FADO E-LIST (December 2016)

1. FADO's epic MONOMYTHS series continues in January 2017 with Stage 9
Waiting for Sunrise by Marilyn Arsem
Date: January 13, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO
Deadline date: December 4, 2017; City: Glasgow, Scotland; Source: LADA
3. EVENT: 3rd Venice International Performance Art Week
Date: December 10–17, 2016; City: Venice, Italy; Source: VestAndPage
4. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Summerworks Performance Festival 2017
Deadline date: December 16, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Summerworks
Deadline date: January 1, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Candice Irwin
6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Rencontre interuniversitaire de performance actuelle (RIPA)
Deadline date: January 5, 2017; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: RIPA
7. PERFORMANCE: The Magic Hour by Jess Dobkin
Dates: January 10–21, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Jess Dobkin
8. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: West Coast Performance Art
Date: unspecified; City: West Coast, North America; Source: Dino Dinco
9. SALE: The Unbound Seasonal Sale
Deadline date: January 14, 2017; City: the world; Source: LADA


1. FADO's epic MONOMYTHS series continues in January 2017 with Stage 9

Date: January 13, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: FADO

FADO Performance Art Centre presents MONOMYTHS
Stage 9
: Apotheosis/Journey to the Inmost Cave
Waiting for Sunrise
By Marilyn Arsem

Friday, January 13 to Saturday, January 14, 2017

5:04pm to 7:48am
Gladstone Hotel's Art Hut, 1181 Queen Street West, Toronto

Apotheosis (from Greek "to deify"; in Latin deificatio "making divine"; also called divinization and deification) is the glorification of a subject to divine level. The term has meanings in theology, where it refers to a belief, and in art, where it refers to a genre. In theology, apotheosis refers to the idea that an individual has been raised to godlike stature. In art, the term refers to the treatment of any subject (a figure, group, locale, motif, convention or melody) in a particularly grand or exalted manner.

"In this stage of the journey, the inmost cave may represent many things in the Hero's story such as an actual location in which lies a terrible danger or an inner conflict which up until now the Hero has not had to face. As the Hero approaches the cave he must make final preparations before taking that final leap into the great unknown. At the threshold to the inmost cave the Hero may once again face some of the doubts and fears that first surfaced upon his call to adventure. He may need some time to reflect upon his journey and the treacherous road ahead in order to find the courage to continue. This brief respite helps the audience understand the magnitude of the ordeal that awaits the Hero and escalates the tension in anticipation of his ultimate test."

Sponsored by The Galdstone Hotel, presented at The Art Hut.

Marilyn Arsem has been creating live events since 1975, ranging from solo performances to large scale, site-specific works incorporating installation and performance. Arsem has presented work at festivals, alternative spaces, galleries, museums and universities in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asian. She recently completed a 100-day performance at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (2016).

Many of her works are durational in nature, and minimal in actions and materials. Created in response to the site, they engage with the immediate landscape and materiality of the location, its history, use, or politics. Arsem has often focused on designing site-specific events for audiences of a single person, allowing her to explore the unique properties of live performance: the possibility of direct interaction between performer and audience; the opportunity to engage the audience's full range of senses including taste, touch and smell; and addressing the implications of the temporal nature of the live event, which can be retained only in memory. The performances often hover at the edge of visibility, creating an experience in which the viewer must stretch her or his perceptual capacities to their furthest limits.

She is a member (and the founder) of Mobius, Inc., a Boston-based collaborative of interdisciplinary artists. She taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for 27 years, establishing one of the most extensive programs internationally in visually-based performance art. http://marilynarsem.net/

MONOMYTHS invites a diverse collection of artists, scholars, and activists to revise Joseph Campbell’s conception of the hero’s journey through performance art, lectures, workshops, and other offerings. This new assemblage of non-linear un-narratives proposes a cultural, political and social feminist re-visioning of the world. The MONOMYTHS perception of the universal journey dispels the notion of the lone patriarchal figure on a conquest to vanquish his demons–both inner and outer–in consideration of community, collectivity, and collaboration.  

Joseph Campbell’s influential book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949) prescribes a common pattern to all of the world’s mythic narratives. According to this fundamental structure, the archetypal hero is challenged to embark on a monumental quest. Over the course of the hero’s journey, trials and obstacles must be overcome until a victory is won and the hero returns home with new knowledge about himself and the world. Campbell’s concept of the monomyth (‘one myth’) is a recognizable motif in both ancient mythology and contemporary culture, including film, music, literature, sports, and advertising. A current trend in popular visual culture replaces the male character with a female one, in spite of the fact that our heroine–from the get-go–would make different choices if the conditions, and conditioning, allowed. While each MONOMYTHS stage stands alone, the work of each presenting artist is interdependent and connected. These independent visions, when stitched together through the audience’s collective presence, form an exquisite corpse of a larger experimental narrative. 

The year-long MONOMYTHS project is presented in three sections starting in February 2016 and concluding in February 2017. The series is conceived and curated Jess Dobkin and Shannon Cochrane.

Part 1 (February 3–7, 2016)
Stage 1: The Ordinary World/Call to Adventure
Stage 2: Refusal of the Call
Stage 3: Meeting of the Mentor
Stage 4: Crossing the Threshold
Stage 5: Belly of the Whale

Part 2 (May 2016–January 2017)
Stage 6: Tests, Allies, Enemies
Stage 7: Ordeals
Stage 8: Atonement with the Father/State
Stage 9: Apotheosis/Journey to the Inmost Cave

Part 3 (February 15–19, 2017) - STAYED TUNED FOR DETAILS!
Stage 10: The Road Back
Stage 11: Refusal of the Return
Stage 12: Mistress of Two Worlds
Stage 13: Freedom to Live
Stage 14: The Return Home



Deadline date: December 4, 2017; City: Glasgow, Scotland; Source: LADA

Hello hello hello! We are BUZZCUT and you are delicious.

We are totally thrilled to be announcing our call out for applications for our sixth annual festival of live art and experimental performance in Govan, Glasgow. Howza? Wowza! Yowza!

The festival will take place from the April 5–9, 2017 and will be based at the Pearce Institute in Govan. The deadline for applications is midnight at the end of Sunday December 4, 2017.

//BUZZCUT// is a collective of artists in Glasgow who are dedicated to creating welcoming, community focused environments for sharing and experimenting with radical performance practice. We run multiple events throughout the year but our favourite thing is our festival as it’s a time for real durational gathering and communal action. We normally programme between 50-60 artists or companies, with half of the work always being from people based in Scotland. We programme artists from a range of backgrounds including visual art, dance, activism and theatre whose work experiments with the possibilities of live performance and does not sit comfortably within traditional forms (such as plays).

This year a large portion of the programme will be based in outdoor locations and in spaces around Govan e.g. a local charity shop, a pub, a library, a cafe, a working men’s club, a church, a shopping centre. We will still programme some work in the Pearce Institute which has a range of studio spaces, however we are particularly interested in programming performance that happens outdoors in public space, or in unexpected locations. Upon your selection we will work with you to find the best possible space, but please identify what this would ideally be in your application.

We welcome applications from disabled artists and have resources to meet your access requirements.

New thing for Non-Scotland based artists who were in the festival last year: Due to the increasingly high level of applications we receive each year and our desire to welcome new people into our community, we have decided that we won’t be accepting applications from non-Scotland based artists who were in the festival last year. If you are applying as part of a different collaboration of people then you are still welcome to apply. We hope you understand this, you can still apply in subsequent years and we still LOVE YOU.

Application forms: https://glasgowbuzzcut.wordpress.com/2017-festival-application-form/

What we can offer:
–£100 per person contribution to each artist’s costs. For example, if 3 people were equally collaborating on your performance, you would receive £300. Unfortunately this does not apply to producers and technicians
–A free meal every day of the festival
–Seeing all of the other work at the festival for free
–Somewhere to stay in Glasgow if you are coming for outside of the city (this will be with a lovely local resident
–UK wide travel covered (If you’re flying from abroad, we will be able to contribute up to £100 per person)
–Technical support for your show including an operator (Unfortunately we are unable to cover individual material costs though will always help to source materials for free. Please consider the affordability of your work)
–A lively, welcoming environment to present your work in
–Video and photographic documentation
–A range of UK and international programmers in the audience
–Accessibility support for the work to make it open to a wide range of audiences
–This opportunity is not open to undergraduate students.

How To Apply
–Copy and paste the questions in the application form into a word document (.doc), and send the completed form along with a copy of your CV to glasgowbuzzcut@gmail.com with the title ‘BUZZCUT 2017 – (Your Name)’.
–Alternatively you can apply by video applications–where you must answer all of the questions in no longer than 3 minutes.
–The Deadline for applications is midnight at the end of Sunday 4th December.

If you have any questions please email glasgowbuzzcut@gmail.com or call 07834 751536.

The festival this year is funded by the wonderful support of Creative Scotland through Open Project Funding, The Goethe Institute, Gessnerelle, Winchester University, Queen Mary University of London, Chichester University and Imaginate.

We can’t wait to read your application!


3. EVENT: 3rd Venice International Performance Art Week
Date: December 10–17, 2016; City: Venice, Italy; Source: VestAndPage


The III VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK will take place at Palazzo Mora and Palazzo Michiel in Venice, December 10–17, 2016 under the focus "Fragile Body – Material Body". It concludes the trilogy project following the first two editions "Hybrid Body – Poetic Body" and "Ritual Body – Political Body" that took place in December 2012 (Palazzo Bembo), and in December 2014 (Palazzo Mora and Palazzo Michiel).

The live art exhibition project dedicated to contemporary performance art showcases in its third edition again works of over 80 international performance artists from around the globe, some of which are presented in cooperation with cultural institutions and foundations. Pioneers of this art discipline exhibit and perform alongside established and emerging artists, reflecting influences and current tendencies in the field.

The project consists of an exhibition of performance installations, photographic and video documentation as well as vibrant program of live performances, talks, screenings and meetings with the participating artists, researchers and curators.

For this third edition with the focus "Fragile Body – Material Body", the works present physical, mental and spiritual bodies as primary material of artistic expression. Aiming to investigate a wide range of concepts pertinent to the art forms of Performance and Body Art, such as: authenticity, living entities and their relations towards one another; delicacy and vulnerability of the physical body as well as of social relationships; transparency of mental and spiritual states through the physical manifestation; as well as the possibilities, limitations, transformations and mutations of our human physicality.

The VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK wishes to enrich the highly renowned art scene in Venice with the audacious art form of performance art.

A PROJECT BY VestAndPage (Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes)

Marilyn Arsem, Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca, Janusz Bałdyga, Giovanni Fontana, Franko B, Antonio Manuel, ORLAN, Stelarc.

Marina Abramović, Dimitris Alithinos, John Baldessari, Lisa Bufano, John Cage & Klaus vom Bruch, Sophie Calle, Cassils, Panos Charalambos, Thanassis Chondros/Alexandra Katsiani, Helen Cole, Coco Fusco & Paula Heredia, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Mona Hatoum, Irwin, Maria Karavela, Arrigo Lora Totino, Tran Luong, Ato Malinda, Paul McCarthy, Ana Mendieta, Linda Montano, Charlotte Moorman & Nam June Paik, Andrea Morucchio, Otto Mühl & Hermann Nitsch, Bruce Nauman, OHO Group, Yoko Ono, Leda Papakonstantìnou, Mike Parr, Douglas Quin & Lorne Covington, Pipilotti Rist, Lerato Shadi, Demetrio Stratos, Matej Stupica & Lenka Đorojević, Theodoros,sculptor, Katerina Thomadaki/Maria Klonaris, Bill Viola, Andy Warhol & Jørgen Leth, Lawrence Weiner, Jud Yalkut, Mary Zygouri | ART WEEK Fringe.

Evangelia Basdekis, Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Kris Canavan, Samanta Cinquini & Luca Nava, Alexander Del Re, Jeannette Ehlers, Nicola Fornoni, Christina Georgiou, Gim Gwang Cheol, gyrl grip, Jeff Huckleberry, Casey Jenkins, Anna Kosarewska, KörperSchafftKlang, Kyrahm & Julius Kaiser, Sara Kostić, jamie lewis hadley, Andrea Marcaccio, Noé Martínez & María Sosa, James McAllister, Johann Merrich, Mladen Miljanović, Martin O'Brien, Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, Alexandros Plomaritis, Alicia Radage, Preach R Sun, Ivana Ranisavljević, Mauro Sambo, Marcel Sparmann, Suka Off, Susanne Weins & Sašo Vollmaier | ART WEEK Fringe.

The detailed program can be found on the website: www.veniceperformanceart.org

With co-curatorial contributions by
Patrizio Peterlini & Luigi Bonotto (FONDAZIONE BONOTTO), Jessica Berlanga-Taylor (Alumnos47), Chiara Cartuccia & Celeste Ricci (EX NUNC), Massimo Premuda & Maria Campitelli (Gruppo 78/DoubleRoom), Aurora Fonda (Galleria A+A - Venezia), Marta Jovanovic & Milica Pekić (G12 HUB), Francesco Kiais (GAP - Gathering Around Performance), Lois Keidan (Live Art Development Agency - LADA), Jill McDermid (Grace Exhibition Space), Prem Sarjo & Alexander Del Re (Ejercicios Mosqueto/PerfoLink), Leisa Shelton (Fragment 31), Christian Lund & Kasper Bech Dyg (Louisiana Museum of Modern Art/Louisiana Channel), Francesca Carol Rolla.

Acknowledgements for Cultural Consulting: Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) (New York), LIMA media art platform (Amsterdam), Video Data Bank (Chicago), Re:Voir (Paris).

The VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK is the independent live art exhibition project conceived, initiated and curated by artist duo VestAndPage (Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes), and co-organized by Studio Contemporaneo non-profit Cultural Association, We Exhibit, Venice Open Gates, Live Arts Cultures and European Cultural Centre | GAA Foundation, which hosts the project in its premises in Venice. It is a free admission, non funded, non-profit, and noncommercial cultural project, under the patronage of the Regione di Veneto and with the Municipal Administration Recognition of Citta’ di Venezia | Le Citta’ in Festa. The project is sustained by the cultural contribution of prestigious institutions, project-associated curators, and the logistics in-kind support of donors, philanthropists and Venetian enterprises such as ConCAVe and Ristorante Riviera, Venexia.

PROGRAM | Admission free
Palazzo Mora, Strada Nova, 3659, Venice, Italy

Exhibition Opening: Saturday, 10 December 2016, 18:00h
Exhibition hours: Sunday, 11 to Saturday, 17 December 2016, 12:00 - 21:00h
Morning Talks:11, 12, 14 - 17 December 2016, 10:30h (see website for locations)
Live Durational Performances: Sunday, 11 to Saturday, 17 December 2016,15:00 - 18:00h
Evening Program of Live Performances: Saturday, 10 to Saturday, 17 December 2016, 19:00 - 21:00h

ART WEEK | Studies. PAStudies #51 "Critical Reflection II" by PAS - Performance Art Studies (Open Call for Participants: http://tinyurl.com/j4ut4lg)
ART WEEK | Workshop Series. In collaboration with Live Arts Cultures (Spring 2017)

A comprehensive documentation of the III VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK 2016, accompanied by a selection of theoretical texts on performance art by international scholars, will be published by VestAndPage press after the event. The catalogue of the II VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK 2014 will be launched on this edition.



4. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Summerworks Performance Festival 2017
Deadline date: December 16, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Summerworks

SummerWorks is Canada’s largest curated performance festival; widely recognized as one of the most vital platforms for launching new work—locally, nationally and internationally. SummerWorks is a place where artists are free to explore new territory and take creative risks. We are interested in continuously reimaging and innovating the possibilities for performance- how it is created, presented and experienced. We are currently seeking proposals for our 27th Festival, taking place August 3rd-13th, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. Proposals are encouraged from creators working across all disciplines and artistic traditions.

Application forms and Guidelines: http://summerworks.ca/2016/apply/

GENERAL CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS                                                          
DEADLINE: Friday, December 16th, 2016, 6pm EST                                 

SummerWorks seeks proposals for new and experimental performance projects for the 27th SummerWorks Festival. Submissions are encouraged from both established and emerging artists working in the areas of contemporary theatre, dance, music, live art, interdisciplinary art, and hybrid forms. Proposals for short-form projects (30 minutes or less), 60 minute projects and 90 minute projects will be accepted. Of particular interest are projects, approaches and ideas that are new territory for the artist and the medium.

DEADLINE: Friday, December 16th, 2016, 6pm EST

Building on the Festival’s history of presenting immersive concerts, site-specific projects and live art in unconventional spaces, SummerWorks invites proposals that experiment with performance outside of conventional stage and gallery settings. This includes, but is not limited to, performances within immersive environments, site-specific projects, projects in public space and performances designed for online or virtual reality contexts. Of particular interest are projects that encourage the audience to be physically engaged and/or mobile. Proposals from artists and creators of all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

DEADLINE: Friday, December 16th, 2016, 6pm EST

For 2017, SummerWorks invites artists to propose collaborative projects that are inspired by and consider the question, “How do we come together?” Projects that investigate this idea as it relates to the concept of reconciliation, how we come together for social gatherings and rituals, how we can connect across cultural and geographic divides, as well the nature of collaboration and the performer-audience relationship, are encouraged. Of particular interest are projects that involve collaboration with groups, organizations and creators outside of the artistic realm.



Deadline date: January 1, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Candice Irwin

Your Dance Fest will be taking place in Toronto from August 25–27, 2017. We are interested in work from all performance backgrounds and dance styles, as long as movement is the primary form of expression. We are interested in works which are engaging and accessible to audiences unfamiliar with dance but also challenging and boundary pushing both physically and thematically. Chosen artists will perform twice throughout the weekend and will also be asked to attend post-show interactions with the audiences. Artists will receive an honorarium, a video of each performance, full technical staff and marketing as well as a fantastic opportunity to show your work and meet fellow artists and audiences. All applicants, whether selected or not, will receive written feedback from our non-dancer curatorial team. This opportunity is available to artists who, at minimum, have completed a professional training program or equivalent. Proposed works must be between 10 and 20 minutes in length. Excerpts will not be permitted. Artists must be fully available from August 23rd to 27th, 2017 for technical rehearsals and performances.

Interested artists are asked to submit their application online by January 1st, 2017. Paper applications will not be accepted.

Applications should include:
–$10 application fee / Incomplete applications will not be considered
–Name of Choreographer or Company
–Contact information
–Name(s) of Performers
–Bios of all involved artists (max 100 words per person)
–List of props or technical requests
–Description of the work (200 words max) detailing what the work is about and why you think audiences will find this work interesting
–Video documentation of the work. Video must be of the completed proposed work. Rehearsal or performance footage is permitted. Please note that this footage will be the main way our non-dance jury will be accessing your work, therefore visibility and clarity are important.

To apply, go to our website: www.yourdancefest.com

Your Dance Fest is focused on bringing artists and audiences closer together through creating a family-friendly dance celebration. The festival developed because many audiences don’t feel welcome at dance events. We want to change that. Your Dance Fest is centered around creating open communication between artists and their audience.

Traditionally when dance is presented it is chosen by other dancers. Instead, what we are doing at Your Dance Fest is inviting members of the community who are interesting in dance, but with little background in it, as our main curators. We have found that the most honest and genuine feedback about dance often comes from those who are not well versed in the artform. We want to promote this open dialogue and encourage people outside the industry to view and appreciate dance.Our curators are working alongside the artistic team to craft a festival which directly responds to the interests of the community.


6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Rencontre interuniversitaire de performance actuelle (RIPA)
Deadline date: January 5, 2017; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: RIPA

The Rencontre Interuniversitaire de Performance Actuelle ( RIPA ) is inviting university-level student artists (Current or recently graduated), from Quebec and neighbouring provinces and states, to submit a proposal for its next performance evening which is to be held in April 2017 in Montreal. Here attached the call for submissions.

Send your application in ONE PDF FILE to the following email address: ripa.contact@gmail.com (Contact: Oriane Asselin Van Coppenolle)

Deadline: January 5, 2017 at 11:59 pm.
No applications will be accepted after this date. Incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the selection committee.

For an overview of past editions or to find out more about RIPA, please visit our website and our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/RIPA.performance.actuelle


6. PERFORMANCE: The Magic Hour by Jess Dobkin
Dates: January 10–21, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Jess Dobkin

The Magic Hour by Jess Dobkin

The Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen St. West
January 10–21, 2017 (ASL interpreted performance on January 14)

THE MAGIC HOUR is a solo performance that uses magic to explore trauma and transformation, asking us to consider who we are beyond the stories we tell about our lives. The work presses the boundaries of what is deemed public and private, hidden and revealed, to make visible what is not seen.


Co-produced by The Theatre Centre and Jess Dobkin
Created and Performed by Jess Dobkin
Director: Stephen Lawson
Lighting Co-Designers: Jennifer Tipton and Michelle Ramsay
Sound Designer: Richard Feren
Costume Designer: Atom Cianfarani
Environment Designer: Bojana Stancic
Production Manager: Sandra Henderson
Stage Manager: Laura Cournoyea
Consultants: Dany Lyne, Brandie Taylor, Tracy Tidwell
Photography: David Hawe
Graphic Design: Lisa Kiss

Performance Dates
Tuesday, January 10 – 8:00pm – Preview Performance
Wednesday, January 11 – 8:00pm – Opening Night
Thursday, January 12 – 8:00pm
Friday, January 13 – 8:00pm
Saturday, January 14 – 8:00pm – ASL interpreted performance
Sunday, January 15 – 2:00pm
Tuesday, January 17 – 8:00pm
Wednesday, January 18 – 8:00pm
Thursday, January 19 – 8:00pm
Friday, January 20 – 8:00pm
Saturday, January 21 – 8:00pm

The Magic Hour Indiegogo Campaign: www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-magic-hour-art
The Magic Hour Facebook Event Page: www.facebook.com/events/217966628639674

'The Magic Hour' was developed in Residency at The Theatre Centre. Residency is made possible by Lead Sponsor BMO Financial Group, and with the support of The J.P. Bickell Foundation.

Tickets for the performance are now on sale through The Theatre Centre Box Office. Seating is limited, so book your tickets early!

Tickets: Preview $17 | Regular $30 | Student/senior/arts worker $22
Service charges may apply
Purchase online: https://tickets.theatrecentre.org/TheatreManager/1/login?event=170
Call to book: 416-538-0988

The Theatre Centre is a nationally recognized live-arts incubator that serves as a research and development hub for the cultural sector. We are a public space, open and accessible to the people of our community, where citizens can imagine, debate, celebrate, protest, unite and be responsible for inventing the future. The Theatre Centre’s mission is to nurture artists, invest in ideas and champion new work and new ways of working. The company fosters a culture of innovation by embracing risk and questioning traditional notions of failure and success.



7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: West Coast Performance Art
Date: unspecified; City: West Coast, North America; Source: Dino Dinco

Curatorial Studies and a Call For Submissions: Artist and performance art curator Dino Dinco (www.dinodinco.com) has launched the West Coast Performance Art Instagram (@westcoastperformanceart) featuring documentation of performance art works from the west coast of North America. This endeavor examines the ongoing, evolving history, aesthetics and methodologies of West Coast performance from an expansive (and as yet unexplored) geographical perspective, the creatively fertile transnational region from British Columbia, Canada, to Baja California, México. A performance making territory along the Pacific Ocean. A laboratory with and without borders. One-minute performances created for the Instagram by invited West Coast-based artists will also appear.

Submission of performance documentation: In addition to one (1) high quality image or video (1 minute in duration or less), please submit:

–Name of artist(s)
–Instagram / website of artist(s)
–Year of performance
–Venue & location of performance
–Curator (if applicable)
–Artist statement, 40 words or less (optional)
–Image credit

*Please note: Submission does not guarantee publication.

For more information/submissions: westcoastperformanceart@gmail.com


8. SALE: The Unbound Seasonal Sale
Deadline date: January 14, 2017; City: the world; Source: LADA

25% discount on all books and DVDs in the Unbound Seasonal Sale. Pick up the perfect Christmas present for your Live Art loved ones, or treat yourself this winter. 


Last orders for UK delivery before Christmas must be placed by Midday on Monday 19 December. Delivery dispatches start again on Thursday 5 January. No deliveries will be dispatched between Midday Monday 19 December and Thursday 5 January. Sale ends January 14, 2017.


Established in 1993, FADO Performance Inc. (Performance Art Centre) is a not-for-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto, Canada. FADO exists to provide a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art. FADO presents the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and new perspectives. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their on-going support. 

445-401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Canada M5V 3A8

FADO on Instagram: @fadoperformanceartcentre
FADO on Twitter: @FADOperformance
FADO on Facebook:

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