Deeply committed, Messier’s performances provoke—or speak to—the viewer. The feats of endurance, risk and exuberance that are known to punctuate his work generate embodied states that are easily internalized by those watching. As the artist focuses, struggles or lets go, so do we. As such, Messier’s performances are experienced as much as they are viewed.  This new work, which will be structured on a playlist of six songs, is no exception." (Text by Michelle Lacombe)


Christian Messier lives and works in Montréal. As a performance artist, he has participated in numerous events in a dozen countries: some of these being the LIVE Biennale (Vancouver), at VIVA ! Art Action (Montréal), the Biennale d’art performatif de Rouyn-Noranda, 7a*11d (Toronto), Manif d’art – La Biennale de Québec and the Rencontre internationale d’art performance de Québec in 2000 and 2002. As a painter, his work has been shown at Œil de poisson (Québec), Galerie Verticale (Laval), Pan ! Peinture, symposium of which he is one of the founders, l’Écart (Rouyn-Noranda) and also at Laroche/Joncas (Montréal), the gallery that represents his work. More recently, he has exhibited at l’Œuvre de l’autre and  Lobe (Chicoutimi), Regart (Lévis), Clark (Montréal), and participated in an artist residency at Est-Nord-Est (Saint-Jean-Port-Joli). He also was the author of the Webzine Punctum, which covered the visual arts in Quebec.


Michelle Lacombe (Montreal, QC) has developed a unique body-based art practice since her graduation from Concordia University in 2006. Her work has been show in Canada, the USA and Europe in performance events, exhibitions and colloquiums. Her practice as an artist is paralleled by a strong commitment to supporting alternative models of dissemination and performative practices. She has worked with a number of Montreal artist-run centres including articule and La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, and is currently the director of VIVA! Art Action, a biennial performance art festival. In addition, she has experience in curating, writing and resisting dominant culture.


Espace 444-372, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest
Montréal, Canada, H3B 1A2





5. EVENT: another small matter with Marita Bullmann and Hope Esser
Date: March 25, 2017; City: Chicago, USA; Source: Defibrillator Gallery


Defibrillator is proud to present: another small matter
With Marita Bullmann and Hope Esser


Saturday, March 25, 2017 @ 7pm / $10 suggested

Defibrillator Gallery, 1463 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago USA 60622


The Installation “another small matter” by Marita Bullmann finds itself between a systematic set up in the chaos and exploration of the intuitive relationships, dynamics and effects of the phenomena of everyday life. The materials, the functions and the associations of the objects jointly generate strange duplication, differences and shifts. The result is a dialogue between subject and object, which alternates between the possible forms of real and artificial, literally and symbolically, original and imitation.


Hope’s performance, “Instructions for Care,” is an examination of body language and posture as the impetus for a collection of sculptural garments activated through performance. Each garment has a pose relating to connection, allegiance, or power. The title refers both to how we posture different emotions but also to the care label inside of a garment.


Marita Bullmann is a performance, installation and photography artist living and working in Essen, Germany. Marita studied photography at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany and in the same period went to Israel to study at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, where she followed classes in Performance Art with Adina Bar-On. 2011 she graduated with distinctions from the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany. Since 2013 she is the organizer of the performance art platform INTERVAL with artists from all over Europe and China. (www.maritabullmann.de/interval/) Since 2006 Marita showed her work across Europe, Israel, Russia, Singapore, Thailand and China. Together with Boris Nieslony (Black Market International) and others, she founded 2011 PAErsche, an action-laboratory, which focuses on encounters and networking as a gift and cooperation (www.paersche.org).

Marita’s performance is made possible with support from the Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.


Hope Esser (b. 1984, New York, NY) is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist working in performance, garment, sculpture, and video. She earned her BA in Studio Art and Art History cum laude from Oberlin College (2007) and her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2012), where she was awarded the Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship and the James Nelson Raymond Fellowship. She has been an artist-in-residence at Triangle Arts Association, ACRE, Hatch Projects, the Watermill Center, and Ox-Bow, where she was a recipient of the Joan Mitchell Scholarship. She has performed, screened, and exhibited at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (Indianapolis, IN), the Watermill Center (Long Island, NY), Gallery 400 (Chicago, IL), The Nightingale Cinema (Chicago, IL), Grace Exhibition Space (Brooklyn, NY), Links Hall (Chicago, IL), the Arts Club of Chicago (Chicago, IL), Defibrillator Gallery (Chicago, IL), and La Esquina Gallery (Kansas City, MO), among others. Esser is a Lecturer in the Contemporary Practices and Performance Departments at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and was awarded an SAIC Faculty Enrichment Grant for 2016. She is also a volunteer staff member at ACRE. She has a forthcoming exhibition at Roots & Culture (Chicago, IL) and Ex-Girlfriend (Berlin, Germany).


Defibrillator Gallery was formed in 2010 as a platform for performance art. Contextualizing performance within visual art, Defibrillator embraces those who look to the body in concert and conversation with time, space, object, architecture, or society. Courageous programming aims to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding underrepresented voices and time-based forms of expression. Boldly confronting expectations about performance art, Defibrillator is dedicated to fostering local talent while invigorating Chicago with artists of exceptional calibre from around the world. Actively contributing to a global dialog surrounding conceptual, ephemeral, or enigmatic forms of expression, a rigorous exhibition schedule involves weekly live art eight months of the year and, in June, the international performance art festival, Rapid Pulse. Defibrillator Gallery (a.k.a. DFBRL8R or ‘dfb’) is a non-profit tax-exempt 501c3 arts organization based in Chicago, Illinois.






6. EVENT: Getting into Nothing by Johannes Zits
Date: March 29, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Johannes Zits


Getting into Nothing: A Performance by Johannes Zits
Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 8pm
680 Queens Quay W, Toronto (Theatre in the Arcadia Housing Co-Operative)
Performance is Free / Followed by Q&A


Getting into Nothing is a new solo performance that is structured around a series of actions without intention or direction. To frame these actions, Zits will work with emptiness, waiting, stillness, inaction, as well as pauses and gaps. These elements explore the possibility that nothing can become something within a given context. 


The last section of his performance will shift to doing nothing with something.


Getting into Nothing is inspired by Victoria Stanton’s DARE-DARE project in Montréal, The Sanctimonious Sect of Nothing Is Sacred and Johannes’ work with the group, No Object. After reading the posts on Victoria’s blog, and through moving his body in the studio, he came to realize that when he has time to process an action or allow himself to think about what to do next, it then starts to become something, even if it is on a very simple level.


For further information please contact the artist Johannes Zits: zipijo@sympatico.ca




7. EVENT: Experimentica
Date: March 29–April 3, 2017; City: Cardiff, Wales; Source: Experimentica


Experimentica: Secret Language
March 29–April 2, 2017
Chapter, CF11 9EL Cardiff, United Kingdom


Katy Baird
Jonny Cotsen
Tim Bromage
Dustin Scott Harvey & Adrienne Wong
Heike Roms And Gareth Llŷr Evans
Gareth Chambers
Rachel Helena Walsh
Thomas Goddard
Yoanna Blikman and Dan Robert Lahiani
Keir Cooper & Rose Biggin
Robbie Synge
Clayton Lee
A.S. (Rosa Casado/Ffion Jones/John Rowley/Richard Huw Morgan)
Anti-Cool and Sheree Naqvi
Foundation Press


EXPERIMENTICA is Chapter’s annual festival of live art and this year is talking about Secret Language: class, cool and secret codes; artspeak, textspeak and slang. Who gets to choose what’s in and what’s out? What are the invisible languages that govern our lives?

Working with local and international artists, EXPERIMENTICA aims to expand the horizons of audiences with work that will be taking place across the arts centre—in the theatres, cinemas, gallery and Caffi bar—and beyond in to the city. The Festival promises to be entertaining, challenging, surprising, life-affirming, playful, provocative, thoughtful, witty, engaging, risk-taking and everything in between.


All tickets for EXPERIMENTICA are ‘Pay What You Decide’. For booking information please call the Box Office on 029 2030 4400.


Since 2001 Experimentica has been the only festival in Wales providing a platform for experimental and overlooked artists to develop and share their work. 






8. EVENT: Bbeyond / Being in Public / Symposium 2017
Date: April 3–8, 2017; City: Belfast, N.Ireland; Source: Bbeyond


Bbeyond in conjunction with Ulster University present:


Being in Public
Encounters | Outer Place / Inner Space
Symposium 2017


April 3–8, 2017
Ulster University Belfast
Girdwood Community Hug


Kim Gurney
Marilyn Arsem
Ali Al Fatlawi
Wathiq Al Ameri
Chumpon Apisuk
John G. Boehme
Guy Sioui Durand
Karin Meiner
Artur Tajber
Sandra Johnston
Adrian Hall
Fausto Gracia
Peter Baren
Marita Bullmann
Cecilia Stelini
Pavana Reid
James Hennessey
Belfast Interface Project
Household Belfast


April 3–8: Marilyn Arsem | Workshop | Studio 11
April 3–8: Ali Al Fatlawi / Wathiq Al Ameri | Workshop | Pollen Studios
April 5: Kim Gurney–Keynote | Launch | Panel Discussions | Ulster University Belfast | 18h
April 6–7: Symposium–Open Space Technology | Girdwood Community Hub | 10 – 16.30 h
April 8: Performances in Public Space | Belfast | 12 noon


For more info: www.bbeyond.live




9. EVENT: //BUZZCUT// Festival
Date: April 5–9, 2017; City: Glasgow, Scotland; Source: Buzzcut


With a giggle and a wiggle, we’re gonna announce the programme of performances at //BUZZCUT// Festival 2017! YALDIIIIIIII! Below is about 50 artists, and now you can go to the FESTIVAL PROGRAMME tab on the website and see all the images and show info! Schedule to come soon!


Festival dates are 5th–9th April 2017 in the Pearce Institute in Govan–get em in your diaries! No tickets or booking required and all events are pay-what-you-can, just rock up and throw ursells in!


Without further ado-doo, here we go! In absolutely zero-order at all… xx


Erika Bulle
Mairead Delaney
Ian Nulty and Adam Young
Odd Comic
Angus McLean Balbernie and Stuart Jackson
Local Foreigner
Blake Venus
Anthony Hüseyin Pharaoh
Rebecca Davies and Betty Ross
Nic Green with Rosana Cade
Peter Lannon and Ellie Dubois
Catherine Hoffmann
Ben Mills
Steinunn Ketilsdóttir
Daniel Oliver
Laurie Brown
Adam York Gregory and Gillian Jane Lees
Demi Nandhra
Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir
Jack Stancliffe
Edythe Woolley
Kylie Minoise
Fallope and The Tubes and The Veg Queens
// Side Burns Symposium //
Rosanna Irvine
Ernestyna Orlowska
Katherine Araniello
Mamoru Iriguchi
// Close Shave – Live Art For Young People //
Robert Softley Gale
Kitty Fedorec
Craig Manson
Natalie Ramus
Pauline Mayers
Rhiannon Armstrong
Shannon Cochrane and Amanda Coogan
Amy Rosa
Bridie Gane
Louisa Robbin
Deb Jones
Emily Walsh
Rachel Mars
FK Alexander
Jak Soroka
Femme Feral
Hannah Sullivan




//BUZZCUT// is an artist led annual performance festival that happens in the Pearce Institute in Govan, Glasgow every Spring. Throughout the year, BUZZCUT also work with other organizations to host events where artists and audiences can experiment with live performance in an accessible, community focused environment.


//BUZZCUT// is a collaboration between two artists in Glasgow dedicated to creating exciting, supportive environments for artists and audiences to experiment with cutting edge live performance.


//BUZZCUT// looks to open up new spaces for performance to happen, to bring new audiences to live art, and to create new opportunities for artists to make and share work.


//BUZZCUT// believes in strengthening and broadening communities, in bringing people from different walks of life together in one circle to ask challenging questions.


//BUZZCUT// is about sharing; sharing food, sharing ideas and support, opening up doors and sharing homes.


//BUZZCUT// loves festivals. //BUZZCUT// will bring a free five day festival of experimental performance and live art to the centre of Glasgow every March, with a broad range of artists from different places, different practices, and different stages in their career.


//BUZZCUT// is Nick Anderson, Rosana Cade, Karl Taylor and Daisy Douglas.


E-mail: glasgowbuzzcut@gmail.com
Twitter: @glasgowbuzzcut
Facebook: www.facebook.com/glasgowbuzzcut




Deadline date: April 14, 2017; City: Montréal, Canada; Source: Amélie Jérôme

As part of the regular programming, artist-run centre CIRCA art actuel is now accepting project proposals from emerging and established artists whose art practice is concerned with performance. The gallery is housed in the historical Belgo Building in downtown Montreal, where several other galleries are located. We schedule our performances on Saturday afternoons when there are many visitors. The performance dates are the following: January 13, March 17, May 5, October 20 and December 15.

CIRCA art actuel is an artist-run centre in which the mandate is to present projects that investigate spatial concerns in the visual arts. The theme of space can be approached from a social, personal, geographic, cultural, political or environmental perspective and be concerned with notions of the real, fictional or virtual. In performance practices, these may be expressed in various ways, for example, through manoeuvres, tableau vivant, body art and relational art.

Individual or a collective of performance artists will have galleries I and II at their disposal and these spaces will be empty. The proposed performance should be a new work and must not have been shown within the greater Montréal region. A text presenting the artist’s performance will be printed in the form of a brochure.


The Performance Committee will select the successful applicants. As an artist-run centre, our Performance Committee is composed of active gallery members, administrative members, the director and an invited external member. CIRCA’s mandate is to ensure diversity in its programming. The proposed project’s originality and its pertinence and critical approach to the thematic of space are our main criteria.


–The artist will be paid a $600 honorarium.
–The artist will have access to the two empty galleries two days, Thursday and Friday, prior to the performance. The performance will take place on Saturday and on Sunday at the latest, the galleries must be empty and clean.
–Members or gallery personnel can offer basic technical support.
–The performance dates are the following: January 13, 2018, March 17, 2018, May 5, 2018, October 20, 2018, December 15, 2018



The submission must be in one single PDF file and include the following:
–An up-to-date CV.
–An artist statement, 300 words maximum.
–A project description, 300 words maximum, with duration of the performance.
–15 images of recent work with a short description of the projects.
–Hyperlinks to videos of your performances on Vimeo or YouTube.
–Technical requirements, if needed.


The maximum size for all files is 10Mb. The deadline is April 14, 2017. We will send an email confirming the reception of your project two weeks after the deadline. Please note that POPOP Gallery is excluded from this call.


More information: https://circa-art.com/en/home/


CIRCA art actuel
444-372, Ste-Catherine O., Montréal, Canada




11. AVAILABLE NOW: Verb Frau Season 5 with Margaret Dragu
Date: available now; City: the world; Source: Margaret Dragu

Verb Frau Season 5 online now!


Watch here: www.vivomediaarts.com/verb-frau-tv-season-5-introduction/


VERB FRAU’s daily live web-streaming broadcasts from 7a*11d festival in October 2016 are now edited and ready for your video-podcast viewing pleasure on VIVO Channel and iTunes.

For those not easily bored and who enjoy that real time durational thing, all original live web-streaming “dead” broadcasts can be watched on 7a*11d website BUT if you prefer the faster paced TV experience that includes theme songs, cut-to-the-Eiffel-Tower visuals and Magic Ponies, then these 9 BRAND NEW EPISODES of VERB FRAU TV are just what the Doctor MD PhD ordered.


VERB FRAU (aka Margaret Dragu) interviews local/national/international artists about topics/notions/ideas that are important to performance art while discovering intimate details about the artists’ personal creative processes. At the end of each interview, the artist creates a 1–3 minute live Desktop Performance for camera and broadcast. (NB: Because the Desktop Performances were so popular with both festival and virtual TV public, VERB FRAU hosted an all-day all-desktop performance event for Episode 6.)


VERB FRAU TV Season 5: The 7a*11d Festival of Performance Art (2016) was created by the following artists:


Technical Assistance and Camera: Golboo Amani
Second Camera: Manolo Lugo, Sarah Sheard
Editing: Moira Simpson, Sarah Sheard, Jade Chen, Margaret Dragu

Theme Song: “Return of the Lemming Shepherds”
Exzel Music Publishing (freemusicpublicdomain.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons:
By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Extro Music: Sarah Sheard






Video Out offers video artists professional representation for rentals and sales of their moving image work. Video Out’s distribution collection features over 5000 videos, both historical and contemporary, by video artists from Canada and abroad. Video Out returns 67% of revenues generated from sales, rentals and broadcast licenses to the video producers we represent. Video Out was founded as a non-profit, artist-run distribution centre in 1980.




12. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Lilith Performance Studio / Major Visual Art Performances
Deadline date: May 1, 2017; City: Malmö, Sweden; Souce: Lilith Performance Studio


Lilith Performance Studio is now welcoming visual artists to apply to Lilith Commissions with a proposal of a new major performance work, which will be realized in Malmö, Sweden, during 2018-2020. Lilith Performance Studio is a non-profit arts organization and an independent arena for visual art performance. The Studio initiates new exceptional visual art performances by inviting visual artists from around the world, some of whom have never worked live before.

Each year, selected artists are given the unique opportunity to realize and present a new large-scale performance on site in the studio in Malmö or elsewhere in the city, in close collaboration with the studio. The invited artists get a great chance to explore their own artistic expression and to work in a larger scale including all aspects in creating a new art work. Lilith selects artists with a distinctively individual artistic mode of expression and integrity when it comes to idea as well as method, artists that also share an interest in exploring their own work in relation to the studio as an experimental site. The artists are encouraged to expand their artistic vision through the use of live performance, resulting in unique productions.


During a 4-8 weeks long production period in Malmo the artists are given the opportunity to focus on all the parts of a live piece: site, time, staging, participants and audience. The selected artists to Lilith’s Commission program will receive significant financial and production support to experiment and realize innovative new works, in close collaboration with the studio from conceptualization to presentation. Lilith Commission will include a budget for production, research and development, artist fee, accommodation and travel expenses. Proposals should be new, innovative large-scale works, which respond to the idea of the studio as an experimental site, and the wish to expand the artistic vision. Applicants will be judged on the groundbreaking nature of their idea and its potential for realization.


Who can apply? Artist from all over the world who already use live elements in their work and those who are experimenting with performance for the first time are welcome to apply. We accept applications from emerging, mid-career and established artists working in the visual art field.


Applications deadline: 1st of May 2017. Application must include:
–1-2 proposals of new large-scale performance works;
–Artist’s CV, biography and portfolio of their latest works;
–Artist’s statement.


No application form is needed just send in all material through e-mail. Please no phone calls, only e-mails. ALL submissions must be sent to: info@lilithperformancestudio.com


NOTE: Lilith Performance Studio will contact the artist if the project is accepted for the next step in the application. If the artist does not get a reply in the end of August, the artist is not accepted to the next step.


Lilith Performance Studio opened in 2007 in Malmö, Sweden and has since the inception created 45 commissions, several curatorial collaborations, guest appearances and festivals. As a production space and an arena for visual art performance, the studio is the first of its kind in the world.


View all performance works on Lilith’s website: http://lilithperformancestudio.com




Established in 1993, FADO Performance Art Centre is a not-for-profit artist-run centre based in Toronto, Canada. FADO provides a stage and on-going forum in support of the research and development of contemporary performance art practices in Canada and internationally. As a year-round presentation platform, FADO exists nomadically, working with partner organizations and presenters, and utilizing venues and sites that are appropriate to individual projects. FADO presents the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and perspectives. FADO is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage.


445-401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Canada M5V 3A8



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